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January 12, 1894 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1894-01-12

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SI f.3af(T.'. D ii
Published Daily (unays excepted) duringI
the Collee year. by
Subscriptiont price $2.501 per year, invariably
in avane Sigricopiea Icenets. Subcrip-
Deont may be left at the ofice of the DtY,
at tffet's. with any of the ediora or
authorize) solicitor.
tommuiatiots should reach the office by
7 o'lockt P. . it tey are to appear the next
lay. Address all matter intended for public-
ttint tot the Miaaging Editor. All business
cmun icatiots shold be et o the Boi-
tent bMunage.
Ann Arbor, Xih.
C A. Otsils.Lose', Mataging Editor.
H. A. SAttot\6, Lit. ', Asistatt.
J.. 1.Lomte, Li. 'P, Asistant,
P. W~t,'ctii, Liv'li,As'i-'lot.
J A. Lvien, Lit. Wi, Athletic Edilo.
S. )4. CLetis, P. G. Lit., tusiest Mngr.
Wm. A. too, Li.'5, Assstant.
r,. I'. Soi ' . LAW.
Fl. B.Gaymor'94. IR. 1F.Mot.'t+t3I. '0
Artmts Mot'ley , '17. H. 1). li.i'htt*i.
L. R. Cttlttt'dt '5. 1. U. Jttkitt,'.
All -topy moost tt't teofctbefrett:i81)ia.
of te dy of ptblictio.
The Pdilltort do ot hltid tttmotevc ret pot
sabl f'rthe opinittsor statemtetsttororre-
pondets,appterigin te1.tt'.
Wk, deire to) col the attntion of
the lodies of the University to the
foct tht thre ix a vacancy on the
I)AttxY stoff which ix to be tilled by
a co-cd. onpetitionts i open nd
o seltion mtust be nmade t once.
Now that active tuens re beitg
token by the variouo debtitg so-
cietieo for the selection of speakers
for an inter-collegite deate, tie
qjuestion aunsexswiere such teate it
to be hlcd. 'l'ie committee icold
satisfy the curiosity of te students
by announcing the progress mde in
securing a debate with some sister
institution, It is high tie that ar-
rangements are being tmate if a
debate is to be held this year.
PiROs. Aisis has shown no little
enterprise iii arranging for a com-
ber of extra lectures by specialists
on various social ubjects to be sd-
livered while he is lecturing at Johns
Hopkins. In another column wiii
be seen the list of subjects in his
History of Industrial Society.
These lectures will prove of inter-
ct to a large numtber of students
and should be given in a large lec-
ture ronm so as to accommodate
those who desire to hear them.
fT.Hs evenitg occurs the first of a
series of receptions given by the S.
C. A., to the studeints of the differ- '

