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March 16, 1924 - Image 2

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PROHIBITION so effectively employed by the Pro-'-
(Continued from Page One) hiitionists irior to the enactment
Presidentia Proclamation, or plot- of the 18tht amendment ao again be
aa effectively ause. The irect ela-I
cat platform, or judicial decree. It ti etiwee aleoltol and prostitution, I /
is the clea, definite, final determiina- crime, poverty, ill health dimitished O u u t m r
ion of a majority of the people tetm- economic produactivity, "dirty", poi-
selves, and a this cotnty te pople ties, san again e portrayed as it ,was ,C
all power." schotol, urretltetattre, carootts.c m e a k
'The chief rettisite of effecive ad-andith like Moroer a recent d-
vertisin, we are todtin' and ttm' s lopmoin t the evis of liquot' if
again, is''Keeping tEverlasticgly A t'' soficitentliy'advsetised'itn itaddiiiitiott
'i'day "Wrigteys- s dvtisrmanas cint e seii efect irey 'namely, the actalt a
the nation muai's the stars the sky dniseriitoiits anttmnd one runs in
'Tte \\'rigten s sates departminent ias dItinking lt'e revt' senlt. otleg The' Tuttle's Lunch 1R o in
eanedithte lesson f eftiectiv d -dt~ris a reaIeratis ' i Fcitirtt 'iiii
tising, andin ai ddit in tey appairent-t iissiotne'iof ProihinIiatIyncs irote' 218 Is ava'fd S. St ofMajesti
ly' ihas'slear nldtt ie seveliof si's i ieie f ciewg' iiof ne.'I
ing will not matinit sef ifte -ot i i'iittttti'l' ii iicte 'i ito lie. ____________ ________________________
vetising ssequett is totpt i'i'rt'i tl all'ofi t issoipeeilyadsuly,-
icur~t'il. \Wrigle'ssa5lilipoan - sa- me5 ofSi itmiight hei-n' n tttt i n i
slit has ''sold I ' r igle's''toiflit',, ittii . itt Ititi Siot ' 'e k S S ii n nth is its'
ty: y'e'theiy 'ealize thtit h les' awere ftct i ii SititO ite t I L all otf it
in the near future woal take adop lpartivety shotime esitrtos thi in
and then isould trogre ssively dinhe su5ittofwitoever cnust i;-thtic cthGA,'NED i1863
A fthig ''sold-hbe ifaItproduct, tia Iitie kidtnteys, attdlthe ciis 'inc
idea, or swhat not-dlotes nut t a ari tislary :susce'ptible." As fir s
"sold"; not only nust oneavtsuied oshsilt, thle rguoents sedI ly IPro
bt imot advertise cansisteintly.lBut ibititiniists stoctuliconicfromtholitse You wll find our saing dzrpari. e l erelipul and
while ig Btiness has learnedtitist vitaliyctonnec ithilithi' Ito e, cint
lesson, swhile the govertitmentthtitotgh itbttititin ttmoivemenit, tius'e'iminatiing
its effective use of sar peoanta ire ositiliy tof the "coni-bc sk" -______________________________________
iemaonstrated its ruth, siecPtrohiitat the source f the atgmnent is a
tionists are just beginning to leanisi tirtieti te. Somie tiny claimthIt itT A \11 1t N A B R
the lesson. to Ihe year. just preii tte abovte statemenittoyyfCtmmissioner U1~1B N i N R O
1o 1.9Of the idea of Prohibtiion uas Basyes matiy be plrejudiced:t sitoIsfat MAIN STREET AT HURON
asod" the country, culminatin" in ttrprvci the real tdangier of ootlega
the passage of tte t14th aitnmnt.oflet thisquote from n ttartile appear
Bt imimsediately upoti it.sIpassge the. saig i het'Literary tDiges of June 4 ____________________________________________
tins of the sotira in tutor of fito01922tiiutder te scptiotiiIBootleg W'isi-, --
tiiition,titkitg that Prohititots key a Prisont, "'''htlenionidrinki ____________________
swotld tow 'get along on isiii nitisi iotle. the chanci ties sri' litethlan
Iate dmnomentum, eav'edia sight of!'1i9itotI tsttyou srstdrinking rantsv
reief and hturneithirattemtin ive- is' itn'.Thims is no1t astemnttin-
wshere,--and a its conseuaence c sde i.'i 'ir by lrointtbtitinists to iis-
Isave thetpreseint tyre of Prohtibition J thrst sidriking sit' iy anti-rothii-j
inforemienmt. Onceagain this Iroi-! Itiisits hmit' s altswhatProhiibition hasn
bitionists mius t take tiltthirie i aponsbimought isst, .I is tie csnclstin of
antI usettm a. effetis'ely asteyalageiniwspapter ssrvice' (NEA Ness'
did in pre-V'olsteadt day.s. "TheItriteticsI swhichm tadtits usea in ariousme
