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December 03, 1920 - Image 4

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The Detroit Jewish Chronicle, 1920-12-03

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KISLEV 22, 5681

DECEMBER 3, 1920


Never in Jewish history was there greater need for the revival
of that Maccabean spirit of valiant heroism which is celebrated in
the Chanukah narrative than there is today. Judah, the Maccabee s
and his little host of compatriots who put to rout the mighty bands
of the oppressors of their people and their faith occupies a worthy
place among the heroes whom history has enshrined.
But it is not chiefly for his military' prowess that he shall be
remembered. It is as a soldier of faith that his name shall be re-
corded among the undying names of history. His it was to prepare
the way for the re-dedication of the Temple of the living God after
it had been polluted by the idolatries of the heathens. His it was
to save that faith which then as now, represented the dearest treas-
ure that Israel possessed. And it is in his spirit that the modern
Jew must face Ills problems. The form of attack against the Jew
and Judaism has indeed changed. But the end that the oppressors
have in view remains the same.
They would drive the Jew into a denial of that faith which
through the centuries has kept him strong. And failing in that,
they would wipe him out of existence. Today, there stand arrayed
against the Jew, all the forces that ignorance allied with fabulous
wealth can muster. He is today the victim of a world conspiracy,
the agents of which are to be found in practically every country of
the world. The charges made against him based upon forged docu-
ments, the fictitious character of which have been shown time and
time again, are in themselves so stupid and ridiculous that they
carry no weight with thinking men. But unfortunately, the masses
of the people are not always thoughtful. And they are all too ready
to believe charges—no matter how ridiculous—that may be made
against those who by virtue of their thrift, their industry, their ambi-
tion, their sobriety, their intelligence, and their honesty, have in
many fields of endeavor become their most successful competitors.
Besides, the charges made against the Jew—themselves wholly false
—arc so wrapped around with the mantle of subtle half truths, that
they themselves are in the eyes of the undiscerning given the appear-
ance of truth.
A current paper reports that a Methodist minister is sent to the
penitentiary for embezzlement but nobody draws the inference from
that that all members of the Methodist Church are thieves. The
same paper tells Its that a high official of another denomination is a
wife heater but svho would be so foolish as to draw the conclusion
that all 'members of that particular religions denomination mistreat
their wives and families? Yet so subtly do the writers of the Anti-
Semitic articles, through which they are attempting to poison the
minds of the people, suggest just such inferer.ce in re-ard to the
Jews that many of their ignorant readers at once draw 1:1;:n!:et con-
And so it happens that the chief enemies against which the Jew
must stand today are the ignoramus and the liar. Oa the one hand,
there are those who through their stupidity :ire mi.ded into sponsor-
ing theories of the full import of which they have not the sligliteA
inkling and on the other, those who having absolutely no retard f
truth and decency, are willing for may at the hands of their oast
to spread these libels.
This Chanukah season which reminds us of the heroic exploits of
a Judah Maccabee should awaken in every Jew the will to stand
against these modern foes with that same unflinching heroism and
with that sante dauntless devotion to a great cause as did our fore-
bears. The temple of our life has been mdluted by hands as truly
heathen as those whose vile practices had desecrated the ancient
altar. But like unto them, the godless of our times shall work their
own undoing. Let Israel have no fear. Let him kindle the lights of
Chanukah in his homes and as their number grows from eve to eve,
let them symbolize that growing light of knowledge, of faith, and of
love, which in God's (ism time shall dissipate the darkness of igno-
rance, of irreligion, and of Mitred which in these days, enshrouds
the hearts of millions of men in sorrow and in suffering.

A Delayed Appeal.

