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October 07, 1956 - Image 4

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.r.. _ Ad

7, 1956

Page Four
(Continued frm 'P,e 4)
cept, how to fill out IBM cards
and how not to get lost.
After a few encouraging ords
from Panhel's general rushing
chairman (Be yourself, remember
contact rules, don't worry about
tact rules, dress comfortably, re-
member contact rules . . . ),
rushees are sent home to study (!)
and get a good night's rest before
rush itself begins.
And begin it does, the very next
night. In two and a half days,_
take their groups through the first7
set and thereafter advise them on
personal problems such as how to
counselors lead their exhausted
charges t h r o u g h twenty-one
houses. From one end of campus
to another they go, at first light-
footed, but eventually with heavi-
er and heavier tread. At each
house a rushee is taken in charge,
by an active who soon abandons
her to another active, who relin-
quishes her to another and so on.
This is known as "meeting a lot of

girls in the house." but as one dis-, everyone "oohs" and "aaaahs" un-
gruntled rushee remarked, "I feel til they hear it at the next house.
like a damn football." Ifefseshnents (c00kiesaad
lUST AS the rather strained punch) are thoughtfully provided
.Jconversation gets beyond the at every third house. These goodies
"What are you majoring in?" give the rushees strength to go on
stage, someone rings a bell and to the next house and then home;
all actives burst joyously into to bed.
spontaneous song, occasionally to- But long after the freshman ts
gether. The songs range from "I tucked into her upper bunk in
wanna be a sorority girl, mmmm, Mosher dreaming of the Mu Mu
Mu house, the girls in said house
ana little bit more" to "I wanna go are hashing. "My roommates and
bacta Michigan." Infrequently, a I sat up half the night last night
hotase sings an original song and saying to ourselves, 'Just think -


"only two more weeks to go."
"Yeah," muttered another, "only
two more weeks."
THOSE two weeks are filled with
more parties, more singing and
more firee food and cigarettes,
broken only by occasional inter-
vals of going to classes and to the
League to pick up invitations.
Panhel has borrowed from the
chaotic registration process, and
all invitations are now issued on
IBM cards. Filled with intriguing
but unintelligible holes, the cards
they're talking about us right are usually presented to counselors
now,' "'said one coed nervously. with the plaint, "How on earth do
Hash sessions, whereby the Greek you fill these things out?"
swheat s sepasated from the GDI A coed who has better than av-
chaff, often last far into the mor- erage perseverance and manages
ning. During rushing, it is a moot to keep houses, names and songs
point as to who is more tired -- straight, must go through an ex-
actives or rushees. tensive sorting, selecting, reject-
By the last night of the first Ing, declining, regretting, accept-
set, there are several cases of ing process to get back to the
laryngitis in each house and ev-
eryone is so tired that they can Those who can't remember, or
hardly help but achieve natural- who have messed up their notes,
ism. go through the same process, but
"Well," said rushee with a rather aimlessly, hoping they've
false ring of cheer in her voice, guessed right and haven't picked
the house where that horrible girl
kept talking about medical tech-


.... _

1.9 ,/ 1 -1p V - .*

Less 10.00 Trade-In
Allowance, You pay only


if your old shaver is beginning to feel like a sheep
shears . . . give it back to the sheep! Or, better still
. . . throw it on Daniel's scrap heap, where it's worth
$10 toward any new famous brand shaver. Daniel's
wants you to be kind to the only face you'll ever have
-. that's why we're making this money-saving offer.
And, if you're getting a new shaver for a gift, you can
bring in the old shaver after Ch istmas!

WHEN IN doubt, they consult
tthe Rumor Board provided by
Panhel to either confirm or dispel
scuttlebutt. "There has been a
rumor that Alpha Sigma Sigma is
not taking any freshman or soph-
omore nurses, dental hygiene stu-
dents or juniors. This is true."
or "There has been a rumor that
sorority women may not date in-
dependent men. This is not true."
Both affiliates and rushees con-
cede that there are many inequi-
ties in the sorority system, parti-
cularly during rushing.
The only method of communi-
cation is conversation, and occa-
sionally the conversation reaches
the heights of inanity. Many
houses rely upon the old "where-
are - you - from - what - are - you-
majoring-in" routine, occasionally
varied by a game of "Who do you
know that I know?"
"I'm so sick of small talk, I
could scream!" exclaimed one
Junior transfer with slightly
glazed eyes.
On the other hand, other houses
are likely to plunge a bewildered
rusher into complete confusion by
leadsng off with, "What do you
think of integration?"
N MANY cases, surprisingly
enough, rushees are far more
at ease than actives. In the face
of a calm, friendly, sincere Fresh-
man, they wring their hands, dart
wild glances around the room, look
extremely uncomfortable and
reply to rushees' simplest questions
in terror-stricken monosyllables.
"I just suffered for that poor
active I was with," one rushee said.
"She was so nervous that I wanted
to shake her and tell her to relax
and take it easy."
Even the occasional good con-
versation that crops up during
rushing doesn't make up for the
many minutes of strained silence
while people search frantically
for a topic.
"It's all really very stupid,"
summed up one coed. "A girl who's
an easy talker will get asked back
to a lot of houses, while a girl
who's just as much on the ball, but
quiet and kind of scared, will get
only a few, or maybe no, bids."
"Besides," countered another,
"how can you pick friends for the
rest of your life on the basis of
two hurried weeks when every-
body is on their best behavior?"
"And," said a tall, attractive
blonde with troubled grey eyes,
"it's so often the quiet girls who
really need the closeness and se-
curity of a sorority - and they're
the ones who don't get in."
r[HEY all shook their heads,
agreeing that something should
be done about the system. But
"I agree with you," sad a fourth,
"but if a sorority'll bid me, I'll
pledge. I don't want people to
think I'm out of 'it. Besides, what
can one person, or even a group
of people, do about it?"
"Well," laughed a pretty red-
head, "I know what I'm doing
about it. I can't take any more
of this rat race. I haven't studied,
and I haven't dated. I'm drtoping
out tomorrow."
I wonder if she did.

Less 10.00 Trade-In
Allowance, You pay only


You ay Only50 C a Week

REG. 29.50
Less 10.00 Trade-In
Allowance . .. You pay only


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