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April 20, 1918 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1918-04-20

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down Euclid ave-
ng vacation when
camouflaged R. O.
was attired in a
black and gold
coat, leather put-
the salutes of
ivates. We our-
aken him for an.
cognized his face,
T. C., U. M., on
coat. That has
of the dam re-

There is absolutely no excuse for
conduct of this kind. The officers and
men of the United States army are en-
titled to wear the uniform of their
country because they are actually
serving in its army or navy.
They should not be placed in the same
class with persons who are devoting
a few moments each day to army
work. We should call impersonating
an officer, or common soldier, an of-
fense which might well be punished
by competent authorities.
We have seen, moreover, a great
many students parading the streets of
Detroit in their R. O. T. C. uniforms,
and there were many-perhaps a hun-
dred, perhaps more-who returned to
their homes for the spring r.ecess sim-
ilarly clad. There is a song, long en-
shrined in the traditions of Michigan
to the effect that "Michigan was a col-
lege when Pennsy was a pup." It
seems to us that some members of the
R. O. T. C. wish to perpetuate the
good old days of Siwash!
The general bearing of members of
the R.0 . T. C. may well come in for
its share of criticism. We've noticed
many times, and it was called to our
attention particularly during the Lib-
erty Loan parade, that the men in col-
umn do not present the appearance of
individuals who have had six months
of drill and discipline. They are not
erect; they are not neat; they exe-
cute movements in a slovenly way,
with no snap and no precision. Esprit
de corps seems- lacking.
Perhaps the coming of warm weath-
er and a few more weeks on the Fer-
ry field drill grounds may change
these things. We hope so, for we can-
nt lnl kvith drrP nn thn ra

intellectual. What he has gained is
confidence, self-sacrifice, self-respect,
respect for others, and, above all, the
incentive for further knowledge, with-
out which no man can be educated.
In him has been laid the foundation
for a successful career. His future
teacher will be Experience and his
school-the World.
The editorial above, written by
Leonard Achterberg, '21, has been
picked as the winner in the annual
Pi Delta Epsilon editorial contest for
According to law Ann Arbor goes
dry May 1. But this is scarcely in
accord with the theory of economics Ji
students for "wherever there is de-
mand there must be supply," says
they. Perhaps they may be right.
The German government is now
selling clothes. It won't be so long
before a battered, crown will be of-
fered for sale cheap.
Western Reserve will either play
baseball or go canoeing this after-
noon. Either way they are expected
to be submerged.
Company E of the R. O. T. C. might
at least be desirous of making D ,D
scholastically speaking.
Dig down for the men who are dig-
ging in for you! Human decency
must win this war.
Tar and feathers are rapidly becom-
ing a necessary was accessory.
Lists of patriotic activities for col-
lege women are ready for distribu-
tion at Newberry hall. In addition to
outlining opportunities for service,
they contain references for securing
definite information.
Women bond workers should report
between 4:30 and 5:30 o'clock in room
102 Economics building.
The new board of directors of the
Women's league will have a meeting
at 9 o'clock this morning in Barbour
gymnasium. The committee chairmen

"Well," she sighed, as she ripped
th1 good-looking Leyendecker Arrow
Collar ad from the back of the Gar-
goyle before chucking this month's
issue into the wastebasket, "The 15
cents wasn't entirely shot,"
After the good old Wild West me-
thod of preventing a Colt 38 from
damaging the feet, Hindenberg is
learning the Foch-dance.
Brothers Under Their Shkins
Cary: -Did you ever notice what a
small difference there is between a
narrow minded capitalist and a knight
of the road? The former objects to
organized labor and the latter to labor
of any kind.
L. T. Campus
The w, k. person who " forgot" to
subscribe to the first and second loans
now has the opportunity to strengthen
that portion of his anatomy situated
between just above the knees and
just below by buying a triple amount
this time.
The postoffice has announced that
it will refuse to send liquor adver-
tisements through the mails in Mich-
igan after May I. The Gargoyle had
better get its foreign subscriptions
out early.
She Djeunes oil Pie a lia Mode
Another of these inconvenient
Blighters is she, who in the midst of
these eatless Liberty Loan days, ap-
pears in the middle of the afternoon
and announces with a haggard ex-
pression that she hasn't had breakfast
Some flippant lad thows the wonder
as to whether the academic figure fac-
ing the campus on the new Union
building is a bluff or an exhortation.
The government has put in a large
order for -pies. Charlie Chaplin has
been drafted.
G. H. Whittaker to Address Architects
'C. H. Whittaker, employed by the
government in connection with tle
housing conditions for ship building
and other industries, has been secured
by Prof. Emil Lorch to address the

200-204 E. Liberty Street

Garden Steps-Cobb ........................
Garden Mlaking-Bailey ..................................
Practical Garden Book--lin and Bailey .................
Vegetable Garden-Watts......... ......................
The Well Considered Garden-King...........................
Garden W ork-Good ......................... ...............
The Garden Month by Month-Sedgwick .......................
The Garden Blue Book-Holland ............................
The Joyous Art of Gardening-Duncan.........................
Everymans Garden in Wartime-Selden.......................
English Flower Gardens-Robinson ..........................
The Practical Flower Garden-Ely .:................
Around the Year in the Garden-Rockwell ...................
Our Garden Flowers-Keeler .....,...........................
A Woman's Hardy Garden-Ely ............................ .

The place to go when you want

Laboratory Supplies
Drugs and Toilet Articles

FLaundry Cases
For Parcel Post

The Slater Book

Dancing followed the meeting, with
music furnished by Ike Fisher. An
unusually good crowd attended this
farewell party of the term.

