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February 03, 1894 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1894-02-03

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, ' t. a l .


,()f,. IV.-No. 190.



WHEN OUR "GYM" IS FINISHED, be absolutely worthless for wnomen OUR CONTEMPORARIES., o G ~ ~~
WeWi HveOn o te es nds some special provisioni will, of Impressions Gleaned ram a Vit. toToG ye uag
the Country In Material necessity, have to be made for thnent, o the E awschoolsesnefietedpe(-
Equipment. svhich may mess an early building !a ene .ets~in set gv
yet rd'sof the Woman's annex.'' ( Prof. Kniowlton in conversation to attn crlte hoc-1catltleforC
As svas annouiiced in etedys!with a represenitative of Tiic zisic,, Neeatoeot s f'~ ace an 1.'acmite fteBado
D --x"-cnnite f h oado
ProC. F. A. Barbour. expressed hinself as wvell pleased you a ehaneetoisseeacuseet.
Regents coinsisting of Regents-Cock- --wtouonla scolfern
er anid harbour accouspanied by Thle first speaker in the S. C. A. witheoardoiitlanallhelaferadn ~bl Y~
Pros. nowtonan T eclernhav 'course Of Sunday morninig addlres- extended visitato all the leadin
ioade a tour of inspsection of tasters sensvwill be Prof. Barbour, ofiipsi- of tine visit ivantin study methods ofG 51 Soaith Ma
gvmnas iums. As a result lihe Re- lanti, who xilIpresent the subject instruction looiking toivards 'the en-
Hients xiii recossi mmiiians ii iscitate ,o "hitinMnho"tomorrosvw
Cliisizsaiftnisod'tablisiiisneat of a three sear lain
stisi Isitiosi if the gyiii a-i u iii iiorniiig. itrof. iBarbousr is ail sosirse. .:after a carefsul examaination I
Tsinskia ise1c facts gleiiiedl i tnialumnnus ifilie LT. of Il.,. ani was of eastcrii lain schools Priif. Knossi-
heir trip swoiilidhe initeresting, a re- pesidleiit of the S. C. A. whnlsi in tim is uneqiv iocal ly ini fasrir of a
triter o iii sc mB i ini an iiiiciviewycliege. l'or several years past lie three year course of instriiciioii and
vesterdai ieariieiltine folloiing Iian occupied the cisair of Einglisih will recoiamendl such ass xtensiou
facts. Trie fluent gytanasium incin Rhetoric at the M'irhigasn State of the course to list hoard of Re-,
tinis counitry in at \Yale iUniversity. Normsal school. lie in regarded 50 gents. Ilarvardi and Columbia law
.I wa ercte a a ostof verhihlyin is epatmnt hathe aswhentiyoas int h tueLcett-rito piiita
snas ranes at acost I ox r hghy isIi lprmttta esnschools Inane a three year course and of &, ,44an5 hn tts'it iap
:S 25,0uu. It is comuplete. sin every bnen calledl on to serve as nie of tinthtie stainding of the graduates fronthtian AttcActat' laircetted iftr'utak
respect asd in te 1ricie of 'Valetuslitudges ott delivery at tine last tswo these institutioins in very highn.
iIetntn. So nmtchits5, it in said that aoricl contests of the uiver- About flu per cent. of the studets
arvard athnleten are eniousn tf their situ' of Harvard law schso)Ii are college lt 8-8 o~t~l v
ieighbor-'sale. Among tihe specialt brett men. It is quit probable that 17I."11'0I, - - MtCIIi
features o1 this gymnasiumtoare lte Eastern Athletics.
tie requiremnits for adlmission to
sivining task, 5'0 feet in Ilengths 'and 1aotorlwsho ilb asdada , RA G R'.
;ufe nsail ayigfon as s iiile swe are speculatinig eiitorls coo ilb asdanlĀ° ~j.94-i?
;o feet ineidchnvnrpigefiomt5of
(ee ii ieitsairisie mmcla he cmpetonofour gyniasimini, standard establishediequtal 10otiny' CLASSES IN DANCING ciiir
sectndTihurs'a ie ttitea3:(K):tLadc's.sa
frcein ractice. Tl atrwihteesenuieste r l c ilasw schliin ilt'secountry-. "raiitts t.adl ec.s tan F tlentc
tra..-ca~i.~ s, inisig for the spriagiicontests. Speakitig of the sturients iii gets- van c'driacts.'iutsacierrcvxngcs8.tic
rir~r- tcraltthe iirsis'ssiir suits isr sacasave5ss tc tc'e c~tcc t ee sIc rat n-' i cc cc!t1()1 .-i.

