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October 14, 1923 - Image 1

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With a Drawing by Wallace Smith. and 1
Vanity Fair tni e is tttoks ts hilyo
By Jonaithanii Roberts.
Biroils now the tout Yuse i ok hings eith yecus
o'clockiotr. t:antsei eltete eas
Isere is the toerry-- th e arc too far sway or because they
round. Like a det'r1 kpast But0all tt y otsatlyn
We thed o icwi' th'co ito toirto live, wty sould
untrthe ore'uu o c I t(rdenit ewito souuctiknitwlege?
rotterf the wrebox h oW e'- I by t ( t t ceIcrntso much w uhen
ison ou<hekhow i thaIt we satlnevetr koow
te ticket-seller switht a %/x*4lii t 'st iW t altogett-ur tout
s plit fare wotidrs it 4 -tstiii IiI utu 1ti igii lf'
prayers go highieitanti t 5 itosi is tkn, y Dearly Be-
ill( chmney. Ie ca loedfroim the gospel of Saint Aa-
th lineyswtchte an Atle ot Pairs, chapter antd verse un-
us la oiiesscaionseg- If knoicn; is the iane of the father, and
etna ouly, rceonon ing be a / " ofth snaid of he holy spirit that
ing ludlyclan'informedt The Revolt of the Angels
hindt his hunched hitck. /1 . " and The Oinions of Jerome Coigard
Like gigantic Ilates J ti-, 'c -lt tgtIt~i
flint infoldtird t O1h btlesed Sat't Why did you nt
jellies through whc ease to wrte nhen you had complet-
gilt fruits leap, merrycut those lines? Why did you-as I
gc-rotind revolves towe am 5ture you did-cotinue to aed
to the crushued groutntullhaves uponr leave of divinely con-
- Vutthithe ioutited~l - ceiveud, divinely contructed prose, to
childreni Screatm as they tibe translated and sold at two-and-a-
fly n th gry iurri- Ial a cpy? But, why do I ask? I
fly in thu fret' turn- "already knots thea e:iti n
utent. Watch the ladies \ other instance of the se orul and the
withson blstig i /it;det. . antI it is onily clerics ott
gt'psumtt mtutos swhirl "a-Puritans whto udeent the econonmics of
slowls-y arotui, thor- Marx ito be piroved false becase their
otiugtly enjuying fle itvettr oe accepted a legacy, and
muitha t hs 5patdedtthat Nietoche'o philosophy it refuteud
wth ooing seamng1 y te act tat its autor's raono
tinsl, hea "hit sriouthm tefore he auttime to
'Tte se]lates art' tis- u, pet utsh breuenuerl tn
ttthirt aottu oogaes:ut-if - rance to incapable of suiting
their uooouis suit slut-e ded to the uoti--shy, he is in-
toaru silpvhtBit-blii'that is all; anottbae our
k gt r ' aetiut* fuirtict' coument uponrtetot'te'ale
ride: nigh somtiluoutt "We live," your say, -altogether to
an bcoin ike uctutliin htosiuusand not enough int
aiid sick~er'.The circe:t {, , , , obutyotrd t u5attempt
ffiry, aiburticie litte to tdeiewhatou om uenriIy 'life'' If
tunrseestesalthItat is life frost all
tuisusis, litt"thtati us.not lufe-wel, let us io si;
lle hogs glowlinit iu t aterward, let us se' shat t-
dultlinug Irupild uuiotu,ti,oy. tiais talractSte iterest of a
Buat watelilt' stcam msote or less ciilzed human~ anima.
crtgant trnitug soditoll Love: As M. ratre atimel
muoic and muiiitit o t snittesere remarted, "lve is a mat-
sod. It to white white. et of skin" Tere is a udeoire, and
it appears like the there in behind desire a blid force
white feet of some sin- wshichiuurges us to produce more life-
O fing god buried deep in for what reason, it is not possible to
the read coals of ooted and spurred Wives laughed, Rle shouted in dismay, With euphemism, your can call the ;say-svhich is not to say that mrianly
feebleness. The god has dropped his Finally the creatures of the anecdote, manure will not vlunteer to tell us the rea-
outlandish scarf in shame, in laugh- Idesperate, once young, merged Into ton the rock-gnarled orchard what your bt hthaifesntod wt
log remorse: it is dyed with and-'an uncoveted stumup to exude speckles want, jfendh h e~eh hc
scapes, impossible of realizution, of! in their departure The pent-up laugh- But soneone is cosing to see you the weak procure a portion of the
beauty, that wind about the inner tr of cle wives, like a clock tut has some day, strength of the strong for their own
neck of the merry-g-round ant been over-wound for nine centuries, )more certain preservation; the bid-
strangle It, undid itl, flopped over the floors, And when you stand there, your hand (dng together of the seak for the
- ripspedurp the seats, leaped, screamed, On the cold knob of the open dor more efficient conservation of their
,Thesill wif, th bord wiedoor, supply of mental and bodily warmth;
Thl in e sily itegto troed.ssIe, flue the pn0 the nave applied to the toleration of
Fanl nin sivs bean o sooire Be -asThat murruered so many young bony :the strong for the strong shich ex-
By Jonathan Roberts liberal, free,cetos In his dreams, ; Iorses, so many it hnvrfu slueo o-
-'fHe was liberal, free, licentious. fn elphantine lades smoked Re Desperate orchards, behind your ear, Bthic conflict between them seems
his dreams elephantine ladies smoked. thought it proper. But now, his ins- utdubtful.
hsihvehi poe -,- othc rag-lineud, rass-toed fate, per-. Lta Is n
Hetogh tpopr... nteceiving his poition, graciously ht You s-ot call the bluack stit a robe Liiritson
dinig rom wthot wals e pestd;An towl, en on'ttel thegenle- tsic: A tonal soporific invented by
dnn romstius-isbprsu-sadly fell apart.AtIeslyosvntel the ete he intolerably bored Intellgetsia to
euh at tabhe; ranged about hit were _________ man }dauden the agony of existence; om-
his nine wives dressed in regulation, That his eyes are eaves of forgetful- peisations in tuleasant sound for thin
- Proud ness. Sloswly hutsn whchl attends actual living,
prairie-tulood, tlill -citot 01 4surits. W!YN it silt ahf come baths to you Soiability: Tenens takes by
Light, cylinders o hiligt, patt' tlatr- I 1N~t iFRI zicpe woi, when they ae talone, be-
mCles of light, hung rust dizceu its. ('all it a palfrey, thiusnmall horse Aud yaut vit say ustinto1doiubtut thti otvn reality, to re-

becae sily. rom o7,i1unkown. tieroot;.t htntheit shiouts are capable of being
a vicious, restless anecdote, The two stestuade; -I ht tc< cui iin0 hutn vahich a
uitnhappy ceturoest ci ittheatsculso 'fThe unsut I.b11o111 hr o IS it:nu tuat asund1u1atuitutu wol indhuuulge tsitht-
she setsved on5altt-drasn-outt irt- rulltihen.j Re printout from Tilt; h)AL totr 0:tihoght; is cuuucuxrunistic cuti.ity,
gree of wait-tiltlAu-end putlt. The Octobetr, 192? h ithitlehorcu no reluthion ho Ihfc, ipet
two creatures datedu over thuctaible, yotn chanter bat-eyed with print, rot- ;We are indebted to (CovietiS'McGee for .s'"
Oiunhpy, St. - .1, 5:5, no..'Scl.T." , ten tSlu se of She rut on this page f'uuuirTl'sS 00 P ace Teo)


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