DWxuiuJ Ui iimT iD
Between Detroit, Ann Arbor
(Air i , 19t8)
Detroit Limited and Express
±n.. 8:o a. m and hourly to 7
p m.
Jackson Express Cars .ocal
Aimn Arbor)-g:45 a. In. anid ev
to ;-:48 !. M.
Local Cars East Bound-5:3.
a. In., 7:05 a. M. and ev ry two
p. i.. :o~p. mn., 9:05 p. mn.
To psilanti only, :I I p. in.
r:I a. Il., t:zo a. in. To Sal
Local Cars West Bound-6 :
a1. in., 10:20 P. m.. 2:20 a. in.

not 100 wa price upon Le organiwl o ten hsmeig
Swill nev- will not attend this meeting architectural students here in the
ization as it now is. Michigan wants____
r exceeding near future. Although the address is
committee. "a thing worth doing at all done All signing for the tennis tourna- primarily for students, it will be open
itself the well." May the R. O. T. C. acquire at ment must be done before noon today. to the public.
tleast a modicum of this spirit! Lists of the tournament will be post- Junior and senior students of the
called for ed Monday' in Barbour gymnasium. University are planning an entire In-
t is asking THE REAL VALUE OF A COLLEGE dustrial center, including the indus-
quota was EDUCATION Seniors will play baseball at 4 o'- trial plant and the homes of the work-
mark was The question has often been asked, clock Monday afternoon on the field men. The government has expresed
100. "What is the real value of college across from Barbour gymnasium. its keen interest in this work, because'
et with the education?" It has been answered byrs of the present need.
nio further txernan (Acoernuient Pistributes Shoes -
mark has many people in-many ways. To the New York, April 19.-The German W1mnen's League Holds Meeting
ent merelyri- government is now supplying the peo- Activities of the Women's league.
iman. The zon, the day of gradua'tion seems the ple with shoes. The German federal for the year were reviewed at the
),000,000 as greatest thing that could befall the lot council has issued an order creating annual meeting yesterday afternoon in
total is be- of man. He yearns for and dreams of an imperial board for the distribution Barbour gymnasium. Reports of offi-
I be suffici- the day when, crowned and robed in of shoes, say German newspapers. cers and committee chairmen were
cap and gown, he will take his place
among his fellow graduates to receive'lti iiili iiiil1illliitiill#
akiignifca his degree. With this as a scepter, he
nunity like imagines that all will yield before the .
merely its authority which it represents.
To the sophomore, intoxicated by =For M en
the first draught of knowledge, the M . (l
world is like an open book. He feelsW
GE that he is the smartest of the smart, 4 W ho
have felt the wisest of the wise; that if the au-:
being crit- thorities would grant him his diploma Com fort
have attri- then and there, he would venture forth
se, and the and put the world at the mercy of his
ency oftiJ knowledge.
re individ- But when lie finally becomes a jun-
given set ior, this erroneous conception slowly
ce having disappears. In its place, unwelcomed,
slastically. comes the truth that wise men are not r
conditions made in college. The more he learns, =
rps, a mis- the more Ignorant he finds himself ~
conditions to be. Slowly but surely, there creeps '?Parade'
ter feeling into his scheme of life the thirst for
e we knew more knowledge; to know more of : ERE is an oxford that your real comfort be- -
lken inter- the world and of those who made its .io d givesyt
tablishing history; to be capable of understand- cause it is designed along sensible, military lines.
s forgotten ing life and its purpose as well as Blucher style with plain toe in Koko brown and dark Russian
se we un- God intended man to know it; to be E calf.
der which able to reduce marvels to reason. Main Floor
ment was And when, at last, he seats him-
aid great self among the graduates of his class, The same model with certain refinements of leather and =
hopeless he does so, not as the egotist, full = workmanship...................... ...... ..$ OO
er orders, of self-importance, but as a man who
el of-men, realizes the scantiness of his knowl- EST. 186
the blame edge and the superiority of his elders.
iitant dif- He realizes that he has been stripped
We have of his superfluous conceptions and re-=
e severely ceives his diploma with the unwritten
zed. We understanding that his education is
whole dif- in no way complete; but that, in real-I
>f the en- ity, it has just begun. He has not
expected come out a wise man to be immediate- 183-1S5 Woodward A the'e.
,xprper e y a optd wtyi td relms ofdhewthin#lilthelllreall#msiiliflithe lliiillllllllilli#mlilllll1111i###imiiiliil.

* S
#i "...:


Courteous and satisf
TREATMENT to every ci
er, whether the account be
or small.
the Ann Arbor Savings
Incorporated 1869
Capital and Surplus, $550,
Resources .........$4,0001
Northwest Cor. Main & i
707 North University A,

113 East University
means perfection in the
vic e ®f


For Sae
Fraternity and Social
322 South State S



Cupyrigit llart So :ffzuviQ:& karx



I -

Hrt Schaiffner & Marx
spring suits and top coats are
more snappy than ever this
spring; the kind of clothes red-
blooded young mnen will be
wearing. They have incorporat-
ed in thei all the style tenden-
cies that will be popular.
We have bought freely and as
a consequence,.offer you choice
of a stock unequalled for rich-
ness of choice and variety of
style, anywhere but in their
shops. You will find here
clothes as good as you can, buy
in any city, and the price is
more ileasonable.
New neckwear, Steson and

innc nlee

,j f uI

. ~ . .. . a ca a


Farmers &
101-105 So. Main

330 So. Sta
(Nickels Ar


Iry our


Reule, Conlin, Fiegel & CO,
The Big Home of Hart Schaff-
ner and Marx Clothes, at South-
west Corner Main and Washing-
ton Streets.

They are both delicious
Phone 967 109 S. Ma

h and Carry"
vfer tore
SHouse Stores




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