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September 18, 1970 - Image 4

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The Detroit Jewish News, 1970-09-18

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Incorporating The Detroit Jewish Chronicle commencing with issue of July 20, 1951

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Sabbath Scriptural Selections
This Sabbath, the 18th day of Elul, 5730, the following scriptural selections
will be read in our synagogues:
Pentateuchal portion, Deut. 26:1-29:8. Prophetical portion, Isaiah 60:1-22.

Candle lighting. Friday, Sept. 18, 6:18 p.m.


Mankind Tested by Terror of the Desert

Tragic lessons taught to mankind in the
course of what . is being misnamed a social
revolution must, in the course of time,-lead to
adjustments and to a return to rational think-
ing and normal action.
The terror in the desert, which stemmed
from permissiveness among civilized beings,
must be viewed as a temporary experience.
That which had occurred last week evolved
from events that were permitted to escalate
into major threats to the security of innocent
people. It could have been prevented: yield-
ing to blackmail. by Greece a short time
earlier, under the direction of the Red Cross,
with the endorsement of the world powers,
made it possible for criminals to take addi-
tional steps in the direction of defying the
basic principles of civilized actions.
What had occurred may occur again.
There is no guarantee, even when airlines
carry armed security guards, that fanatics
may not continue their suicidal activities. But
if and when proper measures are taken
properly to punish terrorists and to declare
hijacking an international crime, there will
be hope for a return to sanity in human rela-
tions. As matters stand, the Arab criminals
have turned the scales toward insanity. As
long as the world recognizes that when deal-
- ing with the Arab terrorists it confronts in-
sane people, there will be greater hope for a
back-to-sanity future.
What mankind must learn to understand
and to acknowledge is that resort to piracy,
hijacking, brutality of the sort practiced in
the desert by the crazed criminals, all tend to
encourage similar crimes elsewhere. But sug-
gestion of such resort to terror might inspire
the already irrational "rebels" in our own
midst. There is nothing to prevent crazed peo-
ple from turning their hearts and minds
toward destruction and cruelty under the
guise of false idealism—unless they are dis-
couraged from viewing themselves as heroes.
If the media Will play up a criminal young
girl as a "beautiful" fighter for liberty instead
of presenting her in her true light: as a poten-
tial murderer, then we will be in greater
trouble as time progresses. If the terrorists
will be portrayed in any role as other than
criminally insane, and those who are held as
hostages will view their plight as an adven-
ture, with compliments for the treatment they
receive from the bandits, they will be adding
encouragement to terror and to crime.
There is only one way of judging these

criminals: by describing their tasks in their

proper fashion. Under no circumstances must
terrorists be dignified as adventurers, and
terror must be painted as the cruelty it enacts.

The roles of many 'governments are sub-
ject to scrutiny at this time, and the United
Nations is especially subject to suspicion in
view of what has been transpiring. The var-
ious meetings of the Security Council at which
there were advance assurances of bias against
Israel did not help create sanity in the desert.
The position of U Thant has seemed for
long time to be tinged with prejudice against
Israel and Jewry. The hopes we held out for
a great humanitarian instrument imbedded
in the UN have begun to vanish. The one hope
is 'that a new generation will arise on New
York's waterfront to alter the bias) that rules
men's hearts in the world organization.
Blackmail, hijacking, the threat to destroy Posthumously Published Work
a sovereign nation did stir many people. Yet
many of the eminent religious leaders have
remained silent, the Soviet Union had an Roth's "Short History" Reissued
opportunity to assert itself with a sense of
First published in 1935, the "Short History of the Jewish People"
compassion, but its leaders remained indif- by Dr. Cecil Roth was published in revised editions in 1947, 1958
ferent, the antagonism to Jewry and to Israel and 1967.
The latest revised illustrated edition was completed before the
may have continued to blind the sight of all passing
of Dr. Roth on June 21 and has been released this week,
too many human beings. The human factor posthumously,
by Hartmore House, Hart-
has not risen above the medieval spirit when ford, Conn.
the fate of Jews was involved. It was only
An impressive work, while it is listed
when Israel reasserted its role of dignity and as "short" it is marked by a notable com-
setflespect to admonish mankind of its indif- pleteness, and its final chapter is devoted
fereifve to moral values that some voices to the Six-Day War.
began to be heard.
, .,, The thoroughness MAth which the
late author compiled the basic his-
What had happened was a great lesson
torical material in presenting the
for students of morality. It was a test of the
record of Jewish experiences is espe-
values that are preached on Sundays and
cially evident, and the large ntnnber
abandoned on weekdays—and perhaps not
of photographs adds immensely to
practiced even on the sacred days when our
the value of a meritorious work.
Psalms are read as part of an effort for
Of special interest is._the prefatory
spiritual uplifting.
note Dr. Roth had written to the sixth
We are through being tested. There are reprinted edition—it was the fourth illus- Cecil Roth
many challenges ahead for all concerned. trated one—in June of 1967: "Thank God that I have been privileged
Jews are challenged to remain firm in their to witness and to record the crowning mercies inadequately described in
loyalty to their kinsmen. Humanity must the new pages now appended to this work." It was written in Jerusalem.
There are 170 illustrations in this 500-page book •including the
assert itself on the matter involving the fate
of an entire people. Is there any one, any- prefatory comments). From the birth of the Hebrew people to the
in the eras of the Kingdoms and Prophets,
where, in any civilized sphere,. who will sub- the Exile time—sandwiching
Return, Hellenism, Diaspora, Reformation, Renaissance,
scribe to a plan to destroy a sovereign state, Revolution and
and Emancipation, Catastrophe and Resurrection, the State
to aim for another extermination of Israel— of Israel—the story of the Jewish people is told here with skill. The
the new Genocide that is the program of splendid style of the deceased scholar again inspires the reader, and
Arabs who reject peace with Israel?
the revised edition of his history is again a most welcome literary
This is the basic question today. Jewry cnntribution.
knows the answer: never again will another
Auschwitz or Dachau or any form of Nazism Gittelsohn's Meaning of Judaism
and Genocide be condoned. Now it is for
mankind to speak, for the churches to assert
themselves as they read Psalms and Prophecy Emphasizes Unity of Jews
Differences between the three branches of Judaism and the areas in
that speaks of the Redemption of Israel. Are
we to witness a bankrupt humanity or a new which they disagree with the Christian beliefs are -outlined in "The
glory for mankind that affirms honor, dignity, Meaning of Judaism" by Rabbi Roland B. Gittelsohn of Boston, presi-
the Central Conference of American Rabbis.
justice, respect for the civilization that has dent In of this
Book of World Publishing Co., Dr. Gittelsohn
emerged from the morass of the cruelty of draws upon Excalibur
the classic works in Jewish literature to illustrate his
the ages?
presentations of the Jewish position in the world, the interest in

