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July 23, 1914 - Image 1

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The Wolverine, 1914-07-23

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Vol. V.


No. 13.

TO M KE I IT55 1'r(? 15TanTy'eStiudying 1l1L Ioldonl
TO MA E i~TIALofessor Claude II. Van Tyne of
theh(istaory department, who has hesn
BOW HIS.EVE ING os aI]Iav of abs eoce from the uni-
51 eit~ durnng the piast year, writes
- Uait hPcis at presto ini London doing
Woodland Playes toAppl. ~ 1 .111s.re searchIsworh in tihe Britiosh Mosoum.
lie .11411 ees b eat; Sale; fir expects to refers to Ain Arhor
Large 500m0 tilme inSeptembeor.
"Alasqu05 anid Face" will beg0in the -
enigagOeent of the B iGreet iplaycs aS11mer141Schoeol Lists Outbid I 4Teacher
at 8:010 o'clock toolilit ini the campsl of IiLaiw uacid S iiiii('iui
open sir theater, slid ini casseof rails attorneys
in University Hall.-- -
Rteports froiss tie:saidvainced seat sale Law depuartmenost stanidards are ruis-
indicsti that uuua i rs s b oilg diuingtho sismmiesr by thearIses-
shownin i the aseie' of pla which esire o1 teacheors and attorneygs at law,
are to he givn Thusirday, Fsiday ansd aso 01 of lsomishave 00011 several
Satsurday ofltlisa seelk iy ltiiBelliyors'-of jsractical asork.
Gret.tWoodlaisdIPlayers. 'Ielaoorsl Aeons the "hardeined ones" here
comitee in csarge eratacaaiialty thi's ssesmer are th~e follosing: Sere-
crowdslateacshsierformasnisii Mr.sBesslPi -ilaido, inistrsurtor of liawii thse
Greet is susrrosnseilteihis yeas Py a Unsiersity of the Phailippisses; sod
groups o1 skilled actors.Amosng those Charles McCalmni, of East Jordan,
aready knoiwn to Ann Arbor audiec-Bich., W W Malone, of Athens, Ala-
as are :Ruth Vivans, GeorgeU. Som- Panma, B. B. Peacork, of Eastmns, Ga.,
res asnd I-arry Caloer. all E. M. Verger, of Clarksdale, Miss.,
It. is clainmedth lat Mr. Grret haus all of whole are attorneys at lawo.
trainsed score thseuatrical stars fltshan___________
aniy other onr masi. To he a Greet I
player one has fo serve a lise-year is SY EETICLGTIGI
liresticrsiiillindselrrdose s511 riosaiois 11 N RMTVESAE
ansd iisstritiois. Three years ag, 72 STl INP MTVE TA S
comaeis left New' York with Greet ___
plsayers assuming liriniial roles. "The tengsten is ocry far from the
Asmosigtie sioted ictors and actress- Pest isa lighting. We oeght to here a
es whsoslaser Peen~tsitored Jy AMr. Grert i6 tinmes bettor tight," said Prof. H. H.
are IT. I3. aod Lawrenice Irving, sosHiigPie iss hi' lectssre oss "Recent Ad-
of Hlenry Irvinge, tobert Lorraine, vasces in Electrical Illuminations," in
t'r'nvllePalue EdthWynse atthe physics anmphitheater yesterday
thiesons, asii Mrs. Patsick Canipbell. afternsoon. "'fhe greatest develop-
This year Mr.l e Greet is to Prea etaini electrical illismination leave
seeninii characteristic roles iii each of icerried withiss the last ton years,",
lt' lyfiirmn(s.in'a liiisray tthortel-oe.oisw
:siig r. Greet will iappear ii 1 ri thi next teen'arwaill Pr greater
part of Triplrt iii "Ma i i n a o s i the past 50. The rate for the
es." Ins "Twoelfth Night' oii Friday licrcas of efficiosicy is great, and the
aftrnooni, he wililsuioothe, role 01 hr id14for ismprevemnit is large."
Malvolo the'i"' oi~ticiul tiwird to' Profeosor tHigbie traced the devel-
tllivia, who is iii lot ' i t,:livia, aniopmnst of lighting froissthe earliestl
who is led on ) c o easonsiraon arc in 1806 to the present
ansessii . 1ts Great sill aigai tak irsgti is He 'aid tha t in 1806 the
0he IsOlillarcrale of I 'coosis the maa 5, t dyssamo was invesited, and that'
s ,lsmii .a'sied isa"A Miidsummesir 1i s perp'ose 'was to ope'rate arc lamps,
'ight' flrans H cli I FIbisle the tusigstrenseas first prodeced
rol (i uthtesocynical Jaquesain "Aas1110
"'os like It," os S tiit sy aftornsoon, It was pointed out that in 1885 the
,aild thc siore srs ar1t51oh 'Pros- Is: candle power lamap cost 21 cents.
per, te rghtIlee e Oi is i Th cBisle the preseist tsssgste's of 8,000
TemposI onSird evening. AIts sidle power coots tess cesits. He,
fIlarry Galver will;act thc role oil Cal- towed that to increasc the eticiency
sii is, a ~ sae ane~d diwformeid slave, inis to decrease the cost.
I P ~efe 0 The lectusrr was illustrated Pgy ster-
folrcihly awdic irP,1 1ya pia



