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May 24, 1959 - Image 12

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he keeps appointments. The new
Bible is a blue calendar book.
i ~ ,L - Grades and friends sift the corn
~oiiiiii t e u~m wwwab3'1 l1iiewy petitos The weak are not tose
OM---ttee -m e le E"''h
way, but assigned a new commit-
tee. The chosen few advance.


THESE. the honoraries will take
in tow. Honoraries at Michi-

THE OBJECT of this treatise is gan claim a somewhat unique posi-
to serve as a guide for the as- . %ion, having a membership of half
pirant member of one of student athietes and half activities men.
government's noteworthy commit- his allows the artivities men SO
tees. There is no claim that this share in the campus acclaim for
work shzl srye as a subhtut athletes. and to further individual
for Virgil, nor is Sb' world hirh honors by collectivization. Besides
it will explore as deep as that performing spring and fall pubert
of Dante's "Divine Comedy." rites, these groups meet regularly
The only near-mystical experi- to talk. In thi. manner athlete.
ence required is an assumption of can become more articulate, and'
solemnity. The neophyte must activities men gain a new appoint-
breath with seriousness. ment.
This solemnity of character does The women's honoraries choose
not exempt excursions into humor, members on a basis of grades as
although these lapses from the well as activities, no doubt con-
main stream of thought can only ribitin' to their relative ob-
be momentary, and then are criti- scurity. They also tap wearin
cized by those not thinking about considerably more clothes.
them first as bein somewhat un- The apex is soon to be reached.
dignified. Activity men at the apex The claimant ivy easily presid
of the committee py'ramid have in a far better office than his pro-
only to walk with gravity upon the fessors. The new leader's fraternity
twvcd caipet of the thrd Ilosi cbrothers will rush on the basis of
sanctuary in the Students Activ- his name
ities Building (commonly referred Sohimflety- A- ne(cssaryl Iment e t
to as the Adninistration Annex The identificati
Solemnity, above all. is the es- rial period is in the height of bers or just pli flunkies. This committee saa. By now he has ob- kIis label may provide. a bette
sene originality caled a tryout pri od should not confie the patient fol- tained his own copy of Robert's pledge class for his house; ges-
After alertis the aspiris to . . . 'an opportunity to gai exe- loer for soon th tryout will be Rules of Orders parliamentary ures of oledianee by sub commit
the 'essentia r snc, u there hegins vie experience.' clearly illuminite as a commit- procedure will bring order to chaos. tee members tsats rait his job
he chain of o indoctrination. TiseS i tee chairman. This purports to be The result vill be chaotie Sci tciradtoornih " anodst from admn 's-
riewecomer embarks upon the :ea RYOTtTS ioirii the bulwark foi ac irisvnct mEnit. Points of order, information, claiitra-tors who are paid to be fie dl'
of ossit tes (not to be confused tse Oriaiion. Their Ires- A hesed has been estab- fication, confusion, and departure nohim; sniers fro tpofessois tbo
saiti a s of troubles, agaiisvt enec mar Ise obsicred by clliisg lshed. Tise ass uspiring acivities man swill be shouted wish the reassuringw .re iotconsersation topics tO
vhiich onl is to take arms) only them burcits. aiidminist ratie will sioon develop upon this chair- glee- having beeni chairman po- press coeds; ud excus s to
after a period of severe trial. This wing personnel. secretarialtrne- musiu his own island in the vides new licenseparents for iot pulling high gradds
He w ira of sub- HECONVERSATIONamo
committee and can now act with mHmOER STION mong
abandon before the main commit-!c members of the in-group will
tee-which is a study committee cem aon the e"
of ,n iiter-coordinating comm~sit- Academic concern is the new
teebringing together represents- alert. "Go and print a courss
GIFT SUGGESTIONS for the evaluation booklet," the new
of the main group which serves charge. Discrimination and social
as a committee of the whole pro- reform are the passing fancies..
G IR L G RA D UAT E viding a buffer for administration The faculty is chastised for indif-
policy. The entire issue would r- fereice, the administration for op-
volve around the problem of de- position, and the student body for
termining the discriminatory prac- apathy.
tice of the committee establishing From this point the aspirant.
entrance requirements for the member needs no guide. He will
men's room in the P-Bell. have arrived. All that remains is
The air of solemnity, the try- to decipher all letters, not make
?1 a show of parlay cards, smile oc-
out training, the chairmanship ex- ashow o cards, se se-
55 eincadth atryo(t casionally t constituents, be seen.
perince an th mater ofRe-often in the Union, and never for-
bert's Rules of Order are only the of nintpponnd nesermmor-"
early provisions for the long jour- anappmint
ney into a much more elaborate assignment.
) and structured society. Hence- And to lend political perspec-
forth, subleties rule the day. Com- tive, one should recall the words
petition becomes keen and ad- of H. L. Mencken, "The best that"
Lovely Lngerne Tevancement rewarding ...You may can be said of democracy is that
from 3.9ae n fm even win a trip to a conference at it is amusing." Perhaps nothing
a campus where drinking is legal. more should be asked. Government'
Cases . .. from 2.00 being agreed upon as a necessary
THE discerning disciple learns condition for man and a useful ad-,
To..erapidlyw anewintensity. ministrative tool for students- t
Sports separatesadhelps to be humorous. In a solemn
Knowledge of the alphabetic sym- way.
from 3.98 bols is a prerequisite to conversa-
tion. The New Dealers would gain Robert Ashton, former pres-
pointers midst the usage of NIA, ident of Inter-House Council,
ICC, JGP, USNSA, TGIF, SAB, has spent a good part of his
PIC and PDQ. college career in committee
Memeetings. As an acttive
Memb'rs of the ingrous now member, he has mastered
!j read all The Daily reviews, drink "Robert's Rules of Order,"
- their coffee black, commit ad- learned the alphabetic sym-
~-lministration letters to memory, bols, and read all Daily re-
and recognize purple and white views. Above all, he has
C lditto sheets in their dreams. One, learned to be solemn.
Cotton, nylonbesaten
i % by now, does not attend classes-

Nylon hosiery
from 1.15

Evening and daytime
bags ... from 5.00

stretch gloves . .
from 2.00

f _ _ -_ . - - _. _

Umbrellas and Rainwear .
from 3.98
Shop. Mun thru Sat. .. 9:30/5:30


Billfolds, key cases
lighters .. , from 2.95

Ann Arbor's Only
Exclusive Camera Shop
1116 S. University NO 5-6101

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