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November 20, 1981 - Image 2

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The Detroit Jewish News, 1981-11-20

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Friday, November 20, 1961


Purely Commentary

Washington Must Not Fall Prey to Any Programs
Aimed at Israel's Destruction, Whether They Come
From Riyadh and Beirut or Are Backed by Downing St.

By Philip

The Vicious Fand Plan Marked by Re-Emergence of 'Perfidious Albion'

Perfidious Albion is back on the scene.
is not enough that a Fand plan stemming from Riyadh, aimed at liquidating Israel,
should have received notoriety. Downing Street lends courage to the inflaming of
hatreds and the encouragement to the undermining of the security of the embattled

Similar encouragement to Israel's enemies frequently comes also from Bonn. There
are the Germans who are forgetting Munich and Nuremberg. They must be reminded.
Jerusalem was not tardy in its repudiation of the Fand proposals which reached some
American backers, the President of the United States among those who were fooled by it
at the outset. It took a bit of additional scrutiny for the American spokesmen to assert
David agreements will remain the basis for dealing with the Middle East
that the Camp
and for seeking a solution to the many problems affecting it.
Israel Prime Minister Menahem Begin dealt with the eight Fand points promptly.
He enumerated them and he responded. It was a long speech in the Knesset. The thrust
of the Fand plan must not be ignored.
of that proposal, which was not even a new
Said Menahem Begin in his treatment
one, whose aim is to lead to the demolition of Israel:

Let us examine on the anvil of logic, the main points of the Saudi Plan of
Israeli withdrawal to the lines of June 4, 1967: Were this plan im-
plemented we would again be eight miles from the sea shore, the Knesset
building too, would be in firing range of the enemy. This is how we lived for
19 years and our lot was endless bloodshed. Thousands were injured and
killed. Some, perhaps, have forgotten those victims. We have not. Nor shall
we forget. But there is a difference between the period then and now. Then
the terrorists did not possess long-range weaponry as they do now. Also,
during the 15 years that have passed since the Six-Day War, the conditions
in Eretz Yisrael have undergone a radical change. Today, the terrorists
have at their disposal missiles with a range of 21.6 kilometers and hundreds
of modern and excellent Soviet 135 mm artillery pieces with a range of
kilometers. One does not need a rich imagination to know what would be
our fate were we to evacuate the lines of Judea and Samaria and their hills
and all that long-range weaponry would be deployed astride them.
From the first point of the Saudi plan let us move to the sixth, for it is
interrelated. I shall read it out again. "The establishment of an independent
Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital." What I said about with-
drawal to the lines of June 4, 1967, applies also to this sixth point. Its
consequence would not be peace but continual bloodshed, for this is what
the terrorists promise throughout their Charter and in all their conferences
since the Charter was adopted, and in all their resolutions. And Jerusalem
— about which I shall say just one sentence: Nothing will prosper our
enemies and their accessories. Even their billions of petro-dollars will do
them no good. Jerusalem is one, the eternal capital of Israel, indivisible
forever, all of it is under Israel sovereignty, for all generations to come.
As for point three: Jewish settlement in Eretz Yisrael is not only our
irrevocable right, it is an integral part of our national security. Any demand
to remove or to ease settlement is rejected and shall be rejected.
Most characteristic is point number seven: There are those, not only in
Europe but also in America, who argue that by this paragraph Saudi
Arabia grants "recognition" to the right of the state of Israel to live in peace.
If so, why is Israel not mentioned in this paragraph? We know the reason.
There are countries which still do not recognize the very existence of the
state of Israel. They call us "the Zionist Entity. They have what is called a
"mental reservation!" The states in the region means all but "the Zionist
And if we are talking about the recognition of the right granted as it
were by the Saudis, it pays to read a few sentences from an article published
in a Saudi Arabian newspaper, published in the very days in which the
Saudi initiative appeared and the talks, empty of all content, about recogni-
tion of the state of Israel, began to circulate. The paper complains about the
former American Presidents Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter, as to why they
began to talk about recognition of the terrorist organization after the death
of Sadat. Why didn't they recognize it when they were Presidents sitting in
the White House. And especially Mr. Carter — writes the paper — who was
involved in the Camp David Agreements. And the article in the Saudi paper
concludes we should recognize the Israelis — in their graves ...
Let all those who know how to read, remember these statements. They
should know they are playing with fire.
If they don't do this, they seal their lips to such an interpretation. And
were it otherwise, one can liquidate a state by stages; even a state that
is "recognized."
And indeed, this is the true content of the Saudi eight points including

Who Gets All The Armaments?
Let the Record Speak for Itself

To find fault with Israel, the Jewish state is often
attacked as a military nation, as.benefiting unreasonably
from U.S. support. In the process, the military hardware for
-the Arabs fails to get sufficient analysis. Here are some
figures to remember.

Besides the AWACS aircraft, the C3 communi-
cation and combat system and other arms just
sold the Saudis, they and other Persian Gulf
states, with U.S. encouragement, are acquiring
military sales a massive
through commercial and
array of equipment, according to sources. It in-
• Three Department of Defense C3 studies —
one each for the air force, army and navy — costs
• Air force underground command operations
center to coordinate massive air operations, al-
ready under construction in Riyadh excluding
the C3 system, which was part of the AWACS

the point that speaks of the establishment of a Palestinian state which-
would immediately become a Soviet base. How did they put it in the Damas-
cus Conference? "The strengthening of the "strategic alliance with the
Socialist countries headed by the Soviet Union . .. Every child under-
stands the true meaning of those words. It means complete subservience to
Moscow ...
Of the Saudi Liquidation Formula termed a "Peace Plan," we have
heard disturbing words not only in Europe but also in America. Therefore,
we announce today simply: Those eight points cannot serve as any basis for
any discussion-whatsoever. They are rejected from start to finish. There is
no in the world with whom we will be ready to conduct discussions on
a plan designed for Israel's liquidation. The Camp David agreements are
the only ones that commit us. Those we have fulfilled and shall fulfil — and
none others exist.

