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July 25, 1914 - Image 1

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The Wolverine, 1914-07-25

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No. 14.

Vol. V.

TRO NCELITTEA Cncthe nepieancd fondatoi sue FA
TR U CTI E~ 1 hose Expteiiig 1Hee 1 t As APPEARANCE TODAY onretnewsincendbildin ilbe F C
Vii Offic of Summer___ completed within a week. Th( soth
HanOui ht Second IDefeat to Literar'y Issi Woodand Players Close Eniggemet walal is still in the process of contre- BlOOM ThI
- -WhS Twoe Shkesperean tion, and te wooden framework oe In
Aggregaion huh tr 4-- Students in the litrary department Productions tie tunnel, which is to run inside the
Score who dsire that recordsofo their stand- - soth wall, is sot completed.
- inss h( sent to them ater then close oTO'1)G(IVE 4-'('15 '1EMPIS'1"'TON1011' The large concrete iixer has arri-
MhIC TO N'((IMIE'1' LITS MOVID.1Y he summer session, should report at a~ d, and the remaining cemet swork is DI151051
--the summer ession ofie" soimeime. f- "As Yoo Like It.this aftersoon and to e rshed as rapidly as posible. Meib
TIeamo Won Lost Pet tee August 10, to 1111 ot required "'he 'Tempest" tonight will close tis Materials, sch as rik and tile to e Meb
ltnig ...............4 0 1.000 hlanks and leave addressed envelopes. summer's engagement ,ot the Ben used in the first floor construction, areweert
Medic................. 1 667 Summer school students in thc liter- Great Woodland players. The ater- ariigdyb a, o h erc rdy of
Law ...............0 2 .000 ary department wishing to chaige nooni performance will begin at 3:45 work will begin the early part of A-
Lit................0 3 .000 fron itheir department to another in oclo, and th3 evening production at gust. ste -
'lhe engineers againa proved their Octoer are requtested to notify the 8:00 oclock. Both will e given in - fautyn
superiority over the ageainrp Registrar the nosela air thatr on the campus, Student lBadly Burned in Laboratory
aggrgatinJre-HI"I I-iftr,'141, f St Looisercises,a
resenting the it departamemt in the Smomer students eho expet to c~n or in ase nf rain tinlUiversity Hall ' iesr erly in
ouminrsesioi lagu, Tursay t-plate tie reuiremntessfIn a degree in Thcceermacse have beeni well at- Mo., a stdent in the summer enbalnciiet-
teriionn, y handiiig theni the siall the literary department are asked to tended ths far, and the seat sale in- ing corse, is suffering froni a brinn
edoa4to2soeThcaieofclatthe sme school ofic t' fill dicatesa fair crowd fo h w e is rightaran hand, whichla reoentiec
baseball was far superior to that dis- Out certaiin blanks, acd to pay the di- naining miumber. Iowever, a large eved in an explosion of -hot caustic
potsh.whie wrkig i th chmisrynunber
played iiiTueseday's game between the ploia and teacher's diploma fees at number o good seats remai for each, poah hlecoriegi techiisr
tentai.the treasurer's office. and may be procured at the doi. lbratory Wednesday afternoon.orr
liughi~t and Wheat showed their - "Masques and Faces" Thursday -- - sity libra
versatility by reversing their regular night opeied the engageient and sas VjARETY OF ENTERfTAINMNTS It was
positions for the first six iinings, PRNIA A I IVS AS a pleasing departure from Shakes I- LI u~h~IV nt bec
"Tomiy toeiiig the rubber while PRNIALDVS pAI Ieare. The play sowe the ability o ISQ LISTED FOR NEXT WEEK ine pow
Wetwiddtebig at The com- OF SERIES OF LECTURES the players to enter readily into te NLITD U EX Thewre
bimnatimonc sas successful, tieis a- spirit o a later play. Elsie endon
cumcmatii~ ony sixscateredhitsKearns took the role of Peg Woing- Sumner session lectures and eitert ho
nd ae stll 'b t'I'hsi-t n d wsataimiments oe nextweseik include svn Pnmc
The engineers got the junmpinon heir "W have been passmmg adae tl on wihmtue emPsinaasamaOte
oppoients in the first inning, Thonas tiassig trough a crisis ini our cduca- fiery contrast to the ore gentl char- lectmmrswtihewet hyiciectm p
anmd Stewart acoring when Fead sim- tional system,"'aid Principal Jesse B ater of Mistress Vane, played by Ruth renm, a recital at Sarah Caswel An- ciib
gDd le ia h isntlddwciavis, of Grand tRpids LCitral hgh Vivian. gell hal, and a faculty concert at ill -
aind eld the boilemkrtowo oe schinool in his lecture on "Tlhe Practi- "Twlth nigt" yesterday afternoon auditorimum. 'lie observatory will be ,iIAkNY
ruims, one inc the second and the oher cal Application o1 Vocatioma Guid- sas giveia in University ali on c- opened to visitors on Wednesday, Mh
in tie fifth. ance," in west physics ampihitheter coumt of rain. In spite of the poor ac- Thmrsday, and Friday aights, with ad-
The its started a rally in the sixth last night. Mr. Davis showed hose the costics, the rather small audience mission by tickets to be procured at Nansem
but it was rather short heved. Achi schools are trying to inpress the ti- cas amicuised nt lss thacn in ther the summer session office. On Satur- uents in
