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November 12, 1916 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1916-11-12

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Rep .i* r

We have it

Wears better than leather

1114 S. University Ave.





Constanly Near,I
Death Is Jok

Exper ilPio ,lilcu


Abandoned Indian Village Included
Tract of 38 Acres of

in I

Narrow Escapes Become Incideniii
Occurrences in Activities
of Soldiers

3ports received from all prt of
country tell of a continuation of
rather'N id and unsettled condition
ae coal market, paticularly in re-
I to the demand for the itumninous
luct and the difficulty experienced
ippers in supplying deales, who
urn are almost overheled with
rs from eager and insistent con-
1? public appears to be at last
r awakened to the possibility of a
ous scarcity before the winter
1 have been far advanced.
=ices have been strong at ll the
e distributing points, jobbers ap-
ing to take whatever they have
able to get for what coal they
ebeen able to deliver or proise
in a reasonable time limt, accord-
to the American Coal .loural.
oclucig companies contine to ad-
that there is in reality no rmason
uneasiness and that all demands
be supplied in time, wile dealers
shippers have been uring the
ic to be satisfied with the delivery
mnall portions of their orders at
rvals, in order to give an oppotun-
:o meet all pressing requirements.
hat the conditions at present are
bus and trying there is no denying,
e colder weather cannot he far off,
n .a further increase in the demand
ld give the market a greater tend-
upward. The future appears to
ind chiefly, if not almost entirely,
i the solution of the car shortage
vestigations are in progress with
tew to relieving coal operators,
ers and consumers, and there is a
ving hope that the unusual condi-
3 will disappear with intelligent
iling and the co-operation of all
Intercot leg ate
As: The main bu iding: of the
hool of mines wits destroyed by
e last Sunday. The estimated loss
fornia: A big campaign for a
adent Union building is be:s;_on-
rcted at the University.
ago: Junior tomen hae adopted
standard class hat. It is expect-
that other women will follow the
ad of the juniors.
nd Stanford: A moment has
en started among the women of
e University for more simple
ess The most radical plan sug-
sts a regular uniform for cam-
s wear.
fornia:. The Radio club has eret-
a wireless station on the foot-
11 field to receive returs from the
- Washingtot game on Saturday.
tell: A donation of $14000 has
st been received for the euipment
a summer military camp on Lake
ols: This University has the
rgest college band in the United
ates. It consists of 200 pieces.
ana: The Indiana Daily Student
tablished a record for itself 1q st
turday by placing an extra on the
reets two and one-half minutes
ter the last whistle blew on the
yard: ( p aptain [Pali Keniga,.
e submarine Detshland, has
en elected an honorary member of
e Harvard Dleutscher Verein. A
nmittee has been appointed to pre-
nt him with a special 1p dal for his
ring feat.
nyslania: There ha been a ery
rge increase in the proortion 01
)men enrolled in te Uniersity
is year. There ae 2,139 women
1ong the 9,392 students register

it: By a Speceu arrangemient th('
elversity wireless sati ws able
send out the first message from
e newly elected governor to the
e people of the stale.

Washington, Nov. 11.-As a result
of recommendations made by the sec-
retary of agriculture, the "Old Kassan

Somersault Artists Appearing at Majestic First Half of This Week

* *, * "r v * * * * * 0 *




3ajestic-Kolb and Dill in "The
Three Pals."
Orplieum--Louise Huff in "The
Reward of Patience."
* * * * * * * * * * *



