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December 05, 1893 - Image 3

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U. of M. Daily, 1893-12-05

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51 So. 10AN S. Director an(d Manager.
Good Work Guaranteed. Goods called for
and delivered. A. F. COVERT, Prop.
22 Years in th~e Busnaeassl.0
M. M. Seabolt, No. 4 N. Fourth Ave.
Coa Main andi Wasington Strerts.
A. L. NOaBLE, 1rea. 1 RtsPHIstS~~r, (anse'.
Finset place ins the city. teomopt ins getting
out work sod delivering. Ofice, lu East Hu-
ron St. Telephone 83.
We aee here tostay. We sre eparred to
give aelas alofswork so ltse leads of thsacity
unequaled bsy any oilher hausteecer located
keren and not excelled hy asy City Tailor in
America,and atpriocesgoern d bsy goods. or-
dered. Suitsfrom .0uls(hiy dslsstslto sny
prieesiscd.lssnes.Custom Tailoring bl
46 s. State street.
MONDA -np. m.Advancedss(!lss f or Is-
.110N05.Y- p. a s'delsarsse cas..
TIEFSI)AY-7 p, sss. (lssstlees danclsssing
SATUR5DAY-10 is. is. Gentlemen'osiancing
",?ls. 05. Childsee'slsinoissg clssv.
un i. Ladiesdancingsclass.
Private lesosby apointmsent.

