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February 15, 1918 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1918-02-15

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44j*look upon his achievements with a
"alt Xlonging to reach such a pinnacle of
ATE i PRESS. fame. Then comes along that inac-
secuivelyetted curate person. "Buzz, buzz, buzz;" she
on of all news dis- goes in our ear. And the next day we
not otherwise credit- look into the face of our leader, Mr.
also the local news
Hyde, with leering mien and bestial
the University of face..
ery morning except We swallow the news of the war
ersity year.
e at Ann Arbor a with great avidity. We are confident
s Building. of our forces and the work they are
Editorial, 2414. doing. In this respect we are also in-
exceed -oo words fluencing our neighbors, and they
events will bepub- in turn send out wave on wave of
hes discretion of the
e in the Ann Arbor confidence until the work of the whole
tic boxc in the west
library, we e t nation is strengthened and thrown
:30 o'clock each forward to victory. Then comes one'
with a kaiser. mustache and whispers
. Managingdioin our ear. "Beware the president, be-
*.Business Manager tepeiet e
ware the army heads, they are all
.Herbert G. Wilson muckers, working fo rgain." And the
Schermerhorn, Jr. rumor spreads and goes on and on
and no one takes the trouble to trace
Mildred C. Mighell it to its source or inquire as to the
Margaret H. Cooley
lbert E. Jiqrne, Jr. truth. A few good lies well spread
advertising Manager will soon affect the morale of a na-
kdvertising Manager tion.
ublication Manager
Circulatio Manager Beware th. sly Dame.
...Credt Manager
W. R. Atlas'
Mark K. Ehbert Another flaw in the conduct of the
SRS war preparations may be easily found
Paul A. Shinkman been disbanded. That lies elsewhere.
Horace }~. Hunter
Rilla A. Nelson in the disb'andonment of the ambul-
Philip Somovit' ance units at Allentown.
Frances Broene.
Ida E. Mines We do not say they should not have
SaEe Lamp ReBut if the ambulance units were to
David B. Landis be no more, why was not the order is-
indibo- sued some time back? Why could this
TAFF not have been forseen? Training the
Harry D.aaese
L. A. Storrer 'men in ambulance work for eight
atherine Kilpatrick months then transfering them to'
Agnes Abele
rge A. Cadwell, Jr. some other branch of the service, af
ntes H. Macdonald
Case branch in which they know scarcelyj
the rudiments, is far from our idea'
as to efficient preparation.
We read that exams are more effec-
RY 15, 1918. tive than medicine as a health mead.
s H. Osius, Jr. ure, based on a report from the health
s R OsusJr.service. Personally, we'd take a very
bad cold in preference to say the
E FLAG least.


By Francis _. Bacon, '02, Executive C
Savings C,
College students are in the habit
making age. Habits which they form
between the ages of 18 and 25 are
more than likely to endure. If the.
habits are those of a spendthrift, the
individual is more than likely to re-
main a spendthrift in, mature years.
On the other hand, if students prac-
tice habits of thrift, the spirit of th.rift
'is more likely to predominate.
Students have unique opportunities
brought to them through the medium'
of war. For some of them, with an
allowance, which is barely sufficient
for actual necessities, the ' Liberty
Loans may have been out-of the ques-
tion. Yet many of them bought, and
in doing so became partners of the
government in the conduct of the war.
Bigger than this, they achieved for
themselves something of the idea of
The Liberty Loan can not reach all
citizens; the War Savings certificates
can. People may buy the War Savings

hairman of Was'htenaw County War
stamp for $4.13 this month, and realize
$5 from it January 1. 1923; or they
may purchase Thrift stamps at 25
cents each. Thrift stamps do not bear
interest. They should be converted
into War Savings stamps as soon as
16 of them have been bought. This
can be done by paying the difference
between the $4 and the prevailing
price of War Savings stamps for the
We must abandon many of the pre-
war luxuries if the country is to con-;
tinue the struggle to a speedy con-
clusion. Financial aid from all the
people is an absolute necessity. The
War Savings idea brings this ques-
tion of monetary aid even to the poor-
est people. The money, with interest,
is paid back within five years, thus
necessitating but a short wait.
But even above the safety of thej




For All Departments




government, the ease of purchase
conversion back into cash, the
fact standing paramount it this:
habit of thrift once formed.



