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January 12, 1894 - Image 3

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U. of M. Daily, 1894-01-12

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51 So. MAIN SRS. 11101
Good 5Work Guaranteed.
and deliv-red. A. F. C,
22 Years In the Busi1
31. M. Seabolt. No. 4 NI
+$TAT $AVIIf2(
C'or. 011000and Washing
A. L. Nonto. ioeo. RoocoT
Finet ork in he cify.
out1wort, and1delivering.0.
ron St. Telepbone W3 1.
MOAY-8 pX . . vace
d1e a.nlidGentl
40 10 Y; . Ladies'd
SATURDAY10101. by 0111

ctor and1Manaer.O1 10t1st1Styles in Hats and Caps. Complete Line of 1Trunks, Suit Caslsand Trav101111,I
Good roled ~b Store.formely ocupied 1y the Twoo Sams. 9 S. MAIN STRLt 1 (ol y O' 51011 1
OVERT, Prop. oe ala trGllradyu-ilb
serv101110the usi~lartii-c11manner0.Sillings
R U. OIL M. CALENDAR. propriety of Christian living in eachlay l 1ilall at 011y 1101e by M:. Miogal, 0111
DR ,of these departmoents of bulsiness. also byesir. Gil).0on, ill timue fcr the110
1. surt dAeets.11.1.-.,A.reptlIllio0 The coorse will be as follows: menceooeot seaon.
F WITH THE I Fri., Jan1. 12,--Adelpi imary111l.Clotst1De Felb.4-Prof. Barbour, of the
Sa. BAI Ta 4,11 111. 0, u oestldbate111. State N ornal School. Vorganl & jib pon.
glos Streets. Sot., J. .3--Extra in S. 1,. A. s:ll rue. Mis Fb e7E-oeno rcwo _____________________
Suca1n1 1. Anthony. wl ' I
G TtTnj' 1 t 111, 211. t2--\Tn1Ihclieli land11111(Leaguewll speak o00 1aring]." CATARRH HAVE YOU GOT 1T?
.i~lUL, lolcSolll00.01 Oelili.Feb. iS.-Prof. Graham Taylor, It is srecure. Try it 0.4 t oined010101.
'rlllpl in (00111110 Thulrs., Jan. 1-Arl 111511111 by OMiss Grigg I you toll neeregret it. Sent Iby ml lto Oany
)fe10 iL ast fill- 111and10111. Truoodllo.s ppls, Friee M 1001- of Chicago, oni''1110 Ministry.~ address. Price. 0110 D1l1a0. JOllN P. 1011,
orial1111.MadI11Hapelsldeatery 125, 0111011St., Cicaogo, Illinlois. 001111f1110 01-
Fri., Jan.119. lSeventhl leture0 of S. L. _,0k 'l.ll e 1
0000001 AND GOLD 11cou rs'y1101. Frank11: N. 0011000lus. Ion
PEN MAKERS. Fri., Jan.iifi.- S. C. A. reception0to0stdenlltof March I8.--Judge Cheever, on BUSTIESS LOCALS.
the Mi1111111'West states,_____k
F ..l0.26--Choral 1I1'ion Series. C1n111 t "Citiocutsltip. 11 ifotoce 100001011 111 lhio 01111ltm tt h I t e l
tly21. d10 I'achl01111, 11111 ersily 11a11. Ap~ril I1,-Mr. 1:.1'. FMills, on of 2001:14 peline11. Special 1011.1 11f0ringer
AT11THE 1 .Sat . 2ri:7,-...1. Ialcept 1111l t stdents11 ' u in s . of1time. rild ex01111ie00fu1n111110 11 y t ll1yin1g ft
"Buines."tiell , 1 01.
0010s AI. Paifcie tstt(ll'.
CHIAG. - 1 5 Arl .-Professror MNecllen-, oa on l tI .A rIll II fr1oml litllily mi eg
Alpha-Nu Program,. ''i.i v',.2 .IliOois.A1110Iair
at')N. i~ti rit kAnoinellttiofer

ed Class for00La-
s do 1101110 clas.
hieing 0111 so.
po Iklaellt.


