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October 19, 1973 - Image 2

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The Detroit Jewish News, 1973-10-19

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Purely Commentary

The Roll Call . . . Counting Enemies and Friends,

By Philip

Crisis of Israel's Critical Confrontations


With Gratitude for Libertarians' Emergence in

The Roll Call . . . Me et Our People's Friends and Know the Enemy

There is a roll call. Israel is being
threatened with annihilation, and in
the struggle for life the enemies are
apparent, the friends are asserting
If not for Russia there would be
peace in the Middle East. The Soviet
Union establishes it on her own ac-
cord. History will know how to judge
the chief enemy of the Jewish peo-

The Lynch Mob at the UN

Another Book of Lamentations is being
written by the modern diplomats. In the
hope that Israel will emerge in dignity with
a retention of sovereignty, there must be
the admission that the scars of battles are
being taped with infamy. In what had been
expected to develop into a great international
organization of honor there is, instead, a
cesspool of hatred.
An impartial observer — Robert Alden —
reporting on a shocking demonstration of
hatred and bigotry at the UN Security Coun-
cil, which appeared under the combined
headings "UN's Anti-Israel Tone ... Debate
Over Current Fighting Reflects a Hostilit•
Brewing for Many Years," opened his au
alysis of the buildup as follows:
The Security Council met yesterday in
an atmosphere filled with hostility toward
"At times I felt I was in the middle
of a lynch mob," said one delegate of the
atmosphere in the packed Council
chamber . . .
When Yakov A. Malik, the Soviet rep-
resentative, shouted at the Israeli dele-
gate, "The Soviet delegation is unwilling
to hear excuses and condolences from a
representative of the murdrers and inter-
national gangsters," the room exploded
with prolonged applause — an outburst
not considered proper in the Council
Alden wrote the brief summary
on the UN Security Council occurrence in
the Sunday New York Times Week in Re-
view Section, stating:
Expiating on a bombing of the Soviet
Embassy in Damascus that had not, in
fact, taken place, the Soviet representa-
tive, Yakov Malik, called Premier Golda
Meir and Defense Minister Moshe Dayan
"international criminals whose hands
have been made filthy by the bloody
crime and the assassination of foreign
nationals." Mr. Malik walked out of the
chamber as the Israeli representative
was speaking.
Accusing Mr. Malik of using the
methods of the Nazi propagandist JoSef
Goebbels, the Israeli representative,
Yosef Tekoah, said, "I have listened to
your definition of what criminal, barbar-
ian military actions are. Well, let me tell
you one thing, by this definition which
you threw at us, all of the Soviet mar-
shals and generals and officers and
soldiers who defended themselves
against the Nazi aggressors in the Second
World War should be considered crim-
inals and barbarians — and no one in his
right mind would suggest that."
Yet, the Russian suggests it, the Young
Socialist Alliance and the Progressive Labor
Party are propagating Israel's destruction
(Jewish illiberal liberals please note).
* •

The Arabs are deluded into a
hatred that causes 18 vastly rich na-
tions to affirm a denial of the right
to live to a numerically small people
in a tiny area in the vast expanse of
Arabian, oil-rich territories.
A sense of gratitude motivates the
appreciation of Jews everywhere of
the humanitarian role of noble Chris-
tians who realize the dangers ahead
and who will not tolerate another

This is exactly what the present
situation holds in store: a defeat of
Israel could well mean utter destruc-
tion of the entire Jewish state.
It has become apparent that the
blessings of the Six-Day War were
the miracles of setting up a boundary
between life and death. It meant es-
tablishing an area whence the heart-
land of Eretz Israel could not be at-
tacked too easily. The doves now ad-
mit it. Military strategists support

that view in defense of Israel's posi-
It is in the defense of the lifeline
that Israel's friends are asserting
themselves and the enemies are so
evident. The roll call is a vital one.
Heading the list of Israel's defenders
is the Jewish people itself. May no
one in our ranks ever falter in de-
fense of justice for kinsmen fighting
for freedom and their very lives.

