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October 09, 1893 - Image 3

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U. of M. Daily, 1893-10-09

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51 So. MAIN So. IDirector andl Manager.
Good Wark Guaroanteed. Goods caoled for
no dlierd A. F. COVERT, Prop.
EANOWi9 1 OA re
z''ears in the Btuiiness.nf--.'
M. M. Seabolt, No. 4 N. Fourth Ave.
('or. Main and 5a..bngton Strets.
Ab L. Nonrx, Pre.HoBFrno PanT~, Cash'r.
"The 13. & M. Prbag Store
Ithe place to bay aoythiog in the Grog line.
Meicine~osI, Spores, Brs-hes, Ecs.. Etc.
JR. Ex JOLLY & C.9
Whou an at a pure ha-x (01Fine Chocolate
Candies. Stationeryateaost. ('gars, Tobacco,
ti-arrctessaind theFinst Stokoflips in
ie sCity.
R. E. Jolly & Co., 26 S. State St.
46 S. State Street.
MODaSDe aeCass:p m.
IT SA SAdv nedClass lortLadie.
''. and Gentlmn
"A T11011 YNS--Getlmen's Clos.10 .in
Chlildren',.Claso, 1p. to.
Privatelssons bby apTpon tmcnt.
Ann Arbor Savings Bank
Asa Asbor.'ish. ('apital "toch,,P50,000.
OlIT nizedaundotnler tlenIdllalto "Latws
of thil tnPlte. Recesiv's deposits., b- loot
sells excane onlc 1thicial cite. of the
United Staten. Drafts cashted 00110prope
ilentthcaltiono. il Icts' deposit. boesto resea.
OFr:Ra.('Christiatn Mock, Yvsa:5W. 1).
darrimn. Vie Fre'..;('Chat. lE. tllaok, Ca-
siOPierNA. J. Frita, Aat.('asttier.

Tac., Oct I.- etiac lot ofiers ld 7 een-
tine Bord o at eor;taslo cniotioo.Root
It p. C.
Thar., Oct. 12.-Gemocatoc Cllb eeting, los
lecture rloom~. 5:00 p. (in.
Slat., Ot. 11d.0 6 ls~s meeting. 0:00 . .,
Sat., Oct.00I-Foobll, ,U. sf 5. vso.Alion, at
Athletic Fild.
Mo010., Oct. 1-ITnland Leaue Series. Pof. It.
t. Willetts lecture on " avonarla."
MoITn, Oct. 2(ii-Ale. Lara Omtso (Clant 001
Unity ('1u110Corse; "mericoa 15es sn
thsaaah lan EnlOithwoman'seys'."
PLTIC~'roAL P T21 1.0 00 Pr i YTI
clas 3 a will read pp 335-341 of
Vol. IT of Green's Storks. The
books will be found in ast Scmi-
