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March 25, 1923 - Image 1

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tn 'The Long Journey" the first'LISLE ROSE iscuts. the tlan o the book in toe
two pairt, of which have jnst been l littessl
pialit-ir in thils country unoder thle "M-iire ad Ise" tret, of the life of
te peit ric tnd ntoit hhic period,
title "Fre sod Ice," lohtannes Vt. en-{as ivymbolzeedtby te ivesof fiv
'en has- attem tcpted hemot a-ti n at Imen: F rteseScninaotvana one
themie i o-itbte to any wcruet an epo' thous;c itt awhlii tt Allfater of
at mankottitdtif "I o lint tee f Tutoic mythology; White Beat;
'ct-its'a-tad'clotit etr O. ItO e t k'it W olteshe st be ter; ad Sit n,-it
ts a yvitole ssic it Iih e atnvled hliitheseducer t''bh i the fSct peron
-tiorcet wxitithte- vita-et-i imagitta f ily tesths-e beore hinthail een
tieh t na titweept oni a h g. Stititan leade- antIdeely et theiedt
poetttica pc fte v i F ~ t er t ittr eah I-t let te
} at o 'i r ta canih-iaews-tee iirt'ott t-i - i u te tupt tit. a o e nitth
Mant m caPit ti '-ifi lt( a r' t'- it moit t ain i etd-o
F t"c Lt nt-se at ilt r it>r a tip Latera
f yr. %-e I ot..eisth a-estinetra ey-
rli t.not-td-c t I hitieta. o gco itsactitthe e hook'
n tu a i"rmtrtcni vot nn l ovr ntohte au titpiitnin terestth -
lio ens r lii' topro ofin ue ru-. r- cil tc r-_ttfreigi fit, the
Grsnd St 'to I hvettIrh 1 a ta atartha s trcodeethe
T a alyve sytheeh-i -e wha idArt at i p w afl eginningsa of hst
gtreuit ich tndse ofond extnoiw P. 'w al l pt te'rcul huto ce e-
nv-a iar ip;it ay sai, 1owe er I oens-llare ," tlra te irla n-
tiu ah so prto eitateing ies' raiueotmn tin iit of tres ati
tnenly i t con-retent i, the tvi ' Icovron Tantism. ne i rigioe soho
yran oftheIaery mle.Jnen, these twhackneyerdatenrmsliscidefen-e
Tavoid yboth utith ia ndthleobvousdIt 1slean infriti e ininwrksofreha
avouidanchftie dess xtfeshivi'adsef!r onen wlsn
reepion hatmetslaos swrtn-catldipelalyatumewods iee-
sh blrai; ihe adoe saotcof eesss-hlloatrietweaposensithadbtauth
tbonat tsouthe ob as trynagthdiousefJesnsocorsodt
'ngawy rom th bnal E nom binatdiscenibl e atismto ay,
chel n he at-ails ehim sf heof itald'rmeand1s0. is a Sr he1upaeray
ry, bteihasgeniusmpforedmakinthsoftI oxhatencyermpiniefan-a
pecus ti titnly dhisobown. ambleascritcansen -i a tor hs.exiesh
aidn ot r-iyite auho provei hs1 ndesantre t tro nvenen wit on-
hircepcon ht mee phisrmedians; nlyetey i'pbr utl. hewnutsta r has euc
bhi. dr otu -lappi oe otcngfesspislmlotliely weconittsno, an's i g-h
ondarhetoriclhe ian.a asdetousf-aseoilyn enistoort;ephasthe
sing aof y rogmndstoetbnlEent I te,(5sometailg iyte atin. t igt pa'-
we ea avao ittins ayihiithef t n lted~setv.T im o 101bs
peularly-in s oanc . of eopo-the lis xfa tien hchf t mac acans-
Io hrerall the.authoest ren ns ftrtan depiablrecoostracthisexare-
acquantan oerwih Iis m craf t, abl csyb sari s o lpigeiraft atoieslieewhbeutsaSe.miler liaanetitcansahAn nswrct
ind wheic i as agbe rcgiequneeog t aete m hseiten.nontiepqestins,-as too ln e ess r conition of progrssig
andn nait y ntrumfth thyocr s them
Butoria ftmanrhialn m aduc heae ability_____to__attain____the__right_________________Tis o him, eveeniththe os t
litlh a ting itea tu e. Alhough it HwEh tal oel hooiansthwouldedasweltto
tIs ntimprtientstrinquemormt-l'msipe (niftinded che ev erwokinte
ingbrct-l the hesnea aiptsaJnsit en'sn ~ lirl~"e tevtmt esnsdecito