er's oftdepartmnetaul anus ill
Suniner Schl b asebsill leagsue,
ait tlue Unonup7:30 oirlarls n-
(lay eight,

xSisler Appteason Field lDuruinglFifth
andilStarts Hlileruuuakers
oilt Raslly

All summer school students asidj
their friends will Pe givers an oppor-
tessity to inspect the University oP-
servatory on one of three evenlinso,
commencinsg with Wedneoday, Jely 29.
Observations will Pegin on Wednesday
at 7:25 o'clock and costinueeutil
10:30, while the hoursone Thuraday
and Fridag will he trees 7:10 sintil
20:30 o'clock. Admission will he Pg
ticket only, which smay he secured at
the summer sssion office, Pg present-
ing the tresurer's receipt. Professor
Curtios hao arranged to accommnoodate
50 visitors an hour, so that, the nuns-
Per hao Peen linaited to 410 for the
three evenings.
The moon snag he observed Py eachl
visitor end the new 12-inch refrasctor
will lie used for that purpose. The
neav 37-inch ref ractor will also he
demonstrated, and the instructors in
charge of the various instruesnts awill
inform the "star gazers" as to their
specific uses.
Many took advantage of the visitor's
night lest slimmer asid a capaicity
crowid is expected this gear.
tProfessotrF.1".. Scott Arrhees in Parils
Professor F. N. Scott has just ar-
riyed in Paris, svhere he will stay for
several dayo. Irofessor Scott left
Ann Arbor for Europe in June, anld
expects to return daring the latter
part of Septemuber.
W anted: Woman With
Black Ba hing Suit
A nmysterious womsan in a black
bathing suit, asid tars wedinsg rings
which look very niech alike are fac-
tors is a pathetic little comedy which
has Peen distressing two women asice
last night.
"I am sere she core a Plack Paths-
ing suit," said the voice over the
phone, "and if she will retusrsnagy
rink-', I shall Pe very miuch obliged."
It seas likse this:-
The lady deposited her jewelry at
Weiner's desk last isight Pefore go-
ing to her locker. Amsosng the jewelrg
was a weddinggrcng of the old-fsash-
honed type, with a wide heavy Pand.
On the inside swas eng~raved, "FeP. 19,


