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October 06, 1893 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1893-10-06

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s-' ti'tid

VoL. IV.-Noi. 6.
"The Decline of Agriculture and
Some of its Causes5" Will be
His Theme.
lHon. Jerry Simpson is happy.
He has received and accepted an
invitation to speak before elhe stu-
dents of Michigan University, 00
Novemsber 4. The price hse is to
receive is i,$ sv hich sill pay his
expenses to Kansas soil hack. list
invitations comes fronm Mr. Weie-
mneyer, hot by some mistake it r.
Simpson got it isnto his head that
President Angell svas the one that
invited himi, and has so told several
Michigan nsembers, svho sere a
trifle indignant until they learned
the facts. Mi'r. Simpson said today
to a nesvspaper correspondent: "The
president of the society at Ansi Ar-
bor hsas been for sooseClose tryinik
to get use to visit tse University
City, andI give thsens a talk. Aisd
we have finaliy fixed upon a date. I
leave in a fewv lay s for msy homse ini
Kansass seaking at Toledo andI
probably 1Pittsburgv ons ihe say, ail
thseinasstosoplii t Ain sArbior osn
illy returnispeii g ltce 00 nro-
venihes t.I isasve namisedlfor omy
subject I 'eDecline ofLiuvltuhre
ansdiSom fth ,asiss.'Thiss
wsill give sic a sile rainge aissia
good chanis to saa 'lmost anything
I lplease, butsh l lldevote msyself
largely to finaincial andsiff: idulias-
tiosr." - Wiasingtons Cor respond-
A Dilstinguishsed Student.
Ansong those wvho regisstered ic
tise law departmsent this yecar the
Danie isnotives the nanie of M'.iI
Wv. Walsts. Mir. XWalshs iss alator
isey bioths of H-onoilisuisd of Cali
fornia. Iifi spractice,:is confined
isoswever to Hoisolulu. tOne of the
Dxui ix represeistatives calleiltis
miorniing anid had a pleasaist chat
wvith Mir. Walsh abouit sonic of the
Iu. of Mi. almnio. Mr. Walsh is
here in this country as a special
commissioner to the World's Fair
and has come on to Ann Arbor to
take some special lines of work in
the law department. When asked
why he came to Ann Arbor in pre-
ference to other American univer-
sities, be gave as his reason the wide
reputation which this college main-
tains for its excellent instruction.
Then he acknowledged farther that


lie wvas sonmewhat influenced by M~r.
Richardson, who graduated from
the literary department here 1n '90.
The DAILYv ventures the reflection
that perisaps loyal alusni are of
mnore value than men wviths money
only. (If the prominent and inlii-
ential men in the Sandwvichs Islands,
lilt. Waists says that coliege gra du-
ates ace sy- far the more sumserouss,
inscludiisgmasy of Nliciians's
alumni,.lie spsoke especially of
lir. J. licGoon, '19 lasv, as a very'
successful lasvyer there. Tse DiiiN
representative found hr. Waiss a
very- ssterestisg andiveltliinfornieid
Our Team in Tomorrow's Came.
The fishlnsakeup of the U'. of li.
teanm in tonsorrow's ganse is not yet
definitely knosvn, but the eleven
that xiii iine uhp sill be chosen
fronsansong the follosving candi-
elates: Dygert, Groas,'Freund, C.
'1. GriffiaWI. XV. Griffin, Itenninger,
Morrison, Ihurbacls, Alduinch,
May-es, Parker, Fourberi, Beard,
Greenleaf ansd Neal. Football
practice oii the campusss is bnissg
gvadvually-sysensatized. Tlhe featuries
Iof yesterda~y's svock cseveetse exteiut
toich svl rosts was nmissvid and ithe
nisneral goiiilswirk of (,reensleaf,
suo itsdliisonic s-ry'ties-er playinsg.
Btefioreteenseisnhed isp, Traiiner
Mlstoin gave them a less-smiiiutes'
piractice in startinig off liceniark and
spriitiiing dowen fifteeis or tenity'
Music and Its Charoms.
The first flsity' conscert last evc-
iscg was a grand success, It is un-
nsecessary to say that lir. Scismasi
ptayedi at iis best ansd that lir.
Milts sansg iii iis pleasissg, gracefisi
icannser. lir. 7Zeitz shiowvedtby hiss
touchs thit lie is abie to iiiterpret the
spirit of lice old nmasters.
liiss Jennette li. Loudon's reic-
dition of Sherzo B flat mnor, Opc.
3r of Chopin, slhoswed a very nias-
terly and delicate toucs.
MX'iss Alice Iiaiiy's singing wvas
weii received, the favorite being
"lHe Loves M~e," by Chadwick.
'rhe concert closed with Polacea
brilliant F, minor, from Von Weber,
by Mr. Schmaal.
The attendance at these concerts
will attest the growing desire for the
best music and much praise is due
Prof. Stanley for his untiring efforls
in this direction.

