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December 19, 1893 - Image 3

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U. of M. Daily, 1893-12-19

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ORANZE 160 NCRPRAED18e U. OF M. CALENDAR. tine spectacular part of tine show then
THE CHEQUAMEGON ORCHESTRA. performance of McDonald tihe flexible
LEW H. CLEENT. Tiles., Dec. 19.-Second Cloros Iuniont Concert, statue,' and Everest the cilub swinger,
51 So. MaRs ST'. IDirector asnot Manager. "'the Messiath." Were especially mneritoriouns. Tine
'loon, De. 19.-Pantti, Andiore ittin, Dto'it. 'Robin hood' scenne annd several of tine
EXCELSIOR LAUNDRY Wedt., Dt'c.20.-ioodotinoo exercises. ofrain.- specialties introduced inn it were niuite
20 EAST HIURON STREET. ing Schonol fotrENroot. Chapenl, 8 p.n1,m. pleasinng, an was alontinentick dirill by
Gond Work Guaranteed. Goods ratted cor Fti. Etc.. Diec. 22-Chroistmas v'ano'tinnntegins,. tine Ga-y brothners. Tine costumnes were
and deliveredt. A. F. COVERT, Pro. ---handsome."O, __
x2 Years in the Bsieo~ Notice. Will appnear at tine Grannd Opera
CT LA N R , All pcrsons wino have bccn taking Mouse ott Satunrday, Decennber 2:3.
M. M. Seabolt, No. 4 N. Fourth Ave. asobscriptions for the U. (otr M. Holidays' Holidays!1
DAILY', will plcase rcport at the
KEEP YOUR ACCOUNT WITHd 'n'E DAILY office this evening between Perfonnes inn endess vanriety, Pocket,
+$"TATE $AVlPG$ BAI2K . the hounrn of 7 and S. Books anid Card Cases. tofinn s ort-!
l.nr ai ndw'hogn Srrt.S. xW. CETtSS, meint at low prices at llrtw ns IDrung
A. tL. Noono, is ot. ttTn'PH11nr,II 'ooIsh'r. Boniness Manager. Soe
ST R I" - Special Train.
ST R SErILAUNDRY TennisNotice.
Fntn nr' otn ttlnonnnn.rtng lho'i r tine inluennce of the Thutrsdaoy, e. 21st, att3:10 p. tnt.,
otnle nphdon n btt53 in'. H-1 onstanidarnd titmn, the ''., A.A.&-, N. i
ntn t.1c po~t'to"''oiardi of Control of Athltics' Railway will start 0 special traini for
CRON PN C. FUNAINANDGOL -the use of thic gyinasiunm for tennis IMilani and Toledo, to acconinnotate all
bas been obtainned. All those woo stoudetsawhio wish to naoke evenninig
CHCG.are utenmbernsof tine Athletic associa-t~n ntws tdtntl.W o
tionand ho esir winer actie qesit.a-llto pnocuire tickets itt odvoani
linan -t-eir titrpratieso t trt willtiot beodelayed.
in tenttis, still please itandi teir hi. S. Ctnnr at i}otn.
AN EL ES -L. , . So's ii~so o 1.Tnttis Nige. Notice.1
MANUFATURERS.o Poasittertasoavett
nan. .~~ iDo sootantb to large, aset'lifornilaited1,
C ii.k N ii Oi'ERA\110USi. litghteod oIdiheanteu iltoite of toomsnafor
DANCING and DELSARTE I oit( t - it'tt' .oO a 01ekn Inqu.itreotte :4-1Sot
MRT N I AD FS evosotbletineootleol oa hearty r'eention Etc-to'-soon to th'eonAtlantic Coast.
46 %S.Me Street. by the (geeoo' otitdy Oo la~ioy goers, aintl--
MONDAX-r pas .Alvncd ti"fot Latae v isi fto'e ggeouos "Blaock ('rotok" t ottt oetttk o lt
OtONt) V,5',to.Ilo. Llo'otoon I i-.: On' to'.. to A tint Arbot rioniisns ittes-cry as-oy sootutto I ooionl-oos, Ohtio, C('lotestnt
'rf'Eot~S~a ).In.00. GItleltoo to. toot o he tea lei'ter event ifline tltn'tt- IV. \n,(iito ogbioonievl
cls.riconl iesi. 'lite nnoogniicnt nmanner h'ete1sttrg, ichmoottl. Proviodence
SAT'UttnD 510 t.Ino. ieutio-me-ns ot.-nr~iioinnoinielt tito'eravsoil ootthis popuitbrlanrg;e. XWiiiioattloitn-g. Newp-iort -Neats,
200p. n. ('ittd ron'. o~cinnioo otorso. tnoieto ontlItoelleon'te Oldi ioint 'oonnfoott, Noroltk,'toa..
a nIII. Lnoies' tooting '-Olas;.. pnbli', lotasec'ored ollonit gennen-tol ell- Nasiiotooo 1.8,liow atones foot roondnt
Privateso ~nnn ytoy toe enot ot. orsemont ao otil he gretest altec- bripn tnlti oten' aa onytickets. letasenit-
tnles itlaciedupnnintnssttage, tnandl t lytob '.itilrk, tPtssatntolGenoertal
