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February 17, 1917 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1917-02-17

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Few Day
While The Cold'


Suits and
1-4 Off CLOT
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Old Hampshire Bond


You men who must be

"The Stationery of a Gentleman"



324 S. State St. or 1123 S. University Ave.


At Fourth Ave. and Liberty St.
Laboratory Supplies


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and Drug Sundries
The Eberbach & Son Co.





Campus Bootery

308 S. State 5t.

Noted Preacher Appears in Presby.
terian Church Tomorrow
Dr. Charles F. Aked, who is to talk
tomorrow at the First Presbyterian
church, is known throughout the
country as a powerful preacher and
as a crusader against social evils. He
has been touring the United States
as a lecturer since 1893, when he first
trip met with such success that there
was a demand for a repetition of his
preaching. He has had experience as
a pastor at Liverpool, England, where
he spent 16 years as a minister, New
York city, where he was for four
years, and San Francisco, where he
made a name for himself by his abil-
ity to draw and hold the attention of
large crowds in a "downtown" church.
"America and the World State," has
been selected as the topic on which
he will talk tomorrow evening. The
lecture is a discourse on the questio
of what are to be the relations and
capacities of the civilized world after
the present war has terminated.
When but a young man Doctor Aked
enlisted in the war against war and
has since been one of the foremost
advocates of the abolition of all strife
between nations and the setlement of
international disputes in amicable
ways. He was one of those who made
up Ford's peace party in its trip to
Europe in 1915, and has written many
articles and pamphlets on the subject
of war, while his other works include
writing on numerous social, political.
and religious questions.
Reports from colleges and normal
schools throughout the state show that
large delegations to the state student
volunteer convention may be expected
from some of the so-called small
school's. Adrian is working for a dele-
gation of 25 and Albion is also plan-
ning to send 25. In all, 17 colleges
beside Ann Arbor will be represented.
M. A. C. hopes to send 45 representas
tives, and Ypsilanti Normal, 40 or 50.
Registration for University students
and any others who care to attend the
sessions as regular delegates; is open,
and those interested may leave their
names with Miss Marsden at the reg-
istrar's office, Miss Wood at Lane hall,
Miss Bancroft at Newberry hall, or
Dr. Iden at the Bible Chair house.
All sessions of the conference are open
to the public, but it is hoped that a
large number of students will sign up
as delegates and attend the sessions
regularly, as the meetings are ar-
ranged in sequence and to miss one
means to lose the effect of the rest.
The conference begins Friday even-
ing, Feb. 23, and ends with the Sunday
evening meeting on Feb. 25. The lo-
cal committee consists of Herbert A.
Judson, '18M, general chairman;
Amelia T. Wood, '18M, program chair-
man; Hope H. Nichoson, '17, Robert E.
Brown, '18M, and William K. Mc-,
Candliss, '18M.
Protect your feet and starve the
doctor. Davis shoes protect. Davis,
at 119 Main. 13-17-18

Our alarm clocks are good clocks.
Chapman, Jeweler, 113 South Main
St. tues-eod
Shirts made to measure. G. H. Wild
Co., Leading Merchant Tailors. State
St, tf

