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October 04, 1893 - Image 4

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U. of M. Daily, 1893-10-04

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A.54w",y -
10 - i 1A O NI '.IR~h 11tI . OO To .ae*a .+ o
f ,11- 'y t ispst o O peccA h o 0- o lrdy Surav"d{~n~
Cakns hamc
SrPP~iEp, isch tito ol1 ,htt tlt' Loxowt Poictr

TI-Ill: L*,! 'A, IhI ( ul Is IS G IC)Yo '-II .:IINS.

SFCONi IAND)I 'I '>CII1..1 ; .)

CATS 'TDS raim eaFRI. AJVC-fiD Ti N" =TXS :fS -T afTSZYZ1SC-

VC)C', 1LJ.'ii 7110, )I MIIN ST..
100111)1)11 ion FnesoIer o1111hs. u'.0 111-
J. It. ''1111OJNOWSK , 'J E. lWa'hintllltit.
INol4 1aol 11 irntitree1.
liolwdOin is to h11110 5ew010 t50,000O
scientific btiiding.
\V. 1i. bibls wa.s inll Detroit yes-
terday on WIrinleIcbusimes.
Chlarlos11f11)ow1e, lit '92, hasre-
lu rled 1to gradiate0 withi 9 1 1law.
The Weobster Societly held their
first business meetilastI 15100(11)1
The %seto i ain 111101er
ArMo. 'Idea s ielcanlged to
< /4
Pool'. Al. I1i. (1)1)1' returnledl
yesterday frmm Chicago an111Ila-
Grce01 llamnilon,'9', is lushructor
is (r eek andlIatin in the Pontiac
hligh 5school.
Considerabhle 1work11 111111clon111
o1) the atihletic field ol put~t it inl
10r)1)r0conititionlior use.
llowarol Walsh, IHawaiian (com-
15.15511)ler 1t) the CUnitedI states, has
ente redl 110he l ep~artmnt .
'The first reglar10month1llyslelt-
1119 of the I lobart Guiild will he held
ill Harris Halt at 7:30 01'1001k.
The Phi Dlta Plaw 1)0fraternity
has aap11110 iouse 1111) y0.1, for
first timne since0 it was1 establishetd
bMr. Gallup, woomade such11a
repultationl as a pitchler at Btay View
tis summtner, Ihas entered 1110eIUni-
Thsere is s1)111 talk of a fall tentis
tournamnlt. Tihe courts are its
fairly good condition and ins cots-
slant 11se.

N,.ickel PI 1 .111Royal .La1p, N.t?, center Ni.-l cllIaledtioliete L amp No.l 1, center .-.15. 0o '..
draft lii.l011- 111.1; 11.1
Nie~e Plte ae arn, o. , entr ic .cl latd ermn trieW MLa pE-a 1A tO T, 'i'iPIlS

44 South Main Street, DENt COMPANY
Ann Arbor, Mich.

Next Slunday nigh~t Rev. Mir. Gel-
ston will 1115c0o150e01on* Sonic TruthIs
of "Buddiosmsl being Dleveloped by
P'. 11. 'troy and~ A. I'. Faullknor,
lawsss '93, have 10o1m011 1 coplartnler-
shlipl 10101110 practice ofla11w0in Oly-I
pia, Washlingtonl.
lix-laptaill Johanson111 of Cornell,
10111 is00coching 1th0 (ornell team~l
thlis xyear, is 1110 authlor of1 a 1101
Gardner ']Williamts,'89,0enginleer
of the Dletroit Water Works, 11120- !
01011 'Miss Jessie Wrig~ht, (of EIst
Saginaw11, Ic ecetstly.
'1110 Cornell 0corresponden01t 11)0tile
('hica go Record c1)11mplains ofl a lack
o)1 10011111b 110 antera. '111000is Ilo
candllidatle 1010cenlter 111)11.
tile Inlander(i0 t1110first 111101 of1last
year, is back in college, taking swork
illth Ilaw11departmen~l~t.
Tres. Ladd, of 1110 S. C. A . has
arrnge 0 a1101 5colrse of Sluday 1morn-1
insg lectures, Pces. Antgell's Sundal1y
1110111111 211110ss beintg tile first.
FI. 11. lOoers, '93,lmeechatss
heelsapinltedl lecturer its phiysiol-
ogy andhitsology in thse medical
department of thse Un iversity of
Efast 'Tenniessee.
liots. Levi 'T. GCofinu, Pletcher
plrofessor of law, will, its all prolsa-
bility, be thse next demsocratic nont-
inee for consgress Ironsthle ist, or
IDetroit district, all the different fac-
tions intshlatIparty thsere Ihaving
011111ed1upon1 111m1it is saidl.

Ceo. A. Danmon, lit '94,sas ac-
cetptedl a1positionl swiths Electrical
Industr51ies, ats electrical mnagazine
pubtlished lits Chicago, andll 11not
001t11rn1to le IT, of 71f. tis 1-ear.
111110ball is finsdinlg 11112c021111o11
tile sports of 1t10 easterts colleges
tis fall. tPrincetotn has lust 1112a.01
211 ititer-class 0champ1ioshliplseries,
ando the 'Vtle teamls ssarranlgedl 111


2 numberl)0 of fall games.
'lie Uiviersity of Pellnsyl.111111i1
jlant1111over thte fact 1t1at 1an1agreeC-
11101 thas 1)0011sign~edl w111h1HarvardI
by 1w11101 tile ttwLlil-ersilies 1b111d
themiselves to steelt upon11thle fool-
b1a11 field for tws- u lccessve y0201.
'110 0c elcomelfce 'If tile C. o171.
1) ,\jix made11 its first applearanlce for
thle y020rlast Satu~rday. It los not
vacation101, but remlainls 25 goodl look-
1') isi s of1 yore.-Ann 1A.rb1)r0C(111010.
Women1101ha1ve takontw ~o of thte
11000e011001i1lfellowoships offeredl by
t ie Chicasgo Uivlersity thtis 3020.
(1)02 A. Stewoart, a Vassar girl, has
becomse a fellow in is1tory;Alice I..
Pratt of Chlicago Unliversity, Itas be-
coic a fellosw in C 11011S11 literatlure.
'Tile Chsoral Unionrt0 last esvens-
ing for its first rehtearsal. 'The b'les-
siah will 1be filetsagainstitis year,
and Req~uienm, by Veroth. All oldi
menshers are reqluestedl to be p~res-
ent, and all persons wishing to enter
are requlested to see Prof. Stanley
at once at Isis office 117 the Schtool of
Mousic, Irons 9 to 12 dal2y.

WM. AeINs, D J --v-+&0,s
FL& !iER, fi 10,,ioA..'
FOR1 1 1.1 1 I .1 . ..' 0 1 - 1 . 's
fit1i r 1165 MI(111101,I ,"0111
t(1il, ,':1,i ., ::11)it (1tt1tIl(.Xi{.i) ' 01 "i'tl'v1t11i. 5 01,11)110
s~lttTIS BRA opnD I~-c~y 011111.1
Th RmondStagh Ct ;
,isill Li TSA A NDsuprio r tallothrs
lintrg ol'.1 and11100A15 clostGLDLEAF1,1
tha, te 1,11110t of05111 111a111i1fa.g '.0. a
('(v- &CI I)# 51CC OBCC5.
2seleWasingtU ooS.,neafr.Min

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