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January 23, 1894 - Image 3

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U. of M. Daily, 1894-01-23

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THE LI. OF M. DAILY. ________

I _ ..

50 _' So10.ooLG -I CLEMENT,--AET
51 So. llAL ST. Drec'tor'oand NSaat' r t-AG NT'
EXCESIO L U DRY Christy Hat. London. L. L& A.
20 L I'i(000.0000 1'Ii;F:.5k lso Dealer tin Men's F1ne too'shilx,;i
Good Wool. too tot OGoaods' Ru a 'r iStore For'tt
andoeliseood. A F. itOVERT. Prop.
22 Wear's illthe 1iosoes.~i "
M. M. Seabolt, o4 N.IFourth AveKRPOU C(tww1I1
('oo OMainooandWas.hingon 'Sttoet'ol i
.L Nooo o oon O~ooooo~oooo o".( 'o oGUITARS,
STAR STE A IVI[ LAUN DRY Mandolins, Banjos, Zithers.
Fietw r ntect.Po p l "t'g---ot ork nddelitering. 0000o e.021J 0 so- 0o' 0 tofoo ooot'
CROWN PE O.H FOUNoTAIN NDf00GOLD 0000000their000 00000 .A o'.ootifti
78SAE TET, u , P N MAKER0S. (Ant tintig o rtraits'0000 of Oo',oo0000
CHICA0GO. artists, andprices and ful descrip-' CD
AND SLL PNS I 'rhte .A milror olir ail Co.
SUIDIN i 89. U. F01 0. C.\ l.'I. 1R.
DANCING and DELSARTE T00 0 2'otoo'ttot to' Fot'o'otieoard,
MRS1 ANNIE WARD FOOTER 00000,00 '0 'a tsc t. liclc0'0;t .'ot l,00000
46 S.State Street. 000'0000000
MoON AY- 5p. I0. Adovancedo Clastf'. to o - ri.1i 2.-- L t o' .y .In o!' Sootototol 0C.
MONDAkY' p.0in. Ladies 't~'0'~' u tt clas. .tttt 00 0ooooooooo 50'oo
TUESDAXY-7 to to. Getle en's 0000000 . I0
cl.'t o. L oti oo m lt 00 room000000 . Il0. 00
00,000000T0 .IIItt 1. Ili. Oi00000000'0'0 ottooo'oooto 0"oi.. 00 00' 0 0' t'tC. '0'o'epti011 too 00 t ,oot 1ort0o
Cl~ItO 0'jtt otdlo 000.0l ''ales.
Prvle ss'toooo on by apopotintmen0t. el'o zl
oto00.00 > o000
o :1.1: ...Sot to .0' ' .:0' .0 ttc~'tti t 000000 t of
Porotto' 0000,-0tic's I
* O~~ Stoot 000000 ref. t 1otl oot.o()t T he'toot oo'to
tIoetoot tottooto ittttodiver 'ott pat l.t,
l 0 00 t toll liI.2 'I Ie . ' i.- tt of ot 'too t
00000000000 tooli , IN,ooo So te 000't' 11;Ott
s f Tne....hIII. :;'0to Otto o a nols re'. (o -t
by to.o e 00 611ott' 00.00,0v all

Hat, warranted. Roelofns Hat.
od Gloves.
it Cao.Tta '0'00,00o0000 000.
oerly Occuiedt b -rwo sAils.

). ole Agents, Atv Arbor.


digni ties from oto ooe of testooolo'ots,
tool nstooitg intohfe lontoog of Out
otlroeso r ito ffig oiltto e100clock
tooter o0 te'colle'goe. 'lT'e 'acuolty
00mv o the002 tgore 0o tang lor 0sev-
oral tootsorn tohlis puollic' .oa'e tool
has tkento is tops, as far atoown000"0
too disctoer0tile pepeatOos
Theor'Podigal Soot.
jFitoot 0'. otf 00 .0 00,0
I outtl tie tot 'all fte' tlotieoftt
00000000'v1000t ht it lot be concer0 jOthict
wtill toe';give0000itol'loiloti tihlis evenooing.
'bTite >orm'tttl ('hooir'.otmoleth e o'aoble ott-
rectiotjofPtotl'tf. Pe'etoo.00ill giveF Stol I-
otot's 0 '0otligao1 Sotil.-'''Teo'aoriouos
o'ntrtafinmooents. lo'oturoes andootol o'too''o
riovedohereo''e 0'o00 i eoto1Y tly tende0d1~o
Ity 00000 '\'100100ti f'riendos, tat I taoe
grett le'tstoot'int callinogatltentiooo too
thois bo'tleoptpotunoilt or' retiproca'tfingo.1