say that
ad of its
from the
'the ser-
hing. In
ded the,
hen they'
ted The
on other
rt of the
the pub-
the best
>us. We
ve do not

ce, all!

in school
being on
person of
s journal-

Another drive against %Grrmany
starts Sunday. This is not the spring
drive across the pond, but a local
one, for the sale of Thrift stamps' and
War Savings certificates..
Trying to get a rise out of the pro-
fessors or the registrar regarding f.m.
(friend marks), for the last semester
has resolved itself into one of the
leading indoor sports.
"Quail Have Suffered from Extreme-
ly Cold Weather." - Daily headline..
mnother reason why the weather man
should be induced to discontinue wint-
er entirely.
The war has come to Michigan.
Have you seen the new uniforms?
Will the fresh toques and pots go
well with the 0. D.?
"The days of real sport"--Asplashing
to classes in artics.
Italiam Childreu Live in Daugr Iona
Men, women, and children are liv-
ing, eating, and sleeping together in
the same large hospital ward in Italy,
since the Austro-German invasion of
that country, according to the' fifthk
report of the American Red Cross
commission to Europe. 'Many children'
are in the actual fighting zone, near
enough to be in serious danger. The
commission is striving to find some
better means of housing them, to pro-
vide employment, and to remove the
children 'to safer quarters where they
may have school facilities.

'We know that the above extract of
,alphabet brings not the faintest ink-
ling to your mind of what this column
is going to be like. But that is as it
should be. We haven't any either.'
We just have one of these futurist,
nude-inside-of-a-bookcase pictures of
its further development. We expect
'to have a- biography like an amoeba.
If you're interested in things resemb-
ling that somewhat formless but live-
ly animal, stick around.
They have ceased importing olive
1oil and dates. The olive oil won't. be
,missed; we can rub them down with
St. Jacobs' or Alpha Omega and drink
keroete on our salad. But alas for
.the package of stuffed dates she was
going to send him as a valentine just
in memory of all those they'd had to-
;ether before this Cr-uel War tore
ahem apart!
Lucky 'dawg that he is; have you
heard his schedule? He has no Mon-
.day or Friday classes to interfere
'with his week-ends; no afternoon
Mlasses (you know, the River and
Spring and O Everything); no eight
I o'clocks, their too beastly early, no
nine o'clocks, he needs that period for
breakfast. At ten he strolls down
State. Lucky Dawg; that Campus
"'Smatter soph? You seem flighty.
"Shouldn't wonder. Most of my
classes are on the fourth floor of the
Natural Science building."
Behold! The toothpick squad is,
again waving the sticks in true form;'
surely we have settled down to work.
"My grades are just like my shoes."
Go on; I'm braced for it."
"Five Cs."
Who can fail to admire the candor
and naivete of a sheet which calls the
attention of its readers to the rotten-
ness of its own features?
We don't expect to find it neces-
Dean Ward in Milwaukee for Clinic
Dean Marcus L. Ward of the Dental
college, left Thursday for Milwaukee
where he is holding a clinic. He is ex-
pected back tonight.

The Literacy Critic Says
Hector MacQuarrie, Lieutenant,
Royal Field Artillery.-J. B. Lip-
pincott company.
Lieutenant MacQuarrie's choice of
titles for his book was rather un-
fortunate, for "How to Live at the
Front," has a tendencyt'to lead oneto
expect either a patronizing "look and
see how I do it" disclosure, or a ser-
ies of health lectures. His book is
neither. It is a most refreshing mix-
ture of clean humor and straight facts
from an English officer who has had
every opportunity to know and to un-
derstand, and whose desire is .to help
the American soldiers, that will nec-
essarily encounter many of the dif-
ficulties that the English and French
have met. The "tips," as he calls
them, are all straight from the should-
er, and the entire volume is most in-
formal in character.
Probably the most likable charact-
eristic of the -book is Lieutenauit Mac-
Quarrie's naive way of expressing
himself, - saying with the drollest
gravity things that are excruciatingly
funny. Often he becomes very serious,
and begins a grave disucssion of cer-
tain dangers of warfare, but he can-
not resist breaking out frequently
wit), "I rememter standing by a sally
port one night," and then follows an-
other funny story.
Athough Lieutenant MacQuarrie
wrote this book ' primarily fort
our soldiers, there is no reason
why everyone should not enjoy it, for
it is of very general interest, and
makes dplightful reading.,
Health of, Women Students Is Good
"The generai neaith of the women
students at present is remarkably
good',' was the statement made by
Dr. Lucy E. Boland today. There are
no new cases of mumps according to
Dr. Walker, and with the exception of
the' usual number of February colds,,