U. OF M. CALENDAR. Unity Club.
That's., Dice .-schssl SoolM s. Fcully Al the Unity club on next Mon-
Fri, ee.5.Msvsseres isssss day evening Dr. J. H. Kellogg of
S. L, A. eouroe. lb Balti Creek Sanitarium will give
Sat.. lie. .-Salisol at Snsic. Putill' s- an illustrated lecture upon "A
St, lice, -Judae Ewisig, atfICicago, ass Sound Mind in a Sound Body."
"Orator.' beore I-.lieaoiscalI Assoiss- TDr. Kellogg is widely known as one
tion, ioaw lecturerooms..
Mos. lic. l-Uaity cub, r. J. H. Kcllsgg, of the most notable and effcient
ss ttle CresS Saitarium-sA Sound Misis doctors representing his school. He
ssn a Sissisd Body.
is the author of several 'books of
Football Too Good to Go. world wide reputation and the Bat-
tie Creek Sanitarium, of which he
'lbs great suestion at IHarvard has the charge is one of the bet
which is agitating many tminds in equipped institutions of its kind in*
regard to the game of football as it the world. His subject is a vital
is at present played io whether after one and the lecture is sure to be
all it is not a brutal game, one not one of the best that the club will of-
much better than price fighting, the fer this seasoin.
only difference being that twenty- ~. a--
two mne stand sp and pumniel each A Docided Hit.
other instead of two, or whether it
is a masly ganse and one which 'the Tl i i fti California Opera Compaty mle
th ito hsoperatie season last
shoould be encoulraged in schools iight ini hpenisg their week's engge-
ansd colleges. 'The lpetition that was wnt st the Grand. The lrge stusdeit
handed to the Harvard university audieisee were delighted with the ad-
authorities has created no endl of isiratse reilditioss of the ver poplar
talks. Professor C. A. IBartleti a ist sa." '[le comipn~y em-
lsar,is.iirty people, itilsding a large
mienmber of the committee to which nvsisiss r of pretty girls-the delight of
lbs petition of Mr. Crocker regard- t110 students. Not one objetiotabe
ing football has beers referred. featlre is ofered to give offetse to the
Iasin sot ready to ainsnosnce my mosst sesitive ear. The east numbers
vicews oil the subject," le sad, "Ia severail very clever peope. Miss Jos-
sf the oiioniss that it is possibe to ephiini Stanltos, as Serea, the Pasta's
mnodify tile style sfIplyin~g so tlot the dulgter sustain~edt ter prt i it very
gaei will iso reissered less danisgerous. able maniner,5l ter excelett sisgitg ssss
It is possible, I thiniik, tis revise the gracefulltmannller winnlig for ter
rsles so that tile fssintioitss of the issisds of applaussse. Miss Stantton s1s
ciontest will sot be in iny wie iUIss very sweet vosie ansd she wovnsifor
palired, shle it will resslt in a less herself is wvarmi plae its the heats of
nsimbier of ecasuaties"' the audsiece.
'The chisraieer sof Atti,sueesi sf A-
Captain Waters, of the H arvard tarn,.wasOssstsitned withi unusual11 iieit
'Varsity eleven, said: by Miss ijtts Harrinlgtons, whois is not
"1 do't seow os usssIre goinsg to Iunknilion ts illsAsnni Arsorauine
slter the rules sasy. 'The pulblic im- tavinig apte arsd he re withi the ,Nelsons
arInell5s whens a mssosiis hurt sandsIleases Opera Cssmnpany lst Year.
tlsheistd that te is nely kilesd;in Miss Ade l arkr, woisusltinedt
poisist of fsst nearty al osithte injuries the chalracter of Bsal Ssahl, the a-
slstlln il 11the fostbaltfield iamongli jul15 sistr, ass alsoapperedl isiAlli
thiossobshosunderstandls the rislss of the Arlor befsre, having pay ed here iss
ganie ars' trivisal. 'heise srios aci- Met'ssulays Mishiapts. ier workc last
sdetts oecur issmong those swho dossnot niglt as of the higiest ehsrater andis
thosrsoughly sundierstandl the gmne." tpcovses tiat she is sable ti susstains the
Profsso Chrle J~l'hie sid:most difiulst cottrlto tarts of opera.
troesssr llrle J Wsit sad: Mr. Harry IDavies, ill 'errano, a
"I conlsiser it sirssughi game, but not Mexieanm nosblemianl, won for himself
so rough as to be elitiniistedt from the freqisest aplaulllse. Ito tskes the tenor
list of sports. It is one sf the best of tarats.
sports. Thsle game should be modifiesd, 'The parts of Ifaadsss, 11sadveitrer,
bst in the etideavor to dos sway witsand Iis compnsalionl Nocy, sustied
rossgtmtess it is to be fearest that sme by Messrs. Siulnders sitd Ieldersol,
sif the squalities othih go to nmake alp) ketpt the sulslelee in the best of u-
thle very boric asis sitiesv of 11he presentittor, by their iimitabesmrie secil-
style of pssy wilt be obliterated." ties.
Dr. reeman Snosw said: Besides the sove, every other ieH-
"I iu n avo ofmoifyng he her of the eopanty sstains his or ter
g am fth i fivariosnsbeyitgate prt ill the iest miaiser, imiaking tis
upon lilies tha~t will nost effet the it one of the strosgest opral eompaties
trlsetiveluess of the sport, but I so not tht:sienppac ii (oAssor
favo th eliinaionof te 'me 'otightitLilin lussell's sucess,
fssvsr tist limfsliton o theglsm ''irirse-Girolta, " swilt bS' trusei es.
from college sports. It is the best amd
tnost ttrillinlg gamle I ever witessed.
If thse atersations proposed its soms At the ast meeting of the Mlathe-
qiuarters are goinlg to kill the sport we matica club, lbs following officers
do ntiwsast then." were elected: P resident erman B.
-- Leonard; vicepresident, F B. Es-
tDr, N. D~eHaas, '93 medic, is ot; secretary, A M[ ttantrick.;
practicing medicine ill Chicago. treasurer, I. tM Stern.