111e .\lpla-N 11 recently voted to

fav0' or b1r

'1 FAST1.11 its' Wo l r E.111111,1.
1). N. Expres10 ... a41B., N.(.C.Spll. 7 20
Atlantit' Expess.o yt171111 . Exp.... 074 )
F'at Eso'tlllsl11 945 N.S. Liited..10135
t,.5at. Fast Wstn Exp. 1,55
Mail and Ex .....410 114 . t & al. Sil... 16(08
NY b s.8) .50 'h . Express... 8710
N. S Limited.....10 1Pac'itc.Express... 10(1e3
O. W. Stuoa., ff.5W. IflvoS,
0. P. & T. Aol ,Clilellol At.. Ann A0bor.
Student Work a Specialty.
Besoot 11rmen 0114Lowest Pricin t1he110City.
CLASSES IN DANCING wil11 110t111
follows: Genltemenl, Saturday uooioga 10
and Thursday evenlings 8:00; Ladies, Satrdaly
afternoons 0. Ladies 0114 Gentlemen, od-
vanced c1asse0, Toesdar eveningos.,andtIur11-
tiny evenin oock010.Groundtol oll 6 Moo-
tnlldstreet. Tuitionl, 0110tern (twelve wel Is)$5.
Pupils received 0t any 11011.
1ll Pitet5'-F'1110in1at2 111 M 'S
Headqluarters for Siges.
25 S.- Fourth Ave., - Ann Arbor.

htoldth leir nmeetings Satulrday after- UNIVERSITY NOTES. fadressI.
1101oonlhea the evening is occupied Pro . Taylor will deliver thrcee TelephllI
bly abotre hy -wllact uoL ivery frt
a lrt~r. 100 1ct11:i 's 1111Socialisma. NO..10.
the r1110 too the Sorst time tomuorrow The Castalian board will sleet on For 11110
at~ 11111til uletig a 3 'clck.Saturday maorning at c1130 o'clock. o0,g ~
'he lprincripal part of thte programo lietigofticienorltear i0
A metin ofthesenor itearytied 1.11 Re
willbe he ontst dbat fo chos-class giee club was held last even- wor1k a It:
ing rep~resenltativcstohecmn;.
ineruivrst dbthe comsg'ing., !M aelt
.ller-tniersty obae. theCO~- 'Ithe greatest attractiotn eacho morn- J.T.111
plete prograna is as followvs: Paper, ;nintemnhalsteltst Tile' 0111
Mlr. lalliltoll; oaton 1M.Rock- igi hetti hi sth aet 8 itaoin
oraton, 110 Castalian or engineerinlg placard. 10110k5111001i
well; conitest debate, resolved,,''hat I f al0v p aslac street.
tile rcguelationt of the tariff ho left to 'Am)IIAl'
a nn prtian ommssin,"affrm next wveek for Bultte, Moint., too enter' 1105s' 0111
-1into partnership with a p~rominent d1yed. 3N11
aie13H.Ko and Edtound I"seo'lti
O~ll-lla~tIall isroecattornecy of thlat city. ~ 2
lilcl; cgair, . 1.iicknan Prorf. Hinsdale swil1 givc. at the cjtter fll0
Rich~ardi Lyma an0111E. C. L indlley.
Chourch of Christ, a course of lect- t'oo~k lios
- ---t "Pd it 1in tele
Prize Essays Coo Collegians, tires entitled " Jesus as a Teaclier,"''oialInv
iteginning Sutnday, Jan. 14~. r01)l 111120
'i'T'ree prizes, of 100o, $50 and Thla11w stutdents wiii be interest- For re'1
$2i, offered by tile Americano Peacel ed to learn that the juiry in the js. Gre-
Society, No3 Somuerset Street, I land nitrder case returned a :Aim1 Arbto
Boston, for tile best three essays on verdlict of guilty at 9:30 o'clock last 11a1e11 51
"lOconoic 'Waste 0in('14,''were,- night. llind niael
announlcedi at Colunmbia College, N. I Good 1111
-.CtJnur-.mpttoi'' INTER-COLLEGIATE. State. St-re4
open to Juniors and Seniors pursu- Cati Cok fth rvd
toga cure ladog o he egee fbaseball teaml, has resigned owing
11. A., in all Amlerican colleges a001 to the pressitre of other duties. Tor'
universities. The essay is to con- 'STe Unit of toswa college intendis edl snites,
slot of froii 2,000 ±o ))500 swordis, issuing an ''Alunmni nunmber" during ingion ott
a0(1 is to be presented before July' the latter part of 'February.
ii. 'The faculty of eachl college is Sixteen mn played in the COmi-
11) decide on the best essays sitb- petitive chess tournament at Prince-
nmitted at thtat college and that essay. ton, twventy-twso at 'Vale, and thirty- anlrrl
alone isto b owaddto te o-' 8t t1s51ll1
is beforwrded tite nine at Harvard.
ciety. - exec~ltorr1.
_. -". - ------Notice. tt~s lIe ill
Talks B Business Men. re S i
Strasshsrg Danelig Ac1I-try miest n 1.
bieginning with February 4, a new: eriMib.18 te by his,
course of Sunday morning addresses Fin rne-intieloatef
You~r Waitz Oxford receivedl. tave ~werk is M)
will be inaugurated at the S. L.. A. taught it to my advaneed alld inter- 'we wish toI
services. 'hese addresses will be Imediate class since youa sont me the 'Intelligent
give byreprsenatie me intheMS. and am glad to inform you it was give exc111
give byreprsenatie me inthean instant suceess. There is n0ow'a. Ielff'eelti
various businesses, for the pupoeregular Idemand for thse dance. .' Add re
of shvvi oussoincerely,
ofstsig the relation, need, and IT. A. Strasburg. 1 0.0.1

