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March 04, 1923 - Image 2

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A year ago the farm bloc was at LILLIAN REID tariff; Eison has so eay money
novelty, a nenace to prty politics; I scheme; Ford wants to run a nitrat
today, as this session of Congress lant; one want to start co-perative
nears an end, we see it initts true isnedtotesttes.ilpoaty t o ysteonr Cmpp (0 iniarknaieting on a nationl scale; an-
perspective, It is little more itan te otesae.beets increasing hl prchasng other proioses governet crop sub-
the recurrencre oathte old denmand ot IThe farmo bloc; has achieved sotttof05 posresdcinestne. atner ddes teesde-. and nosone acconplishtles ay-
the farmers for easy looney thoughlt is ends; the progressive loc may ts sip ascar-loadl of poatot-,in i the rishing
the farm blocsw-old deiythIis cshageforce throughs others; bust te reslts fall Ater' allI dedutons fotItregis, ptesdettDavid lFrday sf Michigan
After the Civil war, farmers. iesstaertsruceti.lo s s tt at tshtt Agrcultosral College outlined his sen-
ed deflatiots by te greenback paty; ooedne httefr si es$.0ntpoi.Aohrdcdscutraltss ograu in a speechs here last
laer the Grangers nenaced lbe oldI ' had siuatiso. Tie NetwiRepoiblir o store a. 1410bushsiel stop itshits'.fsl He i trying is pt agricussre
paties; .again,the Free slver 's it's give. $0 as ie actual fansttillitCoo. cllar ates exrt handlig exta o tsotntdirouctstive basis.Sy edtc-
ian proposesd unlimited nmoney. slier all deductionss are smsde. This, atrting and a coltS storafsevtralC,.t tg ;Micigasfarmsers its scientific
is ess tian te sverage wge asilmottslitie is frcedi tsell itiemsa t ath'todsi.
Tb coiatsiss ostt se eullofcrtin tlydosinostt incritude isteest ass stwer price tianwa s'otfesed sin s ft' et siritttiasinhotn
farsssleislisatios. A. an secoomsttcptlis'sei ies.Stsrtsii isetsssite- Tetefaetmiitsocsiti sstt i is imrto
sasid, lawsTay affect te e ans- netd il.Iesrtce i er n e lmn i oges u ti adt
ss~tieesto~ersssssiseetsote bel -The census sttwstat thre are ides tat somseting is wrog. teittlisitisesetviiSaen
ar, hut they rarely toteuesnerly- ole-itht fewer tttotssrgsgsd tarts, Evereshsass a remiedy-y-tihr farn te futuas-. Wit i Se returts aSpros-
ing caustes. Ass inlation prograsmt ser- ridtt l y 61 i is-cet e cwosrhesS bios- sisles-ses easyceitasd ai higt (CotiniuiedIilt t'sge EightS
taittiv affec s te situastion, butt its cif
testay is tiosre thtatn doubitful.
I n J s u ns s , t h te m t e m b e r s s if t h e f i se sl e
bloctisnit Congresspioosed iithe hit T~ he li7esi }~Ialtd iks
tng legeissaiiveprosgamthtt, e S r
tase. s, st ateiibybSeatort tapperciofat
gecttg ,isquan dea sitsrbAses sats in Town"
agrcutslittre andasl soliditi footintg
te butt- sit-its ttt to ' Si u~rc5 rihtteswr rpsdit bllsThts1 tteyala.
t oest s' .cs R a st i e e si s t l e srh i siit h t " h t'th ea t t e a l s y
tfatisis's ysit tssontssey bi-s sippsiigOnly 15 Cents. ~~A E
,IsesgtSitas prs-cosition-Thesior-
ignelbill -sde-etl -its thSit-sSieI' 06yoi'lfade.
tiizr-ss-i e ' is til-s s aslsivseiit Silfr itt1