'The asssuer school attrcin flossli-
gramecositasis a sasrsidlist ohfcestir
taisnmetasiwith the Bess treet tier-
formsanices aa thei'ceusn talsuibers.
The prograisisfollows:
1 iidi,3 5:00ll o'cloths. "Shaakuc-
pease iii thlePrisenst," 'oiPof. .A
Streuas. 700 oloch,"'The Vocationi
Hissu, cPr Isicipal JI It. Dais. 8:00'
o'clock, Maakssait Faces," tentGreet
Friuy 3t:i4a o'clock,"Taselfthli'aght,
i3on G're(et slayers. 7:110 o'clockr,
"The Pruactical Applicuitioni of Vocus-
tional GisidaisceI'rincilJ . tB. Davis.
8:00 o'clock, "A Midssmmier Night's
Drease," Bess Grert players.
Satiirday,3:145 o'clock;,"AasVYssLikae
It" Beni Greet players. 8:00 o'clock,.
"'The Tempsest,"Bess Greet playeors.
"There us a grceit nced losravocatuisn
al gusiduunce iii iur schlsatodaig,"
said Prinscipal Jesse 14. Oetis,ot Gra~nd
Rapida censtral high school ini his lec-
turce last night. He susiid feat of
the piupills knois'the hinduof u wsork
thsegar iriepuarinig tlaoiiseha'es for.
This wssproved iii ani uctual ascsool
cenusus.tOter500) stiideiitsstore ix-
a551i" eel sks's 'il'sil11'esu' rlt
wvork. Liss thioa"25u hail formsed 111y
coniveptions hsoevei'ir of hait itsowia
goinug to Pc.
Its Dasvus thenstolid'soilt flue sc-
riouis stcps that arc tuskeniiiineh
grade to aid the stuident us chioossig a
profession. tIs thle seventh grad" we
try he insapire the stulduntitI o wiutto
Pc sosmebody, and in the eighterasde
ass effort us niade to show' luo i cc's-
sary cducaltionsus if this'cbjectu's to
he ohstaisied. Isthuehigh'Isca'hool,1blag-
rashy is studied. S sdiis in clue
ninth graide are eicuadt td
the ives of "seat men, asfluhsa viewasof
finding out the ileenets of haiuracter
swhich nmaki for siucciss
"Whsen the tenth grade us recshicd
the high school pl1'e'ic'ntecesled

Worg 1tn ILtst, Pc.
Eug. ..... .... 0 1000
Meics....a . 1 .67
Laws .....0 2 .000
Lits .... ....0 2 000
ii Isotheloosist atmuleplayedthssfhr
ii in'hesimmer sssrion lelaue,'Ices-
duly iftiernoioi, the ein~see'rsM kept
thi latei Iieaniagussuat the ists fpr
'51i ili'sslith aPfinal acuore 15 to
': he wasimuiers founI Gis issy for a
lota ofii13IIbills '1111pilfirtd 7 sacks.
G~euieriallaa 'er tieorge Sister,
<'il contiiruteid hcasaly Iou his
isamalhugh heisdiiinsot puh inian
appilearancuvniltil thllidleilfthe
huhfto ining.li TheIlietss we0reluaing the
boilerinakersat'ithlaotime 'unud thseen-
gineers' situ at Pittsouth twomn
out anid Eatonrs tlin oilseconsd.
hianiter I-lusitf spotted Sister com-
isg ascrosahflue hld just asGoldberg
wsoa stopsinrg to the plush' Sister seas
iustashled inu Goldbierg'atoolsansd
cam ,ucthrough niucelyawith a ichean isirs-
"hge, allowoui"gPEatons to ronmp iiiwith
tthe tiuing tsally. 'h icultisis oat of
the ba~g.IPatieisonthesertcatniup
'diiw so batse ouilPsilla.,'hen IFuu.sith
hlphed things 'ulonugswith a smsashirng
drive hr left foi two Pbases, scoring
lSister andil Patersonu. Hughsitt helhped
tihsalusonig with sm sashuig drive .to
!f1 for two li;ssscorisng Sistr'and
PateronIi. luglhittcsarsue homssowhers
Ste~wart sinigled andhsonmes flied to
ltoes for the thirud oust. F'our sore tal-
legys iv sit (.ownr to the ensgiuseeras cred-
Sit is the sixth, msakinsgtar fuss Pig a
leapul for the hits to overcomue. They
(Countiniued ilonpage I.)
b"ll of helueatsssri. awsaks sing
tuto lssu uimportusnce' oh the diseases of
flue ear, nose andu thuroat that thsey are
pasying exports ho exuiminue the school
tchiludren" declaredl Ir. It. BI.U'anfield
Iiun his lecture osu "The *Diseases of the
SEsar, Nose andu Tharoast" 'h'is aygnight.
All diseases ef the esirunse snd throat
iare due, he shuowed, to onie of three
euuses';suasal obstrucetion, infection
or siusceputibility, or us the combsiruation
oh lily oh thess three. 'Thsesshue ex-
pslaiued, by the aid of viewvs, the nor-
sis oaland umuorsuiet usratonmy of the
nsose, and its relatioshipi to thur ear
aund throat andlfluthe Eurstachliars tehe,
the tonssils ansi thu rerspiratory pas
Thealeeuker explainsed the causes
lou the marked syruptonms of adenoids,
such as breathing through thse musoth,
rlhs'h palate, lailsure of thoeIphysical
developmuent of the face and uhest. Tho;
adecnoids art spongy masses growin";
in those proxinsity to the Rust'achian
-tubec ahovc ut aurd covering it. 'This
tueleaida to the inner ear', end so
(C~ontiued on pago 4.)

