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December 08, 1917 - Image 3

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The Michigan Daily, 1917-12-08

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Wolverines Will Play 7 Games Next
Fall Instead of Usual
About the only thing certain re-
garding the 1918 football schedule of
he University of Michigan is the fact
hat the Wolverines wil play seven'
ames instead of ten. The rule of the
Western Conference, which limits the
tumber of football contests, will not
be unwelcome here. It has been said
nany times on the campus, that the

ame schedule this season may
had something to do with Michi-
poor showing in the closing


is better than Nobody in authority has thus far
rn previously said that Yost's men will play Chicago,
od also. The Illinois, or Wisconsin next autumn.
of the Black It is generally believed that North-
Clintock were western will play here and that a
the winners, game with the champion Ohio State
pints to their eleven will be scheduled. Michigan
p follows: students are pulling hard for a con-
Wite test with Minnesota.
.Emery From a Michigan angle, the Confer-
nstein, Brown ence schedule situation seems to be as
.......Bartz follows:
.... Ruzicka Northwestern-A return game at
owley, Clark Ann Arbor, partly in appreciation for
9. Baskets- the game with the Purple this year,
Later 1, Em- and partly in an effort to avenge the
tz 1. Goals recent defeat.
n 5, Hanish 0 Ohio State-University authorities
Emery 0 in 2, and students are more and more in-
0 in 1, Brown clined to regard the Columbus eleven
eed-Boyd 2, as a "natural rival" of the Wolver-
own, Clark, ines. It is known that Michigan
nish, Ruzika. would like the game and Ohio State
o* f t avan-. aa lt burnar ha w ha nnn. atd as

he reserves t
oks and Ka
the first yea
the best wor
ne was mare
kets and fa
he freshme
' . Karpu

n tcuiy mem ers nave ueel quu~u.a
to favoring a contest. It is understood
r- that the game is a certainty if Chicago
ar and Ohio State do not meet.,
k Minnesota-Ann Arborites still have
k- a warm spot in their hearts for the
st team from Minneapolis. They have
n.. not forgotten that Minnesota granted
Michigan two games, after the latter
us left the Conference fold. It is felt that
ks the game would be a remarkable draw-
,m ing card, no matter where it is played.
n Chicago-Well-just well. It has
tz been "intimated" that Michigan will
6. not play the Maroons next year. It
n, is hoped, however, that any lingering
a- vestige of feeling will be buried be-
- fore 1919 rolls around and that event-
rs ually the Chicago-Michjigan contest
will be as popular as it used to be.
Wisconsin-The seven game rule