The tragedy is that there are those who read into the Fand plan, which was first
proposed in August — and rejected summarily at the time! — and repeated two months
later, that there are the British who sponsor it, the Germans who condone it, people in the
State Department who give it credence.
It keeps requiring emphasis on the urgency of strengthening the American friend-
ship for and with Israel. That is why Prime Minister Begin concluded his expose of the
Fand bluffs with the declaration:

Permit me a few words on the American-Saudi two-fold arms deal. It is
my duty to reiterate that it creates a serious danger to Israel in the future
and we shall have to do everything we can to overcome it. We shall —and we
shall overcome. But this, too, I must say — grating tones were interposed
into the propaganda campaign which continued many months against
those who rejected this arms deal. Whether they did so because of the
American interest or from the standpoint of Israel's security, I shall refrain
from quoting. The facts are known.
I express the hope that those grating tones will cease and the friendship
and alliance between Arnericluand Israel will be carried forth in deed as
well as in word and that the promises given by the President of the United
Satates in his letter of Oct. 28, 1981, but a few hours after the Senate vote,
will be carried into practice.

The debates nevertheless continue under the slogan "Camp David is Dead!" Such a
calamity can only happen if the Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak were to abandon
hope and faith, were to submit to the terrorism of an opposition that assassinated Anwar
Sadat; and if the Free World were to be misled by the Lord Carrington in London and
their associates elsewhere. Therefore, the duty of all freedom and justice lovers not to fall
prey to the true intentions of those accepted as posing for peace. The latter have an easy
road to peace: by abandoning their venom, by joining the peace process, with a willing-
ness to come to Jerusalem with courage and true intentions, thereby welcoming return
visits to the Arab capitals by Israelis — as the Jerusalem-to-Cairo and Jerusalem-to-
Alexandria were performed. These can be realized, if White House and State Department
remain truly firm in the Camp David commitment. Else, there can be further calamities,
under titles like the Fand Plan.
For those who treat seriously the Saudi idea, just because President Reagan gave it a
nod, there is one basic rebuke: the President fell into the same trap as most "st
ans wer,
people." They keep repeating the condition that Israel must be recognized. The

where there is fair play: Israel exists and doesn't pose that plea to anyone. Since when
does a nation that has resumed sovereignty ask for the right to breath? This admonition,
Mister President, is also addressed to you at the White House in
allusion is a reminder of the British role in Palestine during
The Perfidious Albion
the Mandatory years when the Zionist activities for the establishment of the pledged
Jewish National Home were being undermined by inexcusable prejudices. The bias is
now being repeated and the British accreditation of decency to the PLO, in the current
crisis, is thus described in the New York Times:

The assassination of President Anwar el-Sadat of Egypt appears to
have heightened these fears. A British official said today that Mr. Sadat had
"been left dangling by American reluctance to lean on the Israelis, with the
result that he was sent to his death by an American Administration whose
prisoner he had all to unwittingly become."
In the particular case of the British, such feelings are heightened by the
tradition of Arabism in the Foreign Office, where the Israeli cause has been
short of friends since before World War II.
As for the Iftst-minute snag in participation by Britian, France, Italy
and the Netherlands in the projected Sinai peacekeeping force, British and
other European officials deny that they were acting in bad faith in insisting
upon a statement making clear that in taking part they were not reneging
on their 1980 call for a role for the PLO.
is it.
If an explanation for ascribing perfidy to Albion is necessary, this

package — $500 million.
stations at Jidda, Jubail, and Riyadh , to military
• Air force construction Cr five sector com-
headquarters in Riyadh — more than $1 billion.
mand centers and five sector operation centers
• Naval facility construction — Corps of
that will conduct air operations in five regions,
Engineers supervised construction of two new
each tied to major bases, local radar sites,
naval facilities, one on the Red Sea near Jidda, the
surface-to-air missiles, smaller bases, two opera-
other on the Persian Gulf at Jubail built to U.S.
tion centers, and to sector operation centers
Navy requirements— $5.2 billion.
where data is collected and processed; each can
• JTIDS/Rave Quick — US. and foreign
handle more than a wing (70) F15 fighters using
sources say these and - otker„ equipment will be
the $1.3 billion; includes reinforced runways,
used to-upgrade - the Sandi-system as dream; •
parking ramps, shelters, spare parts, munitions
stances dictate" — costs unknown.
storage, oversized storage facilities for U.S. use in
• Satellite and hookup for the C31 system dedi-
each corner of the country — $1 billion plus.
cated to military use; estimated cost — $200 mil-
lion to $300 million.
• Saudi army C3 system designed by Litton
Data Command Systems tying army units, bases
. • Civil aviation ground radar — In addition to
and Hawk missile system to master C3 network at
the 10 sets of long-range radars and ground entry
central command in Riyadh — $1.6 billion.
stations sold under AWACS, there are 12 more .
sets being commercially sold by the Civil Aviation


Adininistration and tied into military as well as
Khalid Military City at Al Batin in the northeast
will be army command center and potential sixth
civilian network — $700 million plus.
sector command and operations center in C3 sys-
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tem — $6.3 billion.

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