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December 20, 1893 - Image 3

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U. of M. Daily, 1893-12-20

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SE.W H. CLEMEiNTI. Wed., lDvu."20.-(,ieduausiou exercises ofTrain-~
51'IAZ 18'rAS S. )uretor audia euga Jlr. iii; Schooilior Nurses. Chapel, 8:30 p. m. tstensdissg pupils are invited to come
Fri Ee.. Dec 22-Christmasvaction beins. to the class tonight snd get the rules
EXCELSIOR LAUNDRY Tur..,0D'. 28.-s. C. .A. receptioni toi, esc and figures of the "German.' This is it, bysthat on arid after De-
20bosEAST HlitON STREET. enising in the city. tels etn fteavne ls Go okGaate.Goscle o ntil utter vacatioln, olen a Saturday csoIber B2th,'Photos of tihe
anudlWrt0.sAva. OVus Elled Propevening class ewill he organsized, acid -
en eiee. A .CVRPo.Tennis Notice. the othuer classes will meet as usual.
z2 Years in She I u66$.~' l wondeis of the World's Fail
Through the influcncc of the __ __V-
__will 1.10 (n0 exhibition at
CT LA N R , "Hoard of Control of Athletics"' Hldy oias
M. M. Seabolt, No. 4 N. Fourth Ave. the use of the gymnasiunm for tennis HoiasHldy.
KEPYU ICIN IHTE has heen obtainecd. All those who IPerfsumes is endless variety, Pocket" " Gil)sollc Mol'gan's gallery.
''ST TE 1 Vf2G$B~fK''are nmenihers of the Athletic associa- Books and Card Cases. a fide assort-
tiTATandAVIoGdeoire winter practice wsent at loss'pricerssit Brosvn's rug Call ansi see them.
('so. 9Main asdlWWshington Srees. vl Store.
A.5. Noose ,Puess orise Ptisr~hs,ci'ssh'r. in tennis, wllplease hand their_______________________
namesis atonce.You canu save money hy huyinsg your
STAR STEAM LAUNDRY Bi. S.Sisir, Tennis 'lgr. Htoliday Goods at Browns Drug Store. D IA M ONDS!
SToilet sets, manicure sets, aiidsll the As lii prics nstrmonedtoode.
Finse'5st= placeusnsthe iy.Isusi uii, esissu40 \Vaslste'55w avc. sepasrate isnstriiuents. llouy (lt-ofrmsNw' orkia oreradse
ont wok1 n Teliteusss .Ofic. 1 Est Ht-i ' - C. D CASSIDY. "Dent '04."
Soecial Train. ('ill or seiidicld ',siMaynarsiuud St
Poua . ustlussi'ssy, D ec'. 21st, it 1.3t)1 lij B sNBS OAS
,Il igh l a 115sis ectiesslsir lly, isise "stsandasrd trinse, thse '1'., .t.N. .___
CnHICAGO. everiseesi sccorsded a:lhesarty nrseltiols Rsilay esill stsart 5a special trsain tsr Jl's' 1ETc'. 'T'ssO suites; isirge,liesit-
the_________ l - - y the genseral soily of pilay'goll's, s11sl .'thi isssallo hsleo, tss sceosunoslite sll isi I}y utetl; hlisi ldl d ((1(waster. Fv
thei'visit sit th1egcrgeose'lisck ('rook'' stsisessusho wsisisto maskle evessissg iioisles' evilkis rusissiilsipiss. sd iislO
AS "f T HE to Asi1i Ar'biiss' is. ses illevery xAsiy tril's east, West sssiilsosuths. iWe re- y it st:eil,- ,a, $eri ~ - 'si
ANlELPN o hei'the red iletter vesrt ofi'thse thesat- 1 iii'ci ll hissso s's1 is'e livisets ill sssls lilis's't"0e.00 . )t Isisissivilcii. (is%5_66
MA .- esn 'on orn , il helcil rev'isivailgsiof i' th is i o s' i i vss i vi I ~ t.e deiie.1.lie-i's 'ii)
BUILDIG 1433.'li l ii ii ii i'isc litii'l'1.8 +1 I> lii5) . ...1, 'i i es .Lawsrence
~'C Oad~ESP-- ilvoise ,isheiPlcdbfrth l_-tet.lds seiesi Isforis' igeneral ieli- N otice. J. .E. A Pelt ier,,'. I th eios'i'siih Is-is
DAN IN an .DLS RT E dIsis sstiis'one of tsi l reatesus sig)eclsctttevri ronet[De5t11 it.2,hiss leasesd the
tacOlies iii I esl ill lihe sture, 151111sc he I ~ils wasisut si lurge, weehi hisisilesh, ('oiok I losses ts~siih p nd> urls Iisl-
M S. ANNIE WARD FOSTR111Ywl egvl ihaltermake1i neeatsae eetnsa
~ 55 vesi u ithi sill he sissisu i su ,;i11 e tedsh isite sitf5r1oom ssr vii u i hl iue i'etsss
46 . lteyres alslndrai c useens wihesi £rsis l ivita~tioinifosicrill ho visit Iis
