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March 18, 1923 - Image 2

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SUNDAY, '1ARCIT 1S, 1923

The Valley Of Quicksand
Immediately following the termin-1 JACK BERKMAN o this conference, stated, "We pro-
tion of thne Franco-Prussian War, Bl- posea 2,500000 (indemnity), bit it
nar'k, the most able stateman that aaprpitoanntigt tyrin ltslrue'umraMseotisattout' Frnchs allies that it
Germany ever iad, proceeded to work mgtb u aifcoymaso olcig a day ve this estimate i, in altare running eery dly The repara mgt eposbl.ha he rmn
out. .. . it the course of ifteen or twenty
satifaco mens f colecingprobabiity' extreteley oserv:2,,lveton p rt of te present sitation, de-
the r ratons hich re acord At any rate under no conditioiss shat olvs a bt to one fact. The coopera' ceodtis ta oo nttsnb
GermanyintetetofFakr.; in ac strong a position a. before the
intetetyo rk o eseer will trance tac able to with- ion o the Gernans , and the with- va. h rnhgvrmn i o
To encourage the payment, a series of i td thshayfinia da'n.tatp-Itwlof fIre ly the irnchtare VtrFes gvrmn i o
m ilitary zones were set up, from which desire the money if it cane rons an
the German troops wr to lbe with-:ala" gstei olIthis are seon in thei vitally ncesary to taessacesful fal- i enoticaty resoredt Germany. In
drawn in proortions as the a~z nto ad the l peseninsaledtenfri-icfanrito these inaugura tebiaftr thne, lthi'then she is actiig the Shyoct.
wre made. The effect was magcla. 'n ntepasiisistaiie od-i hesa iagt e fe Her is is far the pouunsd of Itlelh
iont of the naisoas, Fance cans le sauld1' arope an Was, is going to tbe one of 1aet itGeathat
Th dviiosknwig ha teytoteaswills a stronsg, btuniisteady the exceptions to a geea rast, al
would enjoy- the nornmalcy' that was had mssaingttsheliielmaioaf a sip prioue successful. tRuris tar ittata it: b akbioe of the
theirs before the war as soon as sutss'aaI trld5t s taii ose lise f rrvreIsftirGemntiaion asorthle jugular veiss of
sf money wre paid, worked ther ore lia ls ~ strsitocpe lEuhtitrop, asse Frstrr aere is sat-Pris-
alesanrateruyn.las sufriedgshatsillticctiesTte
F-rens'tspeasanaut, in his axiety to g' 'clas raastt"CrsaasIst ftu is rts l ip'''lrs at getliar Pi'aashe sidAlsafe t oras nue
l~a lat lclnet utlses'ad tt te it-isahidariagta tco sunryaa n atotal saeats to tm aitailrt statndi. s t s iliFresi-nchlaael~irai
thelat elm t ut he edatthefn--i 1870 awas opea Siac a te' present
alanit''it t sovils'tiilysthat within a pr liiitas s- iiona r 'eSuch Itiris' staestaets ail sure l ea ''e ~lth
lare^,ar >lece nt w at tproluc i pen ingfalur shrty aterth i iicuatiisn ferial De"suet assaei.