Articles Lost at Party May be Secured
at the Barbour
At their final meeting, held at the
Union Thursday evening, all the com
mittees for this year's J-hop made
their last reports, to general chair-
man, Waldo M. McKee, 'SE. Although
no complete report on finances can be
made until all the bills have been
turned in, yet according to the state-
ments of the finance committee, this
year's party will just about break
even. If there is any surplus, it will
be given to the Michigan Union for
the use of their room for committee
meetings during the past semester.
Announcement was also made at the
meeting that there were a large num-
ber of articles found in the gymna-
sium after the night of the Hop, an
that these may be obtained by calling
at Barbour gym and asking for Mrs
Waldo M. McKee, '18E, stated last
night: "I wish to thank all the mem-
bers of the different committees for
their hearty and untiring support in
making this year's J-hop the success
that it sems to have attained."
Editor, The Michigan Daily:
It grieves me much that there should
be so few of the students of the Uni-
versity who have responded to the call
for volunteers for military training. I
had confidently expected that, instead
of a paltry 152 enlistments, there
would have been ten times that num-
ber-enough for a whole regiment,
and a troop of horse or artillery be-
Think how glorious it would be to
march through the streets of Ann Ar-
bor, with flags flying and drums beat-
ing, on your way to the front, when
the next war is declared! Think
of the joy of the return of the 200 or
300 surviviors, decorated with medals
"For Valor," adored by women, adul-
ated by the whole population; only
less happy than their comrades, who
have nobly yielded up their lives for
their country in the trenches!
Consider, too, the prestige that such
a regiment would bring to your be-
loved University-the reputation that
it would foster in the Legislature, and
the number of new buildings that the
legislature would grant in return!
But these, after all, are mostly only
sentimental considerations, gratifying
though such lofty sentiments are to
every truly patriotic soul! There are
also very material advantages to be
taken into account.
Bear in mind the vast additions to
the material wealth of the country
that would accrue as the result of
your self denial and heroism-the
profits that some patriotic citizens
would obtain from manufacturing
ships and guns and ammunition! Mil-
lions,-I tell you, my dear friends,-
there are millions in it! And besides
these, the innumerable other things
required- the coats and shoes and
food-ah, yes, canned food-you've no
idea how profitable it is! All this
would come as the result of your
heroic self sacrifice!
Yet even this is not all. With your
aid we should be able to get the labor

required for all this work at the
cheapest possible price. I should like
to see any crowd of workingmen dare
to strike, when you-my brave boys!
-got after them with your gatling
Finally it would be through your


We have just received

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Special Agency Nettleton shoes

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WAHKS Shoe Stores
Malim St. State St.

Have you considered next winter's overcoat prob-
lem or are you putting it off? You know you will
have to have one and we assure you that prices will
be higher next fall. Isn't it good business to buy one
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Home of Hart Schaffner and Marx clothing

devoted services, offered to a grateful
and appreciative Fatherland that we
should be able to invest our profits to
advantage. The debt of the country
now is less than a billion dollars. It
ought to be ten billions! Our adored
country would sell bonds to us to that
amount, or perhaps even more! That
would be wealth and prosperity for
you! That would be a country that
you could be proud of!
So think it over carefully, and let
us see a great change after these ump-
lifting reflections have sunk in. Let
us see crowds of students pressing
for the honor of enlisting to serve
their beloved country! Let all who
hang back be forever branded and
blasted as COWARDS!
bop BirdSkins
Added to JMuseum


"It pays to come dawntorn"
Southwest corner of Liberty and Main Sts.

shipment of


The only signs of
spring in this cold sea-
son, are the fashion
suggestions at the
clothing establishments.
tensive varieties in
styles and textures.
Early orders mean best
service and guaran-
teed satisfaction.

City Y to Conduct $30,000 Campaign
The five day campaign for $30,000
to be conducted Feb. 26 to March 2,,by
the city Y. M. C. A., will be in charge
of an executive committee consisting
of T. A. Lowty, chairman, Jas. A.
Rose, Wm. Schultz, H. J. Abbott, Chas.
L. Brooks, J. Karl Malcolm, and Gen-
eral Secretary Harold L. Westerman.
The ten captains chosen for the posi-
tions of team leadership are: H. J.
Abbott, J. K. Malcolm, Earl B.
Stewart, Dr. D. W. Myers, Wm. E.
Underdown, Fred C. Weinberg, Chas.
Schroen, Chas. L. Brooks, Wm. Pur-
field, and W. F. Letts. The captains
met at noon yesterday to select names
from which to recruit their teams. It
is expected to have about 80 men on
the various teams.
GOOD shoes on your feet, GOOD
shirt on your back, GOOD hat on your
head,-GOOD SENSE within. Davis,
at 119 Main. 13-17-18

