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March 21, 1894 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1894-03-21

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_____________THE U. OF M. DAILY.

^J 4. O to strike the nam-es from our list. It
^JL requcires mosey and considerable of
it to support THE DAsIsY in these
Published] Daily (Sndays eacepted) durin ; hard times when advertising is un-
ct~ltllege srar, by
THE U. Of M. INDEPENDENT ASSOCIATION usually hard to obtain, to keep
___things moving. WIe hope all our 1
Suscription price $2.50 per year, iacariably tdelinq~uent subscrihers wiii apprefi-
iv aee iaeglecapiot 3 cents. Subscrip- ate the situation and he ready to
ttsas mar be left at the oltice of she DILY,~
at Stttet's, with ancy of ehe editorso settle uit accounts whens our col-
authorizedl solieitors. lector calls wititin the next week.
C'ommuctitoas should reach the othie hy __________
7 o'eloc- rha.csif they are to appear she nraxt ---- ____
Clay. Address all matter inteanded for puchlica- Unity Club.
can ts the Macaging Editor. All hbusnss-
commutnications should heseras so te Busi- At the Unity club 00 next Mon-
seesn Manager.
THE U. af M. DAtLY, day evening, Mr. R. ID. tooni, presi- I
Ann Arbor, Stish.I dent of the State Nocrial school,
w,,illreadtsa carwor utoe. flit- nn



C, . Altvci.socccvii'9, ManaoginsgEdittci.
11. A. SPA1,tcIvcc.Lit. 'lid, Assisltnt.
1.ccsccvI , Li. '9t5, Assicanc.tic
F'. cvAur'csc, taco '91, Assistccict.
:1. A. LiMccc, Llit. '96c, Atlctloictdiccic
W1s. A. 'tticccc.Lii'it, itissiies Mnacger.
h'.('.5catlli'c °911. i.E . . Stns'ssccic le,'91
IF. 1'. Lytle', '96i. H. it. Hacskliccs, '96.'
A-eis iMrcc y, '9;. 10'(OPT1.
Allco'isy macs: eattheficebiefreltc30 ac.tin c
of tlie day of pcchlicactionc.
The Editors dcc tot hocid thoto',v'r'spon-
Tili'far tics'opiniositor sitatemtst' ofvcores
tees apipoinited to arrange for the
press banquiet? This is a question
which has been asked a inimber of
times the lpast few days. Thte an-
scver to it is indlefinite, as no one
seems to knocw anytlhiiig about the
committees, if indeed they have mcet
for organizatico. If a btanqiuet is so
he held soon it is high time that
something definite cad heen deter-
mtined 1up0n.
WE ace leasefi to presett Ivcty,
a sumnmary of the students inc the
various departments. It is suibstan-
tially as it will apiiear ica the next
Calendar. From the figutres pre-
vented cve find that coniparedi 'ithi
last year's attendance, the literacy
departmient has lost 64; the mcedical
department has gained 38; the law
departmuent has lost 32; ltce phlar-
nmacy department has lost 22c the
homicopathic department has lost
36 and the dental departnient has
lost only 4. In all a total loss of
5t9 is te record of this year's at-
tendance when compared cith that
of last year.
THREto are a large number of sub-
scriptions to THEv DAILY outstand-
ing which have not heen paid as yet.
Wse do not desire to appear arhitrary
in this mastter, but we need the
money in order to pay the printer's
bills, and if these subscriptions are
not paid at once we will be obliged

of a little knowvn poet. 'lTce caperc
piromises to he entertainintg.

Horsford's Acid Phosphate
Id the msost eff'ective anod agree-
able teinedy in existence for'

PATA'F an(
Those who intend purchasing this
1 5 5I
l545 et otf Books must do so within two
35 350ain weeks, as the offer will he with-


