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February 18, 1923 - Image 7

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it that I am inclined to think ithat the black ag-ainst the blue, faintly utter-
expurgation has been rather light. ing their wail of ae cry.
To give an idea as to the plot I hove "On the other side of the Ponibo, or
found the following: o nthe other side of the tBenmbe, some-
.Bissibingui arrived. one was singing: Eating Mayt Be a Hiabit!
"Fy-hey -- yalta - ho!, .F
tiMle was a handsone young nan, -__________..______---
strong, well-built. Ile' always foundi Make your Ltunches a Mleasute
sontething to eat at Batonala's home, k by eating at
and a bego to sleep on. For Batouala Amo ngi -the MagazU~ines
honoreit hinm with his partiar es- NB
teem. Nor was the great tookondji
tiatottala) the only one to cherish an '1h 1FiEESMAN tor Febtuaty 14' " lsIUlC1k on
i affectiotn for Bi.ssibingui. Of tiatonala's ,prints a. titoughit-provoking review by Tutle Luc[Lo
nine wvs, eight, without his know- John Gould Fletcher o1 ai ok entitled 1',38 Mayttard St. south of Majestic
Ledge-, itad testitied as to the wartoth "tali". Balt is anl island in the Malay'
oftheir friends hilp to tBissibittgui. Archipelago, and Air. Fletc'her its his
"As for Yas siguindlja IBatouata's -rile gives some edifying facets about
favorite wrife) site was alreadly less it, toigether witt. some coomparisotns of.
ottedient to tile ortiers of lbs mant swho Bali life with oar os-n. Ie ends with
bail iucciliset tier than toi Ite orlers this queistill: "Anti lint eisilizslliou
ofi Bissibingui, sant slie oly siwaitetia gotes forictd soi Sito --whistit?"
favorable toccalsiton to shots hose great- -Egyptianr itlootteisol i bytRobeit
it site caretd for bill. Ilillyer vetutres the coesi tilt i
-A Woal mys nee reus I tic slid Feytlitao religiont with 1"hitlid INTIELLIGENT AND INTERESTED
mans isir.ithe ust a man ri - s wac I oits lt-le st fimpotertati Iar sti
wasins'in't.to eceve ourliu- tousnd ear" ws esenialy aYour bank should be sound, accurate and
the ne or he t~lir ya: f rnchim- tiror'tlit~ie mior men ndefficient. But that is not enough. Banking
portnce apec,:"littha On., "Thus te got s"
i4iltee t cnliii, "at indivislitl trisl service to be of the moat use to you should
bt 130 to1 la ses ti perfid of its I s - is distisct antd as uified-i
3stisigittla tn lIii fr Iiend;i s -- s th ills-i sns of ifh 'ti q be also intelligent and interested.
-tiltily pi llns is iseith it iut as he i, Sit artilt-e ill ''Geoffri-y Chu cer he r
abotiti ito dltob tiniurer, lit is atltict-ti I leivityr iots its sptsleid titisint 'That is what this hank tries to he.
andi fatalls isu de byssl a it atl . l ist ;xtu it -s- s-- s t sonitt on~e k it list-
aii tse etit Itissilitit 5 i v-if Ya-ig ilt-s -iil real us si iiiism of listtr' wh sit-
ire alon sitsn tie list tlt i lis toia It its.t-is blescsilt iusith - lit for F3ARM~~ERS & MXECHTANICS BANK
it-le ils ,1it-sll lii -il-is ---l sil Iisti-l-- 101-105 So. lstrsj 330 So. ST~AiT STf.
.'iiwset lto be slite I 55 t t lt its. lightsd-il , is sit his tiees-b - ris ii ii
mtiit. L-t--tiittt i en toi 5 ssiil - ftsn Psso e s ts t f io : the s-s-k Aitttitt -
js sitd sliest 1eri Ito his arms s-i e "st ' this-i -i are e isis-stil t-tititeil it%
yit-tled ts his itsesirs. Alisti Ja is c 'i e -l~i cially thIIis~ isni
-- latoisl iit is ticls : s .y n 0 b P ld
te is vii sts gling tiltiissits d'Tth "Naked-il I u tilt rt h
Dot v o set cs-i tsiyic teste Iis liit Stilt i ii d It- z it r earth;- s
