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January 21, 1917 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1917-01-21

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* wS aWuW

Letter of Condolence to
Friend, Servant, and


grc. mayn, pV. yu. c.ewyen .. ,
for your daily ride in limousine or
landaulet. Perchance you may learn
to neigh at midnight prowlers. But
I do not think so. Not if I know you,
and I have followed you on some of
the best tracks in the country. No,
rather will you choose the path that
leads to extinction. Your fossil form
will repose within a glass case, to
be admired by the National Knitting
Society when they hold convention at'
Saratoga. When the Peace Congress
meets to sing hymns at Churchill
Downs or Sheepshead Bay, your pris-
tine glory will not be forgotten. But
whatever becomes of you, Equus, I
shall never forget you. I have loved

ear Ek:--
I truly sorry for you,
I ruminate upon the
rth in order to evolve;
eauty and usefulness
ificant and wholly
pus of the Five Toes,

By extraordinary application of the
laws of space and condensation, Mr.
Stuart Walker, director of the Port-
manteau theater players, who will pre-
sent "Six Who Pass While the Lentils
Boil" in Peace auditorium,. Ypsilanti,
Wednesday, Jan. 24, has enabled the-
atergoers to view at a small price pro-
ductions that if staged in the ordinary
manner would cost thousands of dol-
"Six Who Pass While the Lentils
IBoil" was the sensation of the year
in New York, and has never been pro-
duced in this part of the country be-
fore. Critics say that it is a play for
"young people between seven and 70."
It tells a delightful story in a charm-
Ingly satirical fashion.

old" horse.
labor you
your pres-
from the
and when

nk of the part you have played
tory as servant, friend and plays
of Man--most ungrateful pri-
of them all, I grieve for what the
a seems to hold in store for you.
ancestors furnished sport for
r Rome, and drew the Grecian
lers from their knucklebones.
Arab sheik who bowstrung his
Ite wife before breakfaat because
ad failed to lay out his carpet
ers, himself mixed your oats,
ed your forelock, and made men-
of you when his face was turned
rd Mecca. Before the days of
Jnited States Steel Corporation
the Trans-Continental Railroad,
helped to spread the germs of
zatioa from place to place. In
you were an ally faithful to the
L In tilt, on tourney-field, amid
hock of battle you never quailed.
aceful pursuits you were a Royal
1 that had all else backed off the
s. You drew the ploughshare
s the wilderness and left a ver-
pathway in your wake. You
figured nobly in the literature of
land from the ancient scrip-
of Joe Dailey's Reliable F04m
Good-bye Horse
your time has come. The first
Lwheeze 'of the first gas buggy
led your doom. The firstbJehu
ump a Klaxon rang your death
You are no longer wanted. The
ih "tanks" have removed you
the warriors' ranks you loved so
Modernbelligerents have given
the horse-laugh. Even Father,
used to cluck so tenderly to old
in, now spends his leisure in
ring sweetly at his new love, the
or. Kentucky, where your shrine
so long been worshipped, has
:ened at last to racing commis-
and has taken to raising hogs
he price of a tin lizzie. Gelding
stallion, thoroughbred and trot-
pacer and hackney-you are all
ictims of an automobile accident
accident of its discovery.
Our Reporter Shudders
hudder to speculate upon your
for I know it but too well. Your
vill follow that of the once noble
e clan. Centuries of breeding
engthen your name, shorten your
rs, narrow your chest, and re-
your pastern. Yours will be the
if the Scotch Collie and the Pom-
an. Maybe you will enjoy your
ip, reposing luxuriously on the
of the dainty ladies of tomor-
perfumed and scented, switch-
our marcelled tail with lazy

will not weigh heavily on the average Genuine leather book covers at
conscience. Certainly not when the! great discount. Allmendinger's Music
effort to prevent others from cheating Shop, 122 E. Liberty St. 20-tf



X.. Y. Z.

* * * r S s * * * * s *
* *


Xajestie--"A Message to Garcia."*

Orpheum-Marguerite Clark in
"Miss George Washington." Also
Holmes Travels.