Gains Made in

Commerce WithEvery
Especially With


National Monument," consisting of 38
acres within the Tongass national for-
est, Alaska, has just been created by
presidential proclamation. The tract
embraces the well known abandoned
Haida Indian village of Old Kassan,
situated on Prince of Wales island in
southeastern Alaska, about 30 miles
west of the city of Ketchikan.
The village was abandoned by the
Indians about 10 years ago. Among
the relics which remain there are
about 50 Indian totem poles, five or
six of which are classed as exceed-
ingly good specimens. In the deserted
village there are also eight large
square buildings which were orig-
inally constructed according to the
peculiar plan of the Haida Indians, and
which, it is stated by those best quali-
fied to know, represent the best speci-
mens of Haida architecture that now
The largest of these buildings is ap-
proximately 40 by 60 feet in size and
is made entirely of round and carved
timbers. There also remain a number
of Indian graves with the typical
small grave houses erected by the
Alaskan Indians.
"Kassan" is said, to be the Indian
word which means "a pretty town,"
and all reports agree that the village
was well named. The fact that the
village was occupied by the Indians
for many years explains the local
name "Old" Kassan, by which it is
widely known.
Since the village was abandoned by
the Indians the buildings have been
rapidly falling into a state of dilapida-
tion and decay, and a certain amount
of vandalism by tourists and souvenir
hunters renders some form of protec-
tion essential. An examination of the
area was made jointly by representa-
tives of the forest service and of the
interior department, and reports
strongly urging the establishment of
a national monument were approved
by the secretaries of both departments.
The Smithsonian Institution strongly
endorsed the proposition for the estab-
lishment of a national monument. The
new national monument will be pro-
tected and administered by the forest
service, as is the case with all monu-
ments located within the national for-
the proverbial "leaps and bounds,"
Japan's largest steamship company,
the Nippon Yusen Kaisha, a firm in
which the imperial family owns a
great part of the stock, has just added
two more vessels to its line in the
Antipodes, making a total of ten Jap-
anese vessels which are now plying
between this nation and Australian
Estimates Student Walks 1,350 Miles
Berkeley, Cal., Nov. 11.-Recent ex-
periments show that the average col-
lege student walks five miles a day
about the University of California
campus. At this rate a student would
walk about 1,350 miles during the col-
lege year.

"° l ldld t & i a911111?tt643 " '; l 5' i~ i li E ir: i t I , [44,1i li111il lt ll111111111111 i-u1
can be quickly prepared, and without the slightest
trouble, on an
Electric Chafing Dish
This .handsome and very convenient table utensil is a
source of both comfort and pride to the housewife.
Just the thing for a hasty lunch or Sunday supper.
Cooks practically any dish you have a desire for
makes toothsome fudge. No trouble; no alcohol; no c
messing. Just attach to a lamp-socket.
Come in and inspect them.
E T h e etr oi6 Lson C o.
Cor Main and William Sts. Tel. 2300
: ll l l llll$ ll y i E l ll a 9'a . : i@eE-s ';~ $4 (III I I~ l tl ll ttI I1 .

London. Oct. 28.-(By Mail.)--In the
fighting on the Somme where legions
of men face death daily, narrow
escapes from sudden extermination be-
come trifling incidents to be joked
about at the end of the day. A ser-
geant in a Yorkshire regiment de-
clares nothing a man may (1r seems to
affect his chances of becoming al
"I've seen careful men get winged
before the daredevils," said the ser-
geant, "and I've seen the careless men
get hit when the cautious one escapes.
Recently, one of the men in my platoon
was hit in the mouth. The bullet came
from an angle, broke one of his teeth
and glanced off, just grazing his lip.

e :.,m1inn later, a bullet dented
is idenrtityv disc : and later still a bomb
exploead in his pocket, bursting out-
I ards and hardly bruising his side."
Doctors tell of one man in the
fighting near Le Sars who went
through the experience of having three
bombs explode in his pocket without
hurt irg' him1. A corporal, wearing a
steel helmet, was hit by a bullet which
vnt in at the front of the headgear,
passed round his head, and went out
te bac k, smashing the steel of the hel-
met. His head showed no marks.
Shree soldiers were standing to-
gether when a bomb burst at their
feet. A sergeant was blown into the
air and badly wounded while the others
wer' unscratched.
Whsiisind: A special cheering see-
tion for women has been' set aside
at th Chicago game. There is
some Ik of- appointing a woman
cheer leader.