During the month of November, practically every Jewish com-
munity in America made an appeal to its people in behalf of the
Union of American Hebrew Congregations and its campaign for
funds for the upbuilding of the religious life of Israel in America.
Here in Detroit, it is true, we heard eloquent addresses bearing upon
this subject but no campaign for funds to further the movement was
undertaken. This was in no wise due to a lack of appreciation of
the tremendous importance of the movement itself but the appeal
was delayed in recognition of the fact that all the energies of the
people were demanded at this time to make the drive of the Detroit
Community Fund that complete success which in virtue of its tre-
mendous interests it had to be.
Now that the Community Fund Drive is practically at an end,
we feel it a duty that we owe to our people in this community to
say to them that in the Back-to-the-Synagog movement, we also
have a duty to perform. Because of our purposed delay in address-
ing this appeal to the people, Detroit according to word received
from the President the Union of American Hebrew Congrega-
tions, is one of the comparatively few cities in the country that dur-
ing the month of November, has not "gone over the top."
But Detroit Jewry may be depended upon in this as in other
matters, to do its duty. Among those who contributed to the
maintenance of the Union and its educational and philanthropic in-
stitutions last year, there are quite a few who have not yet paid
their subscriptions for the current year. A most urgent appeal is
addressed to these people to send in their checks without delay. And
there are hundreds who have not given to this great cause at all.
They will give to charity but they will not give as generously as
they should to the support of our religious and educational insti-
tutions. Let them remember that when the Jew ceases to he in-
spired by the ideals of his religion, to all intents and purposes, he
ceases to be a Jew at all. Trite, he will be called a Jew by his ene-
mies and will suffer with his fellow Jews all the petty annoyances to
which our people are subjected but he will lose for himself and his
children, that inspiration, that hope, that spiritual strength which is
the portion of those to whom Judaism is a living faith.
Now, it is the function of the Union of American Hebrew Con-
gregations to foster that faith and to keep it alive. To this end,
it maintains the Hebrew Union College where rabbis and teachers
are prepared for their sacred calling. It has established and sup-
ports the Department of Synagog and School Extension, through
which the message of the Jew is brought to our co-religionists in
the scattered communities throughout the land; through which the
Jewish students in our colleges and universities are given the oppor-
tunity of maintaining their religious integrity while away from their
home influences and out of touch with great Jewish communities;
through which text books for the guidance of teachers and pupils
in our religious schools are prepared and other religious literature
disseminated; through which in fact, a dozen forms of activity are

carried on, all of which tend to strengthen the religious conscious-
ness of the modern Jew.
Surely, it cannot be that any of our people shall be so callous
to the permanence of Judaism in America that they will willingly
resign the privilege of assisting that great organization in whose
name this appeal is sent forth.
Contributions to the Union for the maintenance of its splendid
work may be sent to the local officers of the Union by whom they
will be promptly forwarded to the proper officers at headquarters.

Why Do They Want Us?

Despite the advance of knowledge and the spread of the liberal
spirit and the growth of the brotherhood ideal, it is by no means
unusual for teachers and preachers of the more Orthodox Christian
denominations to sound the doom of the Jew in no uncertain terms.
The hell fires which are to receive him for his rejection of their
Saviour burn for him as brightly as ever. Nothing, nothing but
the acceptance of his salvation can save him from the horrible fate
that inevitably awaits hint. Neither his morality nor his good
citizenship nor his respect for law and order nor the human service
he renders, nor his domestic virtues, nor his sponsorship of right-
eousness nor his care for the poor and the needy, nor in fact any
of the timings that exalt men can in the eyes "f these good.Orthodox
Christians save the Jew.
It is therefore no doubt out of their love and their pits' for him
that they are eternally attempting to win us from the Thora to the
cross. It is only in this wise that can be explained the new cam-
paign of conversion that according to official announcement is to
be made by the Presbyterian brethren in New York. Why else
should they seek to spend millions of dollars to convert the Jew
to Christianity? Were they not so kindly disposed to us , and did
they not so earnestly wish to save us front impending doom, surely
they would begin their work of salvation with those benighted ones
WilQ ought to have a nearer claim upon them. They would go into
the jails and the penitentiaries where surely they would find many
thousands of nominal Presbyterians who need to be brought back
to their Christ. The would go into the :elms houses and the elee-
mosynary institutions that abound in the land. And there, they
would find plenty of their own reaching out their hands to them for
succor. They would go into the sanitoria for the cure of venereal
diseases and there they would find the wrecks of human beings born
and reared in the Presbyterian Church who really are entitled to
their spiritual sympathies and their help. They would go through
the slums of the great cities and they would pick out of the gutters
the drunkards, the thieves, the gamblers, the prostitutes sprung
from their own loins and who surely are in need of the salvation
that they bring.