tyacqananye authrhie prafty c antal ie le hre ste atr lar nsi cnit "n nw r i then re can deelop entheof reiio
tensen'sot necesasIneretrfte (oninuedionofpagesiht
"nwihtdol iethlnkg o e rubgie togeouht etemne? lthethouthe Vachetalhadesreservedsthe
nhrogmoytErop amaked er. Andhift.ogin wh ua d ose's cb ein asy helersuggtted; tathainsliter- heua uees eaois
pliedcraftsmnsh-yi' alsion'ie tmatemysaeucn-esenibliiesththeouhot hv t otd n W he fCaiorthia fceot.
te lwhongla th iiter "a-ature.iant h itriw.Iakd Apptecugh otry. cleerulythelhgastreatedwltan
lsntlikertht; Hrnttnquem onyerwntrn aostat f r no'tym "o' gtteIe htIti kian (entiely tdifferen estndokint
urgttenby .icr xpe ssedpmentkanw'I i-i Honek . personallyhe venckee)han'tsdone anygood.tWhe-of
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wayn e; e cla'rmt h t he w s t i s st fe n aain aeIalterest,-I t ink heeh s d n th , f r h y wih hl es.d itOn
y p 1 - theothnesds o achedfrog you
thoghheatdoythtnkothIe Rhrptn itM ad bcusrtste.odsI Yuko4voeo tems ntr~-thog swooinghasr ed the a
In thrern"oahkedMrno ste-i g it hitugowa, and knwhev in asbter hehts t ings dabotatathor lie- his led austes wrh efN e nhitan
on~~~~~~ toesrogy. 'Oeafthermd a gin,'hoyesa outr,'Wow!tha womk,"cismarke MraFrs te "nbdenr l itt. Eeyh Nrho
haIn infa oe teof d' itM, os n asasu oe'-ee hnk fconcig i it Gt o-tn'.halSofwhenlifrota e o ust.e
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he wholi ftltud oadegyptolov y"st big bondhe ithtebusnysJ viterniawook-asaetLe"athan erlH.' a He ndaIsot ietewhatlesineom
jurt Frostha;M.p emyrodddwhs s en o-csayu110 lblwor if Mtner ntrobet's -al ot taheidw hale w Ihi attet, ntuily ifewrin tin anampofthe
sreomehngbynice abast, ecatsseon, bulltnew do esn c e wh resseslly oyouenknow-,antdohe thnksgoit'sWabou T hewfle aom.iniceborNales
he~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ b ecul moe h1hege ron okiglk te ~hcitcs relydes'tundorhot-atytowoughai'dhUteryer.kOldg
viemarko"I avorulaguellon."bjct i eIn ino wK znim er Kids" Inl adI dt. imtptyI ws tahatontobertstter
atH eron ard ht e was plungedto eblackcothtnatmo tpal pianon(a'eIuaouvegetrianhha writenofrtheyothorugh" ahe ro yu
intorof gentleharan o heyiong l e wtheoun . He iaflw pla hejys h ota ok god fis. y tirig s 'W. eor, I'vergt tou ak eusawly.
tg eto hc hathehacc u s {of ivin ,It ecanse go t hely udth hia ou kow'Heathe-ad tintter." H'sonto- e ho oigtwls'ite'ecnrcto o hrce e

educating him. "Wheat I was young, ltl cetiiiso hrce e j "Wow! Now you're descending toi the Whimsies staff."
Iwont to schsool and teamne, from cause he does everything with such the level of mny intelligence, Rob."
men eonsiderably older than nmyself, trenmendous -gusto,.tHe's just a great "Well, anyway, it's the best book At the roception, Air. Untermeyer
about the past. Now I foot that I amj big kid. j Louis ever wrote. It was just official- read from, and discatssed his new hook.
going to -school again, and learning I "Rave you noticed, by the way, Hob-, ty published yesterday, wasn't it? He's 'Alt of the poems were thoroughly
mrom the younget' generations-ahout eel,thtmomst of Mencen's stuff for j going to readt some out of it tonight enjoyable-andi, I may sy, enjoyed'
the future" the last year or twoha been politicao-I perhaps. It took a tot of nerve to Among 0he tmost pleasing were ftie
"Yes-he fois that aort of 'stretch-{ criticism? I always thought tbhattao write about whales at alt. We all (Continued on Page Fig C)

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