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January 31, 1894 - Image 3

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U. of M. Daily, 1894-01-31

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fn adt1,0.r 1Al5nwi tDPEXCELSIOR LAUNDRY D A. W N ~ R
2FAT10R SM: .. A r11Good teed Goots waled for Store Formterly Occupied by 1TWo !AMvS.D to. il)tot ooiIo
and delivoeredi. A F. t-OVEoRT, Prop. ______________________________________________________
sevdi he usutal artistctoototoot. ' tottogs
2z veaars ino the tiuoites+.r."' U. O1" M. CALENDAR. I April anol May. 1t these tlhee oya olatoytotitM.Moo.ce
CITY LAUNDRY, Wt. Jn< t nFet 1tOtotCfeets differenot standtardls of qtlit lso 0100 t.(;ilt) oto, illtime '()Ifthetn-
M. M. Sesabolt, INo. 4 N. Fourth Ave.- ('e. asllin. 1S Iiocioloogy,~l.Nttteyot caonarstndaynanso ttte0oott.
KEPYOURltA011M)ll'r W051 I''HE ljlrotiIt'hall, 1O1). Ill quo''l ejt't~- 0talifies illarty onte of these rneets,
$TATC .SAVYIMS G B 8A121( Fri.,Iteh).2 Alelphi te tina-, lonlom a. tt 8o11arcordling to tise standard set for Morgan & GibDon.
A. 'or.:loo 0 antI Washingtono Sreto to Eleelion ottot' reo. ta oe
A .Nn,. re loo 5)l~' t S a 5t lot I l oolit' It tthtFimeetlotaosoeligible to Lrth lei}, _______________________
1hil l :3p . .rovided hoe traios consistently o-at TRR HAVE YOU GOT IT?
STA pR S ~u E "-' 71 UND RY Suon.. Itoto .-P lrttt . Iarlotof Otyp ilato tartis.VA H I f so,.TRY my ECN.
S1 Al ^" TEN D R'Y ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ttto'e lthe'S.3C'.:1. sItjel.''('ho'iti.IIMl-too -51uiwl sr irrertyi a~ih oi ied
Fin)est Nooltoot)he eity. 'roooopo illo aetfiooO " Hoo': tll s Pte00 olooo it i tbyli o i ny0100
toot~d eotol.Proceolo''oob'olar.t o a'. O11.tool (lot
oto t: an'dto'ot n .ottoot'o bst Ht- ' e. !).. ,93 1100'ftoot. A Just (eason to Complain. r I t ('lfot.Cho iuaitotog Iliaoto' 'tdorollottoo
'o tioooo S ories. / - - - - - - - - -- ---
CROWN PEN CO. FCOUNTAIN AND GOLD lt. l . o.li.0 ooo'O't'iot.I'lot I.arriobal tof \Vjisconsin10Imakeos teOon lnto Itt100]5 0()
TOnSTATE STREET, 0 toEt.M0K S.. .A ootooo oMeo'00Itioe follottooo 'pointeol reomarkos ellot- ) oo01to leoseo I loo t
CHICneO.' studetsl. rtally D0tio otoi by 5.1 lo 00a." Mr. 'IThomasot
SCtnor Alon~.. Fl~,Ol. 11 )I . 'oott 'ogeni 'sic0 hc i I t'I llte s o ,lilltlitS lollif) to' Itilot ool
'rCo.Vt.0 . \. r. e t t' 00000 Soottl t t' iloreasteron 'ollege 3e tl s, tos- the dloon 'y tote of .1ab li.js TTEo h aw el tts, r.l t l )( i\ it tlioooot it
CO NCot It' ottolT00 00 .0000". oec cally tihe olai lies, oo nlot 55as osltl o'toa os le lo'ongott
W oO.LD'S *FAIR. IeffIortlotO 0 l50 Ilretno~lterpriset010n01 ap-
MAN00CTR00 Judge Parks on Lincoln. -osto loo egot rnto f it] 1t'ootto lilt is lll~ol~
1)000 0 1) ~~~ooor onstitton. As an exception to 0ott0ltetoit
1000) ito eal l~t l 1 i toot ibe too s writ-
judge lBarks, tof Wiosf elt], 01150,' thtos rule the D~aily 'l rino'etololan i010 tell.i'0 olotooto o'loot ulimpotllle aoooi swseet.
DANCING and DELSARTE owto lectooretd hefore theOrlratorical almost every nulmber contains some looi efidintg I. ioiet ti10d1pulitg
MRS, NNIE IARDFOSTERI&7I iassociationla 0st lFriday 'l inctoln trlelO t~of otutr toniv ersits'. 1Te so otliof with(dligh1anid000.105 ofll'the
46NOh5.p.t. Jolattree0001t.Olot0.a aLawoyer,00 has roooseontedol elao- timte toil soontonoteoiten ther east-totyouordoloerostot (1100e1foor thoo pots-
0(000' 1 . li. lAvaeo t l as00r0 I' ressiem"1)10 lo'osoi' i t I -aives tfloe 'tto0l',
dies t' t.00.a Gtlein00100t dIetUtoy eluotlo neot tMondlay er ptrs soil]lonot overlosok thtt hoit i1001 00 it 11 l00'o005to floe Itn~etO'
t'TESII.\ ' pf 1n. ('etie to' ". t~litoootioo evteing10 15on ersotal Reltalnisteot gea twetert n to otoiversities, hot wil 00)1) stae'. 1001itso'lf1, tot.h s ftle ololto'
e la'Io~ s' . eoott''ioo teso Ilocnl 0.'' It trll li' e- arat(ht))of of 10000. Illin11gso oitlo it theo
SAI1 t Al l:itn efein dn i tcs olLnon t il b etnerstand thIlat thtey occupy) a0pot- . soft airs 000a0it to'lt'trery qieottde (of
710.000. 'bil "'tthat l u'oooa 0'toota000s0 tas a! i I oit o Iith soolitllleln ttio t. It appleals too
40.000. Coootde't;lo eioo Co lt'.. lerol tht -llgtlais lii Ite ctolleg~e w rl tn t anyy thetever oilts to se'ries totf piturtes.
Prite.'lottoloess on- lottoiot t o. j personlal frienod of 1Linoln tfor noany ;steps loelooso(.') Itheir easterbs sisters. hcathlti Ollbitol' a000]t, s'lttilllit-
yeoors anolwstengageod willshini n ls.. ... I Oill rloooitet "boo s o", hf loe dooroos
(TratPe ns lva ias as bal ''e rn outhoerno; too Ilo'('(,'<ir .llttlos. the iuw i
areetatty cases; too that litst- Pnolana ealTam. diaeclloP 01000' 100 01it slettoil to
ol tress cannrot fotil1tto be 11111 of lot-' 1tloe ttiitol votil o oi t onoto 05000 ilt'oloo
'Ilt o4t .Te t't is'ersitv oil lenoosrlo ooia 01111allieso' toot' boos tog ioooteloo'os. It
ww till loase seven of iher lst year' swold ootoll-. tbe'. ol 'itle t igrtt i'0110
isLectures Otn European Oath eals. looaseball1 teototnsitwsihtoototito bein tot lot'] lis .I il'ottoolilitold expid "11i oot
lsIlbo tooarstol 00oll ith iooootoooio loot o.
loractice its theo'.spring. 'lley ore -
t j Rot. .\Ir. Su~nderland lwsill eox- I Holliste. Reeseto. 'lhototottoswteoll. ;Now Sto'oaeein Ecoonomics.