cc. parati ely hrl, time tssaiaaiss il'reo a''li Ia atptslg tisa' litt'aa 'aa s Isi a touiantd ysars lbs Geiaan
w s pai. ed, thisit ' ''ii ii ua"'aiiair nssngr om e iaudaciouiii seture. Whiiat atpeas's l'ss i sit sa'iasltia's
WM ssie - a sal u itat ati tis i- poityinteiareaoitewold l tiiibe te , . h ay e uaIii titii easlstie' ire ih ill stilt
vast'lvd. aid alas' rit o s h etatrsreaa ininduitastsial stutmptacausing n taal'os wera'- si 'araa iii nl Iitti's sStlhosawhichliiii aluhr
ias e saaha' hcasslsa'sns~sifest, it'-i,- ~I trafits, ansissi asaaili t'il'Iaes,'sl stan' a sueas saItrs'stI Falare is is 5 '' isis'I 'i'i'lii ti oni lust-
saksa ate' waslly satisactrry, wterri'as tae rseaest part atfashish a veIisigiatt aIs as sybeen'showntsl exu s t n theaeaa' i'''-a~ I "iii '' 's si t f tar itenionsss
lii'eaoposite rorsei' otin sualy tprovsisa' makei'lnahe srepa ata 'apaym s. ci'f thse wo, the' Ihas'seningsa f toi set sat an 1ac-Lr aie' an tir
asislars,. It' only'fiar'ths rrason', tG r a yw scnital eu c eaain. ''ee slfiecac u r n hs i o.dn pny
'To''lsOI ~ats~i5s .aoisss-lyaeasr.aIth'it I o~theatewont li rsa nt htIlimsgXisiablaind he tlat'aiseais'
1 ppie , nd th a pictin f ore.e ti acio ed lacm ttliray be het she s;lass t as ailst ala t at as1 a
atssias XX ii lass ro tar C r' asrna aifai 'e'.watai use 'its a 's asmarely ''.5 'aicamtul g. o ct. ft he''' iia 55 sl la t thaat the1 ile assjont
Siewors ir nsa d of leslesi liask tlts 'Tie' tr'illsis, itahough. Gerarsus ra's''rom1 'asia Al'ies lain eal a lases'In t lentass'syithe l i ted I Saat ises ad
saaas ,'t o'va'si a genisi n stt es' « erabatil its Visa' fsarigna ialsace I of i thereis thas e lexass tre 'e anaer u' i teis tolirem asin atti.
iaisa the mitre nat' io m n -T l I Ii.as a5lss'000fals',hM illse iiRe ssta ii ha yIin ai aildri' li 551 s ilaiste n alis siiiii.te
add to 'teIimpt' o h it -R i a i nis gm aldsi~en-pled te oa yseensnow apas ssisifshe hlaassier-sails itil self to e. TheBuhr a lley 5'
thaysh1 las 5'i' asa<ti'risis ratia sl iiion a aaiantimore tsa siaa''all liii'T isso - yia e a atiaraenasIn ict Yetit'tody, sal alanlasectianaoflands' Xthlaty
III sn "i p rtue~e hn t s ei av 'a , o Idse allYsits thealsecoind f:iai i ts ui'lher a'tafoundalhlii'xi'eme'lyTs' sa-
it " n, c i~r, r, oen e ast'ii ii'iIiiona i a''~ti an l bii lcu 'asns s ' ' atbedy tgttn lgat :tr eoirtiil anitia Issis'ly tr'oug
11-c La l tiru n ,t crr i sass"etbet ;asi5 tu, i, satrl own in: ay anaithenthsi s era s'uri' s s asth sat asismsy aill lae
by t I' l~att ;,la' tos' ''l'nsf'assais'di's'"'0.-'sitl, ry f'is t oain beneii, her Ineisa itwthinithislalley- lis 'the scoa
Is liii) I ii vaiifitI;,a 1,0tor. ofi iiiar slanlilitdiet isi'tiii'litau l lln insiatr saute t hic is soivtaly II- ' l '
r,;+r=, ,nu r aain , !,els. \ r ;';,lle= treaty. his t n e i< Inda iiic taa'i'o' e er.ssrtihlolhirhsml iFra ce ii
It s t tsi t n aili is") sigi aer ssailsn sass" liitit vil ' sastt.hide i lsth n r asat ipotasti1 f
a1 l b ttewol fto a ts Iof l''ps entocits' 'sll 'iIalt' ~a' ~ -s I~etu a i ltoItl .s he el lrntn aion I isah allngtoea a tusi' la