D~one, call at or Gallery, od yauoill be
seoed inthte usal artsttc manoer. Sittngo
t o cy . Gt'.0o00, m too to "rtt'te ot. -
Morgan &. Gibson.
00 to t orooe o'ire. Py it I~at h oe. ned
Y011toill n'ee'oego'etitet h3-otttni tto oy
ooddrtes. FPtt'.eOtte Doltt ot'. 0000P. Ii0h00,
073Car S'ttoSS., Otuao ,1on o is. 1oototo or tt' 0-
F~o'00000soaopsoo ittototoltooantool o-
gatos. go tothle IL. AtM. 01Dfotgoftoc.
'Tle MIisit (Clalotgg Paloos,notwo
openo tt thelt0ookfotose, te sowoaig
atn Ole ineof ('otsoooo'nottto thsling,
lveroaots,.k'itl atsi Fl'ancy 'Vestso
toototfoob Ireoo tois0 owhicho theo' ott
sollingtotl, Ateo' ott ol oo'deelpice.
Vi sit tle Al ot ('loing Parlors owo
opienot tt flo 0000 ost.
Seottors jot tll odepartmoeots te etf-
O leof too seoior raotes ottlhotographfoict
woork atot ltotoall's.
Macktoeoolosets atotbottom prices''fle
Jf. T. Jacos ('t).
The choeap est flce to get fontoaino
fOete" lineon paper,00'otofebooks tando
booooks loutol is tt Shleee's 30 Sltat
An OtoArboropStearni Dyo Works, lo-
ties'tandolgents' cloothintocleaonedor 00
dyeod. No. 3 West Hutron treet.I Dy-
In, crig . O'tta'Iti ootreioisfiog.
Do You Know'
Thatth looi0slit Pltloos, No. 10 De-
trot i 00.00, l los' Block Detroit, havoe
open'oed lw 0r0o'It stabloisomet io thot
Cloot fttt. 0ot tte tltoye 00 v ill 'enato:
to' oeoeo'ek'l, Sotorol ty. 1000n0ary 27ho
Ieitg thei r 1todootvS
'Tey lootollo' onotitg btotrittot
MVe'clatooot ''tilor"Maool' IGarmoetts ando
sell thtermtfor less thathe tot retooly-made01
deoalert'anto elloclIo'oon shoopo~-msae
goods. Look ato
011t1 tIftf 1LS"'1.
toott~no 'ot. ooo'ooro.or.
V,0.000 Oto$000M1to t ooooot tt' 00000
$00.0000. . . ..ad sis or_.. S$tS0
41,00. . . .' ' 250000
$ 0 1.00 o ootooooo'lotto' f 00ts oot'.._.- 00 .0000
$000.000. . . . . . .- 03.00N
180.0001 . . . . . ----- .0),
0300M 000
006.000 . .. . .5---- $0.60
ftenoter Itoat we' atre ooereoron000
woeek ooth, it twill tot youoonotootonog too
inptathlese groodsl, aond owe shatll deeso
it a fplettsure too 'oo themt.
For reodutcedlolotecket to Otiot
West Va. oaoolOldoVa. ontsoltapply too
If. S. G(retnwooT icoket A.gt., 'Toledo
At At \rb~or & Nortlo Mch,
VT elooonce0of a lfetome too boyine
MeatooTaIil ottMadoe Cloting fort
less thantotoo)'onoldlha~ve 00 poy the
'average reaoty-madooe lothier for coo-
moot shop-ottdooe stuff. The Misit
Clothing Palots 00owieo at fle Cook
-11o1,se; selftnotling bot Merehant
TIail or moate garoents at jott oe-alf
of theo'origboaf eorder'e'dprice. Str-
doay, jaooo. .00hill te teir fast dy.