nary Roo. JOTHNIDEWsV.s'
Senminary in Ethics will neett
Wedncsday at :15 a. m. to make
final arratgemnents.
IOR'liOIl'. I.A siociATo.'. - All
officers and membrs of the Exec-
ive Board of thec (ratorical Associ-
ation are requesctedl to meet for or-
ganizationo of the oork of the year,
at 5 o'clock Osharp, Tucsday after-
1n00, (Ortober T, in Room l2.
7-3t \Vice Presihet..
RTIEr'oml -I wis to see all sl-
dents whoIThavc unremnovet con-
ditions in Rhetorc (Course 1, 1 a,
and 2). ('onsultation hours are
pulblishetd in Annooncement.
F. N. Scoow.
All students wihing to ake Bible
Work under Professors Willet and
Lockhsart will meet in Newberry
ITall on today at 2 p. m.
Notioe, Demoratlo Students.
Ill accordance with tie constit-
tions and by-laws of the U. of 1.
lDenlocratic clb, it becomes nmy
duty, as its president, to call a meet-
ing of its mlembers in the Lao
Bulilding, for 'husrday, October
2t1, at 7:30 p. nm., for tle purpose
of electinlg officers for the ens-
ing semsester. In ny absence I ap-
point vice-president E. C. Shields
to lpreside at said meeting.
Pres. of Club.
Glee Cu b Eaminaton.
Examnlationls for tie Glee and11 Banjo
(Clulbstalke place Tueday and(1 WedIns-
daly evenlin~gs, t 7 p. iIn. salrin lrT1001
24, MainI 1111. Te Glee C'11Thexm~f-
inaltionT will be 1101(1 011Tuesdaiy. All
voees inT tile Univerity lare requTeted
to try Ts tiere lare vcealncies iT all
parts. '111 Banjo CTub examinaltionT
will be ieid in roonm 24, Wedntesday.
All persons playing banjo, gitar, ban-
jorile or mandolin Tre reutetel to try.
Grangr'a Advanced Cass.
The cass ill dancing for ladies and1
gcetleT.etl will meet tomorrow eenPT-
inig latP o'clock. All classes open tiis
week. Granger's Acadenmy, onTI block
west of State street stores.
M inn Gertrude C. Caruthr.
Miss Gertrude G. Clrters, wlo)1111
been sttudyTig for tie past tso years
thle elsarte phiiloophy of te art (f
expression,. withthtie artist Mrs. Flor-
enIce James AdaIm, of Ciciego, is oT