But, no, in their great charity of spirit and to show their great
for the Jew, they are willing to neglect their own to take out
of their homes where they are enjoying those comforts and those
privileges which decent and unselfish parental love can bestow, the
little children of the household of Israel and with sweetmeats and
toys, entice them away from their people. Isn't it grand? Isn't it
noble? Isn't it Christian on the part of our Presbyterian friends to
think so much of the Jew and to be willing to make such wondrous
sacrifices in his behalf?


But then, the prize perhaps is worth the effort. They want to
quench the fires of hell that are awaiting to consume the Jew for
his stubbornness of heart. To accomplish this end, the expenditure
of a few hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars is none
too much. It explains why they want to convert us. Surely they
deserve to prosper in so noble anti unselfish an

(Continued From Page 1.)

where all the notabilities conic for
canine advice sooner or later, Is part
and parcel of old London, as his
father was before blur. Ile knows a
little about human nature as well as
about dogs, and I talked to hint on
Jewish subjects and found them near
static, and he is already regarded
hie heart. lie saw no problem in
with suspicion because it is felt that being a Jew and an Englishman; but
In hie heart he despises and rejects then his mind was thirty years back,
the way of the world. What is the when he was a boy, and when we had
few of today that he should despise no such uncontrollable, wishful, self-
the nations as he was Meld to do asserthe immigration as now claims
in the Old Testament days?"
to speak for Jewry, and by its be-
No Leaders Left.
haviour, with no need of spoken
Ile paused for a reply. As I looked words, sets itself apart from its fel-
al hint, and could frame no answer low citizens. One fears that the gen-
that would convince him, I thought to eration of Mr. Cecil Isaacs is passing,
myself that here was a man endowed or will soon be swamped in the youth
with the youth and all the qualities of the war-wealthy, half-educated, all
that make for leadership, and deter- assertive, neither religious Jews nor
mined that none of it should go to the quiet Englishmen; an element which
service of any Jewish cause. not even one's friends ask to be explained,
a purely religious cause. I knew hint which one could not for very self-
to be no less proud than myself of his pride disclaim or disavow, and must
origin. but anxious as a sheer matter therefore support and try as far as
of principle to keep It out of court. possible to Justify.
I reflected that Ills tinJewish n1111080-
How Explain New Type?
phy was at leant superior to the
rem how are We, who understand
ignorance and apathy that prevails our fellow countrymen, who confide
elsewhere amongst our young people. in their friendship and sense of fair
For he had formed his own opinion play, who can strive for nothing bet•
which c intained a definite policy; he ter than to emulate their social stan-
held to it; and he woo therefore en- dard, to explain these other Jews,
tithd to respect. I could have counted who make up in volubility, impatience
upon the fingers of my two hands the and vulgarity the comparative small-
young men of Jewry capable, by rea- ness of their numbers to those of the
son of their intellect, their character general population?
Time Was, not so long ago. when
and their business capacity, of com-
bating in debate or in action such a we lived our lives within that of the
man as this. I could not find enough nation, unmolested and unmoiesting,