leccied against the ball for a clean bin- portaice ot channsing a vocatiocn cwhie years by M0r. Ben Greet as Malvolo iay an ecumrsiona will be taken to Put- for ther
a bv n gil aas til ic hih shuo an tie tin f cimmdmas slmo~ nBa. Next week's program is r- ptit
gle past first and scored on Brilnyer's abyo ilws-tl nhihsho-n h roo oedaswosp nByptit
dobe rlyraddaohrtlyand hnse this aight be done. lHe said ported him. acged as follows: Tep
semi icete rveitaigsartgo othat a teacher should becocme acquaint- .n iscmmrNgc'sBem p .Monday, :00 p. in:-"The Coppercmdin:
mute. ad th net tw caeo wntad sith as many differint voationsa essech its usual -harm o1 fantasy and (ining hIndustry of Micigan" Regent ecel*tty
denei nod tenx w er.tlpossible, learning thinmictechnically in cctat il1h goeucelmnsIL. Hubbard, of Houghton. :00 p usca
'11ce'lits were scheducled to meet the asmnMaerspsihi.ai en h. en Greet and the other artisans a.fni' TeHucbc, ls oe futumi
oceie ystrdy ftrnon bt heable t tell na boy or girl the advan- i the burleen,''ranc cdT in Shakespearian readig under Pro- o h i
heavy storma interfered. Monday of tages and disadvantages f every pro- b"hdnvnlcs featues whichlesrTC.Tebnd by a Ch
"fession predcdthlovusncaralyi Tedy,50 p .-"h ndls
mx weeko the medics wi take a flimg 'pn rdte ovismgmitryp licdya10 . ."ih ifils
, the inhis and on Tuesinay will play Mr. Davis ass emphasized the need cal sf the performacnce.faFokSn"(luttebyheVc a mires
th mgnesfcooperatioia of the parets in shap- trola, Professor C. . Wagner. :00hypo
th nines fthr -- - - eypo
'he summaries finie 'humrsday's game ing the future of the young Ipeple. ISC0VEIIS1,Sil DOU'BLE2S'ARS .p. i"reseit Views Concerning th al chore
fllow: One nf the greatest dificulties swhichaI Causation and Curabiiy of taicem ," rer amd
L~oguiees M. Dais aid inehoin cicoocnteed icBookt ecently Publihed Shows Professor C. P. Darling. Mscd
AD1 hIP is wrk, sas the indifference of the Work o Prin'f.IHassey Wednedmy, :00 p. nci-"Apollo and general
''ots Id tIeiPOlckAnfiHtessteinthin'Oracle of Delphi," Profesor C. ioi
coopms.......10I 10iieratee.i. Hiteng'yitiaescdiscovered- r-Bnner. :00 p. n. Faculty concert. girls' o
Bmugit, p its c ......4 0 a12 0 snirtmewt li'snhOtalmr- 10 omble strs, according to a re- 'Tlcrda, :00 p. m. -"Our Compi-
Tocnl .4 2 2 3 1 ties. Iert, of iis astrocnommical work at the'any
Thms 3 .....e' ated B3allot," lroessor J. S. Reeves, circular
Stewart, Ib .....31 i8 10 In his fourth lecturme WedncedayUiviesity of alatain icuicth Amer- I Fridayi, 5:0011. m ,"The Early ra-thCh
Fecid, lb . ..........3 1 ca1 ighlt, Mr. Davis discussed the Iroibemiclea. recectly pucbishlied. The booklet taisohatriak, rlse aeato
Wheat, c & p ........3',01 1 0i 1 sis to whether or not the plinnaces senpsor-ionmtis a dettnailed acicomunt of the 200 Iei :0p uTePyia ai ctlt
Crane, of ....... 0 0 2 0 o ed by the pubi sconl chinden.who double stare rectly discovered. Aside of Mmsi," ean K. E. Gthe.
Lyis i ....0.1 0 . leave tie schools acd go to work, are froma these featuries, tics boklet de- ration.
Lyodn', rIt .. .2I0 I02itpaefothutobecpyin 3O srbe1n ievrkdnei Sutrday,Exrsion to Pit-in-Bay. _
Golbegrf.. ..2 00 2fi pacs orthm o e mpoyd n .1 ingeneral tewokdnei egent IL. L. Hubbard who lectures
Smith, f .......0 0 c0 0 )0I0 (Continued on ipagin'4.) thesoucthern insituition.nmahs enSaeGelgsgi- ER
_- Professor H-ussey has been in Ann (40
'lotnnts .0 4 021 3Ii minyce iemmici, hincedinge: thrc Aror duing terhatermprtaoftheoealsmaagerof seeral giningen m
Potat .........28 48 21 5 "acoye, Niean, llmeninge; thi e Abor dring hpanitesaranfmthmpanisbean ofme theft facultyt aat
Alt I'llPOAE o bae hnits-Hughitt 2, ffhenny 1; ini La Platacmouot en month agn. lcture is to be of popular interest rich re
Brimyr, 1)......21 28 ]struck out-by Hughitt 1, by Genny Thci experimnectes sork done by P. ammOion-technical in character. C. P. Ne'linc
IleilmycI', un . 2 2 ! 4' left nn bases-Rng. 4, its 6; double T. Delevani and 1. B. Dawson, both Wgepoesro pns a n'd
Immiiniel, s .... ... Id0:1 4 It 'aginebrpitrhofeunversitfstSpdnisthhissiveu cnside
Niemamnn, 3b.... 3 Io 1 4 11 1 payFadt geat;aifymiced uniaberdittdeiosProfesonHsdey'sbriccht Victrola records direct from of t85.s
(Glennmy, p ...........2 0 0II 3(;I al--Golbeg;time o a :5,al rdt nPoeso usysthe Andulasian povince in Spain. already
Vani Akem, lb ..... 0 0 0 1 0 tUmpire-Kendrick. bak.' will be;
Allmendiger, rf . . ..3 0 .1 0c0 a to time
Lnril, if.......... . 0 1 0 0 E B Y T E R e N C H V first di
Baecf......30 0 2 0 0 L P RUI%.LuKX
Avli, c............3 1 1 6 0 ti Huron and Division Streets 4
Totals .. .. . . . . . .24 2 6i 21 _0s Leonard A. Barrett, Minister - - Roy W. Hamilton, Student Pastor tial e
Innings Rt1IIE1. th cia'
hog ... 2 :1 0 0 1 I 0 0- 4 8 5'1 10:30 A. M.-Sernmon by M. art, Theme, "Tire Distinctive Message of Christianity." to swhic
lice .0........n 0 0 0 2 0---' . BIBLE LASS AT NOON LED BY MR. HAMILTON turn fi
'T'so heasehits-'Thoimas,IWheatItc- pabt