Titform Clothes

Tirst Showing

Specimen of Passenger Pigeon
Collection Given by Former



Sp ring Clothes

"Pray for the Lights to Go Out," the
most popular song of the day. Colum-
bia record No. 2143 at Ailmendinger's
Music Shop. 122 E. Liberty St. tf

Leave Cpypy
at at
Quarry's and Students'
the DeltaDVERTISING Supply Store

WANTED-Man of good standing in;
his community to take orders for
trees, shrubs, roses, vines, bulbs,
old fashioned flowers. Permanent.
High commission paid promptly. No
delivering or collecting. Write today.
First National Nurseries, Rochester,
N.Y. 17
WANTED-Student. Part time em-
ployment during school. Full time
during vacation. Pays all or part
University expenses. Salary if ac-
cepted. Box L, Michigan Daily. 17-18
WANTED-Children to care for after-
noons. Call 1123-R.
LOST- Heavy gold ring, set with
three garnets, between the Delta
and Campus. Finder return to 807
S. State and get substantial reward.
LOST-Glasses in case on which is
Anspach Bros., Newark, N. J. Re-
turn to 814 S. University. Reward.

FOR SALE-Banjo, professional style
Friedrich make, cost $20.00, will sell
for $12.00 cash. Inquire Mrs. K. M.
Webster, 133 Waverly Ave., S. E.,
Grand Rapids, Mich. 13-18 incl.
FOR SALE-Property one block from
campus, near Michigan Union. De-
sirable location for fraternity, home
club or apartment house. Lot 82/x
170. Phone 839-M. 17-18-19
FOR SALES-The best and least ex-
pensive way of buying, is to let The
Michigan Daily be your medium.
701 RENT
FOR RENT- Immediately. 10 room
modern house, good locality, steam
heat, part furnished if desired. Call
2161-J after 6 P. M. 13-17 incl.
FOR RENT - Well furnished front
suite, fine light, steam heat. 514
Forest Ave. 17-18
FOR RENT-Single room, $2.00 per
week. 908 Monroe Ave. Phone
1549-R. 17-18

Six hundred bird skins, forming part
of the collection of Bradshaw H.
Swales Grosse Ile, have just been re-
ceived at the University museum. In
this collection is a specimen of the
passenger pigeon, now extinct, which
was taken in Delta county, Michigan,
in the year 1880.
Mr. Swales is donating his entire
collection of bird-skins to this- institu-
tion. Twelve hundred have been
stored in the cases on the second floor
and the remainder of his collection
is to be sent soon. The recent install-
ment of 600 skins contains specimens
from all parts of the United States.
Mr. Swales is a. graduate of the clas-
of 1896, receiving the degree of LL.M
in 1897. He is at present connected
with the Museurn staff, in the position
of associate in ornithology.
State College, Pa., Feb. 16.-More
than 2000 students of Pennsylvania
state college have volunteered their
services to the country in case of'war
with Germany. Resolutions have beer
adopted which offer the students' as-
sistance in whatever capacity they
can be used by the government. All
of the students have had miliary train-
ing ranging from four months for the
freshmen, to three and a half years
for senior officers in the regiment.
K. of P. Students' Notice
All K. of P. students are asked to
call on Roy P. Henry, P. C.., Nickels
Arcade, or Mark Sudgen, C. C., State
St. druggist; at earliest convenience.
IMPORTANT. 15-16-17
Regular assembly at Armory, Satu'-
day night. 16-17

in the city.

We are showing th
no bbiest line of



Also a big line of the
New Spring Hats,
Caps,-and Furnish-

Grinnell Bros.' Music House
See us for anything in the
Realm of Music
116 S. Main St. Phone 1787

116 'E. Liberty .
"ieYou ng teen 's Shwf"
Professor to Sn eak in Milan, M
Pr of. A. A. S ;anley will speal
Milan, Mich.,. to. morrow on "H)
Community May . Become Musical.
For results- adi rtise in The M
igan Daily

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