Beware of Rumors That Harm Israel

It is necessary, in the current critical
situation affecting Israel and the entire Mid-
dle East that people generally should be cau-
tious not to be misled by false rumors, regret-
table propaganda, appeals to hatred and dis-
tortions that hardly lend themselves to an
understanding of actual occurrences and
political developments.
It is most unfortunate that in the interest
of a good story correspondents often are mis-
led when they overemphasize the extremes
without waiting for actualities.
The destruction of four planes, the threat
to human lives, the insanities that accom-
panied the "fanaticism of terrorists," as the
bad actors were described in most reports,
were sad enough, Why the introduction of
new speculations—the false report about Sir-
han Satan, which only inspired more hatred
and additional dangers that could have in-
volved the United States more tragically int5i
the entire issue; or the interpretation of ;s-
rael's security measure in arresting 450 ter-

rorists as a bargaining scheme?
The latter was among the indications of
the failure to understand Israel's position.
The Israelis are not out for vengeance, as his-
toric events have proven, and merely seek
amity and a measure of freedom to benefit
all of the state's residents—Jews, Moslems,
Christians. The most stupid thing Israel pos-
sibly could do would be either to arrest hos-
tages or to threaten their lives in retaliation
for Arab bandits' actions. Yet the impression
was given that Israel was on a path of ven-
geance rather than peace. .
There must be a measure of faith in Is-
rael' s resort. to reason, accompanied by its
determination not to permit destruction. And
we must add all of our support towards that
nation's will to live and our role as kinsmen
in the battle for life. Neither terrorism nor
the new form of Nazism that distinguishes
Arab terrorism can ever survive as long as
we stand by an Israel that will not accept
either a death sentence or suicide.

Israel, the otiservances that are traditional in Jewish life.
It is the Jew in history as well as in the current streams who is
depicted, and the basic laws are reviewed and defined. He does not
ignore subjects like sex and marriage, and his account of Christian-
Jewish relations, with emphasis on ecumenical trends, is noteworthy.
He places great stress on the community in Jewish concepts and
observances and in dedication of Jews to their past.
He asserts: "Though only the rashest egomaniac would pre-
sume to predict exactly what the Jew or Judaism will be, in order
to be authentic, the future must be an outgrowth of the past It is
reasonable to assume that whatever the detailed specifications, we
shall continue to be a people difficult to define, eombialag national-
ism, religion and ethnic traits in a pattern distinctively our own.
We shall persist in viewing Deity, the universe, life and man as an
essential Oneness, an Unbroken and Indivisible Unity. We shall
allow neither the world nor ourselves to forget the innate potential
goodness of humankind or the divine compulsion to live by our
highest ideals."
This unity and dedication to faith and people is additionally em-
phasized in Dr. Gittelsoha's declaration: "While accepting and pro-
moting the integrity of all men and groups of men, we shall struggle
valiantly to preserve our own identity as an indispensable prerequisite
for further contributions to civilization. We shall cherish our relation-
ship to Jews everywhere, especially :hose in Israel. We who are so
fortunate as to live in the United States shall simultaneously cultivate
our love—on different levels—for both this nation and Israel, We shall
strive for justice on our own behalf and for the sons of men every-
(Macmillan Excalibur Books are edited by Dr. Carl Hermann
You, eminent theologian, author and lecturer).

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