?fN W- s . Si ste ntrpeliiiil' issi(isIil'tsii'w £ 1ii'iIsqisisre sat 4f1>osths
IONIsSW' 1p . il. luiss' ii 1s s-o livss. liii sit run5115 tiitiii'Acsiseiiiy sit , --- _15(I' ------ Fssredu' edls'v i t'elv tickets tio -Ohio,
TUI) lX' 1. i. C 515ims &IieilNewss'Ysis. liiiheliroduction iscy he asi- BExcsrson to Clue Atlantic Coast. %Vest 'Va. sisl Old \-. in.tuiss apply to
clss ticlihili h isill-lily 555 erisisi its hoss.c _1'_l. 5. Greuienood, Tieket Agt.,. 'Toledho
Si,5'l'lll)051' its. s. Gloi 'uis I los= eesill b hsreehs'u-grsndisalhssslii. oieAnni As'or &Norths Mics.
class. Totll' part~seel 1111 pir ie sis cthat sire thiinsg olitipg s[s hsgi
luu. liliv'155Seain g Premsieres fr'm's hess his ossti' slti hat ( ssllsnil-is,Ohsios, Chas tosst ''W (" I. citn F re h resilss atth1)1 .111( ru1gl( St'orel.ls
Prvt lsss; ~yapp esy l a1al isehn(-len's'ieiy')sut(1 11111Petesshuri.Itic'himissidPr'ovuidenlce ''le .. .J'. iosiC(i. haveudreceivesd a
aimportansts tasrtisuhudre-ssofI'sisi orse, Willisoisbiiug,-N ewuportNetinelieuosievlir Iue very istest.
l~ cing isdsiit lights ittsiisisii 011P1isut ICosmfiorit, Norflkf, a, HaveI yisv ihots takens sIsat lIanll'h
th[le gosrgeoscterr'csii cees- '11-l e s"eV N ishirlitIolI 1). ('1',his'r-stes forsu- ssxilx sefore lie rishs sofI'lsuistnlass.
els ini tislesiry Queel's GIttoill tip andislise 5wasy tickets, leaset-
CC uh ic isisge sssnumhser' oi' fsir lr-I Il ly toiGe(.(J.5Clarkssilisc. sandsGesnesal
sit'sSi [i (xiushi Issit xes iti st eust LOlio esntrsil IR. ..- Roomissi Studenuts' Christmas Hates.
stilyx a1)lli keIli tiart12,IXiillllr£° hsOl I et lii" s'ssn's'. ofisit lililliit vani
W I I- 1 sit a sll sce ' ofOsivst:st si1issg t,nilielis 1siisisolfil,'Istsh.e ss1Is t''.o Nl.iinssssis silisnsti Ou lst
! h r n lir litf lthe ci itet' 515 ... i si I st 5. isi ici-li Nissisl
zsnsillrayevs1f'oulhiesisto t 5sills-gix- Notice to University Stiudlens, iiiis31.5111i ~lls hs 1.,.
t seng is.l s'tc~lsst ssi ic ~rir - W5.. N 51 . il l sto1 ell liy iti'cet;
-1 s ateig ted ill il t s. Ic t'hir-I ,'. ii r s istu i i ti e ,l' -11 ls.1-lss tv (dih st ''sSti X
is" sit sis-'tisi he is'liilld1E, ~,al' si£i151U15 sssise1 hcS'ilssy x sis s~liaitiiil er l y - Ill 'isloe sinsilone--
I tiiicates issued b SecretaryIWad ii 'illSrthe iii d trill. 'Ticksets
____________________________________ bet'____ ofi si s uhig l;; iiitrl'l litailIrtiits.5 tis ( islllisiC uill sell rund ripsl e5(1 - scli lxibeissuedi e cli. 21, 22 sisish 2t), sasd
('Y-EC T~p'Ix-, Silelells iistie ~l sl rpr seliIis'v talidlit I cu s[i ictets It t ili fli o1w i 111 lw- Iim111sh si 's-I re is'il iis i isssiusu ' .
Is xiii I iC ; font lls 151, Ilithis peu'sos of Ixx i lldtt-: ,i i - .ccsi o 111osd to li'ct t siffice oisushy sail aloisd
h aissiNlivete ohsussu asbli, :cn liusas ani-eNv'ear's houliday livhetchance'sso t, etigonse. t
D N.E pes..54)1,N.Y &.S C Iii _0 everyuwhere--cresteid thle mststarsstling Iteltusris limiit: tUntil IJanuasry )([is, --___-_--______
us st cVp. a) .S imited.i to 3.5 sensations. 'Ti lieBroithers tixisid ritisui 114,isicluicisv.
N. S. Liusilted. ii ii33u->us. the ('isesC('isiuselhi. St. Petershusrg ills1 'eritolry: To'lsul 1poiint'slocal IlnSlinle
G. R.II Ep--- 1.?F s stsi Ep. 155 other clever Iperiormeswsill tsaked pat lit Michigsani (entrsal ly. '1o sll lontsI '
0. W.EeUGTEs, 55.CC' HAxs Crooks" stsind outIpromnluently as shetrip tickets. Q EO SA LE
0. P. & T. At,ciica'o.AC,-rtAnun Arbor.rgreatest spectacular flay sat presenit ia Toleudo; To poinlts sil the L. S.
bfrthpulcWilapaatte&MS.esofadicuigCyeTHE ANN ARBOR ARGUS GrandulOllera IHoulse, Wednsesdasy, )11. ansd Sandussky. Ons (. 11. V. & T. Fos.2O 0\0
PRINTING and . _'0torisansid Sosuths. Ohio Central Fos- I
sc-ui, and Findlavr anducSouthi. Pennu.