Nations. Among the few who took note of CBS and False Rumor Spreading
It stands to reason that war correspon-
cencies at the world organization, in its
treatment of Israel, he advised: "We'd bet- dents in Tel Aviv, Cairo, Damascus, Beirut
ter 're-think' the United Nations before it is and other areas must depend upon official
too late." He had the wisdom to assail the communiques for developments on the bat-
"spectacle of ineptness and weakness" at tlefields. If they do not report them as such,
they doctor the news. That's what the
the UN.
Two days later, Judd Arnett recognized Damascus CBS representative seems to have
another injustice and he had the courage to done. It was he who gave emphasis to the
utter a challenge: "Our Choice in Mideast is false rumor that Israeli pilots killed 30
Morality or Oil." His summation: Russians in the USSR Embassy in Damas-
"Oil is perishable; morality is not. That cus. He told stories of witnessing children
is the essence of this challenge and if wen i agony after Israeli attacks. He sounded
are to deserve future recognition
If he wasn't, he'll have to prove it.
, as a great biased.
He should have much explaining to do when
we we
not of forget
it." among our this is all over. Surely, doctored news must
the wise

.,eighbors, let us remember the name Judd not be tolerated.*
Arnett. And now his name should be linked Now . . . Concern for Detente
amr-vz.; the very courageous in the journal-

Damage to the Detente?
istic raternity.
It was apparent in the earliest hours of
the conflict. U.S.-USSR relations may he

The Detroit News Brands Us Political:
Owes Apology to Jewish Community

Whose fault is it?
Accumulated infamy attributable to ani-
James Reston offered the following in the
mosities toward Israel and possible preju- New York Times:
dicial attitudes will include irresponsible
Though President Nixon appealed to
members of the advertising staff of the
Chairman Brezhnev to cooperate in get-
ting a cease-fire along the Suez, and Sec-
Detroit News.
Last Friday the Detroit News carried the
retary of State Kissinger urged Huang
same advertising copy that appeared in The
Hua of China here to cooperate in a big-
Jewish News — of the same date — re-
power effort to stop the fighting, the
garding the "hour of crisis" for Israel, over
plain fact is that Washington got no
the imprimatur of the Allied Jewish Cam-
paign-Israel Emergency .Fund. (The only
Huang Hua said it was "perfectly
just" for the Arab countries to "rise in
exception in the Detroit News ad was that
resistance to the invading enemies of
it did not carry the names of Louis Berry
their own sacred territories." Yakov
and I. William Sherr).
Malik of the Soviet Union not only sup-
But there was one other difference: the
ported the military activities of Egypt
Detroit News committed the crime of insult-
and Syria against Israel, but criticized
ing the Jewish community by labeling the
the United Nations Security Council for
advertisement at the very top as:
even raising the question at the UN.
Meanwhile — and this is the main
Let the facts be known:
point — the information coming here to
The Detroit News insisted upon payment
the United Nations was that the Soviet
in advance for this ad and called it a politi-
Union, while committed to reduce ten-
cal ad.
sions under the Nixon-Brezhnev agree-
That's just fine:
ment, was actually urging Algeria, Leb-
The credit of the Jewish community
anon and particularly the King of Jordan
wasn't much good to that ignoramus, and
get into the war against Israel.
the advertising representative of the Detroit
This is not a casual or frivolous re-
News insisted on advance cash payment.
port. The fact is that while the United
What it failed to take into account is
States has been talking to Moscow and
that when the j.ewish community needs
Peking about reducing tensions, while
someone to judge our people we will do our
Mr. Kissnger has been talking to Soviet
own choosing.
Ambassador Dobrynin in Washington
But the Detroit News resorted to an in-
about cooperating for peace, cutting mili-
sult on more than the mere ground of not
tary forces on both sides of the Iron
trusting us. It also chose to fall into the
Curtain, and working together for peace
trap of the Arab and Russian propagandists
the Middle East, the Soviets have been
who created a lynch atmosphere at the
increasing their military budget in Cen-
United Nations by calling Israel's battle
tral Europe and meanwhile urging Al-
for her very life as merely political.
geria, Lebanon and Jordan to get into the
Whatever the background, the Detroit
Eastern war.
News owes an apology to the entire Jewish
Here are the culprits!
Who can stop them?
The Detroit News, by labeling a philan-
After Hungary and Czechoslovakia and
thropic advertisement as political accepted
a welfare fund under false pretenses. We the prosecution of liberals and persecution
of Jews, what power is there to halt the
begrudge that, too.
Oh, the Katzap !
In crisis, when a nation is fighting for its Russiari onslaught on civilization?
All that's left to do is to aid Israel in
What's the origin of the term katzap ap- very life, no one dares insult the kinsmen resisting all attempts to destroy her. With
plied to Russian bullies by Jews? What's of those threatened with annihilation.
(A query to the Detroit News: the issue the limited aid from this country, we hold
the significance of fonye ganef?
Whatever it is, the terms were never that branded our agonies as political also fast to hope and are comforted by the no-
applied in public debates. But Malik the carried a two-page advertisement inserted bility of Christians who will not permit
Jewry being sold down the river
bully at the UN walked out when Tekoah by Ronald Portnoy of Pants Galore Stores Israel and.
offering a dollar to the Israel Emergency
began to speak with a shout of
Only a Russian bully would resort to epi- Fund from the sale of every pair of
thets at an international assembly.
pants sold during the emergency. It was Senator Griffin's Role
Never give up hope that our legislators
for the same cause. Why wasn't that big-
income-to-the-Detroit-News labeled political? will fail to give Israel comfort in the
A Salute to Judd Arnett
struggle for life.
A salute to and an expression of appre- Answer that, too, Detroit News!)
Yet, there are the hesitant and the pan-
ciation for the comments of Free Press
Is Robert Griffin one of them?
Welfare Federation fell into by having its
columnist Judd Arnett.
Read this letter that appeared in the
First, he spoke out against the mockery philanthropic copy branded political. Why
of "Mankind's Peace Hopes" by the United did Federation submit to becoming the vic- New York Times:
To the Editor:
the shocking defilement of all common de- tim of an insult to our entire community?)
With the Middle East once more
aflame, opinion makers here are facing
2—Friday, October 19, 1973


