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February 27, 1917 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1917-02-27

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1 tA 1U-AAl!V1UA ILY~

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FFA ew Days Loner CalkinsYou. 'ip Wi m st be
4.AWhile The Cold Weather gat [ w
Sufitsand, Overco ats om ~fgj~ ~~rnicaI
" Co. 25c i tff1I
S rjM iIEIs'ERN - . ;ac v~e 1 ou cFt; idere
1-4 Of f CLOTH E S -4Off - 32ou c 1sIz L1LcLnext Wntrovercoat rob
--ir -oc fxc ndmiedEnir-tok lu-4d-lakC- -'1-'IE AyeT IBII1It o have on e d aassure you that prices will
V_ ' . II1AI f gf e hi I kt 1 l. p't iood bsns obuy oe.
Sutand Overc ats Suits and Ovcoats I.WtL,. I (t ;i busines to on
AT14 F A 0%OF Ir[v 5~Y'h ~i n~~ the pick of our stock for
Our entire stock : ' -' IPLI.f
All trousers over $4.00 --KIAW
AT 20% OFF AT 20% OF DO IESTTC ¢TARKET ALSO SHOWSlt)T[N Home of Hrt Sclaffner and Marx clothing
,._ I t
Liiiddns clunitt, Apfel Si Co. E In spite of the greatestralaco- Wsint, e.2-retco iin Fieg 1CQ
geto nhsoy, and ternsttedW 1 l~g sffiais4s'*ecaredto- e',
Bradstreet's report of Feb. 24, says fsn geo ti trhY'lr it -
that "both domestic and forei n trade.._"."
t Vourth Av4. and Iiet t. ais in excess of a yar ago at neary ly Thet i -wy ftey ute t}icklte~hg 'e1 + a 7PVpl e town lown
all markets. It 1is'true that purhases White rHo'ti'. That is Whyth ' rala L hwes ltor f Liberty-and Main Ss
Laboratory Suppliesa have 12 en curtailed by railroad em- encircle it with a mtittl8uthta~g
Ybargoes, foreign prospects, and the R fnhb #'Maciich 4.ht tIf3W'tK0, } ~c.w"t"8
high prices of foodstuffs. But on the fY00 otig wga323 t1{egan rt'r 'itn hebE
Chmcl -lrugs 11UToilet tce'other hhad, anxiety lest supplIes fqr ffi arlP oa21' > F'the edtln iy tlt i~btr ? = e 4
and unI Sditant dfeliyery im ,ipa 9b dclent, -U big Mtch =4 kleiistrati. A~hUJ
DngSu as is a purchasing impelling element that 1'e~zfiit re~cn~t~6 4
ThIbebc& 99 serves to override restraints. Wio',and tey thf~ik th* caell ______________ _
,In retail lines, distribution has beenh'n ljping. r " )iz 'c,'
______________________________________irregular because of the seasonably ' rsi~eiht VWfl1k nh sd MVi~rEAe 4a r?.
poor condition of roads, and because Plh,' chl#lhltiriQ ff"the~eci~e dfim- _Wea t-j $ Veve
try , 4 i~r~l IT 1 t 4of cold weather. Farmers are nnablei fi tee of .te argreI i61Uibi," t- anotae rlii et of
>4 ; i litTT'A N.TaTto)dispose of grain. Country eleators ky,-Fno~w cthe othe grat i1stoele a0 e 13I@I
u r Febuara-re full and terminal elevators are ti rivdjw~. Wg&@ art gbtigtfLntei' this popular shoe in
Ou fe CuaC overflowing on account of an acute d~ -arseattittIrtjfl gi finggiis eu1i, -
° :a~~s F' car shortage. It is estimated that 40,- n2ZJt Wd b1.tehe timoi~ -nd4nob'.t°lrr
'y'yA U 000 cars are needed at-.Chicago....Terni ticini to the fbdThr1 'uffag
S' ' h I I~L i d P i ti v e L ' n sp r r u e pl y e t h s r s l~ d M e ~ ~ . -'Speci en V ~ e eton s oest
p $ u ~from the restricted mobements irol, "We are goaupt # ', {th.: 910?{ i
m --,-,steel, lumber, and lumerbf . thqr '; o ' ~d - e ot t~iriil iiN&Iess
Tn~ E Kproducts. emand qin i all lee t~6wir Ct lIc r t1-I~rd11b~ot. ts -
~ r b)ulk products is excellent. h po t Iig Id b'a Aefion~ftiafon'o !of protest1z
trd-i telhas decreased cosid-hda"ii ,nof ofdeo~~ Iat t
last ,, ." "..ieraly in the past few weeks, fi b Ccrlt~ ~ tl' ~f('f asitble
isa£ urS eS right prospects for ftr iiprins&riiitd f fnit ~Aletfite
Neprn S .s.; ~gie4j~are materializing. Moey s In ;iglt dl co fo
New S PittI Shees~te1 IQ III- tlemn~la~nd ender arerather chait'y tl46te x ttVive' W& +ndr direclIy
g' ' Chi . aout makig longteiinlons. Ter - 8$o Iee Laayette lii{ The' oeotrs1
porarily'thiere is less a$ppehesioins 3i>Nh ll iAd riip *Ti f'oe ua4, - e.
