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October 04, 1893 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1893-10-04

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THE U. OF M. DAILY.________

y~ fuse the association the support library and what ones are the most
~ j ~ ~which it veil deserves. servireable of the many books of
dii hasy i ii ins mcswt ~ Who is not rejoiced at victories is coninon reference.
his5asa sesby the field of athletics? Tihe suicccss Thcy have bees helpful to thsose
lfs! U. OF M. INOEP ENOENT ASSOC iATION of our football team depends largely who have attended them in former
____-upon the al titude of the students, years antd it is hoped that all who
8sbsasssiaion eice r":.50 per yeanr, itivarnably which nvc trust wiii be msost liberal. are able to do so will be paresent
asjn, a-vii. 5sbseip-this year.
heons may b" iefti ate ofce ofsthe.is hisy
at solet's, witshs any ofstsee(citssu or - S-i o rS cani assist us materially Subjects of October lectures: s.
autiesoluicitars..mgtigclee esb evn
Comnmnuniionsshiomid reathts etihecolegfneisey eavng(Oct. 9). Use of the Card Cats-
7o'ciock eP. ii t5hey are toinapearcthenextsteiss at the DAsILY offce or by using logue and other guides to the con-
Jay. Addresnsitl mass-criitenddtoracpuiica- th~e boxes pltaced in the halls of tents of libraries, and of books. Z.
tion tnontcheiManaginsg Editor. Ailtbusiness
commusnications shioaid ticscsento the nusi- snearty all the departments. Regu- (Oct. nf6). Same subject continued.
ness Msag DASLY, lar collectionis will be made from 3. (Oct. 23). Reference books. ~
THE U. of M.aiy. yoD(ctI3).Reen
Ann Acbor. Minh. thse bonies at 5 p mni-c ly.Ifyo (Ot30.Rcn books.

Ci, A. scsisin, Lass', adMingingEitdora.
NitMNie. OW2sn, Li.i'96,A-ssisit.
11. 5. 5 SPasss'si. '.4, Aasssant.
___- -;. A-.ictstit.
- Athleitis iiai.
S. iv. CTuSS, I.'. 5G,Lit.. Bussines ssssiger.
It . Au-stiis '95.
J. L. Lrie, 'i5)
ofi liii si-sy o iii itioa i
Co-s 5 5iNsisnmasde agaisn this
year that students. in their dlesire ts
see the prasctice of our team, en-
croachs unnecessaisy upon the field
asid inter fcre seriously swiths the
wonk of tie teans. We are sure ttiat
every one will refrains front this in
the future, aiid to the advantage of
the teens.
tsr suggest tthat tie hare antI
hou~ncdrises, whlch swere so popiiiar
last year, should be renewved agalin
this year. The training afforsded to
the track athletes by these reins is
considerable. This sthoiiil be maide
a nmost siiccLssfl1 year in athletics
and ies-cry thin wh-ich mill ait is
traisning upigoodsmnshossus-1ldie
nmaite use iii. The rins lh:,e al-
reasdy beesi introduced isnto a nueii-
her if Unilversities this fall, anid we
trust that the ll. of . wl.iill not be
the last to renesv the runsswvhich
were so Isopltar lasttyear.
fIr is a sluty ivhichs every stucdent
oives to thse University to support
student cnterpsrise. The usniversity
is best knoive abroad by its atletic
and journalistic achievements. Es-
cry siudenit shouldl join the Athletic
Association anid get thse full benefit
of a member, as well as nmaterially
assisting the association in its work.
The price of membership in the as-
sociation is small, considering the
advantages ts be gained. We can
not urge this duty too strongly on
our readers, for she success of atlh-
letics this year depends largely upon
the liberal support of the students.
fIt in poor parsimony indeed to re-

