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October 20, 1917 - Image 1

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The Michigan Daily, 1917-10-20

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1:30 O'CLOCK
Varsity Scores on Farmers in First
Quarter; Wieman Fails to
Kick Goal
(Buy Harry W. Weiman and Donald
C. Bromley)
Although a heavy rain and a strong
wind had been hovering around Ann
Arbor for the past few days the grid-
iron was in fine condition at 1:30
o'clock today. A fast field favored
both teams.
The crowd started filing through the
gates early and gate reports indicat-
ed a crowd of about 14,000.
M. A. C.'s band marched onto the
field at 2 o'clock dressed in the regu-
lation olive drab of the United States
army and took its place in front of
the south stand.
Old Sol peeped through clouds as
players took field.
The Wolverine eleven was the first
to appear on the field. They stepped
out in their new jerseys of blue with
gold stripes at 2:35 o'clock and tried
a few passes. M. A. C. followed a
scant 2 minutes afterward. The Ag-
gies tried their hand at running sig-
Michigan's band made its appear-
ance at 2:15 o'clock playing the "Vic-
tors" and paraded around the west
goal posts.
* * * * * * * * * * * * *
* Michigan N. A. C. *
* Goetz........L.E.......Ramsey *
* Culver......L.T....... Corryell *
* Boyd.......... L.G.......Leffler *
* Lambert......C........Archer *
* Goodsell......R.G........ Bailey *
* Weske........R.T....... Frouson *
* Cartwright.... R.E.......Bassett *
* Weston........ Q.......... Kellog *
* Cohn..........L.H...........Oas *
* Genebach.....R.H........ Turner *
* Wieman.......F.B...... Hammes *
* Officials-Haines, Yale, referee; *
* Holderness, Lehigh, umpire; Ken- *
* nedy, Chicago, head linesman. *
* * * * * * * * * * * * *f
Ferry Field, Oct. 20.-Boyd is actingt
as captain for Wolverines. Michigan
won the toss and elected to defend
the east goal.

M A.C-

1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
-0 0 0 00

- 6



14 27

five yards. Michigan penalized five
yards for offside. Weston makes
three yards through right tackle.
Michigan makes 25 yards on forward
pass to Genebach. Now on 12-yard
line of Aggies. Weston goes around
left end for three yards.
Crowd yelling for touchdown.
Wieman makes only one yard through
center meeting stone wall. Fake play
adds two yards and making first down.
Wieman on first play makes only three
yards, failing to make first down.
Hammes drops back and punts to M.
A. C. 30-yard line and Weston fum-
bles the farmers recovering the ball.
Culver is hurt and takes time out.
Hammes drops back and on fake,
play M. A. C. makes only one yard.
M. A. C. fails to gain. Michigan pen-
alized five yards. Hammes drops
back for punt. Fake play of Oas
makes run through center. Hammes
skirts left end for three yards. Ham-
mes drops back for punt. M. A. C.
mixes signals. Hammes kicks to Wes-
ton on Wolverine 30-yard line. Wes-
ton downed in his tracks.
Weston skirts right end for five
Wieman goes through left tackle
for 30 yards and is stopped by a hole
in the field. Genebach fails to gain.
Ball on M. A. C. 35-yard line. Wes-
ton circles left end for five yards.
Wieman adds two more through right
tackle. Weston makes the first down
through center. Wieman makes six
through left tackle. Genebach fails,

to gain. Michigan on M. A. C. 15-yard
line. Weston goes through center and
circles around left end for touchdown.
Wieman fails to kick goal. Score:
Michigan, 6; M. A. C. 0.
Archer kicks off for M. A. C. to
Michigan's 25-yard line. Cuilver re-
turns it seven yards. End of first
quarter. Michigan's ball on the wol-
verine 38-yard line.
Score: Michigan, 6; 3 A. C.,d.
One hundred and seventy-six soldier
boys of machine gun company A, 328
battalion, are coming in from Camp
Custer to take up one section in the
north stand.
Second Quarter
Weston goes through for seven
yards. Cohn adds two more. Wie-
man ploughs over .both lines for first
down. Weston makes six yards
through left tackle. Wieman adds
two more. An attempted forward
passs, Weston to Goetz fails.
Cohn goes through center making
first down. Weston goes through
left tackle for four yards.
Genebach hurls himself over both
I lines for two yards. Cohn attempts to
go around right end but is thrown for
one yard loss. M. A. C. intercepts
forward pass, Wieman to Goetz. M.
A. C.'s ball on Michigan 38-yard line.
Aggies are held for no gain. On a
trick play, Kellog goes through center
for four yards. Hammes drops back
for punt and kicks to Weston who
recovers the ball on M. A. C.'s 30-
yard line and is thrown back three
yards. Cohn goes through center for
20 yards. Weston makes two from
first scrimmage. Wieman jumps over
two men for three more yards.
Genebach makes first down. Cohn
goes through left tackle for two yards.
Weston turns right end for six yards.
Play is now in the center of the field.
Wieman adds one yard. Cohn makes
first down through center. With won-
derful interference, Cohn adds five
yards, and is out temporarily. Tut-
hill gives him the bottle.
Wieman digs a hole through center
for five yards. Weston makes first
down through center. Michigan now
on the Aggies' 35-yard line. Wieman
makes two yards from first scrimmage.
An attempt at forward pass, Goetz to
Genebach fails. Cohn makes eight
yards through left tackle. Weston
takes the ball across for the first
1down. Michigan's first down.
Vieman fails to make , anything
through center. Weston makes first
down. Cohn fails to gain. Weston
makes two yards through center.


