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March 08, 1917 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1917-03-08

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April 8th

Prepare Now

e your selection from our vast assortment of distinctive
weaves and colorful blends.

G. H.
ng Merchant Tailors

Wild Company


hoice Selection of Place Cards
and Dance Programs
he Slater Book Shop
one 430 336 S. State St.

)cial nwaer at the Ur. versity of
M gan. us eevery mitflnn except
M nday durimg the nversity year.
n fte: edtat the ost-office at Ann Arbor as
V~mIat nriom: narrs -Student s S-
ly toe;Tic ~lt" or . ott nI ak
C:L unatior not to ecCed 300 words
in lntor notices of events; will bepub-
lished i The Daiat the discretion of the
Editor, if left at the of4.ce in the Ann Arbor
Pt ess Bldg., or in the notice box in the west
rorridor of thgnrral library, where the
niotices are collected at 7:~30 o'clock each
n C. B. Park'..........lManaging itor
rence '.FIseig ...... Business Manager
C na ,'ue;._........ v:ws Editor
S------- - Ity Editor
H ~oh . Ftzp aM.~,.,,, Sortns Editor
2'ln in ilon.........."_.. ,, fCnS E1Y'ditor
Carleton ' . , t, . >Sitil i1dh
C. ^A ant Business ,1
Albert 1. 1101ne -..Assistant Business Manager
Roscoe N. Ran. . .As, stant Vnusiness Manager
Ced M. Se . stant usis aNa
Night Editors

love of country which once was so 1l1 IIIIt 1ii l u M 811i I t Illi IIII I I M 11111111111111111111 [111111111111111
vital a part of our life?
We are not for war. We pray the B_ _ __
day when all wars and all strife shall 246_1_ _
cease. But until that day shall come
America - Americans - must stand e"
willing to make sacrifices-to undergo
hardships if necessary that the honor,-
and integrity of our country may be
Preerved. If war is coming we muste p
e prepared-we must be prepared in n e proper
pirt, and that spirit seems to be lack- ,
iug today. If war comes the college at
man will be the first to sacrifice him-
self -he who has much to lose and lit-=*
tle to, gain. Harvard and Yale are
ready. y5 Illinois? Are we prepared, W
not in nms and men, but in spirit,
alive to the issues, ready to pledge j VNIVE "SITY BOOKSTORES
ourselves to the cause, to fight and to

338 S. STATE
)r sodas and lunches
ce Cut Flowers and Plants
hapin St. Ann Arbor, Mich.
PHONE~ 809 M

Special Sale of Cosmetics and
Special Ten Day Weave


Miss Mabel Rowe
Shampooing, Manicuring, Massaging and Chiropody
Phone 2402 503 First National Bank Bldg.
Capital $100,000 Surplus and Profit $65,ooo
Wirt Cornwell Waldo M. Abbott
Geo. W. Patterson Harry M. Hawlev
S. W. Clarkson Harrison Souie
Fred Schmid D. B Sutton
E. D, Kinnie

B. . Sadee

K. L. Zeigler
TI. M Carry
L.W. Nsete.


Fruit Rolls
Butter Creams

MNexican Fudge
Bitter Sweets

These are only a few of the Candy Specialties we
The Fountain of Youth
State Street Cor. Liberty

~, i. i'urr Reporter
C. S. Clak ia'.- S. R d
N. 11. lFricen G,. lrophx
I. II. Crultenden Midred C. MighehI
1K. KWehmneyer J. P. n
F. .aer
Allan Shoenfild
uaines Staff
PaulB. Ctolete Hrry R. Louis
Walter N. Payne jackson W. Smart
od . Smit Syou Wilson
~~ Pernrd Woli
TlHlLRtDA Y, MARCII 3, 1917.
Night Lditor-C. S. Clark, lr
"The work of patriotism is never
finished; when it lags your country
suiers, 'hen it ceases your country
becomes extinct. Your country now
is in sore straits-in sore straits be-
cause your patriotism has been a sham
patriotism, a thin of words instead
of actions, of blatant phrases instead
of devoted thought, instead of per-
sonal service, instead of selt-sacrilice.

die if necessary?
*'Shall we renew in ourselves for
the purpose the old fibre that cleared
this continent, and drove out of it our
enemies? I will, will you? Shall we
pledge ourselves to endure, regardless
of cost? I am pledged, are you? De-
cide, for this is the critical hour!
Axerican, dare you look into your
heart and not answer?"-Daily Illini:
It ha been suggested that the Boat
club begin its 1917 activities by im-
proving navigation on the campus
With the revival of the Tong wars
on the Pacific coast, we are reminded
of the good old '49 days in California,
when the man who could draw the
quickest was master of all he sur-
They are planning a Venetian fete
at the University of Illinois. Why
not hold one in Ann Arbor, now that
the walks have turned into canals.?
A lock for Ford cars has been put
on the market by a Detroit firm. Won-
der if it will succeed in keeping the
ord in its place?

NATURE never starts any-
thing she can't finish. To-
13 baCCO ain't a y exeution.
VELVET is naturally
aged for two years. No
artificial methods.