There will be a Women's league
party from 4 to 6 o'clock this after-
noon at Barbour gymnasium. Mas-
ques will present a playlet called
"Food" and Ike Fisher will play for
the dancing.
Boards of directors of the Women's
league will meet at 9 o'clock tomor-
row morning at Barbour gymnasium.
Board of representatives will meet
at 10 o'clock.
Association of Collegiate Alumnae
will entertain senior women at a re-
ception from 4 to 6 o'clock tomorrow1
afternoon at the home of Mrs. Henryj
C. -Adams, 1421 Hill street.'
Stylus offers a prize of ten dollars
for the best short story written by an
undergraduate woman.


Hair Brushe,
$1.00 value 75c

We have a complete stock of
Switzer's Hardware
New and Secondhand
-, ght Aad Sold
Skater's Book Shop
Phone 430 336 S. State 5

o thank the wom-
rial .and business
d enough to pur-
sion to discontin-
ays will meet with
t has never been
majority of peo-

Seventy-eight freshman girls have'
failed to pay their social tax of 50
cents. This tax may be payed. on
Tuesday and Thursday mornings in
the General Library, Feb. 19 and 21.
Girls wishing to attend to the matter
before this date should see Cornelia
Clark, Marcella ,Moon, and Eleanor
Warm Days Facilitate Work on Union.
Laborers are again at work on the

Cor. State and N. Univers.
Phone 08
Between Detroit, Ann Arbor and Ja
(E~ffective Mlay 22, 1917)
Detroit Limited and xpress Cars-
n., 8:io a. ,m., and hourly to 7:10 p.
Kalamazoo Limited Cars-8 :48 a.
every two hours to 6:48 :. in.; to
8:48 p. in.
Jackson Express Cars local sto^-
Aim Arbor)-9:48 a. m. and every t%+
to : 48 ). m.
Local Cars East Bound'-5:35 a. I
a. n., 7:o5 a. m. and evPiy tw hors
p. mn.. 8 :o5 p. mf., 90:5 p. n1., to :5
To Yljsi anti only, 9:2o a. m., 9:g
2:05 ^. m., 6:o5 p. m, 9:45 p.'m, It:4
t2:2 ") a. in.. 1 :1oa.I I.. J7:20 a. m. I,
chiange at VYpsilanti.
Local Cars West Bound- 6:o5 a. r
a in.. 1o:20 p. Mf.. 12:20 a 111.
We have both the inclination
the equipment to fui nish th
best in banking service
The Ann Arbor Savings B,
Capital and Surplus $ 500,0(
Resources . . $4,000,00
Northwest Corner Main at
Huron Streets
707 North University Aver

ow in the
ration. To
needed to
n not al-
the people
have been
ight of it.
ositive dis-

two or three cases of tonsilitis are outside of the new Union building,
the only worries of health service au- after having been hindered for some
thorities. time by the extreme cold. The thaw,
and warmer weather have made it
Dancing at Armory, Friday and Sat- possible for work to be resumed on
'urday Nights-9 to 1 Eastern time.- the exterior construction.
"Standard" Loose-Leaf Note Books
Engineer's Supplies a specialty at at Wahr's. Lettered without expense.
Wahr's University Bookstore.-Adv. --dv.

Gasoline 21o, Polarine 90t.#
& Co., 117 5: Ashley 8t.-Adv.



"Just a Little BET





for all a

ime involved throu
ay of work. We a
preparations vital1

must be turned into cash in 30 days

of a man's' br


You can buy $9.00 shoes for $6.45; $7.50 and $8.00
shoes for $5.45; $6.50 and $7.00 shoes for $4.95, un-
til March 16, but you should hurry to get your
Even new spring styles at a big cut in price
during this Sale.

218 S. Main Street

of the past
these old
. But, hu-
f the same

Classes Just Starting. F
State and William

n all



Radio Military
wrist watches
$4.25 to $21

308 South State Street

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