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March 05, 1894 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1894-03-05

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mfr. Y I'Tjf. bad or indifferent. In this way no
e little injury and trouble has resulted
anid we are sore nothing has beenI
"issashed Daily (Sunasaexcepted) darin 04
tolete , ar, U gained by thtelini verstty in making
HE U. OF M. INDEPENDENT A3SOCIATICN use of suclt questionable methtods.
____ Irrelparable injustice has been done
Subsciption price 'l per year, insariably in ttany cases to students swho ordi-
in aanaase Stng]e ospieni3 eeate. Subacrip' narily dot goo.l work but swere uttt
donaamay be left at the otter ot the 0AILYO
tStottiet's, wit~h any st the editors or fortunate in getting oets conditiotin
authorizedi slicitors. one' study for reasons whlicht couti
ociock iP. . it they are to appear the neat lbt explainted if those, swhlo are re-'
ay. Addreasall atistier inteadedt toe pualite- sponsible for sending thsese dti'-
nlon to the Managiag Editor.Alusianesstat4V% sr"r Ka ~
sesaassaioatiosashoulst be teat tsthe Ott siments on theirmnsschief-nsaking ntis- Ptl1Sfl EWISED
uest anagr. AnAea ai ons, wotiulsave inclined an ear. , P ®® 11w E3 e e e DBA
TH .A=H.nDALY, he ntischief is done and the cus -
tiTOS.onable methods made use of are : ,!«e E oSE 5 e r
EDTR.condemnned by the student hotly. RI e~
, A. [Nistis, Lawt '44, tainaginigEsitor. Noianlbe siade or thes h _
lA.St at an(, iLit. 'bi. Assi'soi Noreparation cneaeorte__ S j r~w """l
iL.Luau':,iit. ',ASs, sti t.p esetit, bat a rectirrence of ther"""O . ,.Q
iii, ~~~ A~~lesamittehin- shiottlilbe gutardedlB PCT'' -s.rassato l e
S. ss. Cutiss , GL0.it., Bnesas iooogvt against isy all woohate the best isn erone -I ' s3 'xI, ace' -7 Yt ,a. EMa NNlA
wIs.5A. tsttts.tLiti-'971 .Aeit ~~.rests or the ivesiy at heart. B rne. I:A I
niesiywe are ahie to 'vs " ass 13. _ !'i' c;_5!1ntT.,..?The
E TRsx(Y.r A. tagine, if yoti ilease, the feeliitg (edition 'tio ol - pr tlabdxi.2
. ao. i 'it :. it. .Hl 5 fthe laurent whlent 1etreatds in thte ~s
large Octavo Volnci-catC ' Ils o:_sais', iitG8,0000
a.ttl'.F t . :rlos'tsigtosls'La ti anandf/a." contoin
I'so' idlesr, A'55. bt t,>tttt ,i. tit,/l "i i 'c w rdg, d~a ti'1' 0 . ta,'.. i .
s'rtoiticesU(lusts s (ilt h' ) // i (A ti'- . x i
.1/iLye'L )at inpe opld tgndsed o oto a t-n tna dtos
'tiisi4.. I~eesec-d laei h aseft oortoans f96etsiMsa.as i ""r"n.Co'-s'h to of/er+lasever otto madte
worldtts slssiiiusr' sistu'ioiis ltig ilirii retos ftt aneat slicited oM aln th f te ~4 tio tio isofthaIt citimportanc
-' - - stisiss 701'' yu its n erito as aIlCt ''e(xtrasnI ath hehs ndm s e ns§ ' i. In npd'aiswihi s y rachof ve
sart" htuL.ent.thoy n eodigin.It relil., Jc a.'orsanc yo cidreninhbi f coom
CM.' o ht ols fal e'sce ~cnm o h oer4no0eductos
^~ 1 us hn fi, A m, oat F-'otlt2:,di t.rei
l\f orh e r haay eso ttn series of aM lreeto-edtosar ni you tamea t
casesouinttotsansIoractice rossrta 1itay be list storkanoffyostrs ntaerslatnteen
fIAnol1se JEl lirtg tioerstsaiileot« he wsaisfatorymens. Wetatb-itas th e eti eoeU nds ol ae-y,. acr~i o:t vaLin yred r h rfr
tins e allt~tl o the ce":iisI ~ lerr~ e aret t -iulroe .ndshosgra e a restsho ieioeti f o_grve ther I'll to o soferasthatf/itsEimortncY
t-s saei i wassisieyecsar iin eris a a sheos ithatLtheDIbest d t epesie;Enycopda s's'tina sorecorsevey
titheydoclaumentt. ttt etmebos n ofls, ae-' .. .rg ou hideni aitaofacnyomhe
at : oneARoU ULSorQ iieras leits totrihttobet tilse 'steersity.crl. i ovth :ae fanedctin
to \7arrethattea sect nd stitries oIt- n \'dr rpect i fo sillyou that 01,~i~
theiheentire setre tonderf te i atifactry ndltat be berteo
titeatotsttttrcofsirertinofwrndtoimsvead hw 10etr crtensaor tp o oR r~5ti IDEnCan
diigne.,,ls -- wil l- lOheDIse with1t a"/' 5'coveach day.
for tsamearit is atolurisly n\ eas y si ed im roThisin - or e itoepnt ' ' ' - ~ 5ofaper, and
sn lb ay ,a . 'rofe ssa fecrelodesris srongythothhi'UIniverscartwi.
arcosisig tt tt ssisas sos a