inksTh e ree Inifout Poperly
h midne lluumjmtk'eek
of t'ounmmmeueeut
os of the netieesity faculty
her harshly critiised by the
cegents at their meeting yes-
m of properly attending Coi-
mt exercises. The regents as-
at comparatively few of thin
mnm were present at te ex-
amd that they sere not prop-
evidene durimg Cocmene-
aek, as a nmark of respect to
gmalumni. The swork of the
was the transaction of a large
of mnmor maters.
oof qmuarterns wee provided
reserve books ini the munver-
decidein that insurance hould
carried omn the boilers af lbs
'cc plant.
:gents voted thaf the umiversi-
dnot make am exhibit at the
exhibition as was suggested,
matters were' disposed of and
pinted inm the neal issue
'ous plans-made fr impoe-
ithe school of mnusi, panned
msot part last year, are being
operatinm this sumlue.
rperty on tie coner of May-
d William sreets, hihsas
aoinur,sh by tie Uniesity
Society, is being put in-shape
e occopation. The large ooe
rner, for many years occupied
inese laundry, is being raed,
try to placing the grotunds in
slightly condition. Tie Hart-
ety next to the Congregation-
,h, will be remodeled this sum-
Sprobably used as a School of
simitocy next year, and an the
headquarters for the Sym-
Leagume, the Schol of Mmsic
thousands of catalogues amd
-ace beinig ailed ou, while
cal Union ancnounements and
niloges shich are to e sent
;r are in the comurse of prepa-
ant librarian Franmcis L. Good-
;ently placed ama order for "The
ecnatiomal Encyclopedia" (se-
tinal in 2 vlume at a cost
It. The first two volumes have
beema received, ad the ret
shipped in small lots from ime
as they are published. The
tion of "Thew New Internatiomal
ipedia" was published in 102-
3econd edition retaina tie essen-
tuces of the first principally
cing of fthescbjets cnder tite
sh the reader swold maturally
rst amd the usin of a simge al-

Annual -Summer School Engagement of
SATURDAY, 3.45P.M. Seat Sale at Wahr's State
-As You Like It Bcn1ITGrI1-n-I Street Store, opens Mon-
SDA11 DAY 8 P. M.IJUoo dand ITlers day, July 20th, at 4P. M.
"The Tempest"RsevdSa,75
Campus Theatre July 23, 24, 25RervdSas75

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