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May 13, 1923 - Image 1

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Carl Sandburg Idol Smasher-
A Poet of the People
naeifv ie-bhot otelntheifr- CARROLL LANE FENTON (junk worn-out sytems of thieving and
naceof hit-ho stelandther lmurder and to settle down in peace.
flesh and boneo were burned up along Uikrrita, af/-Michigan But his dream did not ome tre; in-
with a few tuna of limestone and other tead of eeing an effort for peace
junk. A Taylor Stre t dago carried an he saw the greatet organiation for
armful of red, green, and orange al- war that th woldeer has known.
loon, elling- them to the kids for a! Under the sun
nickel. A vaudeviile (ancer died, analAdixen;llnmn
the show had to be called off bec'asef Chosen for a mmli teeth,
there wao no one else who couldi lan- Sharp -eyes. hrd legs,
die her stunts. A worn, paint-facet' Au a running of young, warm blood
woman, put out of usinessly the in their wrist.
harness ulls, philosophized on Ilove┬░ And a red juice runs o0 the green
to a parrot, a goldfis h, and two hite'grass;
m~ce. ,Anal a red uice soaks in the dark
vi such stuff Carl Sandburg makesoil
poetry, To read his books s i to o(ad sixteen million men are kill-
┬░ to the dirtiest corners- of the citiein udkilin'ad"kllng
and atc thre he oratened slsOf ccourse, he was not so foolish as
who failed because they couldsn't su- -iotitOtaiti a a xcl
cedbcu h wra iaaa like other wars. This war was bui-
them and railroaded tlem to the;mesbibunsaditwspt
dump raher hansee hemhavei fthrough on a big scale. The old-time
chance to zaak,k good. 0, aees. lie armour, knights, generals who actual-
as it is lived, not by the gang lhat gets, oly fought, and who led armies of, at
the news sacae, bats hy thw. coutts, Ibet, hbut a fesw hundred thousand men
millions who actually do the l's *a 5 1 -all were gone T.hey were replaced
and working, and dre. aing and slav by ig Berthas, mofor cars aero-
ing of thias world; who are born and laegnrasi(ostral f
who live between puches of the timer- !ies andarmiese nunbering into the
clocks. One is shown the roo, flower- milon. Pat the ptrpose was the
deckead tonab of a nillionaire', anali d
then saaved face to face with lthc real-' saes0 in tas old dlays; men were
tiled,aso io the old days, and te war
loatios tht would settle little or nothing, as in
In a haantdred furnishaet rooasoa-e"tloe old days. u tdd' owt
a girl who sells silk or air sgoataL''rg itotutitoinet sooneto-
or leather stuff for sx dollars , etla.' and te got:
week wages. totht11 as ig qtrrln
And whten she tullsetan h r soek-!nath oot ardsofinsarrflloing,
ings in thae naarning she .-rel l's .andet'aauwsas oitgsnqatalreing
about Godianal thenewsapoters act ntei~vwrsknsqarln
the police, ate talk af helao -- iaaoml 'in' or of manolalowing.
qua rth aaoearttecaita-.aaa' as acom, 1laags kic~edunder
townor he nmespeope cll hr. '+c ~ut ant nolitonof ren tl-
A pretty titre'; Haradty. loatotale' Itarfaa.;gaeat caases naot dreanmed
a walk alaong Archer Street aboatlaida- ~a''i a oose'mn
night, or haang arcutdoa nsorthidesaU BeenWacate United tataeateret the
cabaret whenth lings tbegin toles~an,; ea.'.Sandtaarafcaacl his stand sat-
Sup. Look into the acfre of ale girlt 1Di ainsjb9ta oley JDar;.!, -crai. Fit,..hateau atocrcy -sits a
who asksyos, in drawliang, aioa.sh'an- .sitia so dep that he forgot, for the
ing tones, what time it is. Taloe a god - ARIA - a taaae loing, toatlhs owts country wa
look at that girl, anal searchiafarlaer cua o iscnlaooeatra
face swhen you are bargalat hunting in fco o one crer toaoathr, beg ad, Or a 44-at cracks and lets the slo-'ofaaertnesHeccaldom
department store asarettor cotga tea ,crean w,,aawlkaak lgtaeasare of altruistn to the nations
your pie and beans in a downatowsn , nt;wn nlwloate ihsIapsing Germay, atadl, pressed on
cafeteria. Do these thitgs before yo alah, ar sanoa motionless, dall, and' Into one aore ank messengr-..'~asfreo iso.nieltesp
venture to call Carl Sanaiburg a liarI Or . .. os steal coal in a ralroadaloedfesar Wihbntws
But this world- contains unforain a Twanlty eto stand watching the yardorted steswr.ortia tthmitudeofaen
ates whose lot is larder than thtat ci achars IAnd runwthupdgnyak { esadCrlSdbg, ihal
slaves who sell gew-gaw's n Sitahaing ale sides of the dith saihhise unscsaDbadCr adtrwt l
the basement of the Market Store Where lbe"clay geams yellow, I While a hll picks off one of the bds iis sophistication, believed in bhman-
The young Italian widows, palling en- Drsvtog the tlades of their shovels' And the kia wriggles with an ear in ~ee huhh edta h
ions from early morniaag to lair' nighal, Deeper anaa deper for the new; cinders IIwa asfranbeproe1ad
happy ecauseeshe sill ear a a' asma'ins, And a omother comaes to 'csraasfr'y nbloprpse Snd
cry baeturg had no deltsions as to the means.
In three months, and toe short-sigiti a W'pingthe sweat from their facesl A bunale, a limp bundle, aAnwhnpcermilstsig
to think of the imns whaenasheus Wth real andonas Tonhaveeitseaare oamhedwforhtieslasth
for the flur and toacon tias.o- " w15 itstaface workhon for. theoLlinactalaing anal petty grafting there was
beg frteforadbrnta itmceswr n. tu- ie still less opporunity for Idealist. By
feed her haby, lacaks -anrile r'0.0 . to pull 'ITlats arty prt f the soy-thae 1919Sadughdlshibeefn
blest kind of ilasear. h e oo dla a T..or bc tsouotI of the suelolslb i ,st part, race, tot not the mno-t lhe nobility of nations and national
out of a job hasllaohe oe, I in, In 'i voer thtey slosh i-roil ingtir the tmos horible. For easss, adI had got bak to the ground
constant fear of I; a he .:o^ i tiac Ia a Of the twentty looking n tlese no n, who sped so tttch of tiaeir itha cted fe years before. Ho saw
sharks ;who, n:-satlof tinking o Tes murmur, "0 i's a hell of a time fightin g, and barning, and kil-locatmor' tie saagry of a man
his hence and tato"fy ia 0 "ma o f a., job,"l ing are but the miniatures of ntaiots I whose great ambiion is to make other
ditional honey-s-alna,.c arica Tet others, "Jesus, I wish I had that continually raon amuck and start men die in order hat he may proft
"I wish Is Goat 1 never sew yeas te, jb,"a grand international riot, called war, and Ite sass the dreadful coseqences
Mag," I Today sne of lbs men In that'Anad thsesears, being- inernaional, nder the guidnce of those eaders
has been a very raM at-Sroe tese o a' crowd have jobs, Sene of thean live fare of necessity big, involving malions a sho haed, ,ad stle, and murdered,
fewv years, when bumsna struck everyI in the county jail, put there because wttere a gang fight involves azearsa, ahen they right have had peace.
passer-lay faar a dlitue, and tmen itted the were hungry and tried to get Carl Sanaburg, a man intensely of the' Seven nations stood with their hanas
each othter in orader to get enoatghb the only w'ay men can get grub proent. living in a lir city, and work- on the jassa of death.
wages to eep tens alive. One say I who have no money. Others still hangilg for a tag paper, sas keenly eosi- I was ftse first aeek in August,
stooad on a Chiago street corner, about the corners, or do odd jobs and ftive to the htnan elements o the' Nineteeos Hundredt Fourteen,
sotnewhere in thte neighborhooed of live in south Clark Street "hotels," struggle that began in 1914. Buttt o- S I sas litning, yaaut a-re listening,
Madison Stre"et and Rtacine. For tht" where you can get a bed for six bits himthlat struggle was neither glor- a thsa awhole waorltiwas lisening,
smoment I forgettlohealletin Itarda: a week. And a few, more corageous ossor even justifiable; it ws tmare-j And all o us heard a Voice mur-
sbouting about a umper year, anal or more despondent than the rest, took ly murder on a gigantic scale, legal- I moring:
everybody helping the return to nor- I a long sleep in the Cicago River, if ied because it was more ipowerful j "I ans te was anal the light,