78S, shtowing a loss for thte present
year of onily 87~, instead of sevetral
hsundred, as wias predicted. ' lile
gain after thst first registratisan in
October is greater by 6- thtan last
;Tear. Altogether Mlichigan is to be
congratulaterd on so excellent a
showing in such adverse times,
ta~r atnd oppsortune comitlaint is
heard on every hand otn account of
the stnheard of innsovation used by
the administrative bsoardi of the fae-
tlty this year in respect to students
wiho were conditionedl. Several
huondred notices like tite one pub-
lished below were sent broadcast
throughout the country to the par-
rots of students who were onfortu-
nate in getting one or more condi-
tions. No distinction stems to
have been made but all students
avert treatend alike, wohether good,

Horsfcord's Acid Phosphate
Is the isost eff'ective and agt'ee-
able renmedy in existence for 1
preventing indigestion, atudre
lieving those diseases arising
'from a disordered stomach. I
Dr. W. W. Gardner, Springfield,
Mass., says: "I vaise it as an extellent
preventative of indigestion, ansd a pleassant
aecsiuiateddinkaisWhins propeinly dilutesd with
water, answsaeeeaed."
Decreiptive pamsphet ieee ass apition is,
Rumford ChemnicaliWorks, Prvidaence,R.I.
Bewaire sitSsbttt'eis andIittlions.
For Sale by all Druggists,

last for years. Ba i. at . . ' asvs}s.iot
hour address, with nl.i~~~ s'. ' . a h a.t
oIhG ,aspeiahlofersmadet-onlyto she readersal'f'ltt I'. it M,
main pn fiot a limiteshItit'eassly

otis delivered tW
-; States. -
I ia asiandswillI

('iit this Out 511(1 St-nd to S. WI. ("t'U.tfISS,
tlittiitos 5,1aitiset sit 'to,: t'. sirfi' OssAIL.
S ]'rSse is livt's'r the 1111 iseisfash 10 LI) 'stssisio5f Itsrisi lris'l'ri'tiisa
Isbsiitlis, is abosirs lts'riihs, togsthssr' cli gals J.imss.'ii'vi 55J5IissI>/l,,fost'slwh
.Z enclse es Dti olsslsar, sstrt /hser' agr'et etu 10 c s'sl s sisig itisj i/is
assists sit isil~r) z'slhei/r s'rsssississy $9,0) /'sq iishp .
Andtdu i ssi. 1W. )f. OWYEN i'ro.t s it sore sore. 'Try) it ttb's'sssstiaeds.
vsssswillanverrest it. Senttbyatil io aisy
NO. 4 Fant MHuron :St..Opisoste Coastr adsis.'Prite, Ott, Dollar. J011ix11. titOsou
Hause. FlH od('suit Sea Sti Biaths. Or-I125 Ottrk St., dhitag o, Itinois. Senaifortirs'
celati tubs. cuI c

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