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September 09, 1966 - Image 2

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The Detroit Jewish News, 1966-09-09

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Purely Commentary

Johnson, Vietnam, JWV and Israel

The Vietnam situation presents many serious problems for the
entire world. The American position has been criticized widely, and
Arab war-mongers utilized the existing situation for anti-American and
anti-Israel -.propaganda.
At the same time, however, the impressive group that has taken
part in appeals for extensive efforts for peace has created a demand
for recognition to the right to dissent.
It would be a calamity if the right to dissent were to be denied
to anyone in this country. That could lead to the end of our demo-
cratic way of life.
That is why the report that President Johnson is puzzled by the
Jewish position on Vietnam is a bit disturbing.
An argument has been used that President Johnson has promised
assistance to Israel and has pledged to protect Israel against aggres-
sion. Does this have anything to do with the dissent principle?
It has been our contention at all times that assistance to Israel,
on a par with other countries receiving aid from the United States,
must be on the basis of merit. It must be offered on a bi-partisan
basis. It should be given in recognition of a need to raise the stand-
ards of a small and friendly nation that seeks peace and that will not
wage war, although it must reserve the right to defend itself against
attacks from the outside. It is as a friendly country and as a mem-
ber of the United Nations that Israel must be given the cooperation
and assistance of the free democratic countries.
Such assistance can not be made conditional upon a return of
favors. Our government must be given all the aid required to emerge
victorious in its struggles on many fronts. But that does not imply
a denial of the right to criticize policies or to demand urgent peace
efforts. If these rights are interfered with, then the injection of the
Israel issue is an affront to the freedoms inherent in American
Neither the Jewish War Veterans nor President Johnson is
justified in even being puzzled by rabbis and laymen speaking up in
behalf of the most pressing pleas for a speedily negotiated peace in
Vietnam. Any suggestion of a lack of patriotism because some one
disagrees with the Johnson administration is in iself lacking in appreci-
ation of the American way of life.
In this case, as in all other occurrences, Jews are like other people.
There are, many rabbis among them, who plead for speedy action to
end the Southeast conflict. There are others, like the Jewish War
Veterans, who want an all-out effort. There are many who are con-
fused — Senators and Governors of States and even President Johnson's
associates who are at a loss what's to be -done. Why, then, the report
that President Johnson was puzzled by "the Jewish attitude because
Jews otherwise were always compassionate?"



Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel


Jewry's Vietnam Role . . .

Expose of American Nazis

By Philip German Official
Slomovitz Offers to Resign

University of Chicago. He was virtually laughed off the stage in
Breasted hall.
Rockwell decided to make hay during disorders in Louisiana in
1961. He hired what he called a "hate bus," and he and nine of
his idiot buddies headed for New Orleans. The New Orleans police
promptly threw them in jail.
At the peak of Rockwell's activity his Chicago group had 19
or 20 members. Usually they could count 10 or a dozen members
at best.
Now Rockwell has returned to Chicago to cooperate in Martin
Luther King's drive to bring latent hostilities to the surface. Years
of successful and positive effort to treat this animal Rockwell for
what he is are endangered. He finally has found fertile soil for
his seeds of hate.
The ignorance of the kids he is recruiting is pitiful. Most
of them weren't born when the blood of thousands of Americans
was shed to stop nazism.
One kid on the west side who was waving a swastika and
passing out Nazi handbills was questioned by a reporter.
"What do you think of the Nazi stand on hte Jewish question?"
the kid was asked.
"Well—ah, I don't know too much about it. I'm Jewish myself,"
the young man answered.
If these kids who are responding to Rockwell can read, they
should read this. The term Nazi derives from the National Socialist
German Workers' party, a revolutionary political and social move-
ment founded in 1918. Hitler joined it in 1919.
The Nazi party took power in Germany in 1933 when Hitler,
who had risen to leadership of the party, was appointed chancellor
of Germany by, President Hindenburg.
The rule of the party was climaxed by Hitler leading his
country into war in 1939. The party went out of existence on
April 30, 1945, when Hitler killed his mistress and then himself
in a bunker under burning Berlin.
During its brief rule the Nazi party was responsible for the
most evil outrages in the history of mankind. Millions of Germans,
Poles, Jews, and Russians were murdered for their political or
religious beliefs.
Nazism was the complete opposite of American democracy.
Total power was vested in one man—Hitler—and his will was
enforced by the militia. Hitler hated America and he hated
Alfred Rosenberg, the major Nazi philosopher, dendunced Chris-
tianity as a Jewish creation, and toward the end Hitler was consid•
ering a blueprint for eradication of Christian churches, after the
elimination of Jews.
Labor lost all rights under nazism as unions were abolished.
Youth, schools, and the press were "co-ordinated," a euphemism
for being taken over by the state. Hitler borrowed the cell system
and hierarchic discipline from the communists.
Hitler made a clash between his evil and the forces of American
democracy inevitable, and the fathers most of the young men now
waving swastikas • on the streets of Chicago fought in the war
against the Nazis.
This is a long account and a stretched observation on the
activities of the ignorant who follow Rockwell, but it is worth
quoting. It is -deserving of attention because ignorance does not discrim-
inate: it draws many into the "white power" bias, just as it has drawn
many uninformed into the "black power" error. The appeal to "white
power" must not attract Jews, as in the instance of the young lad
quoted by Mabley. There is no excuse for extremism of any sort, and
in. the instance of Rockwell it is clear that he will not draw the line
when it comes to hatred: if he hates all Negroes, all Jews, all Catho-
lics, he will not hesitate to destroy, as Hitler had intended. And as
had resulted in Hitler's case there can be only complete rejection of
Rockwell under the American way of life. But he must not be given
even a brief lease of life, and his efforts to rally haters under the
swastika must be repudiated before he makes even the slightest gain.