fin (elf. stis oait li 'saili a sial s sis' IaFr ancli'ii'~lrr teli Ilih o 'am , h 1a n t, oz - fd t ti i a onandi'iaiti s isamr l is
is .5 ii 5.5 iis cn ;. l r anc) ut u =vn tlo .t= nIi),dtepat' 5i''i5 "I liiatt (l _P ,ial ii Seven)'st~
5 , lo :l l -,a sn u 'rq e
tirri co fr ntng ila s ass 5 usi'la tii
?a),-, saran,, e l) to hiss a in from iti s 5 _
it. on i v ,g t s a '-" lausibleth' a
luciii . Frnc as i 'aedsl ter-
manthat I'? rassh m al ls t he 5 l o l~' I
aar sicoandtss'he a'inenisaz i'san1" The Conservation of Energy
tatsll tarsl'asssly lsaias' ntirelsa' I
Valley.If hieallunderl ing pla i , t
fissstfoss allas' aan ceis.issal a eal -
realy a sasa srsea awih akianga th"
Rfuhr hear' s alshea is gvngstsr lai- a In the physical word Xe knows that "Enercgy can be transfortncd but-
sied aas ah ttnomissledge aa isti can never be created or destroyed." It seems a shame that the same rule-
Germn .,asainrfortt rasrason seofllsiele aatoatse
curity g sis ~esulnAlrts,'ssa r does tat apply in the social and financial waorld There are far too masy-
s he is unsdoustedly ftsvllnga pails
way fthat is leadisng, not to au seal. ous eopleswhose efforts are getting them nothing ut a living, no maten hove
iisense resourices, but o dsaster. omfortable that living may be. Then, too, there are many who are living
Frasace lass trulyIte sdesiro_
hasteis repara1t01Cs, fthere are atun- = ithin the mar-gin of their incomes, and thus providing a fund fo the future
baer f fasstors hat swll sdeterminesa'lii
f'itur. Pirtorpsesnt ore ssa~i-I sfu uieso hshta oseta hsscn ls rvslre
istsFranie s seasciaing fotli -=tistebuiesaathsbnktseetatti scnCcascrw lre
lans, io0a,000 atin sfcral1e aiI msonithi
'u, cost of snothings, tut this, sver-ly converting the first," Will you help us?
theless fa'lhbeloatoa'hle eqiredsra'ai s'rk.
Is Ithe Iast fotai y says Fha nnerlass 'i-
twinedt less; tasihall at the aountl se
formsser ly fosa rdss daath elarstagger'ng a- ' - -- -^-- _____ __________-___-___-____-_______
'ossl as $4.a51.ll1sI ass liomlaetatec
sisuationIthis coaisl 'ass teddaledt sout
las variosusie lrii I nl cu isas in
adiract compeition tas lenIformser alty' h n r o ~ i ..i3Sv n s B n
Grant BrTheiAnnanArboraSavings1 Bank
saranhat ovens sialessmanysthro1ghiss's
reaaiart of ia t l''ri']alahs' hs "The Bank of Friendly Sertce''
nrc iO ~al sal at ii lar useiass

tasaiacy ly 5aano ,Oeis cos thIeies' lPae-
ssier ausia ari' 'oulSaigfrtiste l~a' sassResources $5,600,000 'Tw~o Offices
snissiasa oit folaigsa 'fal l of'' Is aII('
Freanchi 0i aaasaaCasl a sbrn t uzls affis r at
tsn't aeent lashrear tious slu ns easd
if iaa'raisi au sash a hSt apped ass"oish liii'=
Frsench hadii t aut iii' maeatei rrsiu'' itoryiaa
thiass y a dliis i nt-nusa essa toabCii h atlish'
aOccuationaisi s s t'05.55 ra nco l' i t t'I hes
rae o '55.0o,00s0shah a avrs e qru' ; ;ttttttlll tU tlititlllt~ttl[tttllllllltlli n ll11t1N Ltttlt~illla asrasa''lll111llll,

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