to fill the fingers of one hand of Englishmen
an ancient
e01111111111R1 leaders who by their work faith, but claiming proudly our share
today, by their constructive. effective in English traditions. What are we
work in the pioneer task of re-estab- to do when the crowd from Central
lishing a helpful Judaism which alien Europe tries to sweep UN into its own
command at once the adherence of arrogant and obtrusive advance,
ourselves NMI the reverence of our flaunting the good-fortune which It
neighbors. can lay claim to the offer- enjoys by virtue of that very English
tion and trust which is the reward of tradition of freedom which Is denied
genuine leadership.
elsewhere and only too often abused
Last Thursday. at eleven o'clock In here? Mr. Isaacs did not shrug his
the morning. there Was in London a shoulders nor spread his hands wide.
reverent stillness. a noble emotion, a That would have been en-English.
passionate patriotism which might But he and I both gave up the prob.
well cause foreign visitors to wonder Lem.
at the reserve of strength and feeling
which is the hidden power of the
British people. Jews In more than
statistical proportion mourned their
dead on Armistice Day around White-
hall when the Unknown Soldier was
DANZIG—A delegation of repre•
borne to hisgrave in Westminster sentative Jews called on
Abbey. For all any of those hun- Balakhowitch and Boris Savinkoff,
dreds of thousands of Englishmen appealing to them to stop the po-
knew. the Unknown Soldier might groms now bring made by their fol-
have been a Jew.
By way of reply General
• • •
Balakhowitch reproached the Jewish
communities for their unfriendly re-
ception of his soldiers. Nevertheless.
Burly of frame, with grey hair and the delegation obtained the promise
a round open face like a winter apple, that measures would be taken to stop
the greatest commercial expert on all further' pogroms. The report, how-
living things furred and winged and ever, adds that the work of murder,
finned and feathered, a real old fash- assault and pillage continues as here-
ioned type of English Jew, Mr. Cecil tofore.
Isaacs barred my path and said.
"Good-afternoon." as I was thinking
of these problems of which I write.
Mr. Isaacs belongs to this generation,
but he comes from the stock which
WARSAW.—The A'oyevoda (chief
made Jewry half a century ago, the
of police) of Bialystok directed a let •
type of Anglo-Jewry which has Its
ter to the Jewish Kehillah in Warsaw
roots in this country two centuries
requesting to be furnished the entire
back, which by Its sturdy qualities
material and all data in its posses-
earned the respect of Britain and sion
relating to Jewish employment
made emancipation possible, and in agriculture.
which now looks with resentment
The letter has caused great interest
upon the influx of the noisy, preten- among the Jews
of Warsaw and ex-
tious new-arrived and newly-rich,
planation is freely made that is be-
whose vociferous clamour sounds Melt
tokens only good. It is generally
not only in the counsel. of the com-
predicted that the Voyevoda will
munity. but in the streets and every-
urge Jews to go into agriculture.
where you go. bringing discredit upon
its betters, and creating that very
Jewish problem which exercises not
only the anti-Semite but the philtre
LONDON.—Joseph Morgenstern
for many years the chief cantor of
Of the Old School.
Vienna, arrived here and will give a
Mr. Isaacs, among his dog kennels
In the two tumbled-down little shops moldier of concerts. He is originally
from Odessa.






(('”ntinued from Page One)

