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January 31, 1894 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1894-01-31

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or..IV.-No. 8ST.



AGREAT CONCERT. se' aos"onih oaa" TELBAYO IE o G ~ Wa1--
The Interpreter of Chop 'n Delights whicir with its mesmeric effect was QuicTWokiAertdeaSerousFir
a Large Audience by His succeeded by Mendelsohrn's Stirring in the Library Building Last CIceaeoEfde aecisand
Playing. "Rondo Capriccioso.''Inl execut-Nlti iii'ronsreay
Friosm the audience thrat assembled rng the numibers fronm Chopin, the While oii hisu way home fronr the io nyii5one-whoicill (I[lfotin teni.
in i iniversity hall last evening to variable fantasie, thre stirring bal- concert, last nighrt, Mrc. C. E. M\ead, e cl o e ourte an ,ie
rear DeeI'acirman, no ione wrorrldtie ldtesre otncun h 96 lit, noticed a fire in the janitor's
leui tso telieve that the Choral U~nion deiaei dn h ahn iaeo room of tire library. nable to get 014a 0,~
is irs seed of greater sup~port, and therase the graoopue eri i ierrter dloors lie broke through l-rs rn
Net when we consider tire hicir char- ts rc hontremncIi rstire windorw, and, withr assistance, 5 anSMi t
wre arecoiriiniceid tiat isosst libseral exerutant. Truly ire has irimistak- oir fire. Tireflianres by tis time
aisle alliance anti cormnsioni withtriradetieto iitreom
SlsIssirt is nlecessary. !hdrahdtl o ftero
tire siriir sf Choipini R.-() bintiwere it truce extinigiuishrcd. Tire
The, aisliesr' that greedetherc
grat ilsessass vi rtisos carrewiiths t) fire corrphany was calledi and tire
higth expeictatiiiniiarud witih so littrre nl-icbeath of C. H. Muhli. aiarrrr given for tire clieriical also-
csri osy to see tiere ival of Padeere- A consmittee of tire lair deprart- ran-icy but tire fire iran been pelt ouit
sksi. ifairy were ndiapointedl, it I eist has dirawn iristire I ollovirig before they arrirvid.
sa not that the iperfocrer was iri- resolutions irnrmeiniory olflire late Burt slighrt damage was done, al-
eiiural to iris rspustationi, buit that es- (irristiarn It. Buhir. throirgirburtfor tire qurick scorkcof when .cniuvlreinr hlose~err iititSylis
cellerise toos-k a iliffererntidirection Wilrroo-. s, IBy a decree of tire Mr. \lieasi lie ibuiling inight race aniljlrbor Shires sei-ni for ii mis leto
than threy smay have expected. 'Tie judge of tire Universe, Chrristiarn t. heern serioursly diamagedi.
eff ect that i'acirnr's work 1protducediKlirof lDetroit, Iran beenrsensoved - - -0
oni the aurdience is riot to be jrrdgedI by death, and Castarian Competition. R. *HF.
ton, 183-r185 W'sums 'iRD'AVi.,
tromistire appilirse receired. His Viivisn- mire recoignrizetire frieiid- lire dare orn whichr all corslribu- MICl 5 - - H ItGAN,
interpretaiosiwere riesignedi to stir' shipi, winhir e hsas lonsg rianifestecid trsfrtr ssaiarnrs er ie___
the nu souln tioichr tire reart rather toscards tire laireprmetof tire edtr ad asbe ie tJUST--
thneisit loir-i sciirratiorrs of ap- Uirersilyr of 11 dugi(an, whiichr rendi 0 lii no- Received, 400 tbn. of Fleae Chenrlata
5aI Felb. Ti xt rno imse BallBen.2.pls: Noovrfth muia
Si r!s- N r-r so ie rrsia err it Iigrly iprober thtir wiessiouldi iill enissile irriters ti r-t ire fers- ii nn515 l ofteni irn l l-rs -si-stllius '-i
couild bseirisytinlsrsthan I iii ilirrplaceioillrecordiiouriappreciationioi
lisiceor rcssri cr airsreisrisisof diays luree s riese esi-r ter irs tire 0ri ()i' ni i iii ii ti Ti ni t iii I sum Ii''ie;
ici hrtis rris-rl sc1 diidi ii i s- his serrices aril gifts to tissUntrver- cssrsslisiciss f 0 siryr i-srt: thnei-r ' n55'n-mn Irsnayir 5 i