Student Work a Specialty.
Set Wurkmens and Luwest Priceus in the City.
follows: 0Gentemeu Sturday mornin-s is
and Thiursduay ev'enins 8 :00; Ladies. Saturday
afternosos4. Ladies oand Gentlemen, ad-
vanced clas,. Tuesdas evenings 5. Grounsd
Asr Gc Maynrustreset,.T uiioni.oeeterm
twelve wekt)l$5. Psupisreceeuved at soy
Tss Pietiure-Fing at uielST'AM-mR.. s-m
Heeauiister. ssuorSi-s.
25 S. Fourth Ave., - Ann Arbor.

Sue IlS'BROTiHERS' 11 \STIS i.
Yesteruday's Kingstonu News (Octou-
lust 4ths has thse followeisug flatterinug
nsotice : It wsi a lsarge anid msichi
plesased auidience which attended thue
performance of Gusy Brothers' sinis-
strels at Martin's operahiiousse last
evening. The performnsce was good
-funnisy, intensely funsny ini parts-sand
o1e goed feature of it wais thast this
jokes hdhdusot hisive ans aged odor, most
(f thu-m beisig fresh asid origissal. In
thse spectaculaur part of the show the
performance (If McDonald the flexible
statue,' and Everest thse club swinger,
Cre especially meritoriosus. Thse
tRobin IHood' sceese and several of this
specialties introdusced in it were quite
pleasing, as wvas salso this stick drill by
this Guy brothers. This costumses see
Will appear at thse Grasid Opera
Hlousse on~ Satuurdasv, December 23.

lisies West lof 1ittsbuurg; Burgoons, I.,
antI Est. IX.,A' L. L. Clyde, 0., asnd
East. C'. 11. & D., D~eshsler & Fisidlay
ande Sotuths.
'To St.hLotuss, ato., Cia Chicagol..
Cestral, ('hicago .G Altosn or Wabash.
'These tickets will be good oss all
trainss except "Norths Shore Limited."
W~e intesnd to offer rates as low as our
competitors andl oust accommodatioss
swill hbe tiltsusperiour. I.N.hs-s
HoiaRates via T.. A. A.& N. M.
For Christmas and -New Year Iholi-
Idsays the T., A. A. &' N. M. Railway
will sell excursion tickets on Decem-
ber 23, 25 assd 31, and Jasnary 1. at
one asid one-third tare fsr this round
trip. Tickets will be good goinsg oil
date ot sale assu fosr return unstil Janvi-
ary 2, inclusive.

17 S. MAIN.

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