sitec_ ths, ilt h si ad. luty nsos itsi Silots tllc lsgacf-et Inv irt 1 Y o, ir G las ses
cannal fo itit511st lltt but soar -,itS ll-IP si iSt,ti siltse ja} 1irthtr.iak-go.
t"il ti ae o e stits-i S -ills tis 1 -ll te 1 T stlsi a ce ssoe or vagu hoig.Te glasel mutmk od
515,im t he~sliil logos off ou c I siby s~ltrtn issle-s tni iilit asi onIl-i t\ivrisdiW stul gl i sfe i tseiditsoasCf1, Clf~it
emaii t ed b5 ock Yon t h t ri sn is- ,l s e Itse Oits ofs S-tie r s t N11" Nel-
sechitlti tottsii -i i-sid hli slit yen tsslls eec w- knit wht the lelit stilt do. lhetist no gPTCAesPT
listr c-i si hiisgs ii as stlt--ti e s ts-rtis t
Sb situ i1 utssiss- i l Xi- t ilt is iIa I Xll titf _ tslisti orstit lu-,t- Iho55in . e g ls simu tI lak od
!'hereui arc i it on t it u To f i- - s. -i- rl is t ls ili jots mltl es li e i t-i til I
lingutn vi si ii i nda N o re i i-- his- ltist isiudeler st eiss sing on this - it o dnteC m lesinii
oss tutu, tall its liii gversiti si ttliisssis its osit -Xind el us e its u te lct
i-sit-lest tilre 1uut neih III iii, s tnl cn of i t h itts title i ti n ilt uni ii51i -
tsinths t o onit you artt t o lie .ilitl isis-ste li t i s teus h e ,hevist iss su okt isi C 1 y 3 !
thave s-lithougshtie o i yogass tu ci hits' pelsuie .aith ortuit u ch ns i I li
ttt hl gall-i-es done tuti it! ttre its ha p lt I i e olut i s . Tho a I 't. Pl e aco ck. us. it.Ic k i rfp o er
itog. iirt yo asgila shtisie spibttin tat tC. ii I ti Tutue 1 seiy A"aseit
Ailyo leds they're sitanig le srets tsh puishs esiti aritice:-
to sth tlly thusr nss qiiu l lus",tsei n tshi sla sts ne suosliug a h . Itbu re uri
tfeth catt in ls f ll titenoi, tei itit. e ,N t titeS ee
a.d you Notin lessl than! exceptional. i t in fth ai i
icoetyth e efftit sttt tuhav istitud The ct , enh ieaued~ e#} ®AE/
gvr it fl tig th deeshh gr und unnln s sitcryYehiPas.
a>le yo trill, mihate strcoees --I-i-st-sgh hsasioesuusc
cretr inh goyts rtas in hits ditt( 1s~tu coldw ol~wfonesw~ec
lia - TDon lie n sur e si ntii edteb Frntesers' iotii ho ster h c ig co nt-ee
segriw~eof lu hi nin hutIis uys nulse tstnefli Cpistillteesn hisnc tutuii lb
therwt e t onete cese tor ng0 of lbc Iir score nutt of tuhegs
thei getigs ot brw belivethe stos ite Ithispeate. it, A!Sne ao thi'eats
soerauin eit of ng ytbosd rnmu g scsi it.t Ituo anet of hi' gruicltcoot
h led into t nigtsb. Ini oreii sts " anudiisses lit se tlioe--
"urtutigaty vt g n is- ietre down it l stis- tit showi ls tuttit gret ; T T
rhe his teielsletep we- t- o- als th. 5hss ttsiiu hswl
~othslin se pew hviii ategr eustsr u htbg tsttdhs usesates osesi you sihniottswuusu f i1rlie hr
hit~~~~ t-tu of lli, iss that eixutct-ii-etplltisonal nus hi es ug i

tutu peolei sitd it ihisiuioueluanu, a ini hii z coutry stilt thslts a slighut
mtasternpiece. tel siunt uthictius must ha-rming. Il-- SA\TI}NGS P3 \, -NjT
Hetrue is a characterheistius potrit: vi-vcitusmanner sui thits flttuits if
ruts swtns stits lasdetn st-it h thus lwr his-u tes-t satvs-i tise stuuhi trom being
sistetut ts-ill. of wartieth tree 1st tnd absoussstl li tI hut Suit's wtere Mai at lash iugtoni
hecavy vege-tationutiIhut tmismau fsu01su uteli u-su-suied Iyts-ht -sisusi' hut __
lt h u lak s, t sp(ic hiu ar im of t itd us intui in "If" tt Iisr iiu ttsusteh ini
int. seis sit imptertuhiitiotti i d t iss
'It wais a. iot os vegestaton. fTse litzid il i- large-i sharti ini keepiii
irdsl tililie i hitswilt-tsltuit-i- IttiietsiIsiuCslhusesetin i-tiideted ratuttrsel. tiii ri ice fromis ieciithe ht-histr-

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