Improved in Appearance, Reduced i
in Price and Transformed into
an Ideal Monthiy.
Tice advance shceets of lieu In-
laisder are at icand and give promise
of one of the best nunchers ever
issued. 'The Inlander, devoted ex-
ciiusively eo literary' matter, swas
founded by- the class of 1191, asci
wiii be a iastiingimonusenit t o tie
foresight of its founders.
In external apspearancce aind me-
cisaisical execuetioin tiis year's In-
lander is a great impclrovenment over
formier years.
'The cover hag:: printed us blue
on msaize coloreuipaiser, sthossthe
niain building surrouended with a
sreath of low-ers arranged us a
tasty- msannier.
'The editors uised goodi judgmsene
in else selectioin of msatter for te
first nuncher. Aiong the meore
lengthsy-articles svorthcy'of maeition
a re: ''A hews Conimsents on thse
Foreigns Element is1 Nesv York
City -"-ass aiticle cselilswritten ansi
a clear stastemeeit of else subject by-
H-. WX. IWebbier, '9_i Lass. A short
story- by itatule Coltioi, esititied
''Waitiug at Creed's Crossinsg-
''T'he Egg- LieitsEibid - - asstory- of
Colusmbuslby' Fred ttriggi. There
are a icessmber of poemss worthey of
Biesidies these, siveral pages are
dlevoteid to alumi n otes, book re-
viewes, exchaneges and editorials imak-
isig a book of sixty-four pages. Tise
Inlander still he on sale thsis even-
ing at thee book stores. tPrice r~
cenets a copy-.
Yale Men as Coaches.
'rie foitowving Yale mcen .rc coach-
ig footbaii teamss: XWoodruff, '19,I
at the University of Peisaiai;
Gi, '19, at Anmherit; Nortoss, '93
1.. S., at Dartnmouth; Ricards, '15,
at XWiiiams; Gras-es, '9 L. S.,- at
Trinity and Leihigth; Corbin, 'S8, at
Wiesleyan; Stagg, '18, at Chicago
University; Noyes, '92, at North-
western University; Hanson, '90, at
Cornell; Haskell, '92, at 'tufts;
O'Neil, '9 L. S., at Georgetown
University; Hartwell, '89 S., at
Annapolis; L. Bliss, '93 S., at West
Point; Hefflefinger. '9i S, at Stan-
ford University; C. Bliss, '93, at
the University of California-Yale
Alumni Weekly.

51 S. MlAms ST., Sole Agents..
XXe sell eversthing muiceaimandnailiociifi th
to "Qiuality anSuar~jsse Dealing."
Mcli P IANOS Erie
1ice are ee osa. eOrea-spreipared5 to
nice aceltssiosaworktou the trade sifItis viny
nsesusslied 5vyusnoherhouse ever located
sore sadnus.ler-.r55ud Sy any ityTailor is
Ameicaada pricsles ,oen-.sd by goods or-
seresd. Suitsfus $30.01sL(tiirtyly inirsto any5
price ds.redi. fisse Custoans Tsinis by
Astistic Phoocaphei, I E. HURON ST'
Low. cy'S hocOlater,
-" 48 S. STATE St.
Oir ANN .siRiOR.
Ca='us it i i('i00. Ssirs5 is- sld P issnsi, io.
viv'rtt.letsuuuuneaisss i suss ss.ie s F
eii 'echn e ugt nd soFtes o
fllos: as O-s~liusrs, vStudvailsorsinas 10
uisdTiinuiui;sycevensinscss,:3ss Ladies,Satusrudiy
u-uiisr' clas. Ti'usvevnis-SI. (Li--si~
- Tssle ane XcAhhR'S 1CP0iKSTORtE and
save maney, A fuliilise ci Lan,', ledi.
Cal ffld (WtlUnti-rs. in'Te '-If ooks
5,000hliaisk leBoks at25c eacS.
hisen taper, ie ound 2ic.
Buy she tonAL XX'ssasmisxFoenTreNaPEeN.
Best is the world' Every ose guaranteed
foe five years.
''W SasthState Street.
4 N. Main, Oss. CoreHouse.

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