0 golden lights, shine out anew,
Say Books Are Discredited.
Shine out with radiance bright and true,
"These assaults on the honor of the
Jewish people ore all founded on the
While gazing on your golden glow
'Protocols' and on the discredited
You speak to me of long ago.
literature of Russian and German anti-
Of patriots who shed their blood
Semitism, Inspired by the minions of
autocracy. Parrot-like they repeat the
For Israel's cause, for faith, for God,
abominable charges that can only ap-
Did not they sacrifice their all
peal to the cerdulity of a stunted In-
When clarion-like there came the call?
telligence—charges long since con-
"Who's on the Lord's side, come to me,
ceded to be unfounded by all fair-mind-
ed men.
Lord among the gods, who is like thee?" -.
"Speaking as representatives of the
Jewish people, familiar with the his-
tory of Judaism in its various phases
and with the movements, past and
present, in Jewish life, we say with
time, the committee's hands
fi r
all solemnity:
tied, and it is financially imp,.
"The Protocols are a base forgery.
increase the amount already
There has never been an organization
ated for immediate relief pure
a ,
of Jews known as the Elders of Zion.
I heia
leaco fo o r fe c
reo ri n cti
e natsk
iai ;g ce.
from Page One)
or the Zionist Men of Wisdotn, or the
Wise Mee of Zion, or bearing any
Distribution COI' glitter'
our relief activities is Mewl-
other similar name. There has never
realizes the justice of the if- lands
existed a secret or other Jewish body
made by its Regional Direetoi- .it the
organized for any purpose such as that C"vabI Lcas Makes Statement,
In giving this cable out to the Jew- Vienna conference; but it is compi•lled
implied in the Protocols. The Jewish
to refer these demands to the J,s, s of
people have never dreamed of a Jew- ish public, the Joint Distribution
through its secretary, America. in the hope that tlgi, who
Iish dictatorship. of a destruction of re-
during the last sir years gave each
I Haien, or on interference with Indus- Albert Lucas, made the following
for their afflicted brethren, will again
trial property, or of an overthrow of statement:
"The cable from the Vienna con. tesponfl to their cry, now that their
leivilization. The Jews have never con-
plight is worse than ever het., and
spired with the Freemasons, or with
to the conference by the Joint Dis- through their committees well con-
any other body, for any purpose.
tribution Committee, requesting that tribute sufficiently to enable t1,- Joint
Traced to Russian Mystic.
budget of the relief work for the Distribution Committee to erect th
"Whence come these pretended
demands of its European reps s ,nta.
'Protocols?' There have been various eight months ending July 1, 1921, be
to $3,000,000. This request lives and enlarge the rel.l work
versions. One Serge NIlue, a Russian
w as rendered necessary by the finan- where it is so urgently needed Above
mystic and ardent supporter of czar-
all, it urges all those who I, - not
Ism, claims to have received them in cial condition of the committee.
"On Nov. 17 the conunittee had in yet paid their pledges to du SO at
Russia, in 1901, in manuscript form,
front a Russian officeholder, who stated
that the manuscript had been original- tral Relief Committee, $300.051 Isinee
ly obtained by a lady, whose name is then turned over to the J. D. C.); with
the People's Relief Committee $500,-1
not given, and who, he said, obtained
000; with the New York Campaign
them In a mysterious way.
LONDON—The Jewish colonists of
"Niles asserts that he submitted the Committee, $2,030,000; in all, $7,877,- Telhi and Gilead who were driven
'Protocols' to one of the Russian grand 155). .Cs against this, the committee from their homes by an attacking
has made thd folloWing appropria- party of Bedouins a number of
dukes, who after examination, return-
NI them with the despairing message: tions: For reconstruction, $5,000Op; months back, have now returned to
for immediate relief and special of, their old habitations, according to
'Too late.'
penditures, $3,675.000; for the cam- dispatch received from Jerusalem
"In 1905 Niles incorporated the
paign against typhus, as well as for The French officials
'Protocols' in a second edition of a
welcomed the
medical work in general, $2,000,000; returning Jew's
offering to assist them
mystical book entitled, 'The Great in
total, $10,675,000. This does not in- with provisions while the representa-
the Little.' In January, 1917, he pub-
clude the work in behalf of the war tive of the J. C. A. (Jewish Coloniza-