chaonge pu~lpts with lRet.ire S. llc- ('ontrell, Coogans ond I orckel.
. Collsterof iDetroit, tonthelarnext, she will loose0,howver, twvo of hoer
five Sunlday evenitngs, affordinog iIr. test mfi ThIlonmpson, captaitn of
MCcCllister ats opposrtuonity to repseat; last year's teans, and ilaynte, who
..X IGHIGAN CJENTR~AL Hr serisoltrsonrsTwbIh for twco years loeld the lposition of
'Cootte ITableoevseNv190 010, 15000 GCreat Cathsedrals of Europe," w pt htchter, an tatas one of tte best
AS.WS. t loe lhas gorsnswitis muchrsusotcess it' battrrs in thte University.
O.M .N. 1rs 5410'et ., 0 Y. VC. llf20 Droit. ,Of tbr new mtaterial thse sost
Atloantit Express. o 17 Sloti ,"E .. 85) '
Fast Enstei E.oo.. to4toN.. .Limnited.. .10050 1eortaes atntlsttbjerts wtll toe-I pronosing tortsare Schoenihut otnd
G'. R. Ex o .... 10107 > .M
1>. otl ~ t.a.slore 50'n'Exsl. 155 "reo. 4,IDirks autd Abbeys of Scot-, Gray, thse twvo cantdidates for pitch-'
MaladIxp ..4 18 G.. S& a.idpI... t6lt
N. Y. at (Itt. S01.. 0010 Ci. is. Eopn's. .. 0010 lanod. er, anti Charles Glbiert, woo1s
N. S. Liomited ....01000 Pacific, Eopreto...l101I
0. W. ErtRooGLS. HW. HAY~o. "eb. r z, Chlurrches alto Catiteorats' going to try for tite outfield. Schoen-
0.~~~~ P.1F g.(liooo.AL o ro. o fgad btut was thse captainl of last year's
THE ANN ARBOR ARGUS F'eb. VS3, Cathoedrals 'of thte Rhtitne. !Gernmantown acadensy trans which
PRINTING and =- Fheb. 2>, Cathedrotlsoof Milan, lion.]swott the interacademic champ~ion
PUBLIHING ceI antI Venire. ship chtiefly throught his pitchsing.
'Ctarclo 4, Catherlas of Ptisa and l Second base hsas hero left vacant
Student Work a Specialty. tonst laby ex-caplltainO Thomplson, and for
leot tornte to td Lootest Prie n Ite Otty.I te lectuores still be finely 11u1-- this position thse best msan is Anody
tMMO rateolwitho lantern niests. ( Speese, swho played on15ther Atlantic
GRANGER.'S. . '---- ' City team last sunmner.
CLASSES IN DANCING wilotmetet Track Athletics af the U. of P. hre cIlite a eneet
follows: Gentlemenot,'uroday morninogs 100CalsHlitr a eneet
andhursoday' evenitngts 8:00;Ladies. Stutrday e ati o hsyaadAtu
'aftenoonso . Lnditsanod Gentlenten, od'.- l teconmnittee of track athletics, dcpanfrtinyaadAtu
vanneodclnasses. Taesdayev'eningso 8. andl itonetIrwin Isas been nae ocahCt
lay eeningn 8olock. Or ottdto lor. IC Mtryaat thse University of Pennsylvania, . negadtocchte
0(0) oltet. lltionort) ftrn twelve weeko)l$5.haennutiApl.HrrdCn-
Pup)insreeed atany tie.bneadopted regulations for the ne ni pi.larr rto
fotundation of the track leans of soIS.
:10G ~Q 0 J ]J' 894, which if carried out success- ' -
Iteoloosoel . ~fully, still undouobtedly secuore tbhem GRAND OPERA HOUSE.
Haqater oot Signs, a strong team. stutrdaly, Ftebruary 3, thec widely'
Duoring thse track athletic season hoeraldeed and popudarplay of Americant
25 S. Fourth Ave., - Ann Arbor. three meets are to bet held: in Mtarch, life from thoe 1101 of Aoogustus.Ttomos,
entitledt"l a11l" Nill he isres ]yed