1•■■ 1_


the question of possible United States
involvement should Israel require active
armed assistance. If the reaction of Sen-
ate Minority Whip Robert ,Griffir.
Michigan gains wide approval among
movers and shakers of this country, then
Israelis, should defeat loom larger than
it does now, had best resign themselves
to annihilation.
Senator Griffin, in response to a news-
man's likening of possible U.S. interven-
tion in the Middle East to the shambles
of our role in Southeast Asia, was quick
to predict that Congress and the Presi-
dent would be unwilling to run the risk
of another such debilitating fiasco—even
for Israel's sake. He fails to realize that
to place Israel and South Vietnam in the
same context is to exhibit the faulty logic
of a nation demoralized by protracted
and fruitless carnage.
Should this or some future threat to
Israel's survival grow grave, there could
be no better redemption of U.S. honor
than by our rescue — no other word is
adequate — of a heroic little ally that
has fought outnumbered and alone for
too long.
Maryellen Lowe Hausman

The Fulbright Animus

In justice to Michigan's junior senator,
he is credited with an afterthought, in com-
pliance with American policy, to favor
strong U.S. aid to Israel.
If those who were hesitant had been more
firm, as Senator Henry M. Jackson is, con-
sistently, we'd have less to fear from ob-
structions. But William Fulbright remains
a major obstructionist!
Senator Fulbright is not only antagonistic
to Israel: his attitude is one of animus to
American Jewry. The charge that Jews con-
trol the Congress is shocking and it is in-
sulting to legislators who express a desire
for Israel's survival.
Isn't there a bit of compassion in the
Fulbright heart? Doesn't he realize that a
very tiny nation is fighting for life in an
are of hatred, under stress of being
threatened with extermination?
Senator Mike Mansfield also is far from
friendly, but at least he doesn't condone
isolating Israel completely.
Indeed, this is a time for a roll call of
enemies as well as friends.
Is there any one in Christendom who
was not shocked by the Yom Kippur Day
infamy by Muslims? Who will forget the
Holocaust? Prof. A. Roy Eckardt and his
wife have always been among the most
consistent in reminding the world of the sins
of the 1930s and 1940s, and Dr. Eckardt is
among the first to warn not to permit an-
other great sin in this letter to the NYTimes:
To the Editor:
The Christian world was very larg,
silent and complicitous before the Nazi
genocide of Jews. Its silence and "neu-
tralism," and even pro-Arabism, amid
the attempted second holocaust of 1967
are well known. With the Yom Kippur
war of 1973, Christians and the churches
are given the opportunity to collaborate
yet a third time in the unceasing effort
to annihilate the Jewish people. The
available devices are familiar ones:
"even-handedness" and "calls for peace."
The answer will be given almost im-
mediately. And to the extent that Chris-
tian collaborationism is once again forth-
coming, a new fact will afflict our con-
science: consent to the wicked blasphemy
of utilizing the holiest day of the Jewish
year to the end of destroying Jews.
(Rev.) A. Roy Eckardt
Coopersburg, Pa., Oct. 6, 1973
Such warnings can not possibly fall on
deaf ears!

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