,.: t it _ it i out foreign affairs, which .inilence- -lASers ii 'a thei, ati sr In' ach
+"helps market prices for stocksof that , ' Jyi Pll ed y'ai ar dr
:, , e ;,a ' , :" Character. ' tu i ' ! - '31f7R B. -t },ta
Camp uxBQctC
e m b r ho an d v n e 7 7 p r i l w a d t ' e i f w t sta t.fb r y o u 're t ad 4 n ee d ,. %(
cent over a year ag, but net earningstthe+Whit Hrt15r. ' , this tamonci
q Q , ,_ 1 4.S er cnt.,To gan, rperTt Till e' heaied W'Mbhs' Yda'M4I-j
308 ±S'-^:S? t , r!. vi, t f e~e discrepencies, jhweve, lfof d, l hoe str; ?-Tub -led=tom te or he sterl
It js Wel to remember that in ~eem- isff agits in the sift g=paradb at and workmanhipW) Nis
c'aa o ' a4Cy)r2IiI er a year ago gross receipts adaneed the rf auuratio1 CI mOnies :3fot ,b the finest penciltit is posslibl
et3eretwhl.net,aired ' 5.6 perarkag; ndwhodi~d' hl
neO ~ r in r "cent over December, 915. For the p agiwg fbi" the' bfaii?#- arty'{ ist s hik ot lea4
I!. of Our Dinnr^j:-J.28;per cnttwhalemarfso tat ot :at-
"calenarpear 96 gross receipts were fall - i§ O"lifoxittli. - Ms l',11Y~ Taa'6ltiid' read the writing haefway
SMARQUA rom 1ato7 QdVi.,5,4483and ne were $1,132,- willbe foimwb*d lb4M1s. O; iE. '3t{ -Iacross tesTu, chose the
RuarP]nRFECTIONS a r e ...,,.,' ot dgre ~-B-B
Dinno iouonlss coie ' 6674r"i9, 3 .' ;r *Espi ~1 and'm t6 ~ ~ki~ \r.Fm~ o h-hand notes or easy witing
meats; mashed"or oiled potatoes, oe s iin1 s2 pr entoer195,ughihtstrn
Ye'+ etbl; hoceofpiao pddng tio- h,23petcnto~er195,whchintunBayard illes lo -ea Ware, 'MAli J*. A. 3 r£i),f -popular
Cfee, or milk, - who plan to purchase exeeded 1914 by 4.6 and ,25.5 per " - 'Hpkins 8f 'Nt* '.ers#Y, git- Aiad Mss blt53 n;tea rlit ups
., . the foxiest in spring: cet. Anna Ma,' rt fT\'2.dd't4 $i i etc., HB-F-H-2H (ed-
SP.ALa sre - C l - aebe 8" 1ctd t Itb lrth ium) will prove desirable.
oup .0with e a o r de..: r ;.Mo : .' ;. ~: ,pre sid e td ~t 'y~e iiharediFor drafting, a medium -
±;^}E- ar eni gives the best
Roast or Fricaiseof cen .5facie
''"j~rieRiso ~ A ~facit ites !3in all pt'*otthe rslsadyou'll like 3H-FitIJ11
R at egof Ventwih:resig At its i arl h me..ng, ,e x aru rnesults-.anrst S h o w ingt
il vf~fi!rresin' ach eeing th Bord n- eb~ -y. !- - it/ , t:+4H-H-6H. V Y /i,
Pok S r0gwBreaed. Extat eci .Cortrol of Sudent ublicaios will - ^t 6r'____.,____ i'n;naon s'...,.
