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December 07, 1893 - Image 3

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U. of M. Daily, 1893-12-07

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51 SO. M~AN Sr. Directoroand Manager.
Good Work Guaranteed. Goods called for
and delivered. A. F. COVERT, Prop.
2' 'Years ian the Hastness.n2.-""'
M. M. Seabolt, No. 4 N. Fourth Ave.
+$TATC $AV1flG$ BAflK+
C or. Main and Washington Streets.
A. L. NOBLE,Pten. ROnRTnsvL~sie, Cooker.
Finest pline in the city. Ironmpt in getting
out work and delivering. Office, is Mst Hu-
ron St. Telepthone 83.
---NOTICE !- --
We are here to tay. We are prepared to
give a elmts ot work tthtttrtade of khinscity
unettualedsty any oilier house evaer located
here and not excelled by tany City Tailor in
America. and at pries goveren d by goods or-
dered.Sttitfoms$3l.0uo(thity dol-e) to any
tritdestired.Iine Costom Tailoritgo bc
-M. Y .SyS? 'NT
46 8 State Street.
MONDIAY--8 p.sn.Ailsattced Clss or LIn
'ODIEAY-7.itntttLadies' saI e cass
SATURDIAY-10a.it. to.enttlemten's slonciag-
2p. m. Chtildien's daotitig class.
d o. mt. Ladies' daticingrilass.
Privati' lessons ky appoinittment.

Thorn., Oe.+.-School of Mousit. laculty
Fri., Oe. .-Marts'au, lte greet vislittist, in
S . A. coorse.
Sat.. Dec'. 9.-Schsootloflissis.'Putils' He-
Set., tDcc. ii lodgc Eoitt, of C'licago, o
"Oratory." before tse Oratorictil Assoria-
tisn, in law lectore roomn.
Mott. 1Dcc. 11.-Unity C'iok, hr..S. H. Kellogg,
of Hattie Creek Sanitarium--A Sotinsd Mitid
ia Ssond Hodv.
Music atit ts Best.

The December Ceotory contains
ao article by Cot. W. C. Church,
entitled itFootball in our Colleges."
The seniors at Dartmouth have
petitioned to have the numnber of
boors reduced from 16 to 12 during
the senior year.
At Cornell. a committee of nine
members of the faculty are discus-
sing the advisability of abolishing
the degrees of Ph. B. and B. L.
Great interest is felt in the outcome,

