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January 28, 1923 - Image 7

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at the normal schools; the girls who! opens in the harsh analytical mood of deacons tal, fair soo Falcon, his BETTER MAGAZINES
go there, forever giggling and saying,j the young moderns, frankly realistic, neglected daughter Joan, te loelyI
"Gee kids, lets start a club!"; the din-! detailistic-what you might expect of stupid and Insigificant Mrs. Brandon,
lug room of a country hotel betweenI a restrained tRabbit. The surprising and the town gossips. (Continued from Page Two)
meal times. All this smells and tastes thing is that somewhere along toward The character studies of the two
of what it is meant to be. Druda. her- ! the last section, I became aware that. principles make an interesting c-ni- all that one desires to know of many
self suffers a bit at tines, owing to the the whole" stye had changed to the trat and are skillfully done they current publications. Other regular
fact that the author over anxious to; seni-dramatic, sentimental writing, help to brighten up he dull uimnos- dprmnsaeHnytttrd'
have her appear as a consientious and of the Victorian novel. Select any1 phere of endless descriptions which whihs keeps in touch with contemtp-
consistent heroine, passage at random; "How moved he l doninate through the 40 pgs of, orary art, G. S's which informs us of
Mr. Frederick's style is direct aid is", thought Efugenia seeing his pale,( the ook. And too, onie is apt to loss what is going on in the local theatre,
sincere; there is no hint of chespness shaken look, "but Ihe doesn't dare! Walpole's point whie aaneering jad Paul Rsenfed's "Musical Chro-
about the ook and the ending is far, speak. He will tomorrow of thetay through the fusty old churches. ut nile". 'A new department which hia
t from strained or forced into n un- afterward". this atimosphere has its place and recently been inaugurated is called
Now whle ucha. henmenn culdthe domination of "the c thedral over "hBiliophile", and it i nqei
happy one. The author is tte editor' Nw wiesusaphenomenonmacouldn"'reseiBibannune-i
ofnTh Midland; this is Ihis first ook e called neither craftsiat-like or its visitors is expressedl in lie wordsthti
and is, I believe, more tian a fair' artistic, there is in it something which of te hal-mad painter Daray when msets sbout rare ooks, the botk
promise. ears tte leans (f a great hope. It e says, "'Plis place an bide its time. stps, atd tie publishing houses.
Tlhere ar e seven iterestinig wootd- is the languishing over-sweet beauty Just when you think tat you're its The literary crsibtions to The
ruts by Wilrest Jones. o1 the past reaching out to join hands mater it turns and camps you out, Diawhie generllydpesigand
- - s; i is the first glittmner of co- a themle not oftets touched ites enough to aill for this ptbiatiotn the
iili'fI'(lil-H ti, y i i'ohhir'Caliel )rt's'~ttisso tpearOttour literary ttotern tines athas given itsteaool, title "he00 Ier ent mtagaine". 'Plit
_ JHarcoutujBracep tnd C('ems, Nett-Ihorizon, antI if Dorothy Canield comes n'vafaciaing utegrtssing, Iot is-- titinctiota cairouit sthttrotgh Mr.
York as suchl a meseger, ws' are plo idt gitatile. ibut real. Allihougis yost OBrie's anttttal short-story awars.
i~viwe Dicxvades. wlotme "Routtgh-Hewn't". maiy ot get5tact tf a tirillotst"Tet omStte tf tie coitribtors to The DiaI
1tiettby Dtsiy Ssslrsatiit rs" it is a goidiloitok. are: W.I. Yeast Arthur Sclnitler,
Diorothsy anild s ttovel, "Rtouhtielt- . ?t, b irg 1al~l. -T. S. Eliot, F..E Cuminstgs,Olen 'Ps-
lii 'sit', ulcriatrtits title frtotmtaut- Molnhine' Litlle'Tetrie for ('hildren sug, Atti rie,'lostsSlzr
tiDsoran, itese' i,"a'lee'dtttHigovties lhfoanstsll. At pr-
stttyatt sape or rnts, og Iteveies ctyi- Rotatld itIt irte. A 'little tettre'' fttrcliltrenitstien cti'tiToa l inihas justcottslsdet
lhe'wvthem thotie s'still.'' Ituas itt 1HughltWltole iTh'"flit'hitt edl'' list"r'tcntly tbeeis oteed ill 'Soliie, s oellet'ettallui '"risan"; saitd