take oip classes in expreasion iT Ann beauties of thle pretty plaly. TioeSoue-
Arbor. Tllenoetlhodstllat slle has( been cess oIf "Nora Mllelres" is nlot to be
stulylig are tile very most tadvainced wondI~ered it, as Mr. H~enlders5onh1as
of tihat line1 of study, beinlg tihose used utilized every e Cssntial to makle the
ill tile Frenchl Conservatory of Dramalt- pr1oduIcionT pleasin 1g, A bright galaxy
iscArt, inlParis, alnd comprisinlg tile boot of artists give aT livin~g replresentationT
princeiples of the Inost progressive of stirrinlg evets, every TleImberiof tIle"
selhools of expressionl. Her classes will companly beinsg peculifatly adapteid lor
receive phiysicall trainling, deportmenlt eacih distilletive part. Itetrspersed
cork anod voice work. 'Thou~gh done Tn thrlou~ghTout tile play a mem~lber of unis-
classes, tile wort will be personli and que and 1105cisp~ecilllties lare cleverly
ind~ividulal, hiavin~g as its chief 11i11tile inltroducedp~. S.f1ps 1101clorolses. 11111
preservintg a111d develop~ing of peronlll- grace-fuIll danc~ing, together (lithI beati-
ity. 'The lphysical wor1kIdoeastnot consist 111111l panoraiic ffscenles,.ae lse1101inter-
fiT gymlnastics flor developinlg strenlgthl -woven1ill TImost delighltfullantd pless-
of mus~lcle, but itt traitling tile ibody lng miannler. 'lu see0tile faTnedi teaml
ill the best an~d most natulral wavof of Shtetland plonies, tile smlallest of
breathitng, walkitng, sittinlg and( standt- thleir kinld ill tile world,. lre inO tilell-
in~g, for tile greatest endiuran~ce and.selves alotne well wvorthl the price of
grace. Tile wvhol ebody is trainled to* adtmisaion. 't'hese little mites arie
act at tile control of tile will, and great favorites with tile childrenI.
to expreaastnaturally anti freely tile 0 se
men~tal concepstionl. Principles of so- BUSINESS LOCALS.
cial etiquette for tile street, at ome. ___
at recepstions, or ill pu~blic,are practisedl Studelnts play0in~g orlchlestrlr Iinsbtrul-
fiT tile class oom011unttil thlen become ttislts, dI-sirillg orchlestral pracltice will
easy 11nd11tutrl. Tile phlysical wvotrk apply to Freod oMcOmbier it tile Post
goes handll-in-hanTd with tile voice work. ofice.
It is thoe foollldatiot on011wvhichlto bildtI Footballi and1 tymnasium1111Slits lat
tile read~in~g ltnd spealkinlg vboice. '1'he Selal o'.i
mnethlods usedtinilltile5voic(e vork halve
tile samne printcipl1es 111thlose110011 in tile ELot-Lealther r(pocketbooklc (.1ta1f1-
culltivattionl of tile singing voice, so0 itlg $211 betwventl til 11e.1a111 (Cam~puso.
that iT resoling or spealking tile voice Liblera~l rewar(d11offereolfor ito retuirn to'
lb 1111(1 muslfficl ISs 'e 1 ll a ntulrall11101thlteU. (lbtin.1. Il.ioffice.
expressive. Dton't faill to sae Pr. A. E. lloe at
Miss Carolthlers is alisa opr re to' l tile CooklclIoolsc tomlolrrows, lie can1 7save
reeive prIivalte pup1ils n ino1S1and11sitng- 7011 $10 to p161 11r Isit 01oi iIT Artbor
in.-. Sill'ihas studtied vocal tile tpast twvo( irices.
Veav' . 001011 I. Iieknlell Yoolng of tile Go to lluOW-l',s 1)1110S'roinE for as.I
(hipis:,> C'onlservaltory. Lasborlator'y su~pplies. Dissectilng eases
1'.SSON lPRICES: iaprons15 ttidisleeves.1 ov.'Prics.
'o~i1:1 half-hour les.sonsa week Do 7011Iswant good board; Go (to
twenty lossbo..... ......i 111:10Thomposonistreet. $2.50 per sweekc.
P'iano:00Twoo half-hloll lessonsa11 ((ell If yotu would siave nnotley, buyy ouor
twen'(tylo' 500.. . 10.010 law, ltlcdiflal anti senttal bookts it Sliee-
Set 1 Es10555101 Tto 501cc ass h~tt & Co.'s0,swhlolesa~le 1111( retail book-
tlessonsn a soeki,ItwenIIto'lleson..,5.010 sellers, Statle stre'et. 1-7
Tuiltionll ellbe in adsvance. Clic,101 ''. (ilass Pdipes o
0111110o101n ielris' oke, (Cor. Stalyeses tel(l' 17411111071(, G3
andIIN.Uo'nisersityalveTnae. SednsBli:d1clN.Nrh
office hours5'1:1101o 4p. Oi. '.0 7Maillsostretl. 1-7
- -.- ... - (O'll h 1117 iorli g, Oct 5, 'dl'
An Ideal Newnpaper. placed ((it sale 20 d111. Ment's Neckwvear
-nw eiabTlelgoods11-oth M.1WTa