lished another book under the title, 'It
and pogrom orphans, which will re- tion Associa
tion) have undertaken bs
is Near, at the Door.' purporting to
c.Pre millions, nor unforseen emerg- rebuild those homes which were de-
foretell 'the coming of the anti-Christ
and the Kingdom of the Devil on encies, which may call for immediate stroyed in the course of the fighting.
aid. In other words, even without the At the time of the clash between the
orphans' relief work, the cummittee is Bedouins and the Jewish colonists,
"In this book he announces that he
113 (1C0.000 short. This sum, it is ex- Captain Trumpeldor, one of the most
had only then learned authoritatively
pected, will be covered by pledges heroic figures that served with the
from Jewish sources (what they were
already made hut as yet unpaid. But British forces, was killed in an effort
is not explained) that those 'Protocols'
even if the $3,000,000 are received in to defend his Jewish brethren.
were nothing other than a strategic
plan for the conquest of the world, of
putting it under the yoke of Israel, 'the
struggle against God.' a plan worked
out by the leaders of the Jewish peer.
ple during the ninny centuries of their
dispersion, and finally presented to
the Council of Elders by the Prince of
Exile, Theodor Iferzl, at the time of
the first Zionist Congress, summoned
by him at Basle, in August, 1597.
Bolsheviki Are "Non-Jews."
"Irrespective of this history, bristl-
ing with suspicion," the statement
said, "an analysis of the 'Protocols'
shows that on their face they ore a
fabrication and that they must have
emanated from the bitter opponents of
Later it characterizes the document
as farcical in its absurdities, asserting
that in the Russian original there is a
passage. "significantly omitted from
the translation, to the effect that the
English are the descendents of the
Lost Tribes of Israel and the British
government is violently attacked for
Its liberalism."
Continuing, the statement said "the
oontention that the genuineness of the
'Protocols' Is established by the out-
break of bolshevism in Itussia 12
months after their publication and that
bolshevism is a Jewish movement in
absurd in theory and absolutely un-
Established 1561
true in fact.
"To say that the Jews ore resron-
New Location — Woodward at John R.
sible for bolshevism is a deliberate
falsehood. The originators of bolshe-
vism were exclusively non-Jews.
"The Boisheviak cabinet, known as
the people's commissars, consists of
20 members, of whom Trotsky and
Sverdlov are the only Jews, and they
are Jews merely by birth. Of the cent-
ral committee of the Communist fts
Party. Including Trotzky, there are
four Jews out of 13. The no-called
extraordinary commission, whose func-
tion it is to suppress opposition to the
Bolshevik regime from within, Is di-
We Operate Our
rected by a triumvirate consisting of
Own Finish Mill
a Pole and two Letts, none of whom
is of Jewish origin. Although Trotzky
Is the head of the war department, his
general staff Is composed exclusively
of non-Jews.
Mensheviki Led by Jews,
"On the other hand, the leaders of
We carry in stock
We can deliver to
the Mensheviki. who are the sworn
foes of Bolshevism • are to a large
at all times a large
the proper
extent Jews.
quantity of doors
"If the Jew's are to be condemned
selection of floor-
in a variety of
because of a Trotzky, who has never
in the slightest degree concerned him-
ing to give the
styles, built to har-
self with Judaism or the welfare of
best finish, appear-
monize with al-
the Jews, then there is not a people
that has ever lived that might not
most every in-
ance and service
with equal right be condemned be-
cause in its membership there were
to your building.
men who are alleged to have advo-
cated hateful doctrines. The Jew has
traditionally stood for religion, law,
order, the family, and the right of
property. It is. therefore, the height
of cruelty to charge hint with respote
eibility for bolshevism, when itsdoe-
trines, should they prevail, would In-
evitably lead to the destruction of
In conclusion, the statement said:
"We have an abiding confidence in
the spirit of Justice and fairness that
permeates the true American. and we
are satisfied that our fellow-citizens
will not permit the campaign of elan.
der and libel that has been launched
against us to go unreproved."
n. ,,


(('one lined




Announcing the completion of our
New Establishment, one of the
finest Jewelry Shops in America




Storm Doors

Storm Sash

AC Miler

Vinewood Ave. nd and
G. T. any









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