01:11111 rg Osamel'to Iabove ad-
rlirst-lass service. t Plone
s111111,toothe brushes aid i(1-
Stie 11. & M. Drtugstore.
in ll d epatments 1110 enti-
Ililor rates otn photographic
Ilolsheslt bo~ttom iprices. 'The
hos C".
allolsi 'lieo lgetlfotuntaini
and1 is all Setlerie'o .X1) State
r'rr Stea D iye 'Woriks, 1a-
5 ljst' llltlilt cleanted orI
Il 3 NestIflIlron street. IDye-
ihg anah l ein isliilg. .
"el liel, tire renownedi li11111
)11 D~eti'oit, lre5is lsed tire
10 barber 011111 1n1111flulilil-
g~rllt sha~pe. Ber extendls a
iritI lotte tickets to Oiiio,
and11 Olrd V11. tpoints apply 110
l'illoodrl't'ieket Agt., Tld
)r & Nrrthi Mich. ,
an 11ee1 to Itacieosod'ioBil-
3°11. Nesw etes 1111(1exery-
State street.
tllrrl$2lpersweek. No. S N.
yei. Investigalte'.
X --Nicely furnishedi, heat-
oIf rooms, ;.; East NWash-
reel. ('all andi see thenm.
James G. Bline.
Oiy of Atnerical's greatest
itby Gail Halton liiterary
.Milliotnsrof Amleriean citi-
isialilly iiiterested in tilec.1
ne e~ilrl'ittstatesmnildiplo-
Il olrator, 11111 wiiilire glad to
irhis b~iog~raphry io to be writ-
chosin titeralry executor a111
owv readly flr delivery, 11n11
I negoltiateP w~ih10 reliable,
t,)business Iill, wvho xviii
isi1e timle to the lousiness of
lg iii ill Michigan.
ess. 11111 & Sherman,
324IDetarborna St.,
Chlicago, Ill.

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