Time fale ltlevso'1lSCIoA. 201th, 1809.
11 1,101.. .... . ..1 . & ( .. .p.... 105
N. S. Limted.....t 8 N..95(
N allsl Epscst ..11 Cicano Ex' 'prss. . 1155
G R.E prss'. ,. 10111
(). 'AR[ H E, f W.1tossS,
G. I. T. Agt.,Chicago.ll Agt., Ann IArbor.
Stud~ent Work a Specialty.
Rest Woektolo'll alld LowvestlPrices in the City.
S1. (lobHIP (IONS 1T1(
$2.50 per year.

Thlere is no( better criterionl ty whlicht
ste call judge a nesspaper, tihanT by the
qua~lity as wtell as tile qluan~tity of nes
which71 is foundlinil its columnts. If this
criterion tis ap1pliedI to tile INTER-
OREAN, 700.1 cann~ot bult find lit ITT ideatl
'110college stud~ent~s, swho 1a1ealsvayss
dlesirouso of hinlg a varied class of
newIs, tile LN''T-OCIAN 11110 no supe-
riolr. Tile athletic ands collegiate ntes
whicind it~s its wvay intoth ie colulmns
of this ideatl paper is conoplete entough
tot satisfy tile mo(st critical. DuIriTng
tile closin~g days 1(1tile great World's
lair, ev-ery one sholltd read~ a poaper
from fth ie World's Fair city. Tile I N-
Ttt-OI'N.N gives tile nost coIllletI'
Tnews' from th ie "Wh'lite City'" of any1
paper pubilishledlitn Chicago.
'1110 1N'rT-OCERAN'S folored slIp-
plettents, containing colored illustrat-
tiotis of Worlsd's Fair bulildin~gs are
esplecially 11i10.
All of thlese 'qualities lre 5s'ldomlt
p(ossessedl by at new'spapser, antd for tihis
rea~sontThie INTER-tOI'sCAN is tite best
paper for thie stuldenlt whiosdesires a
genleral class of ttewvs.
If 7001 hav0eInot d~oneTo 5al~readly,
lea~ve your subscriptionI at Soce wSith
Stolilet, tile Itews dealer.
Nora Machree.
Wve nteth ie followitt afbvoralble
press comtmenlt conceerning Noes Ma-
chree, wvich will be presetnted at tile
(Gran~d Opera 1101150.Tutesdaby nigiht:
"Nora Mach~ree" ha~s taken thte count-
try bsy storm. Henry N. Hlendersont
has0 giventh iis great romanltic 11plb
fitie scenic prodltction, an~d deserves
tile success whiciht ias crowdtedihis
bulsitless sagacity anTd lavisi tGlaly.
'Te thleatres everywhtere are backed
wsitlilaudliences mtost enlthuIsiastic', who
lre compbletey carriedI 111117 withthfli

and1 $l9.00l(pir 11(1. at whbolesale. Tile
price will be 50~c. e eant buy no muore
at tihese prices. We strucek it rilh
when wte blnllt thlese goods. Wagnler
& Co. 5-10
Mr. A. E. those, of the Goldien Eagle
Cothitng Co, 90Wloodwalrd 11v., lDe-
troit, habs catered to the Stuldetnt tralde
for the plot fise yealrs and1has l~l11ways
g"ivett satisfacstiont. Svolhis lilleof
of samp~ls's at tile C(0k 11011s0 tomor-
row. Ille'Ian 511507(111u1money155s well
1s give701ou:1sat ictionl illstyle, goodso
FuIl l l'e1of Ssweaters0It Sheellanl
Co.'s. >t
Ev erys' o.lIel'lt sholdtltregister It
oTnce at Illrowo'ns ldrug store, corneo(I
Malill and1 11luronlstreets. Thlis regis-
ter is tiele(ty oe conslsoted by tele-
gra~llll T1F55llgers. 1-_7
Thte Iolgest 1and1 1best stockc of cifl'lll'
11111 (alley 0sm1okin1g t~iolfofs illtile cite
is at iirboss''s iDrug store.
Go0 lt Ibazloois'T's Biliardllt't l 11,
AnnTTArbor 1)ye WXorks Iat 2XWest
HulronI street-' Special lattel ionIllgivent
to cleanlin~g ibndlrepairinlg suits. bHave
youlr light sTits dy~ed. 1-;
M~rs. Annlie Wardl Foster's danucilng
classecs. 'TermIs: Ladiesan01(1genltle-
nett, .$5.100 r1'2 lesson~s; chtiltdren's
claps, .$4.0) for 12 lesslonso; 1elsart(',
.$3.001 fo1r 19 lesons. Lesslols still (0111-
neitee ''Tlrslily, (It. 5,andlltSa~turdayS,
Oct. 7. It
NeLcs a~und'v. 'frytus foor tite(lest
worn you1 &'evsr sills'Workc doneI'ill
eigih l~thors noextra ciharge. Ofice, 1o
E-. 1l1lurlollsireet. Works 47-51 WX.
11111)1. T'lephlonTe 83.
See A. E. tose at bile Cotok tillase,
'Tuesday,15 Oct. 1.Il.le bha tilefillest
line0 of sap~l~les ill ibeOcity, of hlalld
winter Olaits.

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