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November 14, 1893 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1893-11-14

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*c'c. of 1 1Im. a~u

cation, no time is to be tost- Now fisence of Habits of Thought upon
tbat tbe class is officered, would it Institutions.'' The pervading theme
not be werll to dive the matter tire of the discourse was that a '"law in

Published Daily (saays exeepted) during V
i~e Cllte yea, by careful consideration it deservtea?
THE U. OF M. INDEPENDENT ASSOCIATION It is to be boped that sufficient
-- interest will be manifested by tbe

Subsription price s1a50 per year, invariably
in advance Sinltespies i3 rents. Subscrip-
tions mar be left at the sficee at the DAIsY,
at Stoffiet's, with any at the ediiors sr
Communieations shosld eeaeh the oficee by
7 nameockr. im. if they are ts appear the nest
Jay. Address all matter intended fsr publica-
tinato the Managing Editor. All bussness
communieations shosld be sent en the Busi-
ness Macseer.
THE U. of . . DAILY,
Anna Arbor, Xich.
C, A. DENsISON, Law '94, Managing Edtor.
H. A. SPALINGs, Lit. '04, AssistaInt.
J. L. Louse, Lit. '95, Assistant.
IV. N. CnO ATE, Lit. '96, Assistant.
F. WALTES, Law li, Substitute Assistant.
J. A. LERsui, Lit. 'i6, Aibietic Editor.
S. W. CURTISS, P. 0. Lit., Business M1anageer.
WvM. A. tMoGK, Lit. '9t, Assistant.
H. Bi.Gamsona, '94. It. F. Ball. 'N.
biss Loia Janes, '914. MEDIAnL.
F. P. Astde in95 F. L. iNartiadale. '94.
E. i. Ly. yle, ' 6. 6. H.ID. laskaiin, '96.
DEN5TAL.. tOtisi OrATsie.

seniorsa to niake it a success.
If this year's class does not es-
tablish such a publication and earn
the prestige to be gained from being
the founders of it, some succeeding
class will do it, as sucb an annual is
only a question oftime.
The success of the Yale Shingle,
published by the senior law clans,
at Yale, proves conclunively that an
annual in a law school can he nuc-
cessful. ILet the enthusiastic sen-
iors in the law department give this
matter their serious consideration
and we are sure that the plais will
be a success.
THE following editorial clipped
from the Cornell Sun, will be inter-
eating to Michigan readers for the
misrepresentations it contains.

the hearts of flit people"'is of in-
comparably more force than one
upon the statute-books. Because of
this, the liberal construction party
have been able to interpret the con-
stitution broadly, and to invest in
the federal government powers
which at first seemed antagonistic
to States' rights. The people,
grown accustomed to look upon
these things as natural, have come
to regard them as law. The evil of
habits of thought arises when they
permit practices, such as lynchings,
to strengthsen ethically, and finally,
to appear just to thepopular eye.
The annual series of hare and
hounds runs will be started at Har-
vard this afternoon. The runs are
opeti to all mlembers of the Uni-
versity and are to be so short and
easy that men may safely take part
in them, whether they are in train-
ing or not. They are to be held
Ttuesday and Friday of every week,
from now on throughout the fall.
Horsf'ord's Acid Phosphate

- _ ' kJLE 7
an~d SHORTHAND. Magnifientsbuilding; nine
"ebers; large aitensdanee; toad disipline; naper.
)rwark; wall supplied reading ranm; daily lecturen'
Saturdayeeninreeeption~s; spaenshe entire year
Exceepianal facilities tar paigstu ldentsn in posi-
exneses $2 toa$Sit5 per wek inlsprivate families.
Far N-e Caalogue, address
P. R. CLEARY, Pns.
Time Tale taia.igfrict Runday, Nay. 5, 1893.
Trains leaserAtns Arbor by Central
7:15ba.em. 7: 15a. m
*1:ls15 . as. ll:Wlia. ia.
4:15 p. is. liasd P. in.
*Trainsraun betaten Anan Arbor andlToletdo
All truis daily except Suinday.
R. S.ouR.tWots Aet, Ann Arbsrs
W. 13.lIENNETT, G. P.A. 'Toleo
Ann Arbor Savings Bank
AnnsAirbor. Michs. Pari traMcE, $50,000.
Sarslse5, 0sl00.
Oreasiuedtnde-r thriGenral Banking Lans
at tis Slate. Rnceivs deposits, says and
sells exchsansge onshe principasiies at the
PUnitesdStates.tirafts- enused span pimper
identiiceatissn. Ssfety delio-it batsato rent.
(rire s:s thritilan Macek, Picas.:W. D
Harrsimas. VisePFers.;(iss. E. Hiss-isk, Ca-
shie- l. J.Fritz Aast.iahier.

