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September 30, 1923 - Image 1

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Time- wthe Present, P 1-face-w""OrwY r
An Interview with Mr. Franklin

To ts;riter founed tl. Franklin at
ar inconspicuous table in a quiet res-
taurnt. Wte introauced ourselves,.lie'
greeted us with cold politeness. We
told him whe wiphed to interview bin.
-' ~ IHt cordially asked us toi be sealed
and ordered its lend.
"What would you like tme to talk;
about?" he asked. "I talk on any sb-
feet-withi tne excepttion."
"alk akbtit yourself," we sitesled
mal iciouisly.
~That is not the excetition," be in-
torted. "Welt, to hegin, I stuhbiittei
to the uisual fortmalities oif birthi. My
piarents were neither liner nor honest
but they were extremely respectable.
My father was a lawyer-a Philladel-
phit Lwyer, antd practiced in that city
'ntil my sixteenth year.
"Ott," we e)xclaimed at an insincere
attenmpt at flattery, "We've hteardl about
the Mr. I'ratnklin tractPthiladeltihia."
"Mtoustbea dilferent ore," retilied 1
cur host, "F~athier's tntme is ntt
Franklin, neither itt mitts."
"Wthat is it?" Wt1e eliot the question
at hIitt.
"Well," seas the slowe reply, "You
msighit call tie Frtankliii It idoes very.
'The swaitresti arrivedittewit tir foodt.
'Say,"ssie seilneid, "I geelthe ftottlltt
Ita tledi up. I doitt knots'whlichof
veti -stys is whtichi."
Gravely Mrc. Franklini irose.
"'T'his,'' le' stid, 'is Mr. 'lTtenty7son.
And," turnintioiward us', "this is Mr.
('larke. I apologize for iigctinig
the foroitlity of introidiction."'
The watitress retreaiteidanid the in-
Ierviesw contittued. Mr. Fraiiklin an-
ticipateid our next questioni.
"Yes," he stated, "I went to school,
Washington Irving and then Yale.
However, my traininig for the thea ter'
was done at Carnegie Tech anti Bak-
er's 47 Workshop."
"Then you went on the stage?"



ts 't <,t it

lin l ant iatiie liiPr's in tFtttice
> f AS i hlg A' atHEI TOM and'tttt'iitiitt aUi Itle ;bettre e keSar,
$ u2' ^y teeSi 'Y"as -STnE" Steels enompanyin tohei.States, Shakes-
i m censues a pears titie iceek and thon attem'ptted
susic LTRIUA IN runtsical cometivyithe nest.tIiss ever
wIHIN, T4E musical cotmeody is inott ity stphere. t
!o{e9eNE9 all nsitoetr, nttait acrtibat. lht
tker score three seasons with the Ben
Greet Pilayers. Open air psrduiction~s
I ASFORrMFmostly swhere the performsers did their
MOLLUSC. ' test not to slip on the desw-covered
Q - grass. 'rho tact tout' year, I have bieen
n - , rE lK "withste Ne'wvYorts Theater Guild 9in
KE'LL'Y two pruoductions, Peer Gynl. and lt
a TE Arloot,' hoth stith JoshSchltdktraut.
Ta o1ca s y ="Ott," no exclatime, '*yesuplavcd
$ waorONE 1 seI ithi Schildkraut? lt'h tdo iou think
t "tBost cef his assoieates thuu tutu
anialogoust atesnake." 'hi
Frantklin pushed tact' Iis chisir. Ntis
05,iliat flits itcr5555' leas cii" Ito I
Itersontal I shalt git altto~iii tie-i'
are mains' iipttatisiosci i
jK onters, ~~ ~ ~ s L'misighit hiveaskedtmeo Hoiess','s'olst
' -(D Ymaiy use syoiir owen jiudgi'in'tOcontei:
an boohktsi. Bitt I idti want siii lto tillI
j WTBRTERsTOMs ttem that mis'fasoite coloIs (, citt
O or esanesaIt'stesoituitle. fioo ighot, st sntI
''h"t'10imigtpit I it tiat x\-ao' But There' wtas sileitee. utu', Frtanklin' missage liir Ike stuetnIbods.NN
ti' miitb stoet's, btall roomitguests andtIoIyedi disinter'esteidly tithi a saladt., ableilyIsmust hasve a ties',a..s lii
voicies Ccitiozseit -oeditol beiililty limiit. ''ntything else youiiwaint?"'' le fitial-tlte shtutbknits
Hoei'ter I have citer re ld a stoic ly intitired, "I mitst lie at thie theater, "'ll them," hi' sail, "tht:tenitity
becatuse' I featreid it woutld hitde tne." in Ion tinttites. We're lay'inig te- d tstn te stage are over I sh~all itt-
''Sill you tll isabhunt yoeiirly I n tigttyouiknott.''tuint to thorn antI tate a enire:in
struggles." ste askeodswith an 0ey. 'We timidltyased hit to give us hiirse-shioeinig and jewselry roptie'ing."
for tetdramuatics. somtoitdos of the range of his thoatri- Het had reached the dour.
"I shalt not," was the tdocided in- cat expe'rience. "Another question," we f[Ixttg at
swor. "Make it ilt) yourself. Noithing I'ye teen waiting fur that-why' himn, "At the beginning of this inter-
could he ton horrihle. Bt pleasetdidn't you ask mte sooner? Best pub-, vies' you stateid yen talkeit welt on till
tlease tell them that Betasco seas the itcity in Ihe sturld, harring scandal, of suhjects with one excetion. What is
first ito refitseice a part. Several course."ile. Franklin setted hack in that exceptiun?"
others foluowed his example." , his chair, alltholiughts of Ike engage-{ "Eugenics," he answered and fle.