iiis~ssi cxrssusis S -rirsyR. E. ly &Co.'i, 2 S. ltate St.
imytaserrit iris ciy iandh sma ity , hris cbe i ic-ii s av iraisil.
I ~ ~ ~ ~ ) th-siisi o rsirirlr-c i Ts/ ' fre loin dlllrtlureri Iit in les i s r iihavethle csssi len-
ii dhssuilisniithe c s~usiss l ire sm U tisiser sits this irvle 5we tionsrasrexriersirve as possic, ins sr-
Inst I ricihi is Iisz 1rt playier, and jireto tire w il of tire slrightry ins orstecrihstthrie bosissimayss ieity
yrt lis greatiest soui seers toi bcIs hube ssinrssiori,-ie ironse tiepresenativ ofshtie l- esity. / -
wciths Iis favrite msaster. It is ins iiilcss mornfrhomiir hro nar beers Articles unitdlsdraigs ins compsietitiorn
sin-i effrt that hireveeals rise cxtra-scalledlfrom lahbor ho rs1;ansi tar- are ssoliciteid fronrrall clansscs ansi se-Ahsi flgafe, 61 UO T
sirsin ay tcircscai enonr e at is ~serbe l - lactureinti, ansi all contrihbutiosnrs iii
comandns, bust in es-ery deicna-cy nof /n nsi'. l That tris slepasrtmnenst ire submnittedl io uscomrmittee tof thir Si'cpii January )Ills o'
touch, every vrnty of shadh ig, ansI lores a fsaithrful frienrd; one alwvays facunity for innpaurtial j iinignrrnlt . Q J't
Yrr btisrnlmcun ri suaii is srliisiiic \hile the boo cii noes riot rcishs to n
ire thillsiarusheniraptushhis isorush ;acdbetter, ansi ever readiy to aidlhunt tire inigernuity of c ontributors _'i s-__ --iQ OIA C5
'sirs. iihe needy anid distressed. and invusites surggestiosnn-f uniqsune-A-_
lie hracbnniins taste hoes nt iru-3'I /Vdcs5/5is/ 'lirat as benericiaries of features of anyisatunce, irilects r1'.'l"' IlT)i,'4, - 48 S . stIate -St.
itn thne tensurous, tire funross tins noble mnans, as tire fosliirers of especial atteirtion tn-i hurrous
so decnoriiac gcantdeunr, bti s ;hs tnoble life, we tender tso iis tani- sketchres, shrort poemsn, stories and Gyminasi-um -Si.its,
-'trern e delicacny, rythsrninc subtle- shy our hsearfelt syripathiyis this above sll tsrthlineI-tisversity song. SueAters,
tier, daintinness antdlepthio nsfhiehor rof threir afliucio. 'ie-success s-ittire Castalians's
softinessmutdhbrightnress n-il colorrimr} /ii.5i5/5iil'. That sa coily sf these venture ins introchncinng a tinyersityAN
whinch heexcels. T say ta hsircsolutisons besn oicetroit sandi song depends (fi -thre respnonsne given
technisque is p-efect, thrat hins tounchiss IAns Arbor papers fo u bilidrtionl, " by the statler-ts, andsunccess ins this
exquiitethatlie i bured i hisand this original be entered union cornpjetition shudbamtero S O T NG OD
musiac) is not saying all i. .e i r teclass minutes. especial lride. heanrte fSO~ If O P
phienomrenon of absolnute technicli-ic Jc-is/sieui, That Iis portrait in the 'The ipoen will be net to music by1st sey)-nlrno
incarnation bravoura, tire embodi- lair lecture roorm be draped in h'.rof. Stanley. It hrunnnecesrary to
nient of vrtuosity. Not ethical del- .morning~ a period of thirty days andd that grinds will find a place in
icacy alone in at Iis command, but as a nmark of respect. Signent th e annual as usual. T1hese may be Ju S
with perect techrniqlue there are glilt- CoNsnnrcnis is()'LAin Dr 'xk-crmnvuT, sent to the editors, or deposited in
tering passages, surging arpeggios, --+=- - tire grinni-box in the nmain hail.
scintilliating staccatos, and furiously 'Thie next pupils' recital of the - _+------ UNI VERIS'1'Y'BOO1fST [ORE
fast octare runs. School of Music wil be giren next Sigma Alpha Eipnilon fires a house
TIhe program opened with -Beetho- Saturday afternoon. party tomorrow evening. STATE STREET, ANN ARBIOR.

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