two teams that are not of exceptional
9CH T E P (calibre, Case and Kalamazoo College,
but even these teams showed up prom-
inently among the smaller college
- -l
BASKETBALL MENTOR SELECTS ire the Daily classified columns.
Notice of a Special Meeting of the Mem-
Coach Mitchell has picked 12 men bers of the University of Michigan Union,I
for the first basketball squad but this .Hill Auditorium, Friday, December 14th, att
8:0) P. M.c
is not the . final personnel of the itn accordance with the Constitution of
squa, asthe reserves will be put the University of Michigan Union, notice isr
squad, as hereby given of a special meeting to be held
on the first string in place of in ill Auditorium, December i4th, 1917, at
8:0o P. M.n
one of the regulars as soon as they The Board of Directors recommends thatn
show ability that exceeds the work of the Constitution be amended to read as fol-
any of the chosen 12. In the scrim-
mages at present Cress, Weathers, and CONSTITUTION.
Gariepy are showing a brand of bas- I. Name.a
ketball practice that will soon crowd This association shall be known and in-a
some of the first men back on the re- corporated as the University of Michiganu
serves. I. Purpose.I
Mitchell Selects First Squad The purpose of the Union is to furnish an
University social center; to provide a cluba
The men who have been selected house for faculty, alumni, former students'
by Coach/Mitchell for the present on and resident students of the University ofi
Michigan; to interpret Michigan spirit ini
the first string are: Later, McClintock, terms of citizenship; and to inculcate broado
Brown, Emery, Bornstein, Hanish, educational ideals.
Boyd, Ruzicka, Rowley, Bartz, Rych- 11I. Membership.I
Section 1. There shall be six classes of0
ener, and Clark. These men will be members, viz: () Annual Members. (2)
shifted into different teams during Life Members. (3) Participating Life Mem-
bers. (4) Honorary Members. (5) Associaten
the scrimmages in order to develop Members. (6) Directors' Members, Annual
more rivalry among the players and and Life.
bettreamrkmingthe quinyers so and Section 2. Annual Members. All men who
better teamwork in the quintets 50 are students in actual residence at the Uni-
the injury of one of the regulars will versity of Michigan; alumni and former stu-
dents who have been in actual residence at
not affect the clock work precision the University of Michigan for a period of atb
least six weeks; regents; members of thei
of the team during the game. several faculties and oficers of the UniversityL
Coach Mitchell will take the entire of Michigan may become members of the
University of Michigan Union on payment of
first squad on the trips and is enter- the annual dues, such members to constitute
taiing the hopes that the large size the annual membership of the association.
Section ,. Life Members. (a) Any stu-
of the squad will stimulate keener dent eligible to membership as provided in i
competition among the players, to Section 2 of this article may become a lifee
member during his last year of actual resi-i
make the trips, dece in the University of Michigan, or within
Two Gridders Playing one year thereafter, on payment of fifty dol-
OnlyTlars ($o).-..
At present only two of the Varsity (b) Any other person and any student (ex-
cept as provided in subdivision (a)) eligible
football players, Boyd and Hanish, to membership as provided in Section 2 of
have'appeared for basketball practice this article, may become a life member on
payment of one hundred dollars ($oo).
and the gridiron stars are showing up Section 4. Participating Life Members.t
(a) Any student eligible to membership aso
prominently in the scrimmages. Cohn provided in Section 2 of this article may be-L
and the Varsity backman and Corcoran come a life member during his last year ofP
actual residence in the University of Michi-a
of the reserves have signified their gan on payment of fifty dollars ($so), payable
. n tin the following manner: ten dollars ($io)k
ntentions to play basketball after the to be paid at the time of application fori
holidays, membership and forty dollars ($40) payabler
in four equal annual installments, to become
Coach Mitchell urges more of the due and payable on one, two, three and