A. semsina~ry opento undeo~rrad-'
toates still or offered tnextosmester.
'Te sobjert soillI be Tr'nsportatiosn,
antI those takintg it 010 st tave itoad
ther lectoore couotrse 01nirasoetationt
or moust elert t 0ill conntection switho
the semntary. Mir. Cooley still colt
ductt the new0 coarse antI those swisho-
ing to take it shotold hand thseir
naotmes to loins.
Lotoo.--MIotlityaf'ter'ntooon, .January~l'
o'cloek, oiter in floe librotoy or hetween,,
tte tiltooto's I 0 f1otviiltown, 1n loutlailO
p1011 woil hootl 00 'ap. Findoer osill lleaose
returno too Iuma' 1. Teteoor, 4 N. State
For)'tine soupstO. tootht bruoshtes aoldo to'
gafsi, go tot tileIt. & M. 1Drugstore.
To qtlr. --leIasanlt frot om ~.
Furlooeohea'ot, ligloht, hatho. 2110 Jef-
ffersoI stret'..82-S8
For retducedi rate tickets to Ohoiot.
WeCst Vot. 'nOinldt]Va.1mints aplOy to
It. S. (.reentstttd, T'iotet '.gt.. 'loledo,
Ann A srboor & N>1(0) Ito Nlel.
Seniolrs itn0)11 depatmntsOar01eltnti-
tledl tot seniorC ralteoolphtotographoic
wtork at tootodall'o.
J.Mackointoshtes 2ot bottomln prices. Thoe'
0J. T. Jto(" 'o.
The cheapttl eoI icto(1get foutlIaili
pens, linenlIIpapber, 1)ote1books an~d
books bootool is i~t'Schleede's 50 State
Anm At bor Steaim Dye Works, ltt'
dis 'a1(0 gen~ts' elotlhiloa cleasned or
41'y f. No. 31 West llbtron street. Dye-
i.g,:9 se4 1) i't} ijg0)1IE'li~lislilg.

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