1$Sal Steak with u ensx ... Spec'lI.25 r choose a buines maaer and mal -~,~t~if p~~~O ~ '-'o
9n'f, on -. ,xn ba "99I charts, maps, d-
Bread and Mashe d 'otatoes icluded M~AR1QUATRDT I aGng editor for the Wolerie, andl; A tapi~ec, ftlISH-'91 are -
,w~~o~2~etodr.CMU ALRbsns agrfor, the thletic UJIa vailabl ' l .-
Side Ordeirs$tra ,16E wILLlA11 S.Proram. ;It is the policy of the boarl )- Lokfo tedsintvwar mk4ping lp
Potatoes mashed .o5 Stewed tomatoes .65 in fil ing tl e positions on the publi- SAYS WOMEN ALsWAYS ,HAD' OP. , ,, nisl, a eac; 9; the .17 blak egres 4 w CR
Potatfoes boiled - ".o5 S8tewedcorn .05 c!i.i s uder its ontol, o -award':PORTiTNITY FOR EDUCATION IN' <a5i^9d haid dim copying.}'r1Poaesfid;ip5:Swdpa 5ch ntebit.fmitotoe THTCT Y!I4i"sRfsos wl4ojmatee
loaoe e TRredoY1t iR., x.satements as to~ the meits oi VENUS
Qe adpisert.05.-Re...us who have served in minor poitons on V-- pencils.-
trd a0,W~ie~m~BiihNv ed 0,0 e h p :, atost wihthep5~Editor, The Michigan Daily: { 4r saI a t re o1 ege aaIstre
lff I - ' oRc..t+*a:r4tions pertain. 'We were all glad .to r4ipWe ahe
i pet ttle .65 cocoa Lno, 2.-iocdf 0,0 t oeie 'oeethat ihigan- Daily tht 1.uaait nt; F e r so in h
. ;a 1oclt05mn is qFre. forthe riish iavy, no one wo hashaensre! n teoubtcabb~hiJe 1t ln (e of
'+TATE KUT'I K eLur sredo hepblc are =now admitted t#:, a4 o "a>s a t .,\
iTRiEET L jI!Lfl according 'to the naaval estimates. tions during the year is eligible or greatest nsttitior4n .i.si~ l rp- .t~ rw This box
4{:;Anra.r Ce~ktr ,!~i;, g. .-leafVEN S g
capAble of filling one of the lea ing h uieay :" -o EU
tr!FSZ;t..- ,samospiessorSPRING SUITS
Banqetsand innr Dacesex- osiionsforthe ensuing ry ar,. hetiiBut, from tereq 4ig of 4he rtlle;"! -ft, ~- -~ fe
"'rt-''=! " l .such circumstances arise, the board, one notfamiliar Frih Russian affairsu . F egg sy r ;an
TyyTt¢ e.~yfortevie.clsivel. D(elt Cfe. 27-,.134finds it necessary to consi'er outI- .mightconclude- th iagw en'. , ,coars

_____________________________________________________________________V~,2 you oare tking'
'-:','-it- side candidates. This notice should'nr b eoC n n .qp q ~ i ~ ~ I~ O O T
CoY"3 totbe considered as an intiatir- ihedcto nTTOR. a4e cia ~~u~~* PiiC
'ILOIVO :4 j 1 1 '~~~~~ Leave YCopy that these circumstances' will ariae try. mis, an fact, is,tot u +.z, Ffh~etl.l~e or nth iy
s.t: 9 is Year. i higher eduation o oppp.hfbe s te i1
"h Dlt ''si - ' SuplSor -old e in thehad o Ppessor the higher education of women was
E" DV E TI S I N. Sctt, o- opbefo. FScratt,2 onfondebefore February; 1 a.-'. founded i hih l1945 omen ere lAlsoa h1 i-eoflt l? ordrieo e cos'dfrd1Eac5a1omen; were Alsot a big-imprlaneniofrithe
