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October 07, 1923 - Image 5

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StN 1..Oi~iut-


Edited By SCogan
.The (''ri ian mth luogists, after aing coninel Satan in a pit, were
obliged to let himnot ag int, to tring on the seul o the fable. Ile is then
introduced I nto tie Gariden of Edien itt the sape of a snae orna sret,
antd iuthiat s'-ape he enters into faniliar conversation 'aitit Lve, whoi~ is no
swny urprisedi to ear a snake talk; andl the iste of the te-a-te is, that
e tersoatdes er t i--San apile, an(1 the eatitg of that appleiamnise all
tani islet
"Afte r havingtivepn ttSattn ltiistitpihuver the ithoe of creatin, tite
wouilltve nttlise thaI t t-etturcht tyttioloists twould have netn kint
ettougtoltsett imiitbanck tagainto iitie pil; oti they htdlnot [litte this,
tiat thiey wsutlittave lit a ittittnain upontimit (forlstthey Oiy that their
iitli stiltmoure a mountan, for listepit im tutter Ia mtountasi, as te
tatrmtertmytoligists Ii si iidote, t piii' 'itt g etttgatinaitmitotng the
wvment, anti uing tmsree tmishief. Btut inseai of thi, tiiiy leave hin at
arge, withoutttevenlobligiings hintlto gi- lit ssroe-te si-eeret of wichsiltis,
that they coldnt totlewitotimtintanti after teigatle teoittle of mating
him,ter lritedlieu t toCstay. 'They pruniletittsAM itseJews, ALL the
Tu'rks liy anticinticu, nt.iceti-tenth tie itoattitieis, aidlohiatet into
"Hiyi lothluistade in ilsurrcteittni tni tibat te' ittHiave, itt swhich
nonteof thotombinijatant.ttldt its titeriiledior woutnttte---pit. Stattills
the it-lethittot tltagaint-givesim tutu rliuitlovtreete whtoit'creation-t
6nitind aftltsatnkindily h iiessitte tti it a ple~t, these Cristin mytolotgit
bring tie twouendistsof1tetir litle tgther'r. Tey rep5retIbtis vitouis
toilatiablte tman, fe-is ClristtoItbeiatsiontee'b1th01Goituadilaniit, atsouthe.
ies ot God, ceetiaily ictenti, onrirpose it e sacriiced,. becase thy
sat that list, Pi et'lotgittg, btadleatetianrpplt
"Puttinsta ie e'erythingthtattigt excite ilaughter b iy its tabsrity,
ortdetelstatittn liy i, pr~on'tness, asdtconiningsip utst-i',s tmeely isotn
examitnttio~n o tile'pa-tsi-t,isiiosilte titcontcive- a story tmor' det-og-
tory to the' Aumighty , tmote inconsistentithuthIis wsdiomn, mne crota-
dictory to, tus powerthantit rytieeis"
''Thast t ais - tti- i 1 aetsr iteteithis fa'lei, tttdtlie viirytod lies'
suer that beliti lineceedulity is ot ticite, in what I have nit di ibti
oil, Int fiPet titce tity ere eidtit-atedl tt beieit, antl they itotutdtihae
believed anythittg tlse itt thi'sane manner. There are asot atywho ntaee
been so enthusiasticaly tenatuitteu by whtat they conceivet to lete itfinite
love if Gull tor itmit, in mtaltingitaoat-eite' of himisel, tat te veietttitce
of the' iesiiasforbiddenit- ndd-tiiiieredtthmtifromti'examinitt into the it'ab- 1
srdtly t oil fatittnenessiof lie' :stry The torettn'tuatnttyting tis, the
toree it is ctaabe itft -emit p the tobjct lit dismtitl atiratittin'
whicthil-erthtaitihalt h ible ttuis t i, tittu tibemire conitlenIt thlit ee
calledIits- itheod f a tutunithii' thei sord uf hu. It isa itorieity of
sicleine s, thatih as serecitoliicrutritanttd brtatttlie'tiakid, attd, for tiy
ownts titI sncetoly i t, lst isis 1Itet evcieyithig thatttis cruel.
I idt titibeievin' ' stile ceuI irtte~ot't itsthe Jewt it ctir-h,byteth
Rttilit tt dnithcliy t I T,,'urkto-tl -i tisch.tb-thetPotesn ctitc, nt- hi
anty cturchi tuatI ko ,e of hipyoilnsmiit is tmy ontCthuirch.",'
FrmeThs,''le Apt-of iReasn"t'byiTomattsosaite,
Note: T'he Ageioi Itiasnitwsas isriteit iabt:ti1t7t4. It ti hom'iatso
taine ti-is Itaraheadt ot histittes, i ts'ihis ieiefs tre stilt far frmustni-
sersally tacceited; ut his tinie is still ahed. 'iTe cuireiso(Jetishn, Turk-
isti andCfliistiis)I Iscoit' aaiemic tatndifestedl withudieile snitpopular',s
Scsieit et ic anti tites- it io ntiourtedetitrsiro ttrtitfortth ithils set
ai s,-sei'oltitit, ni-0 v'ie linii iei' -i a ntldeuitd to tithe proositioti that
all triseiare ii edt ittcotstntitintelectial stimuttltsNutswiw e e esaed
itt a itite ie earch ftioti iconttiibiit eitrst, wnettritg wetihler that;
coumnto onttceivedl aitith sduictatedt tilong etdutre ic have coetot
a crucial uittitett in that oseri-ht. ue (eitorially speaig) liiav'e arieit
at thattptisitioni in ot's life when it is necesar tt pu out rim tsse
people whoigist' tiritlis ttast, itelletualliy, us'migtlive ft i 1 oehrftig n rprta ed his.Bti nte enew at-
tntget, ire canitotester, ii'estiatnt abantettn this cumisn Thi literry tiet,
usvingsitud it-etd, iwhtotuwe are' qiuitedttee,tistvttet-eredit to its far aovie
oiure ipotsci-to leasesitu abandn.Tti hie wortld iill litte nte, sitelng
remenber'wcititeir have stidthter, ut it caitiievr forget stmet'whouii
arcnqotetd eeeIt is for s, teinitiated, istiteto tbe all aborbedtihntthe
great astsremtaiing hbeforersii, tht rtttithese wotrt-ilbentiteitre t
inreasd stinsittoCsthat Icasetof tmalingisothes mane nthtisink tht
we here highly resolve Itat these men shall nt have written ii vait:
that this counia nstder its ness editor (whimoeteer le shalt el shahlIavi'
a new birth of contributtor so that tit l umanit of literary stitnitlation, by1
writers of literature, and fr loers of literature shahl not perist fromi
The Magazine,
- Scogan