AT THE MAJESTIC By Ralph H. Turner
(United Press Staff Correspondent)
. .tj tTokio, Nov. 11.-Some idea of the
The program at the Majestc theater wonderful progress Japan has made
"oeig "tomorrow night is made up of in her foreign trade since the war is
all star favorites, everyone a headlin- gained from figures just announced
er of its kind. The first of importance here. In every part of the world this
is Harry Wilson and Ethel Wilson, the nation has been establishing her pro-
well known dancers, in their dance re- ducts, new markets have been opened
_ue. Among the innovations originat- and steamship lines, subsidized by the
ed by Weber and Wilson are the Pan- government, extended to every big
ama-Pacific Rag and the 1916 Waltz, port of call on the face of the globe.
1)0th of which found high favor in so- Greatest prosperity is being enjoyed,
ciety circles. perhaps, in the trade with Russia, Ja-
A murder mystery which might well pan's ally, who is buying everything
puzzle even the unfailing detective from munitions to boots and shoes. In
firm of Holmes and Watson is the one month-last August-Japan ex-
ground work of "A Case for Sherlock," ported goods to Russia. valued at $5,-
the added feature on this bill. That 343,600. This figure becomes, all the
the vogue of comedy singing trios more significant when it is stated that
in vaudeville is as strong as ever is the imports this country received from
evidenced by the wide-spread suc- Russia reached only'$32,125, leaving'
cess of Weir, Temple and Dacey, who a balance of $5,311,475 in favor of the
style themselves "That Somewhat exports.
?liffErent Trio." Known as the hum- South America is another part of the
orous trickster; Jarrow will appear world where Japan has found markets
nd i t he audience some clever which she hardly knew existed before.
slight of hand work. Exports to the South American coun-
Lawrence and Hurl-Falls, acrobatic tries for the first eight months of this
duo, open the show. The men are 'year amounted to $1,036,660, not a
physical marvels and have acquired large figure when put alongside rec-
the 1 ights which all artists in their ords in American trade, but worth con-
hune strive to reach-that of making siderable attention when it is recalled
the difficult look easy. that during the same period last year
The photo play at the Majestic today Japan's exports to South America
is the second of the Kolb and Dill were valued at only $603,574. Thus,
comedy series. This new one is called her trade in that direction has been
"Tim Three Pals." It is filled with nearly doubled in a year.
laughs and comical situations. There The South .' merican republics to,
is a confetti party and lots to make which the principal amounts were ex-
the mot. sober laugh. ported are: Argentine, $444,275; Chile,
$352,335; Peru, $157,017. Japan has
A merican Would Whitewash Coliseum found a new and very profitable mar-
Rome, Nov. 11.- (Special) -An ket in South America-and she in-
American millionaire, recently visit- tends to hold it.
ing Rome, was asked by an enraptured Then comes China, a market which
Englishman how he liked the coliseum. Japan declares really belongs to her,
"Well," he replied, "it's all right, but d market in which she promises to out-
they ought to whitewash it and make rival all other foreign powers. Dur-
it look like something." ing the last ten days of September
-just one-third of a month-Japan's
l r>f>1:ors of Economy Trade Ideas exports- to her neighbor amounted to
hicgo, Nov. 11.-Professors of $2,446,309. For the first nine months
economy from many of the universi- of the year the total amount of ex-
ties of the middle west met at the Un- ports to China was $60,751,721, an in-
iversity of Chicago today to trade crease of $16,156,448 over the corre-
idea They listened to addresses on sponding period a year ago.
the reation of engineering, business As an illustration of the way trade
(ad law economics. with Australia has been growing in

Y our Uncle anuel

is feeling mighty good these days and all
nephews in the big 100,000,000 family should

of his

and be in tune with the national spirit. See our new
Fashions and Woolens and have us measure you
- Today.


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