Universities or Filling Stations
"What is a child?-svant of kcowl- NEWELL BEBOUT "kusiness" fur the moment. You will
edget" said Epictetuts rightly,.list1 ask yuurselft "What is a freight
writers sinice hinm have strongly do-t train?" And you will he astounded
dued that a "man" is a proiuseness Of course, this is an iunveiled pies! sible to think singly, Itit h en that', b your answer. If your mtindtsdues
of knewleilgesswiereatt Ite is ounly a for skepticism; hut skepticism ts1 torrents of tho'sghts hear down upon not iulunge intn mechanics, it wilt
gater tack of it. Tio knowteanythtintg merely another cantorfechuimilt~y.ushuirruohb'neath is, and raise tiC;plunge into econemictt or imetaphysics.
" ssrely t b an idiot. - 'Siicrates usedlh to ll his tpttihls thuat to eltatiiin. Host much a citin misses' You cannot answeor one questioun until
To ie ernss so uiit o auuthei antohuileiatttitudeseas the hprope'r swhtiknows everything uanudhiss ntt yofind your swny through a labyriiith
rra,nce is the nattsurtal triutrity in a itsinig Of Itilatitipti, for, lii:saiih thing to learn. ittquiestiaons. You are. ignuorant. It is
uttti IIteresrs if~ nio oecanmletiritthatwichielietohtintkst'To see life as a iiaze ef 5 estuon , i s tt titit ts's owuntldttsalkeatling
tetsiti err Tui lf se-litetalreadyl-knotss.PH uimtility is it es mi ft is ho shot s most oftttt 1 h5liii' roa'Sattisaty:t 't, it's just ta
t't- 'Y st uf t ttt'tintg lIiittin t tottt. T'l'ttt healtoth. HiIumnan experienie shoutld b teurei't ttain'." 'Tthikinaoctopsst
is titestuituttatitntoittlife'. one endiless anth ftscinattinsg ,s ii n otto ago tto llaveti onsti tasuen
7.7ititoteledgi' -a ettetti. isutetti Wtu'lalt N certainiy stilnt s is ain sstiwhciltainsius's itself up'tisi ~a. oucan tlessn sitourself intt .e
c i otisa tittn l rista etle utd i' ts' ofi(lueks, Ctush aidstilt at11oti sfervs'en'ce.tcer ise ksots' et'a teituta lbloitit. 'host
eta sman itwhoiiiis hut Ia sees' testi titaugh t helte ht ar s tight''ITthin;;u' ti dits to attroaeh illi'can see ever's- ho,'er s a lv tr
atvt sit rits hiss ht'rdc>ths let e «£'it, 0c:ianu a slittsting "atlery ex-ideaus tut 'u t itt-nwiinmI, that isisith ta, tthe 'Iostiatletv0500 sittded.
lta'' Isu- i' tu ' tuthutueshtilt'- t - lieth tog t e atin oiulittoImo('' allb , ' oe. ryhi sktsltuuih a tiotte 55555itt tfaniu ntoun'ste-
tune';tot' itt us Clhati'n 5' i e' iet. 0h 1 uve i s 'tuu"Ieseelu a Psi vhuui, til luau r o il ' 1si i_
tl'i ti: <n esoic C '{ CE it C'situ itrlltt'r'thtt '',a srtsstttl tl 'u rut'nih l{ SiCtld ' -ixha utble. a' stulitfutl ' r a'? e 5 t0 il; l -
' cit5 heist isitlit illi-hilts 's ate
Got':_.: 's Luke eli' uritiss S t' s' : ,b ,a ,.a rv r lIsiur21uste youoti iu disco'isert ln
e icimes inifet ial 5siJIt a ' ' ttu e--sitsut ieser hiefotre erceived. ' ful a ' tt 5 t' " 5 Iot ut '''5'
ntt t htt Cu tatc t ha 't '22tt'l:1', in" ' t} tl iik itn tt''iotitse s''s l ev lley v ilss mi iffstoutnat Is'ly to "ees' aerc~ls n
:lesosunreel thue sx't'osg lustt in( fal1 w's, ti st c-st s s ' n ,il tsr i'h Yutwill be thutihhtti, p lte'sttv ""''t(ttttth _<1ttntt't'tsi' 5',teit, is th~e s-
for it is trecisely Chis "'' laitcstt so il ir utu'titrsintus tire's ohfiai oritnaryfreight train rumtblest cr unstuiuttionfrt"hearearitug ofhan~eu.
toothantI evil," this "scisston si thIte aciio_ '..'.: c i l ie-iLOwn-itheIrtuct. Amndl'a i h I: thilgtht dcst ue a'- 11ite an .'ins}-
-, rht" h" ichlofor ueneratios hb es-' buteon tats t t: r :- Te t is ;differenet. Nothingt'. ousi nae - ls f a ie sesuset as u a tle
s ertedthbie mind of the rtace intlron htc~ ,:;- t s sstnusswasith ly apperoaehing an oldtWs'c it' v'k ''i 'ses' "'tuamuco '"'s b z.A tei.' is
d'rei.t no e: ttvtJ cboe . .'ois isyave Ct'gEstri CotrlidnPaeTwohva)

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