_________________-ploy awill tbe'givn w n itthtoil te renmtrk-AgentbOllim Cenitrali . I. loom1011
an . - onbe ospletndoir ad o mp einlitn'ess ttwlic'it)1ioL etIllig.i-orntootof Sotooib oiioin
e°n.oto mrkoeid the loletioittetalt weivea i'o ostreets,'Toledho.
tnotntttirsnnatt te Acoade'mty ofi lti ~ .~
N ens-York te orootuocti onny be ono
0 o ti ciptboeint-ito-awoosen'liooo ntgthotss. Students' Christmnas Rates.
© 'Tl'h an ill be itil'i'o'gn'ooi l otnlets,.o0001
1Iot an oiti ldrioen exolosinoly btaieo'ptit, ittlo j ttitot~ttt ol !oitt
leaoiiog lprenmiores ftromthe ii'oti-tot tht_. oilM. ttiolYptsiltonti\to)o'tt.
t inltitoal otitoa. MNNa too ite loborteb ithololini plop0010 t' Iottio'oti's, th'e '1'
- oooot' to i iou o'ele~ti'i'oiy till!poy A.N. N. ot. l'.onill tielilittlidatic okito
p o o i ot lonb o , iooonoo s ii i tooal o ll t s it ) M001 h~igoto, toal, to atll
- clinna intt'tnoooes"io't l ilts illotooinatt ino itoPoitns witn Iti'(entral TIt'Ac s
-- _____ _- te gotrgetots tnte o-i-e scne. T'elo e5 -." -ltot-t l t Ieno-ottoo .a'. tt iletti'dO -
els____________________________ int the lFooi p iini'i'oss(0 oo iltid toortoorthtiondtol ip~. 'liokts
~ atotihnaittrge numberio-'of ittir i-go atoll bto nanote I mc. T21,22 andoti2:,ad
l,"J'HINT1 T tuattIn ilditt tiem'nost toeatotl t l it ltot rettutti tttlil .lanuttity' 'd
I toG N --- ll otlhy oiappare'l tkloroti, anill pr- I 'otie to bic-lot olie'eartly'a tio tootio
Ttooo']atoo totettetiSoo:lt Nov.t - ttnl, ttt. sinityelp ttscet' oif'OrientI alo nlicettni ii'ol-toet to i-btgot
nAT-o . WoEST. ithe grndno nmarchtof theo' stately Anta !7f,1. I(n:l1,ocIioo t.g
A. '. o an. zons tint-tyedolfromni leatnooofooot in n glib t -
0. N. Expnoons .511 it3It, N. &C5.'Soil.r7200 terinog oattoor,ecip~sinng tinytloinig previ Notice to Univernnty Stdents,
last East'u xpt.. s000;Not .tnntitoo..to nanouly attemiptet iin atristic tnaaudnonhar-_
N. S. Linrt d..t.t 10 n- . an. intotnious tnaigsmnonieuvres.'rTe etat 'niotn'estodetnt stotoentof ttheine tt
tG. I. at. p----- 051 oast aorta Rat. no15 noiiwinolondotinename,,oofnot toloingo' nns-
'anm. G.R. &Kai, Spt.. 60 Z':(55o iciarn ninlvdilc
Mail anndiEn--....04 19 toO. N. Exsso. .. sa50 bner of leaodinng metnropolitinartits, 'tt titigtnn, (Ottue( nityiSecteiary W n'-
N. V. & R1ot,. Soot ;oIn Pncific Express...t101'tsnupplete'sedii by repnresenntativ-e taletnt thnis counpoany still sell rondo trip ex-
0. W. RIEcnotnt Hi. W. HAyictn, frotiEuroii.nn tine persnotnsof Mules. cnrsiotn tickets gtatilat of la o'i-,oand, ot-
0. P. &T'. Ant., Chicano. Agt., Attn Arbor.s inonvebte, Cooin'lieob, Loakilnte, Gan-tt hobo1 ito(otal Ilir-cltt dfii'. Accnounnt of
jan, andthe tnsfamousnarotette of Citristona audtnilewNest 'ts htolindoy
THE ANN ARBOR ARGUS f'teinchnQtuandrille Danncers, whnose te-vocationt.
P I T N an arkoble togile iperformarnce hoos latbe oi stole: lDecemnber 21st,2nid,
PRIN ING nd.~ - everywihere created bus most startlintg 23.rod.
y- PUB ISH ING seinstotioni. Tine lnotiners ttixfnnro, frotmn Retuntlinnit:Utiiloonnty i9thn,
Utins (ircusa CisitnelliSt. Pitersbutrgtanndl194,itnclunsive.
T3 U _other closer periormernstwill takeospitt Territnory: Tinatoilinitts local ott line
Student Work a Specialty. in tinetvrodiuctiont. No expense has of Michnigani Central hty. 'Jo all points
est wnrkmen. and Lowest Prices tn the City.inseen sptnredit ito olake"liiThe lack , itinthbin State of Micinigan on coin-
______________________ rook" Stando out prominently as line nnsctinng linses over wthichine ave oossndii
GRANGER'S. _-.-". greatest spectacular ilay tnit preseint trip tickets.
GRAN ERSbefore tine pnublic. Will appetar at tine Vito Toledno' To poinnts oil the L. S.
Grand Opnera Hlous., Wednsany, D~e. & MA. S. east onf aid includinng Ciyde
CLASSES IN DANCING wtiltlmret as 0211Ondtninn. Oti I'. it. V. & T. Fos-
_in n____ t. oen.,_ .) ,.. t or,.inay mn.....,« n 1annan us y