(Continued frontftrot page.) as such a cnange would practicaily
tralto since Annie Louise Carey. abolish Greek as a requirement for
tier grand voice, which is of nmost the degree A. B.
phenomenal range (being three full Of the 6o touchdowns made by
octaves, C. to C.), she handles with Yale in the games this year, Arm-
the ease antI grace of our greatest strong has made 18, Thorne q,
sopranos. Mr. Win. Steinway, Carl Eaton 8, Hinkly and Hall5 each,
Zerraho and others who have heard while Buatterworth has been sentj
Rosa Linde, pronounce ther voicc as across the line only twice. Of Har-
even anid beauitiful in quality, large yard's 75 touchdowns, Brewer is
1n volu~me and altogether a most creditedi with o5, Waters 14, and
noblc contralto. A clean anti dis- Wrigthtington s s. Princeton made
hode enunciations is an infallible test 51 touchdowns, Ward scoring 12,
of a triue artist. In this respect, Trenc~hard 6, and Lea 5.
ine. Linde stans in thte first rank, It is rcporte d that Saturday's foot-
every word site sings bring perfectly ball siair at Annapolis between the
understootd in the largest halts. One natal cadets and West Pointers will
of her chief chiarmis is the absence be the last in which these rival
of grimace antI contortions, the teants will meet on the gridiron.
stream of tielody pouring forths As the curriculum at bots these in-
without apparent effort. stitutions requires the most rigid
Edwin M. 'Shonert stands today and close application, the risks of
in the very foreground of America's hating the football players kept
great pianists. IHic tas been travel- from their studies, even a day, by
ing as solo pianist for the past six being injuredt are too great, and
years with some of the best conlcert Secretary Lamont and Secretary
organizations that have aptieared in Herbert will probably interdict the
this country, atid his success has game at both academies.
alwayfs been pronounced and in- The-
1 TeChimes of Normandy.
stantanouis. I le is certainly te 'lisueaigtpr topeetd
best pianist this umanagement couldbyThiseas~oiorsipea clo petedas
seculre. Mr. Stsonert will play sonic tight, tit the Grand, tii is large attdi-
newt andsitfficilti eces tomorrowv etie. lTe iteaisintg atidienices lattest
nigt'.tthte popularity of tie comtpanty. Toe
'lhe S. L..5A. manageentt are to play last nttght pleasoed everyone. Miss
be congratullated on htaving securedt Stantoti again sanig ter part in hter
chatracteristic mansner. Hler interpre-
sitch an excellent attraction antI all tittiont of 'Sepolette 'whs excellenit.
litvers of Itighsclass nmssic should Mirelift tai'aritngtoin, asoGermaine,
avail thenmselves of this opportunity won~ several enteores, provingg Iter
to tear music at its best. popuarity. it is difficult to foind
'The following will be the program: Ytan who cnt better initerpiret the
character sif (Jasopard, thte miser, thon
I. Pis.oSalso. Iligoictis----OeriiLiszt Mr. J01111 Sauniders. Mr. livies' work
Ole. slwlt .0. Slitiva.s00 tenor is excellent. Mrl. 'Springer, as
Air. Samson.i ntid Dlil lli, .,.Saiiit Sort,1
Mriti. Itose Liosir. Baiti, tiid Mr. H~endlersont as the No-
3. Coci'rts No. 1. (up 6.1.)-----Ma'. Ilcht tary pleatsed thte autdiesice imntessely.
Mr. tHetiMatrait, Toedecided lit fti'te evenilng was
. I'aitsiolo. lli'ststtiri. ---M:,c Dowell the sintginig of the Yellowt and Blue by
:fle. Edi . li.iotiert.
5ia.AU,'ttihli,'il. . . Seli~smati the qtuartette, wicih was receivedl with
bi. UigitrisclieTatiz, . --.---rtlsis rounids of applause.
Me. Hetnr i Marteau.'T'onight, thte'roairitig iomic opera,.
0. loter:.:czo ci,. Citlt.'ekt Etilunao--__ "Princeess of'1rebictntde,' will be pre-
.111t0. Rosa 1lisicl. sitedt.
i.i. Iliriti ii',-..----- ------liasir,' Oratorical Assotatlon.
bi. Plonai ise,___--..------ iei'sts sl.i
Mr. Ilcorii Morteats.'T'he -Execustive Committee Slid
-+--- its sub-comsmittees will meet in :Room
INTER-COLLEGIATE. 24, Monday, Dec. is, at5 p. m.
At this home all accountts must lie
'Te entire gale eleven stilt return rendered of nmembersip tickets sold.
to college next year. Every member of these committees
There were four Andover men on is requested to be present.
GCr'rl Isuc.KC'
tte Yale freshman eleven. President.