to Weston on their own 40-yard line.
The Soo lad brings it back three yards.
Cohn makes three yards through cen-
ter. M. A. C. catches forward pass,
Genebach .to Goetz. End of first half.
Score: Michigan, 6; M. A. C., 0.
Yost takes squad in the clubhouse
foxr the second time this season. Both
bands form for a parade on the field.
Michigan gives M. A. C. band first
choice. The Farmers' band men
march around the west goal. Michi-
gan's band proceeds to parade around
the east goal. They are playing the
"Victors" while they parade.
The band plays the Yellow and
Blue. Everyone rises and stands at
attention with hats removed.
M. A. C. band marches over to Mich.
igan stands. The army band is march-
ing on the field. Three bands unite in
playing the "Star Spangled Banner."
This makes a total of 150 pieces. All
three bands are now playing the
All the soldiers stood at salute while
the combined bands played the na-
tional anthem. Yost keeps his men
out for nearly 20 minutes. M. A. C.
band now plays the M. A. C. college
song. The Aggie team now comes in
about a minute after the Yostmen
have reached the field.
Third Quarter
Rye now playing for Genebach.
Hanish in for Cartwright.
Culver kicks off for Michigan to M.
A. C. 5-yard line. McCool carries the
ball 10 yards. Kellog goes through
center for one yard. Hammes makes
one yard around left end. Hammes
drops back on a fake, Kellog makes
only four yards. Fourth down, three
yards to go.
Hammes punts to Weston on Mich-
igan's 35-yard line. The little quart-
erback carries it back 23 yards. Rye
fumbles. M. A. C.'s ball on the 40-
yard line. Hammes makes one yard
through center. M. A. C. is held for
no gain. Kellog adds another yard.
Hammes punts to Rye who fumbles.
Weston recovers and returns 13 yards.
Ramsey hurt, but goes back in play.
Rye goes around end for two yards.
Wieman goes through center and adds
four yards. Wieman fails to gain.
Wieman adds two yards. Fourth
down, two to go. Wieman breaks
through stubborn defense for first
down. Weston through center for
three yards.
Rye adds one yard. Cohn gets hurt
in scrimmage. Cruse goes in for him.
Wieman goes through open Aggie line

Y(ost Finds Pair of Pivots to
Shoes of Sparks in Case of

First Quarter
The whistle sounded the start of the
game promptly at 2:45 o'clock.
Culver kicks off for Michigan to M.
A. C.'s five-yard line. Hammes fum-
bled and the ball was returned to the
15-yard line. Hammes went through
center for a yard. Hammes goes
through left guard for two more yards.
Hammes drops back for a punt and
kicks to Michigan's 30-yard line. Wes-
-on ton makes 12 yards but the ball is
carried back to Michigan's 37-yard
Genebach makes one yard. Weston
adds five yards through center. Wie-
man ploughs through right tackle
making first down. Genebach ploughs
through tackle for four yards. Wes-
ton turns end for two more. Mich-
igan makes a hole in Aggies' line for
one yard. Weiman drops back for
kick and punts to M. A. C. 15-yard
line. Hammes is downed in his tracks.
Oas tears through center for three
yards. Kellog adds another yard.
Turner fumbles and is thrown for loss.
Hammes drops back for punt and
kicks to Michigan's 50-yard line. Wes-
ton fumbles and is stopped. Weston
m~kes a hole in Aggies' line and
makes three yards. Tad Wieman adds
two more. Wieman goes through cen-
ter for first down, making 8 yards.
M. A. C. takes time out.
Bassett out but returns to game.
Genebah noes through left tackle for



Michigan now on the Aggies' 10-yard for first down. Rye falls and loses
line. Wieman adds two. Weston one yard. Weston goes around -left
makes three yards. Fourth down, end for eight yards an dis hurt in be-
four to go. Michigan fails to make its ing downed. Weston goes back in.
first down. Wieman makes first down through
The Farmers now have the ball on center. Weston goes through the
their own 3-yard line. =lammes punts same hole for four yards more. Rye

