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February 07, 1894 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1894-02-07

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Published Daily (Sundays excepted) daring
the College e tar, a)

tions that the xvriter firmly believes the presence of some infernal. ma-
not one-fifth of thle students pas chine evidently prepared for those
through a eosrse of exaiiiations
without recorse to "cribs" aindl"roll- 1 venturesomue enough to molest it.
ers,' or without either givinag or re-I A heavy padlock is fastened to the
ceiving assistance. We strongly be door, to Iprevent the removal of the
liere that the only thinig to do is to pitt grinds by those who have showvn
220,2inen on thi :ir n irel, adjthemselves unseruipulous enough to
1ub1rptonve the Stuen's 'deal ' * tak the]unlss potecedIithi

susrpinprice $2 50 per year, invariably 1itVh %U1L ~lWL141U1~ctk hmuls rtce nti
in advance Single copies a cents. Sabicrip- wo v iohiite their protmises. This s-
vones may be ieft so the offiee of the DAIsY, tem has bxetnsiseid at Priineeton with wcay. Evidently the board does not
ati stomlet's, nwit atnyof the ediiors or good resiIs anid up thik it should be intend that this box shall meet the
authorized soliciiors. adopted here. Aisother remedy is oral same fate as its predecessor.
Coimmanicatiosshoibuld reach the office by eatniits
o'cloch P. a. ifthoeysare in apspear the next ________________
lay. Address all matter intended fsr publica-
tion to the Managing Editor. All business TviE tendency of the limes seems
commuanications shoould be sent to the Bust-
nets Mlanager. D~ to indicate that the mxethods made
THEU.oX.DIY use of in examntations at the U. of
Ann Arhor, ish.
Arbr, . must be radically changed if we
All copy mhotbeat the ove beforec :3a. i desire Ito keep abireast of modernI
of teday o1 pttblcatiott._
developtietit. Whlile other colleges
The Editors do list told themwelveo ret pots are rapidly being converted to better
sible tee cite opinos orsstatements of corres-
pooxdents, appearing in the DAILY. methoids of examinatioins, the U. of Horsford's Acid Phosphate
Al. seemis to be inactive in thie mat-
W11 ter. If the initiative must he Is the most effective and agree=
___________________________________ tatketshy the studcnts as tics been
Pinisoe aereuetd o e d tone at somie institutions, let this able reinedy in existence for
in atnnouncemxents for second se- method he adopted. We are sure preventinig indigestion, and re-
usester courses for publication in if a miass meeting were called for
THEeD:xi iv, as we think this is a the consideration of our system of leigtoe dsae rsn
good method to get the new work examinations and discussion of from a disordered stoniacih.
before the students. nsethods niade use of at other in-
stitutioxns, good resuilts would fol- Dr. W. WV. Gardner, Spcingfield,
ins; 1DAIsYtwill suspenid publita- lsxv. Stich a move tics been nude Mas., says: «I vaue it as sit escellent
tion for a week with Saturday's at the universities of Mintnesota and prevntaitive of idigestiono,soil a pleasant
issue, its order txo give the editors an Pennisylvania and msany of the lead- aciduilated drinik wten o pxerly dilutied slith
opportunity to prepaire foxr the cp-i)-lg eduicational itistitutions in the estee, aid sweetened."

adSHORTHAND.:aificenet building; sine
teachiesr s;lresatteindane;t good discipline; siiper-
iioroek; iwellspliedresading soom; daiiy lecturs-
Saurodayeeninigcreceeptitons;opentie entireayeae
Exceeptional faciltiescofoe placingudentxtiin pool-
tioo-tshaoxiaduauescguaranteediheii:. Livinig
exeiles $:2lto 52.75 per week to privte amsailies.
sFos New Catalogue, addrees
P. R. CLEARY, Pats.
1TiixxeTaslt intx effet Sunxiday, Noxv.), IS~
TrainolteavexAx1ix .rtbor ty Ciitral
1., l 1. ii i. xx:_E)x . i.
All ttrisdxiy cxevipt xxxxxtoy.
R. 8. GREENWOOD, Avent, AA r
selmP n Ve1o i ERl tvd .S
J )tO NCiE.
Thxe Ptreoxixl SxxcexSS,
hexaxxexd xy ixit'xxxxu ixold Ali)
=cort- z _ COTT'
Anxxlilixxiomyofxx xtlxi-.vxt ker.tl cr
withl excxiiiixxoxixcident, c riitin ihmr
.ietxiixseedxlwxith axxx'txof -lxxixcx xiii
lutlifEB: Rtsv e at.;,i -cxxx.,n
l'xxcxieiite xxxxlfirst cxxv iix xxxue ticle,
",5<:cixigtetieC ixcle baxkxxxlilt icxi'V, Z50e:
Gallty, :5c.
OxeseirvedxSeals onx -ale te xxi iatxt.' Jxweliy