it, boys, that on and afteir Ie-
einbti 20th, ploos of tite
wonders of the World's h(ar
will be on exhibition at
Gibson & Morgan's galler'y.
Call and see then'.
Ana p1riocce, nonset, o motooteot.too r.
ttiiytdireotfrotitnNt Yrt imotrctton ti-t
noU peceont.
C. D. CASSIDY, "Dent '4."
Voucn -itsat'stnmney t' votytg yout
I ioliuny (loodsi n t osNiis Drug Sot-.
'Toilet sets, toooidetre sets, anttotll tie
Fout N~ts.'lot t'o snitos lorgo, heot-
ooid bysit-ott; it tticold ittt'. Five
tuititts wa li fromotot ot- ~tatndolot
line of stoiletts. T'li -to t1.0andto
"'10.00. a lockaordt .1. i-
lieasnoot rotoonns to rentb. 2itat enon'
stre'o'. Mo.1A. J.h.Cocket. ii-1-67
J. 1. hPetier it'e rnotoonue bait
nottec fromnnDeltroit hoos ileaseod tt'
cook iouse bartber slio nt urntttishl-
id it in niegoitt tsihpe. tendts on
codiltinittion oo totfo l too visi Iis
ne laclne. t
lgort reduced tI ne ticetoes to Olhio.
Wet't. tandth ulVa. toints oppy too
T,.. S.(ireno d,0001 Tickeot Agt- 'Toledo
Amot Arbor &- Northo Mich.
Sot,t to( t'oo' 'utuin tie (igar onb07tt
tt theo' B. of- 1.1Drog IStoe.
'lion' 1 i'J.acoobst I o. lotoot t'eeo' a .lo
fin lino-:' t'one o ootuo i theov r aioaltesi.
IHlooe yourototls tonlot tt Itotobtall's
HolicaavRots sootT.. A. A. &N. M.
o Oltntnttas tottiNe%% Yt'tt it ol-
d.y thelio '. . A &N.2. latiloott
atll nell exc-utrsiontIicket n ot Dieooo
he :,2 toll , ondol.h inotoo 1- oL
oo'e tootdton'-tirod lotre' lothtbto'tit
't0010 'il-it~s maill he gotidtgoitgott
ohate oils e aol to r''n'tutntunuttil Jhanto
17 S. MIN.

andTbhrsday evenninngs 8:00;Ladies, Saturay
afteroonst 4. tadies and Gentltemen, ad-
vanced class, Tuesdav evenings . Grounnd
f/tiar. 0G Manard street. Tuitiono. one term
ttwete weetkn) $5. Puilstorececived at any
inn Piturefronning a nO FZER
Headquoartert foo Signs.
25 S. Fourth Ave., - Ann Arbor.

itb'UN t''it'BR TYR' 5ttNO'stF-,.
Yesterniay's Ringstonn Non's (Octo-
ber 4ti)l ias tine foliowing flttering
notice: '"tt was a iarge aind mucin
pleaed aundience wthicho attended tine
performance of Guy Brothers' mitn-
strels at Martin's operanouoise iast
eveninig. The performance 'was good
-fotnny, intensoely funiny in parts-and
one good feature of it was tmat the
jokes dind not ae au aged odor, moat
of tinem hoing freshindna origlintol. In

torisaind Southl. Omo Ceintrai Fos-
tornia oi ntlFintdlay andnolSoutih. Penn.
lines Weost of hittsburg; Burgoon, 0.,
and East. Wv. & L. 1E.. Clyde, 0., and
Eoost. C. 11. & D)., Dhesiler & Finndlay
aind Souotht.
'To St. Louis, MIo., vint Ciiago: Ill.
Central, Cihicaogo & Altoin or Wabasih.
'tines tickets will be good on all
trains except "Nortih Shore LimitedI."
We intend to offer rates as how staotir
competitors and our accommaodoat ions
still be ftar sutpetiort.
It. xv. I3 i s,-



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