noa!lcy. I watched the dirty. tobaco- they could jump off a bridge when the titan the lass, wahich it twisted this Me that believeth in mev
chewing, booze-fighaiing croad that harness bulls weren't Ilooking. way and thsat, as convenience demanud-i Smatl not perish
eddied about. cosning from nowhere * 5s ed. It was an orgy of killing-kilt-, Bt have everlasting life."
and going to nowhere. I wsatched tiheir ing made proper, killing mode scien-'Saven 'etioss hearad the Votceend
shamed haaste as thoe graibbed "snipes" Buat thle strasges of life are not liiYiln aefsisise rlc oserd
fro th sdewlk thirhunrylssasall single stuaggles, billie figot,, fick- worthy, and compulsory, There was "NtOhe 'l
into greasy hash joints, and their dull barks of thea city wh-lerenohgbeuilahtiadSn- TacfvaodahSgncrin
hopeessnss s thy attmbcd ott I".t -"tata hllst~d burg, whto believes inItunmanity, ax- # 0P5. r01?2lay go an rcliig:
from a mussty "Fonsleyment Busreau." ,atI<< . -ii' labuhb <it a mstar peeled humsanity to put a stop to it- 'C-0i-st?"
I watched tlaem scott ant i ot, shutffle I at ''i to kill thsse who wanted killing, to (Cwasiaoaa oen image Fire)

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