* *-* * * * * * * * 0S*

An abbreviated edition of the mu-
sical comedy, "SeptembersMorn," is
the headliner at the Majestic for the
first part of this week. The show is
condensed to 30 minutes of song, com-
edy, and dancing. Six pretty girls are
included in a cast of ten members.
Mack and Earl, Broadway musical
comedy stars, appear in a comedy skit,
and Bonnie Gaylord and Iva Lancton
present a blackface act.
Lew and Mollie Hunting of the fa-
mous quartet of Hunting entertainers,
present songs and dances. LaVine and
Inman offer a pretentious novelty en-
titled "Sally's Visit."
A Message to Garcia"is the offer-
ing at the Majestic today. It is a five-
part feature, produced by the Edison
studios from the essay by the late
Elbert Hubbard. Scenes taken in the
jungles, and upon the historic batle-
fields of Cuba are prominent in the
production. The sinking of the Maine
in the harbor of Havana is one of the
exciting scenes. Shows will be given
at 1:30, 3, 7, and 8:30 o'clock.
The Arcade will show Mary Pick-
ford in "The Pride of the Clan" Mon-
day, Tuesday, and Wednesday of this
week. This is the second of the big
features produced by the Pickford
Film corporation.
"'The Pride of the Clan" furnishes an
excellent dramatic vehicle for the win-
some star, affording her abundant op-
portunities for her many attractive
moods. The picture is brimful of
humor and pathos, carrying the audi-
ence along with breathless interest
from beginning to end.
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Editor, The Michigan Daily:l
LAW BALLOT (Note variations).
Q. Do you believe there is a fairly
high standard of honor and fairness
among the law students?c
Ans. Yes.
Q. Do you know of any consider-I
able amount of cheating in the law
Ans. No.
Q. Do you think that an honor sys-t
tem such as the engineers or medics
have would improve matters?
Ans. No.
Note: To contrary. It would create
a jealous, selfish, suspicious attitude
among the students, which is not,
fortunately, now existing. Such a
condition seems to be the only
ground upon which to build success
in such a system.
Q. Do you cheat in examinations?"
Ans. No.
Q. Would you report one who did,
"provided always" that no one should
know who told?
Ans. I do not know.
Note: Here too, the human element
must enter. If cheater is a friend,
or a popular man, naturally, one
would hesitate; especially if in-
former were in no way injured.
The average law student cares noth-
ing how his neighbor behaves.
A very small percentage of students
are jealous of others' grades.
We all admit that comparative grad-
ing is of very uncertain value.
The effect of cheating is only on the
standards of the department, which
are in the hands of the faculty-di-
rectly. No doubt, a duty rests upon
the studentsto uphold the standards,
but such a duty is so remote and al-
most abstract, that a breach of same

means the loss of time and concen-
tration necessary to do one's best in
an examination.
Does it not follow, if conditions are
so ideal that they justify an honor
system, that they would also justify
the elimination of examinations? Why
not allow each student to state upon
his honor that he covered the work
as prescribed? This should accom-
plish the much desired result of giving
authorities assurance that their pupils
have covered the work properly and
have not gotten credits by the "plug,"
"dig," or "cram" route.
A 1917 LAW.
Moth Balls Help Mileage Question
Topeka, Jan. 20. - Whether 'tis
nobler to put the expensive gas-
oline in moth balls for safe stor-
age or to put moth balls in
the expensive gasoline for more mile-
age is no longer as much of a ques-
tion since various Kansas chemists
have undertaken the investigation of
preparations claimed to decrease fuel
cost. One chemist figures that 6 cents'
worth of moth balls gives $2.60 worth
of naphthalene, which is used in prep-
arations for motor car tanks to give
more mileage.
Flannel Shirts made to order. G. H.
WildrCompany. Leading merchant
tailors. State street. tt

Mary Pickford in "The Pride of the
Clan." Arcade. Mon., Tues., Wed. 21
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