basketball artists on the campus to four years from the date of such application.b
Such applicants for membership shall ber
come out and practice before the holi- entitled to all the privileges of full member-L
-day and not wait until after the hol- ship from the date of .the first payment, pro-
ays dn avided, however, that in case such applicantb
idays as men out now will have the shall fail to make payment of any one of saidp
four annual payments within one year of the
jump on those who come out late, in date such installment shall become due andL
experience, n- d they will be payable, he shall forfeit his privilege of be-'
comng a life member as provided in his ap-n
also naturally handicapped to ;lication, and any installments which may
theretofore have been paid by such applicantd
some extent. Mitchell does not shall be considered as forfeited. Any suchs
intend to pick the regular Varsity applicant who has forfeited his privilege of
becoming a life member in accordance witha
quintet until the season is far ad- his first application may, upon petition toc
the Board of Directors of the Union, for thef
vanced. privilege of making out a second application,r
be granted such privilege, provided, however,s
such application is for a $0 life membership.p
i GIrsZ J Q tZ n o t (b), Any person eligible to membership asp
/ ar if/+ji ef provided in Section 2 of this article may be-l
come a life member on payment of one hun-
dred dollars ($roo), payable in the follow-
ing manner: twenty dollars ($20) to be paid
P a17 T am at the time of application for membershipt
and eighty dollars ($8o) payable in four
--- equal annual installments, said installments to
become due and payable on one, two, threec
iSprt Dope Pots To Purple Team and four years from the date of such applica-s
As Strongest In -Con- W tion.- Such applicants for membership shallI
be entitled to all the privileges of full mem-e
ference bership from the date of the first payment,a
provided, however, that in case such appli-
cant shall fail to make payment of any one ofc
With the announcement of the bas- said four annual payments within one year ofc
the date such installment shall become due
ketball schedule for this fall Michigan and payable, he shall forfeit his privilege oft
according to sport dope has strenuous becoming a life membr as provided in hisr
application, and any installments which mayt
competition to face in her entry into theretofore have been paid by such applicantt
tl . A shall be considered as forfeited. Any such
the conference basketball circle. All applicant who has forfeited his privilege ofa
the conference teams have one or two becoming a life member in accordance withI
his first application may, upon petition to thec
C regulars on their quintets and several Board of Directors of the Union, be restoredc
of the reserve men to fill the vacan- to the privilege of applying for such mem-
bership. Any such person applying for a lifec
cies left by graduation and the draft. membership before April first, 1918, may be-
come a life member on payment of fifty dol-
Of the five "Big Ten" teams Michigan lars ($o), payable in the following manner:c
will play, Northwestern appears the ten dollars ($o) to be paid at the time ofc
application for membership and forty dollarst
strongest and also the probable con- ($4o) payable in four equal annual install-c
ments, to become due and payable on one, two,s
tender for the 'Big Ten honors. three and four years from the date of suchI
Purples Appear Strong application.1
(c) Any member making payments on ac
Four regulars of Northwestern's life membership shall be considered as a par-c
last year quintet are out for basket- ticipating life member and upon payment of(
the full amount of the membership fee shallI
ball this fall and the Purple coaches be a life member.a
Section S. Honorary Members. The Uniont
have a wealth of reserve material to may at any meeting, by a two-thirds vote ofI
fill the one vacancy. Minnesota, who the members present, elect to honorary mem-
bership any person who may have rendered
played the Illinois quintet last year for distinguished service to the University of9
Conference n has two regulars Michigan, provided such candidate for honor-s
orfenehonors, hstorglr ar membershi has received the approval ofc