of Prohibition-~to paraphrmase--ipas f the coinitry hby the ortinary
eternal propaganda tad ads'ertistng'" itirintofnotleg liqutor, ait then hail
This advertising to te effstivm the nimles analyzed to 'et an iea j 5
ought to assume at least thee thits of wam were itnmans cances of get- ~ \trte~ o v-
for :Fisgheevlteslin t hgtoionustbooe." Judicious ad- For a nice quiet place-where YOU cn
rectly or indirectly from liquor mist vertising along lte line of the infor- cngtadlcosbt oet wyntCS S
be constantly and vividly kept befote mmatioti lure brought out iill tend to cn e eiiu iet a-h o r s
the public Second, the beneficent d iiscoutrage among many the violation A tro n"'a
results already achieved by Probii of te Prohitition laws. 2:0t
tion since the paoage of the 18th Ctlesurveys (e.speially when n-I230t5
amendment must e tbroatdcastemd ertsken y admititedly impartial-
throughout the nation Third the agencies) are of great value in pro- Our place is delightful for dinner pautes. Rlg 95 1-14'
public must be aroused to the prinseI viting the sutbjet imatter for tur se-i and let us tell you about it.
necessity, if gvernment is to exist, of ndlline of advetsing-that i, the i POLLY TEA (
the enforcement of all litw'-of ss'hicht slowiag of the Ieneficen.1 result a- jLI TLOSLILPYt
of courae the Prohibition law is ' ready achieved by National Prohibi- On TaeJs Bck ofHil A dtiu
part. lihit. Ntable amontg these surveys is i O hyr utBc ilAdtru
The mean. by swhichthelm first --iletmi' one undetaklen ty the Survey
portrayal of the evils arising direttylag'huaie ini (,rand Rapids, Michigan,j
and intdirectly front alcoholic traffic-- thud results if shch Satpearedt in ftheir
can te et effected needis little discus- ttubliction munderttehe title What leo-
slon in this papet, for the muetod:jhibtlin Hass Meut TtoGeaottRatids.
Inaduitihonrepots sf public oficiast
'and charity c oes gasniethzadioentouing o r t i n i f r n
F. L Tlden ..........ditor fGh lcetesneItctvn flr.
Donld . . Sydr.... Boks I tiitio in jaitittoulation, in the ne-
Maxswell Nowels. ....... Books 1 cesnuy foe poor relief, and the like, ;b t
Normand Lockwood...... Music 5.ahe effecively utilized. L
Robert Bartron Henderson.. SoeohrftersusofPhi
,,,,,,,,,,,,,.Drama itiot ane ostlinietiin it vey goidiir
Gordon Wier...............Art jtidleinHrterte's Mahgazine l(Si. 1921)__________-- --___
- Lisle Rose, Hlals ey Davidson, by E. A. Ros, Professor of Sociolsgy. -
Newell Bebout, Samuel Moore, of the University of Wiscosin. Start-
Jr., Philip Wagner, Dorothmy log with the assertion that "Alcohol 'Cu m- i apprciate Ithe change
Sanders. Evelyn Sumitmerfield. is to our peope' what opiumt is to lbs
The Sunday Magazine solicits yellos," he ays in part, "For one'. Cur jsaclchstea/lsa Pill noake -you ar
manuscripts from all per.sons af- thing it (Ptrohibitionf improvs the
fliiated with the Lniversity. Man- position of women, especially in the jsteady patron
uscripts mtust e typewritten, ( lowe level of society... In Pohibi-
triple spaced and written on one I lion the home score. a. signal su-=

side only. * * * ' IBess' .Lqurbut teprna
The Sunday Magazhne acknowl 2surbunsteprna
edges The American Secular 1n- saene of obligation. . . . Thme cloning
roeiwevc or"h n of the sialoon goes a long way toward
offical Oservr" dpartent. purifying politics, none will deny." B E S I MR '
offiialObsever deprtmnt. I Such argunments, amplified and pro- BE \4 1 E
_____________________________ perly broadcasted, will appeal with
trenmendous force to the womoen of Across front D.U. R. Depot
Itis thieahoicy if tis maazine to
pubt'sh atles if opiniion by bth' It is well-knowan that the succe.sa-
sudnt ndf tacult emer hseif America.
tejdgnt ofndhfn ditorahese fuhl business-nhan does not advertise We've Been Serving the Best for Years
fisa of intete ic value and interest. promiscuotisly; an an effective adver-
Ths oiits not malntha anucipts utser he iwants to know what clans of
(_________________ 1Continsued on Page Four)j

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