biodrt ecnie .Ec pl-.f higher- learig were- WO 4s l esa~nsle'ea 161,Aymh
tr *-,;" ' AI ationshud onan istatement of-dfentcie f'sa.Iddyar10,bth New S pr i ng Hats,
-t' the experience of the applicant 'and all institutions of a nY~eslty ,tye i~ 6 Te'ov'rmn h ute
L OT- pair of gold rimmed gl isses FOR-SALE--$1.50 each,'two tickets should be accompanied by the ap (~ and of certain professional ideals as~~~6~~ oe oteuie- Cpad Frih
b~> E. bl. .l , ' o iies was diebttiied. '
An a blacl heath casd.Return to for auer-Casals -Concert. Section cants eligibility card and any letters, wela '. dpait 8 ! ?pntp i senc ~pi~~ oeua ns
'al.-- 27 1, RowBA Front row, balcony. V. of recommendation which, he a iand a rs; :Tihaze j lso-1T, svojx)6 ,p
W. 'Sleator, 'Rdom 112, Phy§. Lab. have. s.,gleering sclqJ for w+ iEn Pt~oI(l i'<a, pss n -n-' ntiueso
LST-Agld, octagoni-shaped w ris Call --1. -27 BOARD IN CONTTROL OF 1 gaji whl,fe~r r gy r41 Pra bas omre1i'M~~ if n
-wtch with initials C.E. k. on backSTDET U]3ICATIONVS gnern ) lge,~as nte'pyh-erlgclIs
Lot300PM0i y. ls f Mn- . QrAL---n lre t iabsns ain fwmn 1dtutA of Petogrd, which s really a
1day atd -riday. RWard. Phone . wpopositioP.to ~p astudent who wants Iiito aqes inrDne oetesm.e~uina nohruniveri~aio of' high stauing, having on
1248-W ' 27 to work part of his spare time. Dancinarti aets Dta r Cafe. gonthie sametb,~pin asinof othea, IW fautaen of such prominence asTOC RBT
Phone 2 2-,123,to ~~e~1s Q jn,3 l Retrtef611 .Lbet t
LO 1The }Mihigan Daily can re; -127127-8,galn<-thatilost ark g epre nJ ir the 11 E.LibrtySt
githtlsarilthogitFOR AL-Tw ,o tcts orCaal-lion of women'td the imperial univer-
classiied cohmn. Iauer Concert o ~ensa v-I h
_________________________ t Ier its e' ii Yun )Jr 'a 4op
MUSICD -{'Z9W.27ure provision has recentlybenmd
WIX-Se s oT'~itrn i heoramisi te dc 1 deart-
,; -,e r 'I~q motr car's }yilldriveR 015 eeklyannuand - aUl".Shirts ade to measure. G. H. W d
.dieaPIVATE BQi( $51eek'y1nquireSo the ad s o o'oion ts thet
iijfw hlourK's ixA®~at z Qnnifrequir- ;at 410 ,Chuprch " attPhone 40-R.R U ITR'R-QDAPRVL S W rnvriY oQ9 elyntteCo., Leadingerchant ailors. St e
E ,d,3 ?ox 1Q, Jichig~unDaihy. 2 -2Q- J-22,23-24-25-27 Fo;MrcRcodo ,Fe Gty2 t 7: 'eginning but the end of the long -
VANi ED-' stent wants' wrk foil'FOR - )1EIT - truggle of the Ru sil k or
oddfhurs}a y " te i r ndStr-r igher education, a struggle tinwvhlhcb Ouralarm clocks are goo coes
days. Address Box H=4, Michigan OR RENT- Exeptional room near 1 .16 . aiu St , 1 he public pran entirely on Chaman, Jeweler, 113 South nM
' ally ''E27-2 ,campubts'r.Burgess, ?842Moroe.27 _________ r side. Ii3 STIY N.S.' ue-

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