. .. ..

We Offer You
Resources $3,800,000
on Arbor Savings Bank
Incorporated 1869
in Office--
orthwest Corner Main and Huron
inch Office--
707 North University Ave.
Farmers &, MeheniCs Bank
Wwv the Best in Modern Banking
lent and Pleasant Quarters. You Will
ised With Our Service. Two Offices
5 S. Main St. : : 330 S. State St,
109 S. Main St.
Our candies are made in
our own sanitary shop.

Between Detroit, Ann Arbor and -Jackson
Cars run on Eastern time, one hour faster
than local time,
Detroit Limited and Express Cars-7:35 a.
m., 8:so a. in. and hourly to 7:o p. m., 9:10
p. in.
Kalamazoo Limited Cars---8:4& a. ii and
every two hours to 6:48 p. I'.; to Lansing,
8:48 p. m.
Jackson Express Cars-(Local stops west of
Ann Arbor)--9 :48 a. mn. and every two hours
to 7:48 p. m.
Local Cars Eastbound-5:35 a. m., 6:40 a
m., 7:05 a. m. and every two hours to 7:05 p.
M., 8:05 p. n., 9:05 p. in., 10:50 p. in. tc
Ypsilanti only, 9:20 a. M., 9:50 a. M., 2:os p
W., 6:05 p. in., 11:45 p. m., :r:io a. in., z :2t
a. m. To Saline, change at Ypsilanti.
Local Cars Westbound -6.o5 a. in., 7:50 a.
tn., 10:20 p. In.. 12:20 a. M.
Takes Pictures
Develops Films
makes Prints
and Enlarge-
Th i niversioy of Cicago
nHn Ein addition to resident
UUIULwork, offers also instruc-
tion by correspondence
STUDY For detailedn-
eh Uoraioaddress
124th Year 11 . of C. (DiV. H), Q icag o, 1H. wMahaT


213 E.I

Liberty St.



KOLLAUF, The Tailo

A a typewriter from
322 South State Street
will furnish you an instruction
k free of charge. You will be a
lt before you know it.
rof. Francis W. Kelsey speaks at
W. C. A. Vespers at 5 o'clock this
rnoonin Newberry hall. Merle
den, '19, will sing.
eneva club meets at 7:30 o'clock
ght at the home of Margaret Rog-
1130 Oakland avenue.
here will be no Women's league
.y Friday afternoon on account of
Y. W. C. A. reception.
W. C. A. reception for all faculty
University women will be from
6 o'clock Friday afternoon in New-
y hall.
rngs for the contest under the
)ices of the athletic committee of
Women's league should be turned
o some member of the committee
tirteen roles for the Cercle Fran-
play, "Les Pattes de Mouche," will
,ssigned at the cast tryouts to be
at 4 o'clock this afternoon in
Cercle Francais rooms. The try-
will be open to the campus in
ral and the requirements will be
vatic ability and a knowledge of
ich. The play will be presented on,
1 27.

Clothes designed nt made
On premhises --it gularanlteed

Cor. )1ain aid Ann Sts.

Ainn Arbor

Extension Lectures
Prof. S. Lawrence Bigelow will lec-
ture tomorrow night in Flint on
"Science as a Protection Against
Prof. Aubrey Tealdi will lecture on
"Home Grounds and Their Improve-
ment" tomorrow night in Constantine,
Prof. Albert R. Crittenden will
speak tomorrow night in Battle Creek,
Mich., on "A Roman Country Gentle-
Prof. Clarence L. Meader will speak
tomorrow night in Alma, Mich., on
"Russia of Yesterday and Today."
"Martin Luther" is the subject on
which Prof. Warren W. Florer will
speak tomorrow night in Barrian
Prof. Max Winkler will lecture to-
morrow night in Grand Rapids at the
Fountain Street Baptist church on
"Schiller and His Message to the Pres-
Prof. Sharfman Reovers froni Illness
Prof. I. Leo Sharfman of the econ-
omics department, who was unable to
meet some of his classes yesterday due
to throat trouble, will be able to re-'
sume work again today.