Advance Credit in Astronomy.
Tthere will be a writtenm examina-
tion for advance credit in Astron-
osmy Saturday, Dec. 9, at to a. in.,
Oratorical Association.
The Executive Committee and
sub-committees of the Oratorical
Association will meet in Room 24,
Wednesday, Dec. 6, at 5 p. mn.
Castallan Board.
The meeting of this evening will
be held at 6:3, at 17 . Thayer,
continuing for one or only. Let
every one be prompt.
Literary Comment.
''thery of Navarsre'an1d1tte lfgue-
nots in Franice" is the title of a work
by P. F. Willert, M. A., of Exeter col-
lege, Oxford. T1his above work is one
of a series pulshled by G.iP.FPut-
sism's soss, unller the tite of "Hteroes
of the Natios." 'T'his is as series of
biographlieall sties of the lives ansI
work of certain representative halr-
saters aboutuwhomi have gattheresd this
great traditiossl of the Iations tou whiei
they beonlged ansishsoshiasve beeti si-
eetsted, in rnnyasy(les, as types of Na-
tionial idesls. 'The fist gospsinelues
biographies of Nselsot, tiustavus Ado-
Isus, Periccs, 'flesdri, Sidney, Cac-
sar, Wysliffc. itsleons'sl.exlssser this
Gresat, Chasrhlisgle, Losis NIP .and
Hlenry of Nals'slre all of sshichi hase
beenlissed. Besides the absve. teti
volu111;105in ipeparal'stion iucludisss
mlansy of heIlis'oussss11n0of paslt ands
tmodernl tiiies.
'The last voslumiun11this preset s-
ies, "HenrtofsiNavsarre","treats the
history of ist' religisus was illFranlc'
iis avolrv intstling mannerldlgiving :
vviidsisture1sIo1f the 1massacrei10of St.
We sosoist lknowss'of :s isore cmpihlete
set of1 wosils thansithis ssries osf biogs'a-
Islies of thleadsin g historical eharat-
ei's f the wosrl.
The price,'s sitthissvoliiiesf tis 505-
its is $1.s1 each, for sale by George
Do su 01 Sishto sret your roms
Wshysdotysou1insessrt a lhne soc too ill
our loesl 5'olumnillfsr iafoss day st
A10-ore roisshave lbeeil 'etedh throulghm
the DAI LY thisstholuughi any oler
med~liumi, for the Buoi .s. prctialy
falls isntsoevry stsdet's ads.
Losr.-A loket set silhitllsqoise.
Findier please leavec st Stesward's sffice.
So[,1.10 (oIo's' mmn this Cigars bsisght
at thne i. & i1.IDrsg Store.
1The J. 'T. Iacobs Cs. havse received a
fine litse sf ses'sesr-tie vesy ltest.
1F.51RET ~Oni'(esSisgesasishone
Douiblle lbssslslfurtnishedulansssI sell
heatesd, re'nt resonabhlshle at 14 Nothi
'Thasyer St. 12-A
Hasve your phtso takens at Rtsssdal's
befoire tie susholsui'lrisilllss.
.A'Ti''T'ENIONe--Do yu ssthink oftbuy-
ig ait tpe-writer ths is year 'Then call
at111I t th.D Ifice'sil'ifyousshone(510be-
IRsiYss P ith tils55good pail'of shosl-
der brsses. A.1 lsrgu'stsockt stohssypricss
at Broswvt's Dcsug Stors. A feso shop
worni bsiesst ill.
GstI O Bilssc's I)mssrssStosiE for all
L~ahoratsory suppies. Dissetinigeaiss,
aprotis and sle's.--Lsws Pccsc.

'ssse 'luslie lResvied)Nio:. Nth, 189i.
0. N. Eixpreiss... 1i 1., N. 0'. . 5. 7 2i.0
Atlasotic Exs s.sa,17 Muil lEsp.... si,
Faist list's: Essp.. 94, N. i itedci.15
N. S. Linteid. issoss'3 . us.
A. M st siW5est'nuExl. 1I5
Mtasls'undExp...I 4i85G. 51 & Esi.Susi.-. is6us
N. Y 0.xlh:. Si:ls. 5 0wn i N Express... 800
I'itis' Espress...l10 1l
0. W. Rtessscti, H. 5W. Hsves,
G. P. & T. Agt.. (iisisg. Agit., Anns Aribor.
Student Work a Specialty-
OestIWorkensan:sd Loss Prieissin teCity.
fllowsoo: ssitieeSaStsedssymorils 10a
and Thurtsday seveninssg8:ii; Ladit's, Saturday
afesersissits 4. Ladisoand OGentiess+,usd-
vans'ed cass. Tuessdayevenings 8. Gounud
Mosr,5'Maynarssd stceet. 'russ. one tem
'tweluvcees'$5S. Puisrescidit iany
flesslcsui'ues ft'S iins.
25 S. Fourth Ave., - Ann Arbor.

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