OU anca potential patron of thia bi clean-
ing establishmsent should know just wehat
we mean when we speak of our service.
If you are one of the hundreds whose work we do,
this ad, is unnecessary for you, You know we are
prompt, reliable and good workmen. If you are
not you will read with interest what we have to say.
Service, as we render i, means that you can call ua
in the morning, we'll call for your suit, press it care-
fully, snd return it to you by noon. just put the
hour you want your suit on the ticket and you'll
have it at that time,
It meana if you request it that wse'll call for your
suit before 9:30 in the morning and deliver it to you
before dinner, CLEANED AND PRESSED.
Or 'we'll call for it in the afternoon and deliver it t
yot the following day.
It means that we will make such repairs in your
clothing as you desire, and charge you only a
nominal price for it.
In our laundry department SERVICE means that
you can send us your laundry before 9:30 in the
morning and get it back, fresh and clean before din-
ner (for this special service we charge a small ad-
ditional sum). If you are not in as great a hurry
you can send it to us one day and receive it the
following day at no extra cost.
It means that we will mend your clothes and make
minor repairs in them and not charge you for it.
such as sewing on buttons and darning hosiery.
A fleet of trucks are on the road continually calling
for and delivering your stork, cutting doswn the time
consumed in getting your work out to a maximum.
Send us your work tomorrosw. Learn that what we
claim we prove.
Phone 15
The Sign of Quality
White Swan Laundry
Detroit and Catherine Streets

- p.

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