unfoitrtunte choricte ott DtrtitytC'nt' a issitt t tunt'bsorit'riumtai,'c'Illinois, by M Srs. Cavin Nesiit hat Sit rts'isssdetlrsont is running .i tisuir
hieis's par tbecitise'intosne ad ttili- inia aterf wy.tents! tat'.t gandtheItattentionsof asulsts every- dst'sscil cstar' esitli LitaMtny iMs-
stsisthere sth ittok litenot s car 'etilt S'515555 t Sd silt athish s5ret ii saltwers ss ir ecitteested in tiedo -ga'ts '. 'tit sal l t' regrd foi' 'he
to ite quostation. Sietaites tehier h r b tl l([ittit',ss' slo ly andsi stst-ili' Itti-tio s ytheg TeIletr ait't s:' tic 'Sts its trasing atd
atesthrsoisughtimil ldly in'er-s intt asl iher' tfii lttsle vi-iitsl t iteel'i n it' sc-toes i ser a, suffice i, to seytt ith e
art-ous tesie stressix 5151 tess
hitlivo 11'' le irelyold-womanytat s it-l- '55 ls t er i t. W lplewr s' otni'ilitoitstithesecsfitls atteis
ioni cringul y tftcinideitsns'i' de tesadwst ofo gisis's edayese, o1 sge watiore viritually gsaet a is rt l'ndiviguiranstissi set'y tite
Teeis nnetoth booin' 'l et' lekl itdto0 lapo-fe ecitt it theitsertrtaion sit their to-slth'rsiasidoatus tssye if tisey
jesi.y, its i exirale gr iiT'e 5 ss n" te tait tt ttts f'ie in c ttodia1 i5 t stid otc ar t
ssa'sepi tatsitiissso ait.sii Any cite-soils gootl aid 'i.ntheic'utitis At tie firteting t'it hdeae lsrisa' ilteIJanury i-su, Thefiali
inertof Bra solss petacttyit t'llples fteI r echt ts l's' aitygivcii tirerIisatsopst iteit' -si eetl oueadfut
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tolorso stipot tisi dlit irty sIs5is itti sti.5- i cist snii",ofwho t air'eiand it titn iisi'sjti-i i ststi sie
~ aor n-t taine>uilnei whch aturt's i it c tu r le r - sl isit is i i itla 5 i i ou.t: o t c n iito iiha i-r ithe e-ilr-
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keep th rederwonerig wen irei-,tis is (ritlofinsh. It stiouldt
su two isfe at ushl mrtits s the t f t eii- i litrs 'r piguiu soil Slit-is'f te dtotscioiris.o
sisce tishitagIi' i sc illusratigi t i lt';. td. tt - _. s fra s ro npa slyditttf rc i t i listis'o ttiswo r eI'h-sant st
sieituo i a-ts-tsit The.aits' iii ibts-into b if c a uir 1ieitp. 'h ist-cia pod cedii d i tc itci t icna l..e y telAmorscsn itle
tidry is tideutatr;iu-t ii it'tfit--i it ,a.tll aryhm t~' o iiw"Ocisth thea slitrsule siteniity ut'ls liS tstaoisutlttcperiapsicaituse
tila es Bg ok h-ee, ltt 15 uslier sic. c _ :wl-lite i--il--itt.:' Ietsad rewitan auietnuuc iiof itsut - isi suteil uirdeg siaoiti t lt'ooit'rsat
cus a is ', ng it ir.}orti i s et ' sli l ht itd Iobyssts-iltllttii' 'tfi ii itu-ininca's tp r foundandlit it iti to (iterrtty. tity
bylh , n wryn' er 1'ust ut uli ~ t s 'iit. 1(o. 'al ~ sayt' fitutu is-otlcoics: i el i i'lit, iis sftla. ht hr
'Pn h wto y irt's one I't -sils icoont- 1Vitedatuist. ' e . si I l -isire dl i t t_____ no________ l__ er__ ciltical____ for__ e,__ no__ holder__
ticskees'i gttia('-ter-.hth I+, a I ci';.- suit-tia11ta itsmpshet lists' i ioi usl 1"- Ou ekhis'icud itsr oar fc u~mp rr ecien e n
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sch ltIts iittail"iistilteiDorothy ii i f lii'its iii shi t s ofis ri-ilrts's is ou eo h alo im vas adtogfrl u onr oa
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liane i iiiIt ftidyllicIhoneeuu-situ-tiwtch ill The lr'. hr ts'eon isundidiited titti tti-
tars,- f ifF t ua l.yNIdevogt-iI-itaren~ ts.o t'I ii'I rtitheInu' tod utin'i
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loess tot hove Mthatu. lHe loses lher' I WE ARE SO E'N FROM
anulisuttt;roes sultaIis sirestta~l ndst u R
glorious smilioul. HItaties this eec- L9 A. M. - I1I P. M.1
ings and.udrintse--lil areer'i' cint' I hi-
catise he lios't this w'oman hle huhdfnotSATUR AY N N HTrS
wat.. Thuc real interesu in thist()
'Phesreal interest in this tnovel, anld'
its valute, lie is a cturiouis piece sit
trieckery, soisslirs or so, S can slit
say, oii this part of thse auithir. t

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