During War Probe

BONN (JTA) — Dr. Friedrich
Karl Vialon, secretary of state in
the West German Ministry of
Economic Cooperation, suggested
in a television interview here that
he be temporarily suspende d,
pending the outcome of an investi-
gation as to whether he was in-
volved in the wartime Garman
mass murders of Jews.
Dr. Vialon offered the suggestion
after the West German televi-' -Nn
network broadcast a sharp a'
on him Aug. 30, demanding
immediate suspension because -of
the charges.
The network documentary as-
serted it was hard to believe Dr.
Vialon's court testimony that he
had never known about the Nazi
murder of Jews. The network
also noted that the state prose-
cutor in Bonn has been investi-
gating for two years the charges
that Dr. Vialon commited per-
jury in his defense against the
Dr. Vialon served as registrar
of Jewish property in the German
administration in occupied Riga
from 1942 to 1944. He made his
statement about never having
heard of the mass murders as a
witness in a war crimes trial.
Later he was accused by East
Germans of having been involved
directly in the Nazi "final solution
of the Jewish problem."
Documents from Latvian arch-
ives are among the materials be-
ing studied by the Bonn state


The network program displayed
documents bearing Dr. Vialon's
signature presumably proving that
he had given orders that Jewish
gravestones be sold for the bene-
fit of the Nazi regime.
Simon Wiesenthal, head of the
Documentation Center for Nazi
Crimes in Vienna, appeard on the
program. He said that Franz Mau-
rer, a defendant in a trial of Aus-
trian Nazi war criminals, was in
possession of considerable mater-
ial against Dr. Vialon.
Meanwhile the office of Presi-
dent Heinrich Luebke described
as "forgeries" signatures of Dr.
Luebke on a Communist-spon-
sored display of documents al-
legedly demonstrating that he
gave wartime orders for con-
struction of concentration camps.
The exhibit is being held in Mu.
The president's office said that
he had never participated in any
such activity and that the allega-
tions were without foundation. The
office added that, on Dec. 30, 1964,
the United-States Embassy in Bonn
commented on similar charges
made then, saying that Dr. Lu-
ebke's entire life was known to the
United States government, that all
details of his life had been check-
ed, and that the United States had
the greatest respect for him.
* * *