proacinig exaiminatioos. lxubiica-
tionxwi lxberesxiieutSatuxxda~y, hFeb-
bruary 17. l
Xxv- are pxleasedt to give to oxxr
readers today thxe comxplete rules for
the regulation cnd governmeixtxoi
athletics at the Uicersity of xMichi-
gan. It will he seen that totter these
new rules athletics will be placedl in
a most faxvorabxle position. Never be-
fore in the history of the L'niversity
tics the athletic situationi beeti soi en-
couiraging as at thse xresent.
Cxxxxtxt xIONxx.S for Txu-Xit x are
solicited from every law stuxdent woo
can wield a ready peix.Eery ef-
fort is being titacle to make To-Wit:
a represenstative publication and if
there are ninny cotributions to select
from, better literary matter can be
obtained. The litte for handing in
contributions will be extended six
weeks. Let everyone who feels an
interest its this publication write an
article, in comxpetittion, for its
T14e editors of the Uiniversity
Courier, of Pennsylvania, take thst
oame position in regard to cheating
in examinations as ToHE DAtILv and
make use of the following pointed
remarks, editorially:
"Somethting should be done to put
an end to the wholesale cheating in the
college. It has reaehied auth propor-

East. Let the cithxusiastic studentsI____
issxie a call for a mtass smeeting cnd
ttuxecilxdix c cxotrp it fece xxiiapint ionxixto
thxis give their encouragement to the RumfordOChemicalWrk, PuvinOS,.t.
reforotatory umovemient isoxoso gen- BNxvace xxt Snbtbitute i Imt sitaxioxxns.
ecaly otainng.For Sale by all Druggists.

A Now tGrind Box.
'Die aixixarance of a niewv grind-
bx its the stain tall aroused con-
siderable interest at xhapxeh time this
momman. It xiilIxe remxembered
that last D~eceniber the Castalian
preparedh an elaborately decorated
box, styhed it a grinid-box, auth
placed it in the nmain htalh, and thiat
within twenty-four hours thereafter
this box msysteriously disappeared.
Although several clues presented
themselves at the time, the near-
ness of the Christmsas vacation hire-
vented the discovery of the thief
and recovery of the box.
Finding it impossible to restore
tlieold box, the hoard went to work
to reixlace it by another as nearly
like it as possible. The first box was
a DAIttv box, and the new one is an
almost exact reproduction of it, even
to the drawings and designs. In
fact, so closely does it resemble the
lost box, that many who saw it were
positive that it was actually the
same. it is securely fastened to the
wall to prevent a repetition of the
fornmer theft, and from within a
mysterious clicking noise reveals

")95 Cohsehss 8fS.
° " Ma~u c xc of
r1 Half-Ton~e (uts.
!4 repredlieliconb
r .c lhatrstiohjr , .1~~o~a(S
/ ~RcprcueicuntSJ Peryxod 115
dv&cxAi,-,,(avoi~tsuerihtt,Aho6rexpb th cs,$.
copie 0< uildipg55
zxptdl)Alotlher .rawirt-5.
printed. to bind in@I efe l3cuks..Jor~als,
@1ll Crds ~\ou C (Bd-Dance~rder5.rra rye U
'-~4~tc rcr cm5
~rre~ondeee~ Icile
Cffe~pcdcne ~ieited- 29 ° ra5

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