TneTablote t(Revied)'o NoOO 1th,00000.
D. N.Epes...: 41B. . Y &t. SplO.7 20
AtlantExpress.to S 17'Mail & Eop.. .... 8:00
OfasoeEot too 000 945N.0,S.tiinted....1O03:
f .1ttxp .... 00:!I.00,
0'. Fst'e'ot'Oo Expt. 013
Matl ndttFoot .400 0G. R. 0&tKat. Soo...00008
N. Y. & Oto.Spi.60s'tO htooN Express..8.030
N. S.tLinte.o.... Ott)3 ao tto'Expresso...100 Ott
O. W.VRUNo.oto o . AY ES,
G. . T. Agt.,ttoieaoo AtAnnotArbor
Stndent Work a Specialty.
:Bestotomn anod oest Prt ticosn tooeOtoCity.
foltowso:OGonteeno, S ooooday otornin'-o s 1
and Thuresdaty evenoingst5:oS; tLadies, Saturdaty
afternoono 4. Ladte sond Gentemoen.,ott-
vanced elasoot, Tutntoesdyeeonns0.ntO Sotor-
tlay evenino8o'000.Intlund tootr,700G5Moot
ntaod r0 .000 00 000oneonerm(welveo 000 os)5
Pupilsorecetved at000 anyte.
RIG1: r00W'
to 0000tre-Fratngt, oST 1313ZERS_
Headtoooootee ortote00000.
25 S. Fourth Ave., - Ann Arbor.

'le I to nicrsity of Penonsy lvania i Singoerelr.
loos secroecl 0000003'f0002 addoitionso tof. A. S'o'NoE.t
itso oNtocoonoof A rcheooloogy fromth le .--
W'orotld's Fair. :01a003'pieces woere Notice, Seniortt'Lass's.
obtlainedo fromno 102 exhiboit of (itate- A circular letter in regarod to
moala. 0)00e, aloaited vas02e'with 'To-Wit is being odistributted to thoe
folerogl rItlirol inscrriptiososis Obe mreombcr; of thteodifereno tiuiz sec-
only remonanttof thoe oritteot ririlica-( tions of tloe senior class. It is the
tiono ofanocieoontoatototala owhicho tas aiml of floe committeesfhaviong ftoc
mttaer in choarge to see every m0e00-
bees fotoso. 'lo colecioo oltb er. If any onoe fails to get suoch
itedf by othe Sutlfan of Jtotore boos'lirctular, a copfy otay be ],adl of floe
boen secusredl as oell as exhibits , commnittee-moano in youor section.
frot forea, Ceylotonon Japan. IT'Iis is ato imotranot otatter, as
Allthse er puchsedbypriat lfromtohfle ofata obtaineodte indlivi-
Allontrbeseoores. tclaef uIrae'oal records of thoe members of floe
coofiltooos.class will be complfoetedI. Of
Higth Tomes at Hillsdoae. - ------ "- -
I Itistlet's Waonted.
'Te studoenfs aftIHillsodale 'ollegej
recetly tare been faking sides on ITwgodatvsuensatd
a fculy suable hathasbee cI to "boom" floe circulation of Tloe
a fcoltyotttbloe hatha ben os DI7.l.Y. Good conmmissions alloowed
turbinog thoat iostitootiotn for some to right partien. Apply at once to
years. lProf. A. C. lildeotot has IBousiness Manager.{
incurred the ill owill ofth le resf of --
Oratorical Assoclation.
floe faculty by lis occuopancy of one
of tboe coollege buildings, erecteod by 'There will be an important meet-
fundls that he oecured after floe burn- log of floe executive board of the
lng of te old college. For floe pant Oratorical association this (Tuesday)
or treewees Pof.Ridouthasafternoon at 5 o'clock sharp, in
twvo been subjected to numerous in- GcnRotooto Ho'o'oo,

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