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July 28, 1914 - Image 3

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The Wolverine, 1914-07-28

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V I va ci at t, flintie, atifc r i t A l ': J 14tgirae hat stt
t; 1ha right at tiitconatiThayera tual And ater that ti
.')a Bacrot a at ,i l to hisay Itelia." 'thu smdif
And a lotaa of at tltlaidtW iti
IT'S THE Siatar, G. It
' WI-0 HA TxRSimart, C.
Morse's and Gilbert's Candy Kodak Supplies Smialey, J.I
Stationery, Pound Paper Cigars .Sith,(.1
Everything a Student Needs. Phone ue. We deliver the Goods ittgtata, U.
Smaith, S. J.,
liit So. University Ave. Phone 1331-J Sih
Statt, -.
Smith, C..1C

Facile Princeps
a. No beverage can approachl-has ever even challenged
2 _ .Nt10( the stupremaacy of Coca-Cola. It stands first. The
a '~ a trnk that will refresh and delight you with its diatina-
tive and deliciaus flavor-its wanderful thirst-quench-
ina. sg quality.
t Delicious - Refreshing
~>.. Thirst- Quenchinlg
Atlanta, Ga. hae
yaau-e an Arra
Rpiringo Eye Glasses l-"
11ca-Hr Jeelry i Co.
Telephone 531 _303 South Slate Street
Complete Information concerning seven departments
Collegiate, Engineering, Medicine,
Lawe, Pharmacy, Homeopathy,
Dentistry and the Graduate Depart-
ment and the Summer Session.
Special Courses in Forestry, Newpaper
Work, Landscape Destgns, Higher Conmmercial
Education, including Railway Administration
and Insurance, Architecture, Conservation
Engineering, Pedagogy (afiliated with Ann
Arbor Schools tar Observations Studyt, and a
course tar those preparing tor the scientitic
administration oi departments of sanitation_
and public health..
For Copy of Catalogue, Special Announcement, or
Individual Information, address
Secretary University A N N A R B 0 R

__________________-Siithta, )., 6032 S. State. -Algoita, trttnW W_. ,117 Wsbtnaw. Na-
ORYOF SUMMER Mitth.783 tite n. 1116.
Siitt it. D., 02tOatktatti. a ie1Stat tb t r. \),,V. 410 S.tDiisi.
;cHOoL STUTENTS ceta, Micth1680-J. h t i.8t1-, n
., 72 Kitgaey.An
SmithO.ft. I, 6Slatnroe. }t;.at i a ha 1A.,71.2
tis dphlritiamotes will Mticti61lat. I St wane'. i, a ni. ittot
itlst ititli si iao-Smith, . V., 921 tPtckard. I a ta Ilili
nii this weekhMiht., 579-. tteah411.ttaAttAar
- Staith, I. H-., 7201S.. Uta. Dtrit 147 1
1hiatirttent C otncltdd SStta-11)9Fatea. A1
fClintaon, Ohi. 374. Staith, C. 'T., 530o Hit. Mhaott 7, h 1 at 045',i
W., 605 Edwis. Dtroit, 1 1<6-It u0era L'_. G0 -Mtirere. Fowler
I Stmitt, I1 ., psiaitt, Micth. _ ifett-
+ 75.8 Laaretnca. Ioynae taga, ,t . tt ro. Scoct ,255 ttliaAt
negoeI.PAnAbr iyc r 2S.Fthhs. -J,. Soantot, Abraa. Sttterir, Ws. eta (ali.070
3. 0132S. Stata.Lanctater, S atiaS. i., :443 Washtoat Suntg C.Ifl,54 1tl lt.Iitagtata, Fao-
lattat, Mict, 1166.-tchow, Chitta. 146-51.
., 1408 Wasttaetnat. \aah- Spritng,N. F, Itudhaon, Micth. Swtdbeg Car, 410 S. Diviionaa.aI-
C 242 tattaaeritae, t1, A., 1025 Vautghta. Jon- etttttg, ihalt.89-.
1336 Geddtes. AttaAbor. ts,Mich.b 28-J. Staet, 11. Gf 16 Caterine..Detroit,
I tera, C.S, Cataat Bogardust. Kaa- Mih.et'
Phontix, Ariz.a . taaaaaaMict. Trry, '.L.,, Camp Bltgardus..Rotha-
61617 Wabtetaws. Wor- Sttetc, 1R. IT., CampaBtagrdtus. Ho- ctr,ttd. 2220.
as. ad "Mol. Thiet,~. ., Camap tbgaritata.pigaoin,
Thotaptsata R, XV~.04 S tt. Jack-
ae S.S,111 N In is Btl
Ceekta titata69-11
t1 as C 11 11 XFinn, t ontige
10 n~tt 1 1)1 o , S'ay
Ittt, .Saray
4 arset it71 Ataelt V mlAror
k tteaaela 11g1Can
1, tu: 45wD aln. VDl-
hO5 51o, J ,t t rt tr C It,22 . o i .s an-
AVtidl ',i CatcttBV I i. Ann
1512/ V tate ,It t. 558 5tas. eFarm-
yrttf , tt OletI1
- ' T ;:t-..1 trrtlattath~c
11tsal;tait0I , 544 S. StatetBrwnt-
Wtsaa1w W.V 5t85S.a te. rotn-
I N OLUS the outside abert a n dawod Teas. 2'1.
1underdrawers are one garment. This mean thtt the ahit I aaai 11S I. Cattittatiarats. Cbtin-
Scan't work aut at thetousers,, thtt three nee n, st ails ito bh ei kit t hnt.
in seat,tit he draes "siltay :pt," tosayaa nting aoftecolnaifat5 1haa It 25 atl .At r
ad ecosassi my of savig a gaament -OIIUTS i tat rcu-apenaeit,.fa!12.Gdc_.AnA
all sle way dow--claisedcroch, cloacad bar. Sea illstratian., itae1t34-M1.
Frg.teRt iotu sielti re ra, c saanadtaspei tt tehil ttla 01,0 ai, O ae,.A ., r522lKiits1tee. '71ny City,
reeoatar rshaatsleeves. FEtanszestoraeay ta l ll so tatI, Al t tttlca,a. Mihab 6. -X-
insar eitau,s. iaatattao itth-$1.50 to $10.00.,
OLUS oneelece PAJAMAS i a Jeiazr stan aat aa,,tl ,tata,te a O~ber R CE., 1.20 -S:1aia. liDetrit,_
Otde aa he: ameettanil, ai San ttte-aa)cut, at1ase akh.clao<I nt,.t. S t 1(4I.
N4oarings to tighten or come lass. $1.50 to $.50. Vci
Ask yor dealer for OLUS. Bohlet osresoest. twetnr Wtilina. ia ti (ap, 3t.atrdtaa
PHILLIPS-JONES COMPANY, Makers ee,. N 1199 BroadwayN It VoI ici
I (Cnfn nattainse 4.1
JRES for your EYES
hI 0 D D S C Ann Arbor's Headquarters for Kdaiss, Camneras and Photo guppes
-Itcmake a Specially f dle lopig, Pristitg adiEl Dsargig fr Amateur
No Needles by iadern Mettiod. 'iis lionben cy tatsiiessgafor at'i arnra nQts thaa
Better Tune increased] every clay- only rcnats will o thisnti so wtenv~r you aant
Longer Records anythiing ptotgraphiic ook fr the sign af te katk- thats where this
Come in and 7 9 nvriyfr~o1e
hear it. 79 . U ieriy"oak'or1e p day

C. Summv~nerSch'oolI 5
7Stu I-nt Directryt.
2 5ci Prs Budin ', Maynard Street 2 C

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