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October 14, 1923 - Image 2

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On Books and Reality Messrs. Shubert
(Continued from loge Oe) Itsbte e" in morder to bring he" within S p eeTogt huh siiia otebad tcmo eec.v l a i t
life Lite in itsolt, is anotuohatys At any atenetieiroepreent it f e'S p e e V u a i t
affair; man nover thoughit, untiltIIIao it i. ORLANDO BEEDE
hod become conouseto f hiis ms01- Le0 is av5dn with this eternal
. liiwtotel e vrpre sotir.;ifor(livingii liSe. (_ t o i It ' Te arangers of tis wotdteiiis-' Trough the treind'ious tiiiz of a
apt ra; is h pm cs I- to ivingii nibook(s 0-ur civiiationf is ii it oOIc tit Oie'e'iiteni 00'wre51 iinlys-uninttiget ,audiieiiieio00
of thi tootftioti1-he0r'theiivertiro whici
Iti t heivvislc oie _c< ell .ln --- o h m b atlag,,rt . si -t isof a m ttly of l gra cn -
1 c aei Ct n-iiliilh toward the fnl'0 iic oiiOl ' i (S.t lii ii lt iIil i i iiiilti t
v at v _s or he iland t~hthi@ ilio10ac i tiConenC ~ u -o , i t --t<i'c
}ei It ti f ; , oil ,1 ',
lr i- I d----- ic , i ,Ait iltt) n l s
,AC l=lt t'iChiliren,
Ciii ii sloe it tl
- loll ion itfii 100
- iii" fli ooin
- S11-1 iatull < iii-io'uld S1 Co imet{ o ltlor I i I i<ol_-is 'lsi
C' iii.i. t_ tt iici"'n. 'le CClily, ihit iiii-t toit; s1 ilOkh oii3Sail til- -1 i 1 (-iii
vr(i i t i I I t'io-i s- io I i o ,i.,i li 1ilii ihi -t-rol I o, iii0 {u I~iei u
tii thisE Csfl llbil 5 iilii 11thIatii 0 huheir'-ieiiit 'a1 -rieii't tg1101' th Tadine
u-ii 0 Is it ii ( i ic"iSl li il 1,i11 S lt i ti s it. w n eo va-ai t tefie-ry' a n i e li
ono tiis -Oll'tl-ma-il o te ( ld m owhh" iou ireis n h e
1 5ii lti_ I i tiatr oots iii ttctol:o isitt'0_C1 ii i-iiiSI lilii' ecih ii.iii
to tie sol - i 'teilirettsoif -eiit 015 aeto be iI at" teditehn ll inei
Tueoiiru'tilil ((o -i- ( o ilo~wh o aeiin"ii, hiow io\i deifros- ti oir and ( oo siiii ooir-itC .tso-tm i sio-ain f(i'(s euigrt
toa alo oi ita iit(it s hu ii'CC31 . S-e ayoiinii' b i-L. fovrr tiio iottin aiie norte Tin-ti teitl S ciolt Wt
-' iilst lilit '1 tisC ' silet-ret ti tCOthfct tht tie sito ii lii ioitlst
wCiIteitois '15 101' 11,110 ct u 5' toilntninny liiteiihewoulto. Vise only char-
tau, eltie11011 (5 cblur ed through conotae.t at-
m r i itiztoti 111r-iok ni o t 111a10 theS ponderosi~ iillsoriiiC wn o - i (unoha asben i-tro i te sstiiitexcoot iue oti
v, tnioio h pitesace, mu ad- - -
11noiy,1 lt I(liloe ti eurlto111 i ti IilOw rh gaii n ty i i ty (oil huh ntu~tr Wl[ h
(litelotte, oh-voo h alu o sted IIC fi lunt to b e rnn y ae ranzeediitt
nc vyithpracti Iulen, ad anilisMrf.hissoull'rgSeriouhouseenkeepere
A d I00 lg aleog to s it lo i, asalt Il l anc se at(tc nl- t uigsi(aerte m aket-lacm e'gfoget- i o"li"tin ecptta
But, o y'o-l O bii(-; n tppearo (orat Sh bert' heantlyino theaclcot
cliitiaigof tthe tesOlt'i its e- if theteiu etoto a ny pr(aci ~ (o loeh t ~tical tha1the tio uilet 5a f~e wuiu ro dullar
and one C iiiit Theliapee. on ( i (harkf(blare to ei~roseitS ti tRili- -
'itriiy-s aobk.kkando tioitis'Wlriplt-s ical peoplca -ingorel fothe mos taugtinlind tokingveani e bring ncoo
bosthse. itie renultat "four'Itiaoitien ar rhed Francto grief.tThe im reatattnei- tha
tirpartt tiehareelblindedtainand bewilderedlca t iy -tMiz ih e hidsl
so ashe i iceoiina nuotona procss. thlt SnnitnheiiiiirnItwals00110Romtra
(If ItasFanled hdmutlie ndi iuinhe :man to(- sotauiprctiiaomaadvic - thysodfrm tin hep -
hdid, idthouthnt bnos l ornotibng as I Nat the orieIct sa choninfud, a-c'. Teentygesby:p rcfriy;an dithiThaye rars atrt tie
ani w rng; os, hou psldi e -dno-tha soed th have given iagtrdnue. inow give n, smewr(c-wo s p ofnttings ft Papwladirngorols.p
cu as. my-dea;but ha doeo th ntd rhsinepepetuaeo"Buaallnto' tou ieaisoosoou-n RA NGOD I, Thoedtho ee tifunniest. wilia
If ove re to ake citlizaton a se-; fart__________the__vision__o___the__bookish_
thesstem o rge ms attt li i the Ihv ftnwneenotteprc mn u o fss Iheol hr
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chorus, Ineliteratureotheesentiment-
tin ofe he i ctoriansim hah mrktplc, ore- n Ms.s been osekepr
diiam n a the ery lantith s e ohis ofelife,S m arcldetn a e s tn loehrt eto htteOtt albtafwwrs l r
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sidertonly rn.. ,-....oDam$ 5$2 .0 3 $ 95
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ion review seri Oce for "The tUn- N' 3 A T 7
~o ficial (iserver' deptartment. 1 II..S i N1I'!fJ
It isit ic y ftie f Iiilmagacitnltoi
tzili~haricls f piionbTboh Shop of Satisfaction
stI o ib s and h~ fa- ui tin b hsifoin
t110 are ifinf of tiiue dior, ithec se -s -tSMAIN S R E
etsaeof inrinsic valueand jinrst. S RE T -
oli e or soiuiiiiilitoefferedad e
vcsa-Y i acond withii editorial
oliniuoociheixs rincile lon formw.

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