makes three yards before lie is stop-
ped by the whole M. A. C. line.
Michigan on M. A. C. five-yard line.
Wieman goes over for the Wolverine',
second touchdown.
Score: Michigan, 13; 3f. A. C., 0.
Hammes kicks off for M. A. C. to
Michigan's 15-yard line, Cruse carries
it back 20 yards. Weston floes through
right tackle for 10 yards and fumbles.
Cruse recovers and adds 14 yards.
Ball is on M. A. C.'s 41-yard line.
Cruse- goes through right tackle for
one yard. Weston fumbles and M. A.
C. recovers on Michigan's 51-yard line.
Turner goes through left tackle for
nine yards. Kellog is thrown for a
three-yard loss. Crowd is yelling for
Michigan to fight.
Hanish intercepts a forward pass.I
Hammes kicks to Michigan on Mich-
igan's 10-yard line. Weston returns
ten yards. Michigan held for no gain.j
Weston finds a hole through center
and carries the ball for first down.
Weston takes the ball to Michigan's
30-yard line.
Wieman makes four yards. Froemke
replaces Cruse. Rye is thrown for a
one-yard loss. Weston makes a yard
through left. Fourth down, four yards
to go. Tad punts to M. A. C.'s 38-yard
line. Kellog is downed the instant he
touches the ball.
M. A. C. fumbles on the first scrim-
mage but recovers with no gain. End
of third quarter. Ball now on M. A.
C.'s 36-yard line.
Score: Michigan, 13; 3. A. C., 0.
Fourth Quarter
Play resumes.
M. A. C. held for no gain. xamines
drops back and on a fake Keyog makes
one yard. Hammes kicks to Froemke
on Michigan's 33-yard line. Froemka
brings it back seren yards. Weston
goes through fo' three. Wieman tears
through center for 10 yards with two
men hangng on. Rye hits stubborn
line and makes only three yards.
Froezlke is held, for no gain.
Weston one yard through center.
Wieman drops and punts to M A. C.'s
18-yard line. M. A. C. downed in he'
tracks. Wieman intercepts a long
forward pass. Ball now on M. A. C.
20-yard line. M. A. C. thrown for five
yard loss. Hammes punts to the cen-
ter of the field. Froemke evades all
tackles and returns to M. A. C.'s 37-
yard line.
Hanish is out. Fortune replaces
Culver. St. Clair for Hanish. Wie-
man goes through a broken line for
37 yards for a touchdown. Wieman
kicks goal. Score: Michigan, 20; M.
A. C., 0.
Cress replaces Goetz. Hammes
kicks to Michigan's 30-yard line. St.

One person in this world decided
some time ago that Michigan would
lose a number of football stars from
her 1917 team. Germans call him
"1-is Majesty, The Kaiser," Americans
are wont to refer to him as the per-
son who started all this affair in
Pat Smith was to have been the lea-
der of the team last fall. Pat is at
Great Lakes with the naval militia.
He enlisted in the spring. With him
went Raymond, halfback and punter
extraordinary; Loucks, a safe bet for
one of the end jobs; and Hildner, a
handy man in many positions.
Peach at Present in the Navy
Besides these four men, all of whom
were counted upon heavily as regu-
lars, Yost lost Peach, star end of
Captain Maulbetsch's team, and rank-
ed as one of the best flankers in
the highest circles. Peach is in the
navy at present and stationed at
Port Royal, S. C.
Naturally the loss of these men
left several positions wide open. Wie-
man stepped into his captain's place,
and is filling the bill in great shape.
To take Raymond's place at half,
Yost has a host of material. Cohn,
Ryes, Froemke and Hanish have been
playing the positions during most of
the games, and look like the best
bets for the rest of the season.
Yost Has Hard Time to Find Ends
To plug the ends left vacant by
Peach and Loucks, the coach has been
using material of all sorts. The Cress
brothers started the year, but s-
gave way to Cartwright, Hendershot,
Goetz, Hanish and Cruse. Neither
flank position is anywhere near set-
tled as yet.
One of the surprises to date is the
ability shown by both Genebach and
Weston as pivots. Both are small, but
fast and slippery. Both, have a world
of the old ginger. Their coming
through has solved a big problem Yost
has had to conted with ever since
Sparks was hurt last year.
New ork Coach Joins Colors
Coach Eustis, who has been guiding
the fortunes of the New York Univer-
9ty football eleven since the begin-
ning of the season, has been called to
the aviation service of the United
Clair returns 10 yards. Weston goes
through guard for three yards. Wie-
man hits the line hard but makes no
Barnard replaces Rye. Michigan
now on their own . 45-yard line.
Froemke attempts to skirt end for a
one-yard loss. Wieman punts to M.
A. C.'s 15-yard line. Kellog slips af-
ter carrying the ball eight yards.
Hendershot replaces Cress. M. A.
C. held for no gain. Hammes punts
Weston on Michigan's 45-yard line.
The quarterback' is stopped in his
tracks. Miller of M. A. C. replaces
Weston turns left end for thirty
yards. Wieman goes through for sev-
en yards. Michigan on M. A. C.'s one
yard line. Weston goes two feet.
Wieman goes over both lines for
touchdown. Score: Michigan, 26; M.
A. C., 0.
Wieman kicks goal Score: Miehi
gan 27; M. A. C., 0.
End of Game


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