Jerusalem IS the capital of Israel, but a number of nations have,
as yet, failed to recognize that status. The United States, one of
the governments that has refused to recognize Jerusalem's status,
that decision stemming from the time when there were debates over
the internationalization of the Holy City, has its embassy in Tel Aviv.
But when the new Knesset building was dedicated less than
two weeks ago, there was an official U. S. Congressional delegation,
representing both houses of Congress. In a sense, this marked
recognition of Israel's status and acclaim for its parliament which
meets in the Holy City.
This is to the distaste of the Arab League. It has seen fit to
protest against what it said was the moving of the Knesset from
Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The Knesset has not met anywhere else
other than Jerusalem for nearly the entire time of Israel's indepen-
dence, which was proclaimed in 1948. And the Arabs do not even
concede to recognition of Israel. Nevertheless, the Arab League
protests the movement of the Israeli parliament. Isn't this in itself
a recognition?
Arab newspapers in Baghdad and Damascus have published
scathing denunciations of Israel for what it calls the "violation" by
Israel of a United Nations resolution proclaiming the internationali- Arab and Soviet Attitudes in the Middle East
zation of Jerusalem. That's a grand move! Perhaps the Arab League
Tensions rise and fall in the Middle East, as they do almost
now will recognize the UN whose peace aims it has been flaunting
with threats to destroy Israel! What a unique position for the everywhere in the world today. But in the Middle East the situations
Knesset—that its status is taken note of by the "enemy"! Is are more flexible, the crises more frequent. Yet, because Israel must
fight for life, against overwhelming odds and must, therefore, be well
recognition of Israel herself the next Arab move?
prepared for attacks, the resistance is strong. The result of Israel's
will to live is that obstacles are overcome so quickly, as they were in
A Comment on 'The Nut From Washington'
recent weeks when it seemed as if there would be a new conflagration.
Because so much of the civil rights limelight has been focused
A review of the Middle East situation in the Christian Science
of late on the display of swastikas in Chicago, the role of the
standard bearer of the Nazi emblem deserves analysis. There is no Monitor seems to indicate that neither Russia nor Nasser desire war
doubt that George Lincoln Rockwell is merely a rabble rouser, a with Israel. The Monitor's analysis of the situation states:
Overheated tempers along the 45-mile Israeli-Syrian demarca-
hater of Jews, Catholics and Negroes.
tion line have momentarily cooled.
His followers are small in number. But
But the boiling point is still low, and deeper dangers to
the emblem he has raised over the city

for "white power" attracted the haters
Syria and Israel both concentrated heavy forces along the line, hum Goldmann, president of the
among whites who will not condone the
following recent air and waterborne clashes. Some factions on World Zionist Organization, told
civil rights movement. And in pre-Nazi
both sides favored escalation of hostilities. And Syria officially is the opening session of a Jewish
Germany another nut, who had raised
still committed to the "liberation of Palestine."
Agency executive meeting here
the swastika flag as the symbol of his
But other Arab governments are tapping the brakes. Egyptian that he could not imagine that the
appeal to hatred, also numbered less
President Nasser, in particular, is engrossed in internal and "day of pardon" for Germany
than 30 followers but gained the support
economic and security problems and wishes no war with Israel.
of a nation from whom the stigma of
would ever come.
The Soviets, while backing Syria with arms and encourage.
the crimes of the 1930s and 1940s can
He said that he had never ad-
never be erased. Therefore it is well
ment, would probably restrain Damascus, too. Moscow wants the vocated the concept of the "other
Middle Eastern pot to boil, but not boil over and bring the Germany" and that he had been
that a look should be taken at Rockwell.
He and his cohorts are well described in
United States charging in on Israel's side.
grossly misquoted as so saying at
"Mabley's Report," a column by Jack
There is no doubt that Syria presents the major obstacle to peace the plenary session of the World
Mabley, in Chicago's American. Under
with Israel. Iraq is intransigent, but if the Syrian aggressors could be Jewish Congress in Brussels last
the heading "Rockwell's Strongest Ally
tamed there might be a chance for peace throughout the area. And month. He also said that he bad
is Ignorance," Mabley wrote:
Russia is certainly an element of concern in this area as part of the been still optimistic some time
"George L. Rockwell, the nut
ago about the future of Soviet
global troubles.
from Washington who has proclaimed
Israel, at least, never 'gives up hope. Perhaps we shall indeed see Jewry, but that "unfortunately this
himself an American Nazi and sur-
stand is now changed."
an end to the state of war in the Middle East very soon.
rounded himself with other nuts who
call themselves storm troopers, has
U.S. Rapped by Congressman for Failure to Sign Anti-Genocide Convention
long wanted to _speak in Chicago,"
this column said Nov. 1, 1960.
He said: "It is truly lamentable
WASHINGTON (JTA) — Failure ified by nearly 70 states, including
He found a forum, we reported.
that the United States, which has
the USSR.
He scheduled a speech in a Clark street beatnik saloon. When he
Rep. Halpern said the treaty, always stood for the dignity of the
got there, he found a bunch of muscular, hard-eyed members of ratify the United Nations genocide which would outlaw persecution of individual, has not acted in a prae-
the Jewish War Veterans waiting in the audience.
convention was deplored in a racial, ethnic and religious groups, tical way to enhance the applica-
Rockwell never made the speech. He took one look, put his speech on the House floor by Rep. should be ratified at this session, tion of human rights around the
tail between his legs and chased back to Washington. In 1963 he
or "our nation's participation in globe. Our indecision on the geno-
came back to Chicago at the invitation of some students at the Seymour Halpern, New York Re- the coming human rights year will cide convention is a typical in-
publican. The convention, adopted
THE DETROIT JEWISH NEWS by the UN in 1948, has been rat- seem shallow."
Friday, September 9, 1966

Goldmann Gloat,



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