te attay
xi nve
in St.
n Stes

wc l i ib i spi.xiss-Il Withs it ins r

At Corniellclierv'ardi anti Ctholubiac
bsoait cresss are alreatdy ipractiing.
ich -ctnat Ci or'nell i is rnishied

Akt Harlai urd (lie comtmittee w r A(sacsV Llk:v i . ". a sa~~. ~
sixsxvn trouh te rsnsssoiiossr (iom for exercise in the gymnsasi-
g~ymnrasiunm anti were very' favor-sut ilteapaatnissrcaes
-ably imiprensed withn it. 'hlere arebylscrm 'itcocitiisvy
tfurteen husndred lockers. An ant- thorouslgisu-, and ito inan c.an Ipreseint
isex xiii be addesenoon aridi arrange- ccet cci ntia xiiiaitt

nients msade for a swinmning tank.
'Tie gynmnansituss of Columbia anti
Cornell swere alns exaitned and tint
points of excellence notesi for use inn
the cictermtanl g fymium5li.
At Harvasrdi,Yale andt Colunniia,
all gymntatic practice in voluintary
but at Cornell four hours per weed.
in requsirted during tine winter tertm
of tbe freshmuan year. Tine ladies
are required to take a prescribed
amount of gymnastic extrcise en
Sage coltege onder tint charge of a
lady director.
TPhe Watermsan gymnasiunimiii
inane the largest general floor and
as good runnling track as any uni-
versity in tine country, and inane as
good privileges as msay be found
Speaking of gymnastic training
for the co-eds, one of the commit-
tee said: "We are convinced that
the gymnasium when completed will

Cornell has at present nevently can-
dliates for tine freshmuan cresw, bit
ibis number xviiilie resduieid to
twnenty by April.
The Bible Chairs Remembenecd.
Ani Arbor wsna especially fortut-
nate last week. Blesidenste gift to
the Lamw Library, tinehBilie Chairs
whnichn were establisined inert last fall
receivced a beqtuest of $5,u00 fronn a
lady in a neighboring slate, whnose
miodesty causes her to withhold tier
nmie. 'The beqjuest was secured by
Rev. C. A. Young, who was out of
the city tine latter part of last week
for the purpose of conmpleteing ar-
rangements for this gift.
'tomorrow morning, fin St. An-
drew's church, the Rev. Henry Tat-
lock will preach on "Christianity in

uso reasoto iscomplsaits forlie thsinks Pups irceivet't cii timae.
the usc C' r tt i~(2s sismoresievelopiend j
atl tine U X1. ih- 'tIis is at highn
compilimsent for tine l1. of ItI., bitt
is a swell deservedh ott -' Aioney all _
the depsartmtis ons the cansisss no
otlier insinsre loyal titan is tine law Artistic Pfhcgorsplncr, 6 E, HURON ST.
Th omite oudthat three Se(cond Janulanry Invi'sOce
ny-stents of. instrunction mare in use -ca--
at list colleges visited, vie: lectures, 10NN YP~
text book, and study of leading -.sr -'QHOQOI5A
cases. IProf. RKnowltoan thinks tacit-- a'-
system ashis a certin mnerit and is in TLrLIS, -48 S. State St.
favor of eaving the choice to list
tenision of the professor. Gymnasium Suits,
At no institution did littfdud tine Sweaters,
ssse of printed or typewritten notes
allowed. On that mhole ltst trips AN
was a most successful one aind will
eventually result in the adoption of
several innovations. SPORTING '' GOODS
'The lecture in the Unity Club
course next Monday evening wiii be OfEeyDeipina
delivered by judge Parks, of Kan-
sas. Subject: "Personal Recollec- W H '
tions of Abraham Lincoln." Judge
Parks was for many years an inti-
mate personal friend of Lincoln and UNIVERSITY BOOKSTOR9
was engaged with him in many law


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