'sid til t-c-s Ie ai too Sittilt'ice
s-s's--l im rra ceit t'e-sas-ts - 11 420 4'-SOUTH
istill ipotatiiandsi teSill Itay U N I V FIrS I T Y'
bewrili eor:teerld-ote helr
is beidt hesi lii- redsit illS tndtS aii at-
isl list I-s-si seitslo. Th'inisat- Our Chicken
ridy tit a-s ills re fo 1ss firg Cle-Citswihtoldbipoeithu it S'ndwh~iches
-' t22,ewitt-tc- its 'tle -f'tisset f hit tespot
.s i ' I iiioflitte tilts'rstits liitiltnth
is sititti's itsinsiti' t ilt' sss-sssus I 11 I ~t tll~tii hre or make to
iIestilt is do!prl iopsts your room. And by the
sa essit-ili ut lls itslstinisswoussldl(-kay, that chicken salad-
Thes- rgre' s t-tsites--it ovo it ti
-a elcti"-- of thes pess id-si-ts nii i' i
bsieSr Missew ii 5 i taesuc it,;et
I ttt. liesii iii isliis- lItercii llii is'
Thise tHssinsblocI its iii''-slist- ises--s =-
dev. ardH hspinlie-c Three Steps to Success_
tils s t i si i st stlitter foes issisSt
hard whss ish-soitl.natitsal fin- The young man stho is ambitious must keep three things in mind. Learn,-
'Te eesstttst-iistipts-s'st-ssse Earn, and Save-these ae the three requisites that arc so essential for=
esauseit bitng'.s tebinsg syttes
undsser poietliflusen 'i They te =Success.
ieve thtitebs'ardosouldstsibe coin-
sosed of nott-artitsant experts stho - Before a man can earn he must learn, he mut know howv to apply his natural
wouldttotrlcitedtstfor tebest
interess at tile swhoiectatiy 1-
Ps st iisey SsalMr i-sntsicllseil -capabilities in the mast effective manner. And before hie can save he mutt
so it hetiarms; iti<is al's o tutit c earn. The educated mans without a job is aa hopelesa as a powerful motor=
iis appotintmntwill rs-e te i'fatru--
ers. it is significatmt of ts'e poter tf- wihout fuel. Finally, he must save before he is a ba fide success. Spending
ie blo.
Atliipsrtant pontS is t' sgrtca -? just a little lesa tan you earn is not penury; it is merely good senae.
tsrai tirogramtswas "tdeqttesiotc0C'-
tiso ofs' armn proucs"' whisis-imeanrtl
use Fsstdsey-Mclatttbec I tarif hbil.By Man lisa pravided schools and colleges to aid in learning; a complete indus-_
compromtnises swiths ssamufature'srise-h
liac got itstaiffil Noweerytto trial system to make earning easy; and banks to faciliate saving. We feel that
ectsesthe srhg tecsshes onie im-t this institution stands as high among banks as Michigan does among universities.
pota'tnt pt'sductts, while it tsitgite-
s-tse Contte tiimgs whss itshetus.' - - - -- ~ --- -- - - -
Variouas asthoritiies avs' toist ed ot=o

ftshtt tise ighs tariff is likely to ciut oaf 2
th ol mas ywhchfreg co- he Ann Arbor Savings Bank
Agrsilture s'sdsprssed fo tr weant -"The Bank of Friendly Serlsice''
sit it wortldi oarket. PsWten t aiff
tilltuS 5ts'offtt m1 ialkettheii'farmtier'
isegitn s ittles esisr wiatihe c-its stn -Resources $5,600,000 ITwo Offices
S e exs-t. iTe bois su'spporssteing lie
prs e{5t I eeral ast ndett to t rit -555
hibiit te s-it5s-sitf txe mpasttss setui -
sits. T e-itr i-tvs ars'i hasre -
sf ulxst'' betsase' its s-sis stit litte hits -
I'md; isilet' <iii555tait -Sinvsec i n s

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