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October 07, 1956 - Image 5

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Page Five

October 7, 1956


Mozart Anniversary
A Review of Some New anl01(1 Recorded Works
By A. TSV GA1W-;'A_
SHE IFAC Iiiihat thins is the 200th Tile Sme Mizar, tin isdo- contains a good performance o
ann i sy of Mozar t'sbirtolesseecite wrotec frequient smut to t.r vr the carinet concerto, K. 622 the
year has pirsmpttcd msciains to hisiatihirandi sister. It is some- tot work by Mozart in concerto
goal ouat in toifa mrinr sorki s ansbcyrsi''.a i soiri lyform, on the otter side
Meoart, iod reordi tmaker s to is- nb a sian 'rd hrderis onl tto h oefnil oerat
sue torentof ozat, cmpornstuoiis.One ioesn't sa.15 lilyr amlarcnerat
write teircatst1ries ti tne'sootoasifor iots and violin (K. 364)
tbons. Wlitsecctie togic betinrt'od edrtaiii, tiPh sii hoad be chaers On which rendi-
tthestrationsaciaidiiihitsnieestshasin hn of the sinsw movement yea
cipllconf nderstre'ysult1hrs rkthehieidtestoilPodnere igs ith;ato like be t. Theaine n Colmbia
cialy f cii '' tu erairii s liik bhin lii tooo dc r i 5 wsinwih saac Stern aid Williamo
not aslseos een o riolotiitous. The Marriage of Figa're , Primrose hioia dll snd from
1hricriiding, idiasty oi ndos, 'Tisa isbs.ntethe hall it wsosrecorded in.Te
(iiii anld i t tecec ilais es0 dsnoirnd'iisiiii ciioe on Westminster sitih Bryii
ibt)dieibt hvt ie srncron nd Doktr is bright oand siniiyn
gound oefirnn ioe This oi s 100p- oic utiboreiii iie 'afetetsond. (Paul mktorws onliioer
ivsisi o h iSpoiecutouiui civci if iunfuifilledmakes fcllya few years g, nd a
bioossitithe roiiiilit'n oiwi, violit o the Stanley Qartet.t
wiosest aye1' 'ii I cte o' Magic ifarkenil riozatiiihrites inatpi is~The ad performanon IOCamden
Ilitc, anid iie M'srrc'c'e cf igaro oeai ndtecnevifrs ith Abert Spaiitdig ad Prin-
havse a0111eenn toofioiiofistll. o _i idrhoriei ifi sese, aaon, is a brgin, bt it
Evnth'oclwoiiecpt'n ae here the iirt lres iothiesworiking should be avoided. Prinrorse's tone
Evuiootuetii tensciinstaindthee
first oer, a benudislbo5tt ii l°oiioisanitsehOfat and vulgar, oind becomes
wuiishedass tieorai o rbo',icasi~s scvi'5a~"tessosslt&progressively umpleston isr-
iiave in'icd.leiFillieobirthdo f t tee iimieisin50 idtepealed hearing. The record
fxn tslyiiioI leust.ci aclesti in Iteimsiifathem nes 0saoid kthough, has a BHindel Coicerto
Th iuto nrcocnshaveeoios.as a bns. It sunds like Bahms
benTightar1h.Onere'rdCeoi Fan Ltte los beeii nosg- ~at pberty, aid is layedibinali.
coimipanry iF(iEpiis. h sinoned mificentv rcaided byAne.I'e
its eicinn dm0 I sibiis ile Iat iil iss Bs ib ti Beosssit i F0 vocal selections, t like the
coimptlete wso o f i Mozart, aiid kof ad Leaoold Sionae s bt records of oper tic arias by
waissore, has doggedy'giine te Polimii1 OcictaEiaehBhotkpf and Eia-
pi ress in" thsem otoe direrti- chose beautiful silkenahicandes-X WOLFGANG AMADEUS MvOlAR T nor Seber. Miss Stebera record
memnti aftciranotheri Eveno a genius cenit payimng constanstly siiipises ia cspecilly stunning and ins
lieMci odIi f1dyadplling yamr atteniton to the oi-" "L-Fi and fallen birthday offerings rank in vocal mgnitude along
most of his juvenili'u is jst that0chetadtil no less effective even if it is small'technique Thee ae at least tao onwiteea.romancesobyaRosa
-seeks by a child, even if a re- VonItarajan' s condctng ma He mkstemsctl nqitreape ti omtatwa P odne.e lfomIs ocle
mark ble ahem .i',he int.icinin toutmandldramaticsemocadhibutikesrtetmusicytelldiefuquietereexrpleaiinwthisefoimgthatuwar- Golden Age
thm0s ways Both are rewarding to listen rant acqaiantance. The lesser Miss Schwarzkopf has a cl-
They fore.shadosw what is to came well articulated, fimely ethed to: your decisions can be made on wimd soloists and an orchestral lection of arias on Angel; but
later, as well a' point out whoat cameo -well balanced and cool, 'snt t on the veao of the ec- tutti, variously numbered K Anh, there is also an older Columbia
he hod to learem, f rem Baydn es- except at two momens, when Ord, amd the price. 9 or K. 297b. The pefomance by l LP ofa the cantata Exutte rJub-
pecialy, and vomo Swieten's ic's of 0Fiomrdiligi, sums' by Mi.s Bchwarz- French soloists on Oi so Lreialatmed ban early work) Iti e-
Bach and Handel, kept, cries out her arias of a- TBE Sinonia Concertamoe are exquisite in tone and senitiel freyihtchia aeta
isNot the least nightmarish part "-rish revea liii'glimpses of a csally igher in character, articulated. The work tuly pleases s electrifying thoughe it may not
In thie record sitution is that it 'omam'' heart in tumrmoil though skin to the concerti in me, bnd the record too, which See MOZART, Page 15
is impossibe to knowawshere to be- IThe rest has a trance-like aura, '""""-"'"""--'~ ""-""-'"' "- -- -- -- 1-
gin. I ind the listenint booths of ,magical and well controlled, The
the record shopms omb-like amd'singing from every omne in the cast
dulling to my pecetion. And as except e.pins (who ha'aa Te-
for the record reviewers in cur- tomic gutterali is mellifluous and
rent journals, mot of thoem seism miniatncee Sometimes I wish Missd
to be eccentric and unreliable, or Schwarzknpf wocld sing out ikeN
in thse pa y of the record compa- Isa ,Sonez (that singer of furious
nues. temperanment in the old Gynde-
The list that folow's, too, at best bourmne recordhng of this 'sork.
reflect' the compil es bilious H ut Amgel records comme in econ- 8EAUTIFL SHOES WITH A MANS TO-MEASUlRE FIT
views; but it i' short. It concenm- [ my priced packages, and are em- 0t
testes on seomi-familiar items. I imemtywo'rths the price. I
excluded the quicrtes quimintets The me's recording of Don Gi-
and the smOphonies, simce by pe- vanni (emn Londoni even with Ce-
judice, t prefer the 'seeks by sarcc Sicpe has disappointed me.
Had nteegne(xetteTeDnogtt aealgtrIquintetai; and the problensof se- voice -- and I fimd thiat we listen0
lectiomo anycay is not dificult to the old Glyndeboimrne recording
TTIS nice, of corse, to hsve oftener It is btter pced, even if
isome of Mozart's bread amd but- it is L-i,"
tee music, s ince it comes witho
whipping creana coverimigs The 0'F TBE piano cncerti, which; I y$19
chanmces are, thiough, that if you seem to me the summit of bthsr
own mucho music of this catego'ry, Mzata art and the art of the
you 'ill end up by not istening Icncerto, any single one is fine
to it. but mostly using it as paty after Numer 9. ut the bet seem
muic, letting- the soumd fill in the to me Numbers 19 (K 459) 24w_$ 9
uncomfota ble interstices in the (K 491) a nd 25 L. 53i. Clara
'onve rsation - giving the space BHaskil plays Number 19 with a
around youa tonal depth. Just the gaity and aplomb which make- it
use this miusic was put to in the lteally swing. The occasional,
eightentho centuym.l bits of melancholy in thneesowr
The man behind this affectings" movemect ae touching in the Ft tr.Sostk
and sympathetic meusic is evealedi general tnor of quiet well-bein. Fl toy1hestk
in lis letters to have been some- The orchestral suipport i not all new shape, new softness...
times nasty and naughty, moved it should be, but Miss Haskil co-
by a nagging; and tna's'ng senseI penisates f or it all,xcl httefsinsloet
of vocational and sexual tmistc a Number 24 isa anmazing work exactses nw:sthe fswh a mininoetew
lion. His cruel glee cain be seen with a dark and dissonant begin- edossilo:she95lt fmiie'e