niake use of the boxes anti your as- Fohl ceue
sistance swilltie ippreciated. All
items shiouldl be swritten plainly on 'The foilosneg schedule of gans
orsdisnary nize liaper, and sthoiuild bear for the college year has been ar-
wvriter's namse, swhicha will tie consid- ranged for by Manager Blaird:
Breitcuenfidlentialt,List u-ill insure us O iw 5is 1sA. i..d Cii obaby iatAnti ati use.
against sleception. -m uiiiaoute is, - Aim Abso.
___________ -- ii, Jiiiiii-itsi, -Aiii Arbor.
Brisng on Your Grind~s'. 4Nsiyisibi-4,s sc-nsis ii ,i~ssArbor.
j 11 _iiPsistis -. Laini-eise.
'lia 'figOiaicle boaril sill tioldi its ' 5!,, Nhetii se , "viun isiri i.
first mseetinig this fall irs Newvberry ' t- ofii s sis, - Issi Lsi
hsall this eveising, antI besities oreli- .ii, mtnies;, - tiu-s'iis
nary rotinesi business, ivill takae into ._
conssideration the qjuestion of elect- Unity Ctubh'Tickets. gasceort'.rCrll P -
sons , wbo does not return to col - Course tickets for the Uitiy Club
lege thin year. Air. Parsons mat series of lectures have been placed
elected on the fraternity tickeet and on sale at Stheehans's and Walir's on
to preserve the ratio dlecistedl upon State street, asnd at Gouodyear's,
by the class last spring, the board Wahr's, Browv's and the State Sav-
mill undtoubteidly make a selection ings lianks, on Main street. 'The
fromo among the frat mneivto aspirec seasonsticekets are fs en ansd adm~it
to the place. j to twventy lectures.
'Tle stringency in the msoney miar- A nesv course has beesnasdied to
ket tthese hard times is creating hay- tebbesuyo h .C .
or amsong college pusblicationss, msak-y
niamiely, a course in Creek testa-
insg it dtifficulit to induce business
nie totase tiertbin sace 'isesment for first year Greeke senits,
me otk detsn pc.TeWrinkle is hsavinig considerable bsytPrsof.Lockhart.
trouble ini filling its asd columns and
the Oracle nmay enxperience the samse
difficuliy. lEvery count ivill tie
niatde by the boarsi to folloiv the cx-
amiple set bsy 'g, in issuing the an
nusal before the tuolidtay s. Itivill
take considlerable ivorte to dio this
asse any grinsds, sketches or ostherr Horsford's Acid Phosphate
available niaterial slhouldbe sesit to , h sss tecieat w-o
the "Oracle,'' Ann Arbor. Istemsefcivan are-

asia SHORTHAND., magniiietisl~ingiu iina
tencslargetenan~ sciiine; goodsidiscipine;super
irwoark;,nellssuppliedcsreainros; aily leces'
nSturday evnuingssreceis;o peis ihe eitire yearc
Eixcepio asss5 isiitis iorplacisig sds- in ii si-
ssans-5sicibthnssaciissi.i--55atedth5-. ii,.ss.i
expnsess$'.',atoiperiswceskcin piaefaisssss
For New Catalogue, adsisr
..e ms - ems
't lic .rd cy. ih" nAY nCIY
5-1 isiii -i i i o s s's
k i'.: It a 's p' o i i i i i t'
isLANiSINsGs bsss Xi iIiH siWELL
ii.. uttesCrsvs aiu , Si u 5 -
mcCn.im-serr.ii. '. Adiman
GW pD 11 I' Io O [c.


I~rtssbc i ,News Dosil iztSpark s Isisets
tii-- Gi I elisiv (tics. 5ss55 i se iisa. '?less-

The Course in Bibliography.
Thlis year, ansi hereafter, tine
course in Bibliography will he given
in the first semester, and not in tine
second as heretofore. The intro-
ductory lecture, outlining the course,
will be delivered in Rtoom Bi this
afternoons at 4 p. m.
The first of the October lectures
on the use of the catalogne, refer-
ence books, etc., will he given in
Room A, Monday evening, Oct. g,
at 7:30. Subjech, The Catalogue.
The design of these lectures is to
teach new shudents how to use the-

aisle remetdy itn existencie for
prceventing indigestiotn, anid re-
lievinlo those diseases arisingi
fromi a disordered stomacih.

Dr. W. W. Gardner, Sprisngield,
Mass., says: "t valise it as ass excellent
preventativceaf indigestion, ansd a pleasant
aciuilatesd drinklasehensprpcerly sdilutiedhwiths
waier, ansids-etened."
Desipive- ssanmihle reo a psiie-ssissto
Rtumford Chemsical Weeks, Previdlence,RL.
BesissecfiSeubst iutesoand Iittisn.
For Sale by all Druggists

Reaseraved Sats oussa-siat:1 rs' Js-elr-
PRICElS: Iisersea ct-,.: ssAdisiias-
Parqess tte sisus5firstesrow in Iissar e e -icl,
t~;Mrue tussirle sirSsiofifitstross, isles
Galleiry, s
TKf1JI h-iuNDRY (CO.
E. S. SnERnVnsI, - Manager.
J A5155 Wv. GOotItsw, Fista. 0Gower nf
Rosses, Carnonissm and Flowsers nf ail vari-
ety. Fusses disigns sissde uspon sissiesoic~e.
os. 1 Ousicrvaisvy strect,sipp. ce'meter-y gate.

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