______ - - WO have alwvays noticed thlat vhen
al topyessyt pbeatcss ticebeors83.. people have a qiiestionabe position,
they always lose themselves in the
The Edinors do nat bald themselesresrpon- maze of their agment in attempt-
ible Car tbe opinionssor statemesnt fcarretsag
pondents, appeasring inthe DAILYc. ing to explain their attitude. 'The
Cornell Sun says:
Our positiotaini relation to an anntual
TH ARU"PULIHIG OLSM football game with finiversity of Michi-
Tonsxvganby mhiganeaiids ertoo bnehr
fOAYour victorious team returnsb cigagsean todbymsuerstoodmeboth
frmtheir successful trip with the of our owo studeiit body. Cornell has
launals of two victories added to never estered into an agreement to
their banner. Let every student play Michigaii every year and no final
turn out and give them a hearty in- arrangements for a ganie this seasoin
., . , . were ever iiade. The reason was sinm-

caption such


their achievements

IN another part of the DAILYv we
make mention of the hare and
hounds series of runs that begitn at
Harvard this afternoon. The runs
there are open to any men in the
University and enough have en-
tered to make thenm exciting and en-
joyable. They are to be short and
will not be injurious to any of the
men in any way. They will be held
twice a week during the fall.
The DAiLY has suggested for some
time that series of runs be inaugu-
rated at the U. of H., but so far
nothing has been done in the line.
Some were held last year, which, all
who entered, seemed to find profit-
able, and we would like to see the
pastime started again tits year.
WE had cherished the hope that
the law class of '94 would take in-
terest in a class annual, but the
wish seems in vain. 'Thus far noth-
ing has been done looking to the
launching forth of such a publica-
tion. If the senior class is to in-
moratlize itself and leaveb ehind the
niame of establishing such a publi-

ply the inability of the masnagers to
tome to terms miutually satisfacetory.
After the Htarvard-Pennsylvainia gamie
was set for Thanksgiving day, Michit-
gats seemed to flunk that Cornell
wsould be compelled to plamytier if slit
liad ai game at mll. Ini this she -Was
nmistaken. Cornielilia foiind s worth-
itr adversary, fmarther neat. The Uni:
versity of Minniesotas team is the
strongest team in the northiwestatnid
and they have alreaidy proved their
superiority to fteAim Arbior contin-
gent by defetiting them it Aim Arbor.
A team that camn do flits, espeeially a
team so young in football ms that of
Minsnesota, must; certainly have pluck
aiid footbmsll blood. The niew arranige-
menit possesses manifest advaiitages
over the former. T1o be sure theme ni
will be obliged to make a long journey,
loinger thanift team has ever before
taken, alid iii be somewhat handi-
tapped by this. Oiift other hand
Coriiell will niot be obliged to plamyft
UT. of M. luggers before their crowd
of Michigan shouters, a flung that
any athletic team will svoid if possi-
ble. In Miiiseapolis Cornell nosy be
sure of fair aud gentlemiaiily treat-
Judge Cooley at Unity Club.
Judge Cooley paid a considerable
compliment to the Unity Club last
night, when he spoke on the "In-

I s t h e m o s t e ff e c t iv e a n di a g r~ e e - A irs s s s g stu ei t h e. a oi t C me d s i a nsNRa l e e y i x s e c o
ableiremedy jo exishneefen sfUiLUHewi
preventing indi eo,an re umdDan,
lievin(g those idiseases arising The Wicklow Postman
fro a disordered stomsaclh. Peene sit livarsusisany. iluts
Dr. W. W. Gardner, Sprtingfieldl,
Mas,,saysa:"I value it a ass antxclets; IZI ES: eersed setl._ e.Aslussinu-
PssT'a ucst-ttt asssifirt, roiv usnPMisssu'ue ir'PeI,
preenetive at sndigestions,ansi a plenasintsI 5'sjs sitiePCirleissielsoitfirest raw, Slt;
acidulted sdrink wt-eniiroaierty silutss ins h au s us u dS eals t- salassir sits' 3cc-city
waler, stud saweeesed."
J ilE «'. GoOUi, litI. Grno-er of
Deserlitie pssaplet freeions spplitionsto lisit i- srtsnstimssanidsslowrssaofntall vurl-
Rumtsd~iamiea~srhs Feaidene~l.ety. Flosrel siinassse 5u55o1ntsort nsotice.
Rumfrd hemial orks Prvidece,.I.Na. I Obsu-reattey street, sip. cessetery gte.
Bewasiec ssiSubstituites sasndlussisat~s 55I5
For Sale by all Druggists ii f sss .WshitnSntrreet.

Mandolins, Banjos, Zithers.
" Beat in the World."
Every "Washbur n"tnstrunent is
er ad ,tuntsnble charatier
sties. statitsour epuattiosn
containiag pusrtrains!ofleadiet
atistndrcssl nstrumsa, Free ee- COn. STATE MnNROE STS.; CH ICAGO.


Thie Aian Arbor Organs Co., Sole Agense%, ANN ARSBR.

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