and several reserve men and a host the Board of Directors. Honorary members
shall enjoy all.. the privileges of annual, life,
of last year's fresh material to shape and participating life members, except that
into a winning varsity team. they shall not vote or hold office.
Section 6. Associate Members. (a) Any
Ohio State university has two regul- woman who is a student in actual residence
at the University of Michigan; alumnae or
ars and four reserves as a nucleus to former women students of the University of
start the season and the University of Michigan; or any adult woman, a member of
the immediate family of a member of the
Chicago has at least three regulars Union, may become an associate member,
with three years basketball experience provided such candidate for membership has
secured the approval of two-thirds of the Board
to depend upon. The university of of Directors.
(b) Associate members shall pay an annual
Indiana and Purdue university are in fee, the amount of such fee to be prescribed
all probability the weakest basketball I for the ensuing year by the Board of Di-
rectors at its regular June meeting.
teams in the Conference this fall, the (c) Any person eligible to associate mem-
back bership may become an associate life member
former having but two regulars on payment of fifty dollars ($So), payable in
on the team and the latter only one the same manner as that prescribed in Section
4 Paragraph (a) of this article.
The Michigan schedule shows only

(d) Associate members shall have only such
privileges as may be adopted by the rules of
the Board of Directors. They shall not vote
or hold office.
(e) The number of associate members shall
not exceed one thousand "(,ooo),
Section 7. Directors' Members, Annual and
Life. (a) Directors' Annual Members. Any
man who has made application to the Board
of Directors and whose name has been ap-
proved by the Board by a two-thirds vote
may become a Directors' annual member on
payment of one hundred dollars ($oo) in-
itiation fee, such payment to be made within
thirty days after the Board has approved the
application, and on payment of annual dues
of twenty-five dollars ($25), payable semi-
annually in advance on the first days of Jan-
uary and July.
(b) Directors' Life Members. Any man
may become a Directors' life member on pay-
ment of five hundred dollars ($oo), payable
at the time of application for membership.
The Board of Directors may choose such
members from the subscribers to the Build-
ing Fund, who are not eligible to annual, life
or participating life membership.
(c) Directors' members shall enjoy all the
privileges of annual, life and participating
life members, except that they shall not vote,
or hold office.
(d) The number of Directors' members
shall not exceed five hundred (oo) non-
resident and two hundred (zoo) resident memi-
bers, resident members being those living
within a radius of twenty (20) miles of Ann
IV. Functions and Status of Members.
All annual, life and participating life mem-
bers shall have the same privileges, includ-
ing that of voting at the meetings of the
Union and at the annual election of officers.
V. Government.
Section r. The Officers of 'the Union shall
he a President, five Vice-Presidents, a Record-
ing Secretary, a Financial Secretary, a Gen-
eral Secretary and a Director of Social Ac-
Section 2. The President shall preside at
all meetings of the Union and of the Board
of Directors and shall be ex-officio a member
of all committees.
Section 3. The Vice-Presidents shall be
elected as follows: One from the College of
Literature, Science, and the Arts; one from
the College of Engineering and Architecture;
one from the Medical School; one from the
Law School; and one from the combined
Pharmacy, Homoeopathic and Dental Schools
and Colleges.
Section 4. The Recording Secretary shall
keep a record of the proceedings of the meet-
ings of the Union and of the Board of Di-
rectors, and perform such other duties as are
herein and otherwise prescribed.
Section S. The Financial Secretary shall
be a member of the University Faculty or a
resident graduate, and shall be chosen by the
University Senate. He shall have entire charge
of the financial affairs of the Union, and shall
be ;required to furnish bond in an amount
prescribed by the Board of Directors, the
premium of such bond to he paid by the
Union. At the annual meeting of the Union
he shall submit a complete financial state-
Section 6. The General Secretary shall con-
duct all official correspondence of the Union,
shall keep a record of all members and of
all financial affairs pertaining to the Union,
and shall be secretary and treasurer of all
committees. In all matters pertaining to the
finances of the Union, he shall be directly
responsible to the Financial Secretary. He
shall be required to furnish bond in an amount
prescribed by the Board of Directors, the
premium of such bond to be paid by the
Section 7. The Director of Svcial Activities
shall have charge of all sciaf activities per-
taining to the avocational ideals of the Union.
Section 8. (a) The government of the
Union shall be vested in a Board of Directors,
composed of the aforesaid ten officers; the
secretary of the Alumni Association of the
University of Michigan; three members elect-
ed annually from the University Faculties;
and five alumni, members of the Union, the
same to be elected by the Advisory Council
of the Alumni Association of the University
of Michigan.
(b) Upon the completion of the Michigan
Union club house project as outlined in the
resolution of the Michigan Alumni Associa-
tion, passed at its meeting of June 28th, 1911,
the- title to such club house, buildings and
grounds shall be transferred to, and there-
after remain in the Board of Regents of the
University of Michigan; the Michigan Union
club house project -shall, for this purpose, be
considered as completed at such time as such
club house shall be ready for use and oc-
(c) Upon the completion of the Michigan
Union club house project as set forth in (b)
of this section, the management and control
of the club house, buildings and grounds shall
be vested in a Board of Governors, composed
of the Financial Secretary of the Union, who
shall be the Chairman of the Board; the
President of the Union; one member of the
Board of Regents of the University, to be
chosen by the Regents; and four members
of the Union, to be chosen by the Advisory
Council of the Alumni Association of the
University of Michigan from the life, faculty
and alumni members, provided that at least
three of the said four shall be alumni of the
Section g. Quorum and Vacancies. Seven
members of the Board of Directors shall con-
stitute a quorum. Any vacancy occurring in
said Board, except in the office of Financial
Secretary,'shall be filled by the Board itself,
the person so elected to hold office for the
remainder of the current college year.
Section ro. Eligibility Requirements. The
President, Vice-Presidents, and Recording
Secretary must be student members of the
Union in actual residence at the University,
at the time of their nomination and election
and during their term of office,
VI. Standing Committees.
Section i. There shall be an Appointment
Committee and such other Committees as
may be provided for by the Board of Di-

Section 2. The Appointment Committee
shall consist of the President, the General
Secretary, the Director of Social Activities,
and the Financial Secretary. The President
shall be the Chairman of this Committee. This
Committee shall have power to appoint all
committees, except as otherwise provided in
this constitution.