All the daily palpers, also periodias~s
magazines, etc. Give nie a call, .
D1. Richards, below Cook lHouse.
Have you beenl to Razleoood's Bi-
hi ard hal yet. New cues ad every-
thing nice. State street.
All are pupils, positively no visitors.
Ttition fee $, for Ladies, Gentlemen
and Chltdretn alike. A reduction to
former pupils, also where more than
one from same family take lessons.
Learn some of the 11ew dances before
the holiday sesooIpens.
FOR SAE-Costitg Bobs, will hold
eight couples. Inquire at 47 S. Divi
stun t. 54-6.
Rooms tio Rent-frontstSuite of
Rooms, heated by furnace, two blocks
from University. No 5 Monroe St.
For reduced rate tickes to Ohio,
West Va. and Old Va. points apply to
Rt. S. Greenwooid, Ticket Agt., Toledo
Anni Arbor & North Mich. or Moulton
lHostck, G. P. A.t
LOST, o left in some store, the min-
ute book of the :MeemetDIebtingSo-
ciety. Finider please loeatt law
biildinsgtic at thiis olice
Lor-A simall stetn-widinlg open
faced gold wtch. ifany, Geneva,
mtonogram ott btck, E. C. D. Fider
will please leave 'sith Dr. Lois P.
Hal, 36 South State street, and receive
liberal reward.
Do you wish to ret yotr room?
Whly do't you insert a5line or two ill
orf local columnt for a few days'?
More roomOs tave beell rented through
the DAILY thain through any other
medium, for tite DAILY practically
falls into every student's hads.
Lo'.-A locket set witltutrquoise.
Finder pease leave at Stestards ofce.
SOIn Co-sMot in t the Cigars bought
at the 13.it' M. Drulg Store.
Te J. . Jacobs Co. have received to
ine litteitt nekwear-thte very latest.
Htave ysour phtolis taken at Rndal's
before thush iof tSCristma~s.
ATTE'sNTIN.--lDO out thiink of buy-
ig a type-soriter this year'Thiencal
lt the DAILY s usice i you wsone 11 be-
lost cost.
130R.CE I' Y itthi aigoid pir of sosul-
der braces. A lrge stock at on pries
at lrowl's Dug Store. A. fewshoti
worti braces at 50c.
(G0 to 3ilno''o BDi iSoux fr al
Labortoryisuospplies. Dissectig cases,
apronts anti sleevs.-Lowv lPrics.
"The German" at Grangr's.
Privte is ltshrctiontinittthe ettilio-
"TlhetGermtan'-its rles ntl.figttres,
tile waltzi, twoot-step, anld anly dtnce of
mierit thast may be desiret. Mr. ainds
Mrs. (Granugr istrutitf t ih ll osses,
aa n ooble egtagt'iiforiprivate lessotts
at bors nott iccspii'dl Sy choses, If
you wish t join a class, niow is te
tim~e. I irangsr's Acidemy, groud
floor G oMahynalrdi stree. G4-57
Excursion to the Atlantic Coast.
'ltiplrties ihat re tinking of a trip
south to C'stuistiaus, Oit, Charloresto,
W. Va , Cl iftoni Forge, Chtlrtlesvile,
Pietersbusrg,. Iicllmlsit, Proviece
Forge. Williamsburg, Nwport Nesss,
Old Point C'omifort, Norolk, Va.,
Wahinhgtto, ). C., lists'rtes for rtud
tsip anontue wsoticiikets. tPease aip-
ply to (lis.J.1.C('ark, P'ass, and Geeral
Agent, OhitsC(traftlli. ltRoo 7
Oldi letBldlsg..i'orn'i'r tof Smitniild
Miaidisoll streetrs, 'Toliedo,
Advrantc Credit ins Astronomy.
'There wiil e a written examina-
tion for aidvance creiit in Astron-
omy Satrday, 1Dc. 9' at o a. i.,
room 2.

I'ss'irrefal (RevserovtiN..1c3ii, 1893:.
L. N. Espre-a....- 54 1 it., N. Y. & C. SI. 7211
AtlanticsEMorst o. s17 Malli .0EMp..:8250
Fast Psstis Esis 194.5N. S. Limsitedi.un03
N. S. Littited. toil i'3 1.Al
A M. I't 5'Wst'ii EXtP. 155
:Mail atndExp. di..418G. R.k&-KaiStsI... tOO
N. Y,.;". lit...i5 08 ( hii. NExpress... 8S5i
l'tiilc Express...i0tl
0.00'. Rinstats, 14. Nt. HAYvSo,
G. P. S;T. Ag t.lican.tss Agt., Ann Antsr
Student Work a Specialty.
neat Otorkustt'tiand Lowest lPricssin ithi City.
GRAiNGER'S. gy-.
CLASSES IN DANCING will msee' as
follos:et 'lemens, Plsirrday aoistiigs 10
and Tkhi'sday eve'ininsa8:0;Lndis S.atuirdayt
vanred class. 7'Iuesditisvei'niigs . Grounod
tsar.I6 M atnti-rd stcrt. 'Tnitions. ciscteria
twelvei'ees)5.i '.Pupils receivedi at ay
25 S. Fourth Ave., - Ann Arbor.

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