preventing indigestion, and r'e. an- zan drawny at the end of that time.'
lievinse tliose iliseases arisincr ea na
fr-om a disordered stomach. toon
Dr. W. W. Gardner, Springhield, ______________________________
Macc., says: "I value is as sit excellent Charers Dadley Wanerseoncenaicd the tints wosuid cons when tame inventive geansc-ould enable
preventsative of indigestion, ail a pleasant n to pat a disae in the tint and tabs oat a sciolte educatisn.-Tiis inste inventiont.
acidutlated dsleuthwhets lropterly sdilustectwilstics aa icltemrye peiet hnaott ev isodhm fe ehdatie
yiteighiestnoscthIlat a great nation cosuldibestate cpostnicoed an addrless mlwi tches orcds:
water, ansI sweetened." "Nei libicra give courc boss i cat ce'v. 'leser are thescdava ofactiosi ansi exacstig competcictions,day.
wenorcalcouragestandtbraincpowertlk, dayvsswhereinctercranclbeonlyatsurvivatlotewl.art)
mencitally accdiiphcynsialy tie fittest.
calico, oquality yuv oie or tce bat'tlie tbev iciclt waesin cthie worild's greatareesia, wlether theis
tot he'cst incth presicooo r i n l c iiite ci. 1cchonorabc le il of artisiieili ancdi I cccctl i. 'aoe
Descriptives'pccscphlc't tfees oncappcliec c lcgicic huh Iae rijatly rs inc thc'flmily cirlt t5c'(lay imiust5cmeiwheidio t a linexiiorialetilatei ccifate tli
Ruamford Chemical Works,Providence,.Ia. meilt ccc s ccci '."
tlccccrecf Subtitutrs asdcl tscicis. s'b !)t'i- . ctrtienwes( -tz meandsisca" ce. i cccicllcciirccc cl.csc oiintheOci -Revlc'isd Ficii
For Sale by all Druggists Ga isr o V%!"ect It' ices si s"a.cii.) cii iselfI.cro-3coaileitcltullicitoneiidiecilaypc
raa in l. 'ar* "_, , 'l c it i is 'icc'l v 1 i th tce-cit of co i cii archait.-cici' aii needay11c
sicy ca Hii . zdead-'''cc ciii ii i'cc ifog-c'. 0io "c'cclevscll'.,ceil-littlec(hloicic'ic ilcl
j AMES IV. GOOlittEwV, blorist. Grower uf easiia ii,"!Io ' ,i i -l 'c.t.".a-reeu? cc l lzr zweli c.aili~e ani'dc' aclsin. ho cccv,.
R Ioses,fCarncatiotnsasid Floscers of altlcvari- ^
ety. Floral designsnicade apos short snction. RatAD OUR RaEMARKABLE PROPOSITION:
No.lIObsvervatocvy street, spp. cemectery gcate.
One, it'1,ii L..LRiswill tor''ard to yochaotlrges prepidc, liceeutire set otc10ivolumscc,
lic e c'cclsvcllt f'to ipi d at5c th'15e raote, 0 it lii '55ccar (to bs remiitteo nthisly. A bceoctiflina
.F'. . u uuv - siacsccciliers'snccceicsithe'ioois, lcsciehicoe ineomayhbe depoitedchdayc. This editiois
- 1 O pccccctccccfru 'iw,3cacetieoncactinecc'qualcitoiaper, dis steronl oundcc in be'yciccanillaupapr
coes "wchwi o .5+"acril a-tfi5 sc arss. Fear isncicmsin httlice entire t0 coluccmcs ite cdelivered
toccccorlcad'r'sscwitlc sl caes pailto antat ofv ithe,'tnitediStates.
This is a spcvialotlieusmacheonly to the readeio f ''itc;Uor'St. hii it'and iccllrcc
maopi enysfor s limoited timse only
$1.00. UNPRECEDENTED. $1.00. ('ilt tits Out anad Saund to W31. A. M[OGli,
- Busintess-Manager or Ttcm,. sr7, OF cDI.-

cci is~ deuves syaastitromtie emcatider
usftse Collegs' Year los $1.00.
Ac itAtLV OFFICE Opera Douse Blk.
or at STOFFIET'S News Stad.

JMcasc clliiicriito11viihe cliii oct if '20icctctices oifCC cicit 'Ecictcoj~ci ci
L'itiicii cciis cabcioceclec7'ciicsc, togitecthe rthlsyours Dme Saiviigst1cciii, frc'hichi
1 eiclic Occe1)clloic, cci(f-nd ,btherc vaurcc tsocit 10 s'acts ccployc'm lii lfith
smoiir iiilhlvt) 'cciiiit/cc ri cccsil.4.',00eeis .fulllur Icil.
Piot-ciffic.... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..
And Bath Raoms. lW. H. OWEN, Prott., It is a sure cre. Try it and be conincecedi.
Ycta will ncver' regret it. Sent tty mall tic asic
NO. 4 East Huroen St.. Opposite C'oart addrssc. Price. Osse Dollar. JOtHNtP. Hosted
Houce. Hoet Coldad Sea Sslttso. Psr- 125 Clasrk 5t., Chticago, Illinois. Sandfortif;'t
eslina tbs. culctr.1

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