'99," and a little farthuer around, "June in the various socatiosanad a': mucih
24, '02." informeationus s15praticaPly us oh-
When the hady caine from hesim etwinued about theuss In the ol'eenth
a little while later-, she called for her grade the vocations us chuosen itushs as
jewelry and noticed nothing w'ronsg. much definitenuess 'us pcaauille The
Uponu reachinug homse, . sow'ever, she work of the student un flue past years
ihuoughst the ring diidnoc "feel" right. is then carefully gonie over,1a1d his
Taking it off, she wes startled to learn 'future program of stasis adestout
that tise initials of tis "other somni"swith a viesw to. meeting the college se-
were "E. A. W~." aund that it seas on quiremcenis isu the professional school
Apr. 9, 192.1, that she was married, wehich hue seekus to enter."
according to the eusg. lying.
'The lady said oer the phone that Y..?V..1C. A. Seerethrri 's Solicit Fuudts
she knew all of the, women in the 'Tw'o secretaries of the V. 74. U. A.,
pornd Put one, air(] this mysteriosus W . J'Tinker, and :Fronk I. Olumstead,
person wore a black silk bathing suit. also Ralph It. Snyoder, '14L, lhaves been
"I attach many fond memories to in Detroit shice before July 1, raising
my ring," she said sery nauch moved,1 funds. The total amount, which is
"and if that persons who wore black nearly raised, counsists 1argely of pri-
silk iii the sweimmuing posh Wednes- cafte contributions to be used is do-
day sightf will nosify Weinerg's or fraying the currenat sxpeses of the
call 693-J, I shall ho very happy." university V. It. C. A.

'7'1 .1117> FTEIl'PLAY

THURSDAY, 8 P. r11,, eade and -etSl tWh' tt
Taylor's "flask' u d Fes Annual Summer "chool Engagement ofSetalatWhsSae
FRIDAY, 3:45 P., M., Street Store, opens Mon-
FRDY -Twelfth Nibg I" day, July 20th, at 4 P. M.
"Midsummer Night's Dream" J ~1[S VVJJIJIReser!ved Seats, 75G
SATRPlaycrs . M By spcial arrangements Stu-
",As You Like It" dents can purchase tickets at a
SATURDAY, 8 P. M, Campus Theatre July 23, 24, 25 rdcdrt of $300 or nll five
"The Tempest" performanices

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