VII. Election of 0
Secioin r. Nominating C
later than the second Saturday
shall1 be appointed a Nomina
of five student members of t
of whom is eligible to nom
office. this Committee shah
ficers for the ensuing year,
least two candidates for each
of President and Recording
least two candidates for ea
offices of Vice-President; and
candidates for the position o
bers of the Board of Directo
mittee shall report not later
Saturday in April. It shall
post a list of its nominations
bulletin board of the Union
Hall and on the bulletin boa
house. It shall also cause
published in at least four issue
gan Daily within a period of
to the election.
Section 2, Nomination by
twenty-five members of the U
imate candidates for any or
which the Nominating Commi
inate, by signing a petition
properly signed, with the R
tary before nine A. M. of
preceding the day set for the
so receiving the nomination <
candidates, the Recording See
once cause the list of nomine
the Michigan Daily and on the
to be accordingly revised.
Section 3. Election. (a) '
officers shall be held in Uni
such place as the Board of
designate, on the third Saturd
on such day as is fixed for C
Day. The polls shall be ope
twelve A. M., or during wha
polls for the Campus Election
(b) The President shall ap
tion Committee of four men
vise and carry on the elect
candidate for president shall
one challenger who may be
polls during the election;
list of annual, life and partici-
hers, who have become memb
A. M. of the second Saturda
Recording Secretary shall prep
lists of the names of persons
at the annual election. lie
list-for each school and college,
the names of voters register
registered in such school or co
deliver a copy of a list for
college to the Chairman of the
mittee; (e) Each voter shall
vote for one candidate for Pr
Recording Secretary, one for
from the school or college of
in which the voter is or wa
istered, and three for faculty
Board of Directors; (f) The e
by ballot. The Election C
have ready for use one-she,
taining in alphabetical order
candidates for the respective
shall be no voting by proxy;
receiving the greatest numbe
each office shall be declared
three candidates receiving the
her of votes for faculty mer
Board of Directors shall be d
In case of a tie for any offic
tion for that office shall be I
days; (h) The new officers
the duties of office on the c
mencemnent, but the new Boa
may meet at any time after t
the purpose of planning work
year, and for transacting busi
the ensuing year.
VIII. Meeting


(Continued from Column Two)
schedule three conference games next
fall and they regard the Norhtwestern,
Ohio State, and Minnesota games as


not be surprising if one of
played Michigan in case
other proposed games fel

Brooks 8, Wilso
Bernstein 2, Wea
ganham 2. Fouls-
n 0 in 1. Weather

advertisers are first choice
ily readers.-Adv.
nize Our Advertisers.-Adv.

seems to bar a struggle with the Bad-
gers. Michigan men realize, however,,
that the Wolverines will be lucky to
(Continued on Column Five).
S es

for the


Bag Rush



Next to Arcade Theatre

Section .i. Annual Meeting.
meeting of the members of th
be held on the second Satur
At such time, the Financial S
submit his report for the y
President shall report on the v
dition of the Union. 9
Section 2. Special Meeting
meeting of the Union shall h
whenever the Board of Directc
it necessary; (b) on a petition
the Recording Secretary, signe
twenty-five members of the I
the matter to be considered;
ever, that in either case ten da
be given to the members of t:
Section 3. Notice of M
Recording Secretary shall notif
the Union of every meeting,
cial, by posting notice of suc
the Union bulletin boards in I
and other Campus buildings w
and on the bulletin board in t
at least ten days before such i
shall also be given in the Mic
at least two issues during the
ceding such a meeting.
Section 4. Quorum. Ten p
number of annual members s
a quorum at any meeting of I
nual or special.
IX. Dues.
The dues for the coming s
and the annual club dues fo
year shall be prescribed by t
of Directors at a meeting held
tion of officers and before the
lege in June. In case no actih
the Board of Directors the a
annual dues shall be the same
preceding year.
X. Suspension and Exr
Any member of the Union ma
cause be suspended or expell
of three-fourths of all the m
Board of Directors. Before
taken, the Recording Secretary
the member a copy of the cha
against him; and, at the reques
ber, he shall have a hearir
Board of Directors,
XI. Magazine.
A club magazine shall be i
times as the Board of Direc
termine. One dollar ($i.oo)
dues paid by each member sha
to pay for a year's subscription
zine. Life members and pa
members shall be considered I
to the magazine. .
XII. Amendment
Amendments to this consti
violation of the Articles of As
be adopted at any meeting of
nual or special, by a two-thir,
members present, provided a q
ent; such amendments having
-'ith the notice of the meeting


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