cut states. The S. C. A. is to be Thte proceedings of the Sopremte
commetlded for having utndertaken Cttnrt are much the same excepst jt-
this plots of "locality receptions"' that thse chief justice is either otie =- -
wiicis will be a source of muich of tse professors in (lie school, or aT
good. It is certainly to be regret- menmber of the Court osf Appeals, if .
ted that tn 0e pant, students resid-r there is e, o a judge fromthiue 1--
ing withtina fewv miles of etach other. Supreme Coturt itself.'
alter a four years' residence here, ---- -iseLEDN SCHOOL OF BUSINESS
have guile out of thse Utiversity Thse plan of uniting Coltunsia ash and SHORTHANtD. Statet bulbing nin
wals- xlar tttluc ot disciline;t-.stttter-
sitlitut loaving miet. the U_1niversity of New York has iorwork; wel isuitI eactroing etoitttlly-reetitts
E'-ry loyal son and daughter of bees giveti up. tiots-'otpuottl -d loiieiti-st-iii ylttt. itio
tngtadgtacquainted with sin- yI P. R. CLEARY, PoES.
dents front their owns state. The mmeso h .C .cmite OEO
have mxade amiple arrangentents fosr ~' LwtL&eio
thse reception and you will be wee-;t
come. Let every student frorn te -- OTHMCIA
World's Fair state attend thse recep- Hos1 dsAcdiii rll.tl RAILWAY. ,,tl.
tiolt anidsiake it a great suiccess and H S'r cd Phosphate 'ni-voi)W nlii le~~ tily o., 83
I tiltt. ii i
meIorseocain. ~t iosst eftective aid tsl~t'e- Stt estii. '7:15 it. a.
Ser onsontheEmnen De d.*l i 15 1>. I t. l115115.nii.
Settn o h mnetDa. able rsemsedy in existencetitfo rou i. vit vit sv it:t iti'ct'i
Rev. 3-.'T. Sunderland swili begsn.d 51Alta ti v10vlceptilii .v
pr'eveft iig snditgestion, 1a.d) re- ti4.o tOEN sci)i. At cii. Siot Avivr.
next Suinday usorsing at tse ltsi- W. H.IBPNNE T,5'(i. P. A 'edo
tarian chsurch a series of six sermons lieving those diseases aIili t \t1TT
on 1 Souse of the Eminent Dead froin L. lisoptiered stoi acli G- i D8PI1 J 12QUSK
of the Ptast gear: with Lessons from h>NEiGP1.13 lNtY.
their Lives." Tise subtjects in the Dr. W. W. Gardner, Springfuil, STRA VNN.JN 3
seressvil e:Moss., aau : It5valore iiit a Ottn cxcelleniii
t. 11 Ceneral Armstrong and I-amp- -----v f.tdgsiosi pe-t
tonInsstitute, or thse Educational aeidulated dinklith ieni fvopevryytdilutedl cit r ri'~1 1
Solutions of tse Negro Iroblem." waler, otandivrieilne." I7A.J,\i'.a
2. "tLucy Stone, and the New D)ayI

Comnsg to Women.''
"f;ounoc:thse great Musical Com-
poser,'' illustratedl by selections
froill Iis music.
4. Eli.'abeth 1'. Ptabody, and the
Mlodern Kindergarten Movensent
in Education."
,. "Professor Tyndall, and tse iRe-
lotion of Science to Religion."
6. "Edsviii Boothi the Actior, or Re-
ligion and the Theater."
Harvard Law Ctubs.
'rie Harvard Crimson gives the
folloswitig facts in regard to the laxe
clubs at tihe Harvard law schsool:
Ils'Tere are at piresenst seven clubs
n connection withs tse lav school.
Four of these consist of a Supreme
Court and a Superior ('ourt, each
numbering eight msen. Only sec-
ond or third year nien are eligible
to the Suprenie Court. These clubs
have in addition to thse lower courts
a Court of Appeals, mtade tip exclu-
sively of mienmbers of tse club who
return to thse school for a thiirtd
'T'he Superior Court osf each club
meets, as a rule, every week. Two
nmen are chsosen counsel for ecd
meeting and they argue a case be-
fore the other six men swho sit as
judges. T'he chief justice is ail'ays
a member of the Stipreme. Court
and he hands down the case which
is to be argueid.

ttiit'viitvi p-iti ,li llit tree iii t Itiiiiiv.;'iiiit,)Opera Farce-Comedy Company.
Rtumford Chemical Worhs, P4 ovidencs.R I. ---- -

For Sale by all Druggists,

VSUAB, i'liICI.!;.

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Half-Ton~e euts.
repmealuefinet ool
it ~ (gIlee c5 etches;
iege Jou (a(adf~o
.RcproduhtitssnPetjo k
'a~ E /' th other -Drawi)86,.
N\~j5' sietu res
ortraitJc oJ the F~CXeulty
- ... prented, ho bind i I@e e Boo'-R$- Jesrgt ;s
@ 1 6 rd3*A Meou crd ,Da corder ,5 ~ ne le .9 s
'-AC~ti~ ro~rwne s

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