best is the aiaus hue wroate toe his ning. Paul Bacdura-Skoda's per- slenderness, elegant softness,
wife, Constanozeiwitho technicaul tormance seems to me to be all it discreet detail. You'll love the polished- a
difficulties beyonsd hoer ability, needs to be - das'h and all, manner pumps, the csshion-insoles,
The aries are contammned in his Numbe' 25 is probably my f a- the flirting suedes, the richness of our new
Great Mass in C Minor, but he 'arite, from the majestic militaryWantCireeaueusennVOU ad
noon last imterest in imland ever cupeming in the orchestral tutti; the WluCartte.TupeaDeninSOUEOU nALd
finished it. W.J. Turine icc his,0 wvuy the piano in itsafCrst entrance and Cedr ons's99ntr$09
'td fMzr asta ewsqitysek po h rhs elly in hove with Aloysia Webc'r tea and the listeneer; to thc flood
"who was net mrepared to retcirmn of lovely counter melodies that
his love." Ba he macried Aloysia'''fight to drown ocut thee vulgar
sister, Comslaco., whoe admnired rondo themce in the third move-
him mostly toe hi. talent. ment.
Here you have a choice between
the performanoce' of Edwin Fisheer
Mr. T 'ugawa, a taching fel- ,with Josef Krips (HMV) and Gie-
loss in the phlilos'ophy depart- seking withnRBosbaud (Angel). The F
meat, has contributed music re- former is.a broader, more outward
views regularly to The Daily, performance; but Gieseking's is 108 EAST WASHINGTON PHONE NO 2-1572
This is his first Sunday Maga-
zine article. "t think D. Tovey said this, but I pnMna vnig reDlvr
if he didn't, lie should have. Oe adyEeig reDlvr

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