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March 08, 1894 - Image 4

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U. of M. Daily, 1894-03-08

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=n A 25 CENT T
: t tnybodV who has boought fbow ooU
at25 cent tooth brubh whiththbtds
its rsls
Calkins' Pharmacy

. ,

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to I i

s ING i l AN At the OIJTFITTEltS
one of $3.00 and $4.00 MATS an hela tst SjprtngShopes.
ThIdliest Line of Neektsvear in tne (ity.




-NoTE''-A(14JKS x SPE il.



on, r.Mih. b'ttO00Sri0 to0. ,K)0000 F
of -, to S It.; to. it'to o deotitst, ton"- ottot
totted Oitotwn til to ttinitttt citio t he -tC Jooooooo - b -o.t o o
.it<iSt ts.Dratttsotasbd ton;roper lfoes Ott oti noito'. (Do(,;0 pttoit 0(1011hun)
{ ti ctit Ot. toittt eo oit oneto nttt
obtio' ':It... Votz Aont tohsie. 1/is p0000 ttt'(ttt. j (ar ightibioioitloooi8'tt(
THE AN N ARBOR ARGUS DIkiteo'00 ?))tto itil . ohonloyi biLt Dooo & (

Will i tyj 0,51°, irt loom, %c.Vont State t' et.
rrr,. , U. OF M. FLAGS.
o jri'oo o. tt-n i lvert-.enoooooelleot io
'tkt 't o toor. -- - 0010000 ottood blueo' nO tto pin
b. torecthitnt. tPtoe, $Lt-)0.

PRINTING and.-;*-l. -witlm itnot p'tot e tot-too n oint5111.IOI j('/
-- PUBISH IING 44 Soat an Street. DEAN & COMPANY. FfuOwE RS, f ow IF S
Studenat Work a Specialty. UNIVERSITY NOTES. trot CGriffin has exctised 0t00 oteOUIN I HLL, lorits, Tel tthoeA115
OXootooo oontt~oo'n too' to0/o ~h.Iutndred and eighty-fitv- junior Iowsa
Ladties' ArtisticoHairdressing Parlos, iyfeloonwl me tra iololelIi Tlcue'uestday, ~~frrsmd11flllc~l~l
a.b is to:,dlt' f. i-1.to.'morning at 9:30, jtn room A. sayng taoatendt eio olttr
- \.- 1!-I. Ri1l'ojaoto ltoo t F_ W0 . o-;h ltrof. Ta l a oled. his cdoss in T /i b x ece .ott olo1. 0.1to. 'lr 1'to /01W00/Pt't $17,l011().
oo oariwt~t'op. would banexpected'
T Yy, i Iswi oejuto tl ovlhos f William Taylor, 0"/ is ilold- tot Ott t oxesii for too'
;7 a w 'le jnio h p ivitti~sttfI' 00 n. F' . tttl . I7Stltt Cat-lion
soloicloItere tre two ttousando, looveoIttln'ttltto1111Rdrer Ihtt 0.0oto'noaig
a nI col. - tor Co., of 1.Duluth, 'Minnt., until thte
II ~'resicleol Atsgell is ouot of toswn. tontoes oetn, wh1100 Ie osill resume tt
111istcloss ino InternsatiotoolLaso''w'ill li t~ o leoit ~ ~ ...Zot
"0i0 to ot tteet today. .\s tite list of tnames0 for thoe cal-
ftcwor o ~oitig tto osirtsgisenolar is reatl for jointitog, studetots /~
boeitng rapidly poushoedlintthie newv entering for thte second settester 1(!.911400 "
retcitatioto ibtilditng.totust register at once to have thteir
J oL sa T \ _ II. NVltite, '93, is itostroictor in nantes app~ear intshie caletsoar. ARE THE BEST.
tt.5,3toV2,3.ceistry at ite Universityot llili A it oetn.o te i gte- CIGARETTE SMOKERS w00000e00etwill-
1 t toot ndt()r te loordntotrade /otto O tt ttto
0 ;l~Ooing society next Saturda ervenitog woiltind TIS BRAND superittotrt lotloto.
LTere wert 1,,57 mtenmbers ittat- in roots to, of the engineering The Richmond Straight Cut No.1
te otte ot thoe hDetroit convetntion, builditog, lProf. Ziwoet w'ill spe~akt 'Cd 10I'S
r /, jOfW110tto2000 'tere frotto ('tta la . Ot onCoverttorsO . X .t tite otteetitoto reomt'ewo ftoin00 0'titt tttoOtet n omeiet. tO
0050 ~ 'l/s/K toit~iticlIi .tdo}, 'os at a sloetial eletlioto forioresildettwill goo- t in 0000l
- o 0 -Itoh,;(1'001
5020. .00eadcilontFist for tise >\olO ;tt0 tciteld. BEWARE SF tMtATtSNS.to tn 0'
t1010:,1 riian(l StedlCo., of Apollo, lot. [le lro-shoooettll ldltetelet soat te boloutOn ni s o tO 10ctkae.
M1r. Ptorland's class .its classical foonitop class tmeetinog woillott etotpt i THEA t tfBAconC
Ol~l pos i sotl-logtle ~roslo-pass a resolutilon reoving sall H~RANICEI Rto. anD1n~tA
litr.ahore' oflthe sixteentho centutry. otfficers woso ntot attetnd tite regot-
o o 0000 I0N inehy -foutr fits will notet Sat- lar fresitnahaoouet. As tihe frater-q R
0WP MET" 0R E. tlay toornting at to'o to arrange toity banoqoet occutrs thte samte even- TA.K NOTI4 6L
for a doass social atod to transact ing, this would nmean tisat fraternity
tI[Th"It L" AIIO 11 L13 Oz f 4 other business. mnomnust go.
tn OoF Ai.0Williarot Mc~auchtlatn, witho Ilr. Dlov, whto is sitck withtytphloid 11-c000 I (:00 '5'oooitIntt.
< apt ,1tOOttl. ttlto.'tO':11 1olttslctO.0000 the University otinstrels last year, fever, will 1probably not uteet Itis l Ern/o ot0010 htol .Ooi ei0nntot it.°-
-toot' kt-ttolit tti ttold + ofi on the road for Andrews t' Co., classes for several weteks. D~r. /i,' ijt;'.(tCo eoo/ t ot00
oneitlo~ottotfttitoo~ttntt ~ pigt iron dealers, ofCiag. Anmes will lake chtarge te classes
otA tt> ;tto't iO'ttin-N CA.NttE At the S. C. A. moeeting last es-en- inO American Colonial history, and i " ~ f'r
9 r" ,nily tootol."o_-iitt otoMapletn -tt n 0-to wk0''ng Mr. MJett.road ato expression of Mr. lDixon, of the tolitical 1.con- z Jm W/
tlt taot~o l solooittottn tt -so cit des'appreciation of Mbr. Mtanny'ts ser- omy department, will have charge
tt001 t.,itO ot n 1 ttoo. )C. N.<vces as general secretary. t of thte wtork in FEngilhstr.o at TeLadnTio.

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