"You and I brag of our history, out
country, our wealth, our virtue, our
greatness. We talk loudly of the Flag
of the Free, and we wave it and shout
Then, filled with the ptide of '76, we
rattle our Ilintlocks, shake fists at
Europe, and go back to our work and
am sem ont.
-"Such patriotism is sham, all sham!
It merely is tie froth that foams offi
a PeO;-le roti en with indivi dual'selfish-
ness, with sectional prejudice, with
class jealousy, and ignorant of the
worlJ; a people of petty states that
have not become a nation, who lacke
wholly that satred solidar y tf sub_'-
conscious thought called national
"We take, we never give; we de-
mand that the Pug shall protect us,
but wve hesitate, we refuse to protect
the latg. The flag nlst give to us
shelter and wealth, and the vanity of
believing ourselves a great and glor-
ious people. But we must not be
asked to give an'ht to the flag of
service, of money, of anythin,.
"The American does not wish to be
burdened with the ilag, so he hires a
few men to haul it up in the morning
and down at niht. And upon these
he shoulders all f his duties of prac-
tical patriotism. Call him unpatriot-
ic and he knocks you down; set him
at a patriotic task and away from it
he rushes, whistling the Star Spang-
led Blann er."
These words were not taken from a
Fourth of July oration. They come
as a challenge, a timely challenge.
from the pen Of I Inry A. Wise Wood.,
and one would think that they were
aimed dire:Cly at Illinois; one would
think tat some investigator had
sensed conditions here and was writ-
ing to urge us as Americans to awake
to conditions as they really exist; ti'
throw off that nft itude of smug~ness
which most certainly oxist s here.
*Worse than being merely indiffer-
wnt, as many of us surely are, we
know that there exists an active "anti-
patriotism" faclie--a small group of
faculty men who poke fun at the flag,
who are quite sure that patriotism is
all "bunk," entirely unnecessary and
even undesirable. And this in 1li-1
tis Shadesofincoln and Logan!
Whtare we coingI to! hlave we
outgrown the days when the flag in-
sired the keenest sense of citizen-
ship, when men shed blood and died
for their country, when patriotism was
just as much a part of every man's
life as the respect of womanhood and
the love of the beautiful? Have years
of tawdry misuse made that patriot-
ism obsolete? Are we lost beyond
redemption? Are we devoted? Have
we a cause? Or is a cowardly peace-
at-any-price doctrine choking out that

A proposition to utilize thousands
of motor boats in the Atlantic and
Great lake ports of the country for
training purposes, was transmitted
yesterday to Assistant Secretary of the
Navy Roosevelt by Theodore I. Coe.
The plan adopted at a recent meet-
ing of the United States Motor Boat
association was to form class rooms
in 20 cities where a power squadron
unit exists, for teaching all the things
pertaining to seamanship and coast-
wise navigation. After a theoretical
tr-Pining in class rooms men who per-
haps never have been aboard a power
boat before, will be taken on the wa-
ter and given a chance to learn sea-
manship and navigation.
Berkeley, Cal., March 7.-With the
establishment of a college employment
bureau by the alumni association of
the University of California, a prac-
tical step has been taken to insure
college graduates of work in which
they have specialized.
This branch of alumni activity will
not be confined to the strictly busi-
ness courses in business administra-
tion, but it will also embrace the field
of professional work and engineering.
Letters have already been sent to all
the members of the senior classes, and
many have accepted positions.
Together with the alumni bureau of
employment there is also an informa-
tion exchange, in which the outgoing
classes can secure the advice and
judgment of business men, concerning
those lines of work for which they are
best fitted.

. ,.
iii111 y
t ' "
i I R %
-a .. r....+.

Member of Florists' Telegraph
Delivery Service
Flowers by Wire to All the World.

IThe Lad's "Batting" RecordI

Leave your DULL Safety Razor
Blades to be SHAROENED with
Weilliam W. Behringer

was bad, says
the note from
Prexy to Papa
of course to the
"bats" that de-
stroy the body
and break down
the thinking
machinery. The
only cureisback
to the simple
life and

V a
I /I
.. W


and launches have already been as-
signed patrol beats in case of con-
filct, and though at present there is
manifestation of only one department
of the naval reserve force at this uni-
versity, if there is sufficient interest
shown, an aerial division may be or-
I can duplicate any lens. J. L.
Chapman, Optrometrist and Jeweler,

Professor Wenley to Lecture Today
Prof. Robert M. Wenley will lecture
on "Religion and Personal Feeling"
at 4:30 o'clock this afternoon in St.
Andrew's church. This will be the
second of a series of Thursday after-
noon lectures to be given by Professor
Wenley during Lent.
Shirts made to measure. G. H. Wild
Co., Leading Merchant Tailor~ State
Stt tf

Columbus, O., Mar. 7.-- Comparing
the present situation to the one exist-
ing before the Spanish war, President
Thompson of Ohio State university to-
day told the freshman cadets that is
was their bounden duty to stand by
President Wilson in the present crisis.
In his address, President Thompson,
declared that the White House is not
rushing us into war, but that President
Wilson is merely waiting, as was
President McKinley prior to the break
with Spain. In this opinion, he believes
that the delay is merely to concentrate
a munition, and that the government
is preparing for any eventualities that
may follow.
Berkeley, Cal., March 7.-As the na-
tional defense division for the Uni-
versity of California, created by act
of congress several months. ago, it is
likely that a naval coast defense re-
serve will in all probability be the
one under which the student corps
here will be organized.
All owners of motor boats, cruisers

Shredded Weat
the food that puts you on your feet when
everything else fails. A daily diet of
Shredded Wheat means clear thinking
and quick acting. It leaves the body
strong and buoyant and the brain in
condition to tackle the problems of study
or play. It is on the training table of
nearly every college and university
in this country and Canada. Two
Shredded Wheat Biscuits with milk
or cream supply more real body-
building nutriment than meat or eggs
at one-fourth the cost.
Made only by
The Shredded Wheat Company, Niagara Falls, N. Y.

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